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Now Available for Pre-Order: Faery Me (Phanta City 3)

Faery Me (MM)
Phanta City 3


AVAILABLE: Thursday, April 24th
One night of passion led to a life neither of them expected…
Cass A. Nova has a way with words. Unfortunately, his pickup lines usually get his face slapped. But then he meets a gorgeous fae that finds him not only intriguing but charming. One night spent in Wylde Fleur’s arms and Cass can’t imagine being anywhere else. There’s only one problem…his fae has disappeared.
Wylde Fleur has a lot of experience bucking the system. He has been banished from Glitter Glow Park because he refuses to follow in his father’s footstep. He was even shunned by the fae because he became a lawyer. Now, he’s chosen to take up with a vampire.
When Wylde discovers documents in the Ministry archives that hint at a secret long hidden from society, will he have to pay the ultimate price, or will his smooth talking vampire be able to save him in time?

Retro Release: Unspoken Desires

Retro Release Special Discount: Unspoken Desires is offered at a 50% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, April 28th.

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Animal Magnetism 2
Coming May 8th

Adjusting to life as a human isn’t easy, especially considering Benny’s growing feelings for the man that rescued him from an evil scientist. Every instinct he has says Stefan is the man for him, but the handsome man runs, making Benny wonder if these overwhelming feeling are all on his side.
After years spent building an empire, Stefan White has finally found something that interests him more than work. He can’t stop thinking about Benny. One night, Stefan gives in to his desires, only to realize the next morning what a mistake he has made. Benny is too sweet and innocent for a man like him. So, Stefan leaves.
Feeling like a fool for loving someone that doesn’t love him in return, Benny leaves to make a life for himself, walking right into the hands of a man that might be more sadistic than the doctor that made him human. With nowhere to turn and no rescue in sight, Benny has to learn to trust himself if he has any hope of returning to the man that makes him want to sit up and beg for a treat.

Stefan White’s chest heaved with exhaustion as he undid his bowtie, leaving the ends dangling around his neck, and then unbuttoned the first few buttons on his shirt. He unbuttoned the gold cufflinks at his wrists then folded his sleeves back one at a time.

The only thing that would make this night any better was a really big glass of very old scotch. Stefan settled for a small glass. As much as he would have preferred something bigger, the loss of control from drinking too much wasn’t something he was willing to allow.

He would permit himself two small glasses, however. Stefan poured two fingers of his best scotch, the stuff he only used on the rarest of occasions, and then tossed it back. He coughed, smacking his chest with his other hand.
Damn shit burned all of the way down.

A small smirk curved one side of Stefan’s mouth as he poured himself another glass. The scotch burned like hell but it was a hell he was willing to endure. It was better than letting loose with his temper and punching a wall—something he had felt like doing a lot lately.
“Why do you drink that stuff if you hate it so much?”

Stefan stiffened.
And that right there would be why he needed a drink.

Stefan finished pouring himself another scotch, adding just a bit more than normal, and then put the lid back on the decanter. He picked up his glass and walked over to his desk as if there wasn’t a breathtakingly beautiful man standing in his doorway.
Maybe if he ignored him long enough, Benny would go away.

“I tasted that stuff and it’s horrible.”
And maybe not.

Stefan lifted the lid of the small humidor he kept on the sideboard behind his desk and grabbed one of his cigars—Cuban, of course. Stefan liked to think they were rolled on the abs of really hot guys rather than the thighs of virgins as the legends said.

He snipped the end and lit it up, and then grabbed his glass again and walked over to gaze out the long floor-to-ceiling window that went the length of one wall of his office. Buildings could be seen off in the distance, a soft hue brightening the horizon from the thousands of lights still on in skyscrapers across the city.
“Why do you pretend I’m not here?”

Stefan’s eyes slide closed. Benny was right behind him. He could feel the heat of the man’s body. The same frustration Stefan had been trying to master for the last three months exploded in a long deep groan.
“I’m not trying to pretend you’re not here, Benny.” Not all of the time, anyway. “I’m just tired and not in the mood for company. I’ve had a very long day.”

“It doesn’t look like your night is going any better.”
Stefan chuckled as he opened his eyes and glanced to the side, knowing Benny would be there. Benny was always there. He had been tracking Stefan’s every move since the second the man came home with Kitty.

“Is it true that animals understand human speech?”
Benny nodded as he turned to stare out the window. “Yeah, it’s true. We understand a lot more than humans think. It doesn’t always make it easier knowing what you all are saying though. Humans are just plain crazy.”

“I can’t say I disagree with you there.” It had only been three months since Stefan’s brother, Dr. Ambrose White had an accident in his lab that turned his house cat into a human. Through a calamity of errors and disbelief, plus the insanity of a couple of research scientists, two other men had soon joined Kitty in human form.
Benny the beagle and Bugsy the bunny.

Bugsy tended to stay to his room or the arboretum built on the side of the large mansion Stefan had purchased with his brother. Benny seemed to be underfoot every time Stefan was there.
Like now…

“Benny, shouldn’t you be in bed or something?”
Benny shrugged. “I slept earlier.”

“You know humans sleep a little differently than dogs do, right?”
“Duh,” Benny snorted.

“Don’t you have a car to go chase or something?”
Benny’s head tilted. “Why are you so afraid of me?”

“I’m not afraid of you!” Stefan’s nostrils flared as a little voice in his head called him a liar. He turned back to the window, wishing Benny would go back to wherever he came from…or bend over the desk. Either would do but Stefan knew which one he was hoping for.
Benny had been driving him crazy since the moment the man had arrived. Stefan tried to remind himself that the gorgeous man that stood beside him used to be a beagle, but his libido just wouldn’t accept it. He wanted Benny with a deep need that made him ache.

He just couldn’t have Benny, and he knew it.
“I’m not afraid of you, Benny, I just—”

“Good,” Benny said, “because I’ve decided I want you to be my human.”
Stefan swallowed, but his mouth had gone bone-dry as instinctive fear skittered up his spine. There was no way he could have heard what he thought he heard. It just wasn’t possible, and he had to keep on believing that if he wanted to breathe.

“But I want you to be my human like the Doc is Kitty’s human.”

Stefan damn near swallowed his tongue as lust swamped him. It didn’t help any when Benny pushed up against him and he could feel the man’s hard cock pressing against his thigh as Benny humped his leg.
“Benny, you need to—Benny!” He groaned when Benny palmed Stefan's cock through his slacks. He felt like he had been hard for months, and Benny’s hand on any part of him was glorious.

It took a great deal of strength not to give in and let Benny bring Stefan off. His mind was arguing that he needed to take a step back. His cock however was all for what Benny was doing. With gritted teeth and a steel will, Stephan pushed Benny away from him.
"What's wrong?" Benny appeared confused as he gazed up at Stefan. "Don’t you want to be my human?"


"What is so bad about you being my human?" Benny whispered.
Benny's hand slid up Stephan's back, setting Stephan's blood on fire. He ground his teeth, telling himself not to give in to the temptation. Putting some distance between them, Stephan turned and his jaw dropped.

Benny was standing there in the middle of his room, naked. How the hell had the guy gotten undressed so quickly? More to the point, why in the hell did he have to look so damn gorgeous? Regardless of his resolve that he wasn’t going to entertain the idea of being with Benny, Stephan's cock became ramrod straight.
"Don’t you want me, Stephan?" Benny asked, palming his erection. Stephan knew that Benny wasn’t worldly, that he was too innocent in all of this. The man was fumbling with his cock like he didn’t know what to do with it.

Stephan had plenty of ideas—No, he wasn't going to go there.
Benny began to walk seductively toward Stephan, his slim hips rocking from side to side. Stephan's mouth went dry as his pulse sped up. He didn’t want to corrupt Benny, but Stephan was only human. A man could only take so much temptation.

"Please, Stephan," Benny's lower lip slid forward and Stephan had an image of what those lush lips could do. His cock jerked at the thought of Benny sucking his dick.
"Benny," Stephan said in warning, but his words lacked any real heat. He wanted to send the man away. Oh how he wanted to. But his cock had a mind of its own.

When Benny moved into Stephan's space, rubbing his erection against Stephan's hip, all bets were off. Stefan wrapped his hand around the back of Benny's neck, grabbing a large handful of hair and pulling the man's head back until it tilted up to his.
He traced the soft fullness of Benny’s lips with his tongue. His lips feather-touched Benny’s with tantalizing persuasion until the man opened for him, and then Stefan’s tongue dived in and explored.

An anxious whine fell from Benny’s lips, and Stefan ate it up as his cock pulsed at the sound. God, he never had a lover who felt so right in his arms. He had never felt this level of want or need.
His body was aching for Benny’s.

As he kissed Benny, Stefan stroked his fingers over his back, feeling the gentle fire growing between them. It grew until he felt the flames of desire sweep through his body, setting him on fire.
“Spread your legs, baby.”

Benny complied, his knees falling apart. Stefan could see goose bumps race up Benny’s body as he caressed the man, his hands skimming up Benny’s thighs then down between his legs, fondling Benny’s sac.
Stefan’s hand pushed downward, wrapping around Benny’s cock. He could feel the clear liquid spilling onto his hand as he stared down into Benny’s pretty face. He felt Benny shudder in his arms, a long low groan falling from the man's lips.

“I want to taste you.” Stefan lifted Benny up into his arms, laying him gently on the carpet. He leaned back on his knees, in awe of the beauty lying open before him, for his feast. “You’re the most breathtaking creature I have ever laid eyes on.”
Benny blushed and Stefan’s heart clenched at the display of emotion. Benny was gorgeous and wasn’t even aware of it. That only added to his charm. Benny’s body was trembling as he spread his legs wider for Stefan.

Stefan’s hands skated down Benny’s sides, cupping his hips as he lowered himself to nestle between his lover’s thighs. He felt gooseflesh once again under his palms. This was exquisite torture, to have an effect on someone like this.
Stefan stole a glance up to see Benny watching him. Keeping his eyes locked onto Benny’s, Stefan flicked his tongue out, licking the moisture from the tip of the throbbing cock at his mouth.
The taste exploded onto his taste buds.

Stefan would never get enough of Benny, never. He wanted to taste Benny’s seed surging down his throat. Stefan parted his lips, allowing the head to enter, and then he sucked and twirled with his tongue, enjoying the spongy head pressed against the roof of his mouth.

Benny bucked, grabbing handfuls of Stefan’s hair in his hands. “Suck it, Stefan. Please,” Benny hissed between clenched teeth.

Stefan worked Benny’s cock in his mouth, feeling as though he were one exposed, raw nerve. His cock was beating out a rhythm of pure ecstasy, and Stefan wanted more, so much more.

Stefan hollowed his cheeks, creating suction with his lips as he took Benny’s cock to the back of his throat. He hummed as he reached down, cupping his lover’s balls, rolling them in his hand.

Benny whimpered and lifted himself up against Stefan. Stefan had to throw his left arm over Benny’s hips to stop the man from withering all over the damn place. He smiled to himself as Benny went wild under him.

Seconds later, Benny cried out as hot, tangy cum spurted into Stefan’s mouth. He sucked until the last of Benny’s seed emptied from the slit in Benny’s dick. Stefan released the softening cock, peppering kisses all over Benny’s groin and thighs.

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Snapped by G. A. Hauser

Bryce Hayes thought when he left the military and joined the Seattle Police Department, there would be nothing he couldn’t handle. He’d seen it all; the worst of what mankind could do to each other.
But the Seven Deadly Sins had yet to rear their ugly head. Bryce was about to encounter them all embodied in one man; Field Training Officer Kohl Abbott’s inconceivable corruption. As a thirty-nine year old ‘rookie’ paired with the senior officer from hell, Bryce had no idea when he was told to ‘stay put’ in the patrol car, that his training instructor Abbott was breaking fingers and kneecaps for protection money from the small local businesses.
While in the Special Forces, Bryce was taught to shut up, to not reveal information. But this time when the net came down on the corruption he was caught in the snare. Bryce was tossed out of the department with the garbage, but was not prosecuted. He never knew why.
Twenty-eight year old Joel Vandergrift lived on Capitol Hill in Seattle, worked as a photographer and taught literature classes at night. But his real love was writing. Having his first few novels hit the bestseller lists, Joel was gaining recognition and finally thought earning a living as a writer was a possibility… until his apartment is broken into, and his computer with all his work on it, is stolen.
A day later, Joel sees his latest bestseller being sold, but under someone else’s name.
The irony of just having met a bartender named Bryce Hayes, whose behavior was suspicious to Joel, made Joel believe Bryce had a hand in the treachery.
But Bryce knew the reality.

What at first had been an ultimatum for Bryce from Abbott to find something nasty to discredit Joel as a top writer, had changed. Secrets, lies, and disastrous decisions that were impossible to take back, push Joel and Bryce together. And it isn’t until one of the men finally has had enough that fate takes over.
Lust, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony- The ‘Infamous 7’ change one man from a cynic into a killer. And Bryce sees first hand, how war is not only fought on the battlefield, it is also drawn from the mighty pen.

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Dr. Ambrose White is somewhat absent-minded. He has his head in the clouds researching his latest formula. He forgets meetings with his boss, the names of his interns, and basically anything that isn’t really important to him.

The one thing Ambrose never forgets is his beloved cat, Kitty. When Ambrose is asked to look at a formula for two researchers from another lab, he has no idea that it will bring danger to the one thing that means the most to him.

When a lab accident turns Kitty into a human, Ambrose has to decide if he can do the right thing and develop a formula to turn him back into a cat or if falling in love with the man Kitty has become more important than his research.

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Welcome to the world of Phanta City, where normal is overrated and weird is embraced with open arms. Paranormals rule the world with humans as mere blood donors and pets. In a world dominated by supernatural creatures, anything is possible.


BEAUTIFUL BÉLA By Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen
Phanta City 1
Coming February 27th, 2014
Count Vladimir Dracul never suspected that the human he found hiding in his stables would change his life and the way he saw the world. But once he found Béla, Vlad couldn’t give him up. Fighting prejudices against humans, a vampire Count wanting his blood donor back, and a threat from an old enemy seem like small battles compared to the one he has to fight to win Béla’s heart
Béla was terrified of the vampire that found him and decided to keep him. His experience with vampires has never been good so he had no reason to trust Vlad, even if he wanted to. But when his former owner comes looking for him, Béla has to find the courage to save the one man that has come to mean more to him than his freedom.

With the help of a few crazy friends, a werewolf mob boss, and two insane brothers, Vlad and Béla just might have a chance at happiness…if the Ministry of Paranormal Affairs doesn’t get to them first.

Count Vladimir Dracul tilted his head a minute inch as the scent of leather and hay filled his lungs. He scanned the interior of his stables for the source of the soft thudding he could hear. The rapid beat called to him, enticing him to hunt it down like prey to a predator.
But the beat was unfamiliar, no scent to go with it to identify the cause. Vlad couldn’t even hone in on a thought pattern. It was as if that which he hunted was just out of his reach, teasing him…taunting him.
“Boris, all is well in the stables?” Vlad’s fingers smoothed over the long neck of his favorite stallion as he turned to look at his stable master. “My horses are all in good working form? No illness or anything?”
“Oh yes, my lord.” Boris’s ruddy cheeks wobbled as he spoke and nodded at the same time. “Your horses are in the best of shape, sire, couldn’t be better.”
“Hmm.” Vlad glanced toward the back of the stables once more, positive that was the direction the heartbeat came from. He stepped away from his horse, wondering why the beast wasn’t concerned over the slight disturbance Vlad could feel in the air. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.
He started toward the rear of the stable, his steps slow and measured, his head slanted to the side to catch the slightest sound of movement. Strangely enough, there was none, just the soft, but persistent beat of someone’s heart.
When Vlad neared the back wall, he pinpointed exactly where the heartbeat was located. He shook his head and pursed his lips. In the far back corner was a stack of hay bales. There was nothing unusual in that. Vlad was standing in a stable, after all.
What was starting to alarm Vlad—no easy feat considering he was the prince of his coven—was the fact that one of the hay bales was moving. Vlad stared at it in bewilderment, watching little bits of straw dislodge and float to the ground.
When curiosity—and the cold chill starting to creep up his back—became too much, Vlad reached over and pushed the hay bale, using all of his inhuman strength to send it flying. What he found behind the hay bale made Vlad's mind race.
A creature, covered in mud and grime and torn clothing…and little bits of hay, scurried toward the corner as he hissed at Vlad like a feral cat. Vlad stood to his full height of six foot one, not huge but enough to intimidate the little creature cowering in front of him.
“Who are you and what are you doing in my stables?” Vlad asked, baring his fangs.
Vlad wasn’t positive until the little thing tried to race past him what he was dealing with but the panicked emerald-green eyes told the story. Vlad swung his arm out and caught the guy around the waist to prevent his escape.
He immediately knew that might not have been his best choice when the creature started biting and scratching every bit of skin he could reach. Vlad wrapped both arms around the little spitfire in a protective hug, trying not to hurt the creature but keep himself from being hurt as well.
“Restrain yourself!” Vlad snapped as he shook the man in his arms. Vlad’s eyebrows shot up when the guy went as limp as a dishrag.
He didn’t trust the quick compliance.
Vlad’s eyes darted around the stable until they landed on a saddle blanket hanging over the edge of one of the stable doors. He carried his capture to the hay that had scattered over the floor when he flung it out of the way. Vlad gently laid the creature down then went to grab the blanket.
Vlad heard the faintest rustle of straw and spun before he took a step. Vlad's surprise gave the creature enough time to dart across the room. He squatted down and pressed himself back against the wall as if trying to make himself the smallest possible target.
Vlad moved as well, putting himself between the scared little thing and the door. Despite his concern for the fear he could see in the man’s deep-green eyes, Vlad knew letting him leave was the last thing he should do. Taking a slow step backward until he could reach over and grab the horse blanket, Vlad tossed the scratchy material at the intruder.
“You appear cold.” Hell, the creature looked downright frozen. The man’s skin held a pale blue tint that worried Vlad. While Vlad could hear the man’s heart beating at a rapid pace, his chest was rising and falling so quickly he looked ready to pass out.
And what would Vlad do with an unconscious human?
At least, he smelled human.
Sort of.
The sad little thing smelled like a whole lot of other stuff too, stuff that reeked. Vlad really didn’t want to get too close. Although, as he glanced down at himself, he realized that his brief encounter had gotten dirt and grime smeared on his crisp, clean clothes. Vlad smelled like a dung heap, which meant the human was a hundred times worse.
 Vlad motioned with his hand for the human to come toward him. “Follow me. We both could use a bath and I will find some food for you.”
Wide panicked eyes just stared at him.
Vlad gestured again.
The terror already swimming in the man’s eyes grew the moment Vlad moved forward. The creature's eyes darted wildly around the small space, and Vlad knew the human was looking for an escape route. And Vlad knew the moment the little thing realized he had to move around Vlad to gain his freedom.
For a fraction of a second, the man’s shoulders slumped as if he was resigning himself for the fight to come, but then he seemed to bolster himself. Vlad cocked an eyebrow when thinly developed muscles tensed.
Did the little human actually think he could beat a vampire?
Did he have a death wish?

“Bela not share Vlad?” Clearly it was a question and not a statement. Béla wasn’t brave enough to make it a statement.
“I should hope not!”
Béla was so overcome with joy that he grabbed Vlad’s face between his hands and kissed the vampire. It wasn’t until he felt Vlad’s tongue brush against his own that he realized what he had done, and he slowly pulled back, watching Vlad’s reaction carefully.
“Don’t stop now, Béla,” Vlad said with a grin. “That was just getting interesting.”
Never before had Béla even considered taking such liberties. He had never wanted to. Sex had been nothing more than grunting and mounting. It was Vlad who had taught him that sex could be tender, not rough. Taking in a deep breath, Béla leaned up and closed his eyes, brushing his lips over Vlad's the same way the vampire had done to him.
"Béla." Vlad's voice was a mere whisper, but held so much passion, so much fire that Béla threw caution to the wind and grabbed tufts of hair, pulling Vlad closer. Vlad's breath skimmed across Béla's cheek before Béla closed the distance, pushing his tongue inside the man's mouth.
Vlad let out a low groan, the razor clattering to the sink as Vlad wrapped his arms around Béla's body. The shaving cream smeared between their faces, but Béla was too lost in the aching need coursing through his body to care. The only thing he cared about was being in Vlad's arms.
"I need you, my beautiful Béla."
A shiver of sensual heat had Béla moaning in agreement. His cock was a wedge of hard steel, straining in his pants as he opened his mouth to say, "Béla need Vlad."
Vlad licked at his lower lip, his hands gripping Béla's hips tightly. A sharp breath exhaled from Béla's lungs at not only the sensation of Vlad's erection poking him in his side, but at the heat he could see scorching the man's eyes.
Vlad's tongue trailed down Béla's neck, making Béla arch back, letting out a low moan. There was nothing so sexy, so completely filled with driving lust and sensual excitement as the man kissing his way across Béla's throat.
His breathing became ragged when Vlad pulled away and spun Béla around yanking Béla's pants down to his ankles. He could have sworn he hear an animalist growl fall from Vlad's lips.
He was bent over the counter with his ass pushed out and his hard cock jutting between his legs. Béla heard Vlad's zipper lower, and then the man grabbed Béla's hips.
Vlad's hands were shaking.
Béla had never been more turned on in his life. His body ached to be filled, to feel Vlad's hard cock pounding deep in his ass.
"Hard and fast, Béla," Vlad panted as his fingers dug deep into Béla's hips. "Brace yourself.”
Béla groaned as Vlad's cock sank into his ass. His head spun and his pulse raced as his skin stretched wide. Béla's lips parted as small, panting noises escaped.
Vlad had the best dick in the world. It wasn't too big, wasn't too small. It fit perfectly inside Bela's ass, filling every inch of him until he wanted to scream out his pleasure. He opened his eyes and looked into the mirror, seeing the sexual haze in Vlad's red eyes. A course of lust shot through Béla groin, making his cock throb with his heartbeat as Vlad's fangs became prominent.
Béla had to slap his hands against the tiled sink backdrop to keep from sliding forward as Vlad slammed into him from behind. The hands digging into his hips only added to the pleasure rocketing through Béla.
The scent in the air was wild, untamed, and pulled at Béla's heart. He had gone from hating vampires to loving Vlad to the depth of his soul. Pushing his legs further apart, Béla damn near climbed onto the counter, wanting to feel Vlad go deeper.
"You are truly a beautiful creature," Vlad said as he scrapped his fangs along the nape of Béla's neck. "So exquisite."
"Vlad, please," Béla groaned as he reached back with one hand and wrapped his arm around Vlad's neck. He wanted to feel Vlad's fangs sink into his flesh. He wanted to be claimed again.
Béla cried out when Vlad's teeth sank into his neck. His cock jerked once then painted the front of the counter with copious amounts of cum. Pleasure inflamed Béla until spots danced in front of his eyes.
"Béla!" Vlad shouted as his thrusts grew faster, deeper.
Béla grunted as he felt pulse after pulse of Vlad's release filled his ass. There was nothing else on earth like knowing he had brought his vampire pleasure. It was a heady feeling, a powerful feeling.