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coming January 31st
Life doesn't always ask us what we want. I knew that was true when Sal announced he wanted a divorce. I was devastated, especially considering I had no idea why, and he refused to speak to me except through his lawyer. When my world continued to go to hell, I had to wonder if someone had it out for me.
Life doesn't always ask us what we want. I knew this was true when someone sent me undeniable proof that Lany had been sleeping around on me. I was devastated, especially considering I had the proof on video. When my world continued to go to hell, I had to wonder if someone had it out for me.
"I want a divorce."
My heart stuttered in my chest as I stared at Sal. For a moment, I wanted to laugh, but then I wanted to smack him. "That's not even nice to joke about, Sal."
"I'm serious, Lany. I've already packed my stuff and moved it out."
I shouldn't have believed a word Sal said. We'd been married for years. We had six kids. We'd built a life together. There was no way he'd divorce me.
I still couldn't keep from scanning the room. I started to frown as I realized I couldn't spot anything of Sal's in the bedroom. None of his clothes littered the floor. There was no coffee cup on the nightstand, no watch, not holster hanging near the bedroom door. I couldn't even see any of his shoes sticking out from under the dresser.
"Sal, what—" I gasped when Sal tossed a large manila envelope at me. I caught it before it fell to the floor. "What is this?"
"Divorce papers," Sal snapped. His voice was cold, bitter, a tone I had never heard aimed at me before. "I've already signed them. All you need to do is sign them and send them to my lawyer. He'll file them after that."
"Sal, I don't—" I couldn't breathe. "I don't want a divorce."
I loved Sal, adored him. He was my reason for breathing. He owned my soul. Nothing on Earth could ever convince me to divorce the man.
"What you want is no longer my concern."
I whimpered as daggers stabbed me in the chest. Sal had never spoken to me like this.
I didn't like it.
"The kids, Sal."
Sal nodded. "I want joint custody, but I think they should stay here with you for now. Their lives will be chaotic as it is with me moving out and all. It's important for them to have something familiar. We can work out a visitation schedule through my lawyer."
Sal grabbed his jacket off the end of the bed and laid it over his arm before looking at me once again. "I'm giving you the estate. I don't want it."
"I'd prefer all future correspondence to go through my lawyer. I want no further contact with you."
I was dying. That was the only explanation for the agony exploding through every part of my body. "Why are you doing this?" I whispered. Tears flooded my eyes then spilled down my cheeks. "I love you, Sal. Whatever is wrong—"
"Whatever is wrong?" Sal snarled.
I stumbled back when he stormed toward me. I had never been afraid of Salvador Delvecchio a day in my life...until that very second.
"What is wrong is that you're a conniving, backstabbing little bitch and I've just been too dumb to see it before now."
I had always been able to see the love and adoration in Sal's copper colored eyes when he looked at me. This time, when his gaze scorched down my body, I felt like hiding.
"I don't know what—" I whimpered and turned my head when Sal leaned in close to me. I could feel his warm breath blow out across my cheeks.
"You should get a medal. You're very good at fooling people. I know I bought your innocent act for years. I'm just surprised you were able to keep up the pretence for so long."
Sal's fingers threaded through the hair at the nape of my neck before fisting. I winced when he pulled my head back, pulling at the smaller hairs. "So sexy. So innocent. How many men have had you, Lany? Ten? Twenty? A hundred?"
"Sal, I would never—"
Sal's upper lip curled back in a snarl. "You think I believe anything that comes out of your mouth? You've been lying to me since the moment we met. Was that even a coincidence or did you plan for me to find you in that bar?"
Sal's gaze swept over me, making my skin crawl. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be. We were married, through good times and bad. We had made a commitment to each other. I wasn't supposed to feel like my skin was peeling off when Sal looked at me.
"Sal, please."
"You beg so nicely, Lany. It's an art form for you, isn't it?" Sal's eyes flashed with something I couldn't read, and frankly, I didn't want to. It was very dark. "I loved you so much. I would have happily given my very last breath for you, and was all just some game for you, wasn't it?"
Sal's fingers tightened in my hair.
"What was it you were after, Lany? Why play your game for so long?" Sal's eyes narrowed. "Or was it just that you can only stay faithful for so long before you give in to your need to fuck anything with a pulse? Is that it? You tried the whole monogamy thing and found out it wasn't for you?"
I swallowed tightly before replying, "I have never been unfaithful to you."
Why would I? Sal was everything I had ever wanted.
Sal snorted. "Still playing the game, Lany?"
"No, I—"
"I didn't believe it at first. We've been married for years. I couldn't believe that the man I promised to spend eternity with would fuck around on me, but the clues just kept stacking up. First it was the pictures then the videotapes. I thought they had to be fakes, that someone was fucking with me, but Burke sent them to his forensics lab and had them authenticated."
"What pictures?" I asked. "What videotapes?"
What in the hell was Sal talking about?
"But it was just you fucking with me all these years." Sal pushed me back until I hit the wall, putting space between us. "Well, I'm onto your little game now, Lany, and I don't want to play it anymore. Go find some other stupid bastard to play with." Sal let out a bitter laugh that chilled me down to my soul. "Oh wait, you've already done that."
Sal picked his jacket up off the floor and draped it over his arm again. I hadn't even realized he'd dropped it. He walked over to stand next to the bedroom door. "Tell everyone else whatever you want to about the divorce, but for the kids' sake, I listed irreconcilable differences in the divorce papers. No one but us needs to know what a faithless bastard you are."
 "Don't do this, Sal. Whatever is going on, we can work it out." I couldn't let him walk out the door without trying to save my marriage. I wasn't sure I could survive without Sal. "Please, Sal. If our marriage ever meant anything to you, don't—"
Sal snorted. It was a very rude sound.
"I've banned you from the bunkhouse and blocked you on my cell phone. If there's an emergency with one of the kids, either send a message through my lawyer or your uncle. Other than that, I don't want to hear from you, see you, or receive any type of communication from you."
I wrapped my arms around my waist when Sal's gaze raked over me once again. I had never felt more exposed or my bruised as I did in that moment.
"As far as I am concerned, you're dead to me."

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What draws me to the paranormal genre?
There are so many answers to that question, but I'll try to answer as best as I can. What draws me to the paranormal genre is the lack of rules. There simply aren't any. You can write whatever you can imagine. If you want your werewolves to be vegans, then they can be vegans. That would actually be quite funny. Or how about a vampire that faints at the sight of blood (I wrote that in "Wolf's Bane").
I once got into an argument with a friend who insisted vampires could not walk in daylight. Apparently, everyone knew that. It just wasn't done. My side of the argument was that vampires could walk in daylight, if you wrote them that way, and I have. I've also written stories where they can't walk in daylight.
Again, there are no rules. If you can think it, you can write it. The "paranormal world" is a blank slate. Go. Imagine. Create. Inspire.
Follow the scare trail and leave a comment each time for your chance to win one of our prizes.
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This still makes me laugh, and I wrote it!


"You still killed a DEA agent."

"He had it coming."

"You have to answer for that, Mr. Delvecchio."

I narrowed my eyes. "I've been kidnapped and nearly raped by a SWAT officer, kidnapped and tortured by a crooked cop, attacked by another cop, stabbed by an assassin, attacked by my father-in-law, held hostage at gunpoint, shot at by people who kidnapped my husband, assaulted by mob thugs, kidnapped by an insane doctor running a drug lab, sold as a sex slave, kidnapped and held hostage by drug dealers running a child slavery ring, hid out with an Irish mobster, crashed twelve cars, and—"

"Thirteen cars, caro," Sal added. "You forgot the one you drove through the front of the art gallery."

I shot Sal a quick smile before glaring at the DEA dick again. "I've crashed thirteen cars and been crushed by an elephant. My husband is commander of one of the most elite SWAT units in the city. My uncle is the police commissioner. My parents are Lancaster and Cynthia Harris. My best friend is the son of a mobster. My husband's best friend is an FBI agent. I have a blood bond with the head of the Irish mob. I have twin baby girls who went through teething at the same time."

I crossed my arms as I took a step closer to the DEA agent. I smirked when he took a quick step back. "Do you seriously think you scare me?"


Wednesday, August 22, 2018



Cade Creek 19
coming September 20th
Happy and Marc have been together for a couple of years and things are going good for them. Once they bring a puppy into the family, Happy starts to wonder if they need to expand their family. He's positive Marc would make an excellent father, even if he's a little unsure if he would himself.
Deputy Marc Walker had no idea when he rescued Joy that she would come to mean so much to him and Happy. She was the little girl he had always dreamed about, and she was in need of his protection and the love of life only Happy could provide.
When someone comes for Joy, Marc has to decide if giving Joy up is the best thing for her or if it will destroy the sweet little girl he has come to adore. He'll need to call in his friends and co-workers to help keep her safe while they figure out who is after her.

Happy was going to bounce right out of his boots. He was...well...happy. Marc had the rest of the day off and they were spending it together, and they were attending Happy's first fireworks show, and he'd made a double batch of cookies.
Could the day get any better?
"Okay, Happy," Marc said as he walked into the house, "everything is loaded in the truck. Are you ready to go?"
Happy nodded enthusiastically. "Mama said she would meet us there. She has something she needs to do first."
"How is she going to get there?" Marc asked. "The fireworks show is at the fairgrounds."
"" Happy's brow puckered as he glanced toward the backdoor. The stairs that led to his mother's one bedroom apartment over the garage was just outside. "I don't know."
Maybe he should go ask?
"Well, run up and ask her. I'll wait in the truck."
Happy grinned before taking off out the backdoor. He hurried up the stairs and started to reach for the doorknob when he remembered what Marc had said about barging in unannounced. His mother deserved her privacy.
Happy didn't totally understand it. Why would she need her privacy, especially from him? She was his mother. Whatever the reason, Happy loved his mother and would do anything to make her happy.
He raised his hand and knocked. A moment later, the door opened. "Hi, Mama."
Anna O'Brian smiled. "Happy."
"You sure look pretty, Mama." She wore a light layering of makeup that seemed to make her green eyes stand out and gave her a youthful look he'd never seen on her face before. Her light brown hair was pulled back from her face and secured on her head in an artful bun.
"How are you getting to the fireworks show?" he asked. "Do you need me and Marc to come get you? We can. It would be no problem."
Anna smiled as she patted Happy's arm. "It's okay, son. I have a ride. I'll meet you there."
Happy cocked his head to one side as something that might have been confusion filled him. "You have a ride?" He didn't understand the flush that filled his mother's cheeks, but it sure looked pretty on her. "With who?"
"You go on to the fairgrounds, Happy. I'll see you there."
Happy's jaw dropped when his mother shut the door.
She shut the door!
In a daze, Happy walked back down the stairs and out to the truck. He didn't understand any of this. It had been weird enough when his mother got her hair cut then started wearing makeup. She'd even gone on a shopping trip and bought a bunch of new clothes. Now she was being weird?
What was going on?
Happy climbed into the truck and shut the door. When the truck didn't start moving, he turned to look at Marc. "We're going to be late."
"They won't start setting off the good fireworks until it gets dark out," Marc explained. "Where's your mom?"
Happy frowned as he glanced back toward the stairs that led to his mother's apartment. "Mama has a ride."
"With who?" Marc asked.
"I don't know." And he didn't like that one darn bit. "She said she'd meet us there."
"Maybe she has a date."
Happy gasped as he snapped around to stare at Marc.
"Happy, your mother is still a young, vibrant woman. She never got the chance to date because of your grandparents. Now that they are gone and you're all grown, this is her chance. You have to give it to her."
"Yeah, but..."
Marc's hand curved around the nape of Happy's neck. "But what, baby?"
"But she's my mom."
"And she still will be, Happy. Nothing will change that. Ever."
Happy's heart clenched. "Will she still love me?"
Marc's eyes rounded. "Oh, baby, of course she will. Your mom will love you until her dying day, and probably beyond. Even if she meets someone and falls in love, she will still love you."
"Are you sure?" Happy didn't think he could stand it if his mother stopped loving him. For most of his life, she was all he had.
"Did you stop loving your mother when you fell in love with me?"
Happy's head snapped back. "Of course not. She's my mom. I will always...Oh." Happy grinned when he suddenly understood what Marc was trying to tell him.
Happy nodded. Not all of his fear was gone, though. "What if she falls in love with someone who hurts her?" She'd faced enough hurt to last a lifetime.
"Well, we can't control who she falls for. That's between her and whoever that person is, but we can help her if she needs us." The hand around the back of Happy's neck moved to the side of his face. "And I promise, if someone hurts your mother, they'll have to deal with me."
Tears welled up in Happy's eyes at Marc's fierce words. "Yeah?"
Marc smiled. "Anything for you, Happy."

AVAILBLE FOR PRE-ORDER: Finding Lost Treasures

Cade Creek 18
coming August 30, 2018
Available for pre-order!
All Hector Cruz wanted was a place to call his own, but buying a rundown farm came with more problems than he'd been expecting. Between the needed repairs, the problems at work, and the man hiding out in his basement, he was starting to wonder if finding a place to call home was worth the headache.
Wilson Jacks was hiding. He'd done some really horrible things and now he was paying the price for his crimes. Being alone in the world made him ache for all the things he couldn't have. He had no friends, no home, no one to call his own, but that was a punishment in itself, one he felt he richly deserved.
When his world collides with the one man who doesn't expect perfection, learning to accept that he might not be a monster isn't as hard as accepting the fact that Hector is attracted to him. The fragile peace Will finds in Hector's arms begins to shatter when the chaos he's been avoiding comes knocking on the door.

Wilson Jacks's heart thundered painfully in his chest. He could hear voices rumbling above him, but he couldn't quite make out the words. His trouble breathing only grew worse when he heard a door close then footsteps walking across the floor.
He knew hiding out here was a really bad idea, but the house had been vacant when he found it, dilapidated and rundown as if no one had lived there in ages. He'd thought it would be the perfect place to hide.
Then Hector moved in.
Will knew who Hector was. He'd heard the man's name mentioned enough times by those who came by the place to realize the man who'd bought the house was the same one who'd been shot the day Will had been shot.
He also knew the man had been roommates with Terry Iverson, the man Will had been forced to humiliate by accusing him of sexual misconduct. Will had hated to do it, but it had been his only option.
Will was terrified of what Hector would do once he discovered his uninvited houseguest. Hector had been shot because of him. His friend had gone through so much misery because of him. Dan Wilson had been forced to arrest his own father because of him.
So many horrible things had happened and they all led back to Will.
Will sniffled then wiped at his nose with the sleeve of his shirt. He wished he could just run away, run as far as he could go until he found someplace where no one knew him or knew about what he'd done.
Unfortunately, he had no way to run. He'd lost his job as a paramedic. When he lost his job, he could no longer afford his apartment. He'd sold most everything he owned, keeping just a few personal items. He didn't even have his car anymore.
He felt guilty about taking Hector's sandwich, but with no way into town—not that he'd actually consider going into Cade Creek after what he'd done—he had no way to buy groceries. Since he sold almost everything he owned, he had no way to cook food even if he had it.
It wasn't like he planned to spend the rest of his life in Hector's basement. He just needed enough time to figure out what he was going to do, which was proving to be harder than he thought it would be.
Will's breath caught in his throat when the door at the top of the basement opened. He scooted back away from the light shining down the stairs as far as he could go.
"You can come out now. The sheriff is gone."
Oh god, he was gonna die.
Will just knew it.
Hector was going to figure out it was him hiding in the basement and the man would kill him. Will was no dummy. He'd seen the size of the man's muscles. Hector could squash him with a snap of his fingers.
"Come on out," Hector said. "This passage is too narrow for me to come down there without squeezing myself into a pretzel."
Will believed it.
Hector's voice was a lot lower and more menacing when he spoke again. "Don't make me come down there. I won't be happy."
Will grabbed his bag in case he needed to make a run for it, and pushed himself to his feet. He kept a tight grip on the handle of his bag as he slowly stepped into the light. He swallowed tightly then glanced up to the top of the stairs. The second his eyes met Hector's eyes, Will dropped his gaze.
Hector's massive chest heaved when he sighed. "Come on up, Will."
It took every ounce of Will's control to force himself to take that first step. One by one, he climbed up the stairs, his eyes never leaving the pulse beating in Hector throat.
When he reached the top of the stairs, he wasn't sure what to expect. He was almost positive that Hector was going to grab him, force him down the hallway, then toss him out the front door. He never expected the man to simply step back and allow him out of the basement.
Will clutched his bag tightly to his chest and quickly stepped through the doorway and out into the hallway. He took a couple of steps back, making sure there was plenty of room between him and Hector. He wanted a head start if he needed to run.
Hector shut the door then walked right on past him. "You want some water or something?"
"No, thank you," Will murmured.
Hector's dark eyebrows were raised when he glanced over his shoulder. "Are you sure?"
Will shrugged. To be honest, his throat was so parched, it hurt, but he wasn't going to admit that.
Hector grunted before continuing toward the kitchen. Will waited for a moment before following after the man. He paused in the archway and watched as Hector grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge. He licked his dry lips when Hector unscrewed the top and took a long swallow.
Hector stared at him for a moment after lowering his bottle of water then turned and reached into the fridge for another bottle. When he held it out, Will threw caution to the wind and grabbed for the bottle.
He quickly scooted back to the doorframe before opening the bottle and swallowing down almost the entire thing. He tried to save some of it for later, but it was so hard. He hadn't had anything to drink since the previous day.
Hector crossed his arms and leaned back against the counter. His eyebrows were pulled tight together in a pensive expression, almost as if he was trying to figure something out but didn't have all the pieces together yet.
Will clutched at his bottle of water, tensing his muscles in case he had to make a mad dash for the door. The air was thick with unease. Will was pretty sure most of it came from him.
"Were you in my house before or after I bought it?" Hector finally asked.
Will gulped. "Before," he whispered.
"Did you do the work on the baseboards and crown molding?"
Hector cocked his head. "Why?"
Will dropped his eyes to his hands as he shrugged his shoulders. "I ate your food. I wanted to pay you back."

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Fit To Be Tied
Cade Creek 17

Coming Thursday, August 2nd

DEA Agent Dan Wilson was just looking for a place to rent. He had no idea that it would bring him the love of his life. When he rented a room in an old Victorian just blocks from work, trouble started the very first day. For one, the guy who rented the room to him wasn't the owner. Waking up in bed with Terry wasn't the worst morning he'd ever had, but learning he had been taken for a fool kind of was.

Terry Iverson is incensed when he learns one of his tenants rented out his bedroom to a stranger, the bedroom he'd lived in his entire life. Of course, if he was going to choose someone to share a room with, it would be the handsome DEA agent. It would be great if he was gay, but Terry was a little too afraid to ask. He was the guy's landlord after all.

When someone starts messing with Terry's life, going from making false accusations of sexual harassment against him to trying to kill him, worrying about dating his tenant seems minor in comparison. If he can make it out of this alive, he just might see if the sexy agent was interested in something more than being roommates.


Terry groaned as he stretched his legs as far as they would go and flexed his toes. He must have slept forever. He felt better than he had in a very long time. He didn't even remember having any nightmares last night. It wasn't often that he went the whole night without at least one nightmare waking him.

Despite the wintery conditions outside, he was toasty warm. The blankets all wrapped around him and the warm solid body behind him. Terry yelled as he jerked and rolled off the bed, landing on the floor with a solid—and somewhat painful—thud.

There shouldn't be a warm body anywhere near him.

A head appeared over the edge of the mattress. If he hadn't been so freaked out, Terry probably could have enjoyed the amused smile on the man's handsome face, but as it was… "Who in the hell are you and what are you doing in my bed?" Terry snapped.

The arched eyebrow was aggravating.

"I'm pretty sure I should be asking you that question," the stranger said. "I believe you are in my bed, not that I mind, but…"

"Look—" It wasn't until he stood and the man's eyes roamed over him that Terry remembered he was naked. He quickly pulled the top blanket off the bed and wrapped it around his hips. His face flamed. "Look, this is my room. It has been my room since before I was born. You're the trespasser here."

The man frowned. It was the first sign that he'd shown that something might be wrong. Apparently, he was used to naked men waking up in his bed. "Hey, I rented this room fair and square. I have a rental contract and everything."

Terry narrowed his eyes. "What rental contract?"

The guy stared for a moment before rolling to the other side of the bed. Terry caught his breath when the man stood, the blankets sliding away as he started across the room. Had there ever been a more perfect ass ever created? Terry didn't know what this guy did for a living, but he could make a mint as an underwear model.

And, apparently, he wasn't shy. After grabbing something out of his jeans, he walked right back. Sweet mother mercy, the front was just as perfect as the back. Terry was pretty sure when God was handing out dicks, this guy got in line twice. Maybe three times. Nice and long, and just thick enough to make someone really feel it.


It really had been a long time.

"I signed that when I rented the room two days ago."

Terry regretfully tore his eyes away from Mr. Perfect Dick and stared down at the papers in his hand. It took his befuddled brain a few moments to understand exactly what he was looking at, but once he did, he was pissed.

"Keith rented this room to you…uh…" I glanced at the paper. "Mr. Wilson?"

"Daniel, please, or Dan, and yeah. Is that a problem?"

"Yes. It's my room." Hell, it was his house. "Keith doesn't have the right to rent you anything. He's a tenant. I'm the owner."


"Did you give him any money?" Terry asked as he handed the rental agreement back to Dan.

"First and last month's rent plus deposit. About fifteen hundred dollars."

"Damn it." Terry started to head for his dresser to grab some jeans when he realized his dresser was not where it was supposed to be. It was light enough out that he didn't need a light to look around, and when he did, something cold and sick clenched in his gut.

"Where is my stuff?"

"I don't know, man," Dan said. "The place was empty except for the bed when I got here."

Terry fisted his hands, aching to wrap them around Keith's throat. "I'm going to kill him."

That was my bed.

"Uh, this might be a good time to mention I'm a DEA agent."

That surprised Terry enough that he turned to look at the guy. "You're that new DEA agent that moved to town, the one who works with Mike?"

Dan nodded.

"I thought you were staying in one of Chester's apartments?"

"I was, but it was only temporary until I found another place." When Dan waved his hands around the room, Terry saw the cardboard boxes he hadn't noticed before.

He thrust a hand through his hair. "This is so fucked up."

"Hey, man, I'm sorry. I didn't—"

"No, no. It's not your fault. You didn't know."

"I can have my stuff packed and out of here in a couple of hours."

"No, don't do that." Geez, this whole situation was fucked. Terry couldn't kick Dan out into the cold. "You rented this place on good faith. I'm not going to kick you out because my bonehead tenant decided to cash in on your ignorance."

Dan raised an eyebrow. "Want me to shoot him?"

Terry chuckled. "Let's get your rent money from him first. If he doesn't fork it over, then you can shoot him." Terry tried not to look directly at the beautiful naked man as he waved a hand toward him. It wasn't easy. "Why don't you get dressed and we'll go track Keith down."

"I must be losing my touch." Dan chuckled as he turned to grab his jeans. "Beautiful naked man in my bed and he tells me to put my clothes back on."

"Uh…" Terry didn't really have a good response for that.

He turned and went into the bathroom where he remembered undressing the night before. It made his skin crawl to put his dirty, bloody uniform back on, but what other choice did he have? He had no idea where his stuff was.

By the time he got back to the bedroom, Dan was dressed.

Too bad.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I was raised by free loving liberal hippies. There's just no other way to put it. I lived in a commune as a child and remember my parents growing pot, living in a bus, being homeschooled, and living off the land on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I married into a conservative, religious military family. My husband's family served, my husband served, and now my son is serving in the military.

In a lot of ways, these two are as far apart as they could get. And in a lot of ways, they are very similar. The love for family was strong in both. The belief in ideals was strong in both. Over the years, I think I have learned from both about their views of the world. Now, here is my problem, and it has nothing to do with either family, but the important things I've learned.
YOU are no more or now less than anyone else. All of the money and prestige in the world means nothing if you believe you are better than anyone else. All of the problems you have don't mean others don't have problems. A man who makes a million dollars can have problems just like a man who has nothing. They may not be the same problems, but that does not mean they don't have them.
A Christian has the same right to practice his faith as a Muslim does. You don't want to be Muslim? Don't go to their church. You don't want to be Christian, don't go to their church. If you believe prayer should be allowed in church, then pray, but don't force others to do the same if they don't want to. On the other side of that is that if you demand prayer in school, then you have to allow all religions have that right, even the religions you don't agree with. Your religion is important to you. Their religion is important to them.
If Tom wants the right to marry Jane, then John can marry Jane. That's his right. But if John wants to marry Harry, that his also his right. You're not marrying Harry. John is. You're not sleeping with him. John is. Unless you plan on standing at the end of their bed every night to watch them have sex, then why do you care? The "I don't want to see that shit" is crap. Cause's guess what, they don't want you to see it either. Surprise!
You have the right to believe how you want, but you must give the same rights to everyone else.
I can't stand classical music. Hate it. That doesn't mean I believe it should be outlawed, but you won't find me tuning into it on the radio. I HAVE THAT RIGHT.
I don't like watching reality TV. Guess what? I don't. I change the channel. I HAVE THAT RIGHT.
I read MM romance because I like it. I also write it because I want to share what I love with others. I HAVE THAT RIGHT (for now).
I fell in love with a big burly bear of a man and I married him. I HAVE THAT RIGHT.
What I listen to on the radio, what I watch on TV, even who I marry and sleep with is my right as a human. I REFUSE to deny that right to others. What I do in the comfort of my own home or even in my bedroom is no one's business except mine. What you do in your bedroom is no one's business except yours.
You CANNOT demand the right to be who you are without allowing others to be who they are.
You CANNOT demand to be able to practice whatever religion you want without allowing others to practice their religion.
You CANNOT demand the right to love whoever you want without allowing others to love who they want.
You CANNOT demand civil rights without allowing others the same civil rights.
You CANNOT demand to be treated with compassion if you do not have the same compassion for others.
You CANNOT demand the right to make decisions about your own body without giving others the same right to decide.
From my liberal free loving hippie family, I learned that everyone should have the same rights. From my conservative religious military family, I learned that we all must fight to ensure everyone has those rights.
If you want to be considered human, then you CANNOT deny others the right to be human.
And guess what, if you don't like what I have to say, that is YOUR RIGHT.