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Siren's SINsational Summer Showcase

This is a 5-Day Erotica Event known as the Sirens SINsational Summer Showcase. You MAY See or Read things during this event that pertain to SEX, Intercourse, Screwing, Marital Sex, Premarital Sex, Love, Lust, Hand-Bras, Penis Outlines, Side-Butts, Vast Expanses of Skin, and Certain Fetish-Related Things such as BDSM and Occasional Dildoes.

IF THESE THINGS OFFEND YOU, PLEASE DON'T JOIN THE PARTY!!! We Still ♥ You, but We're Doing Our Own Thang!!! :-)

Be Sure to Look For the Rafflecopter --- Lots of Awesome prizes like GC, Book Vouchers, Free E-Books, and autographed Paperback!!!
3:00 PM EST -- Anything But Vanilla Book Blog ...
4:00 PM EST --- Cree Storm
5:00 PM EST --- Ashley Malkin
6:00 PM EST --- Elle Boon
7:00 PM EST --- McKayla Schutt
8:00 PM EST --- Maggie Walsh
9:00 PM EST --- Lorraine Loveit
10:00 PM EST --- Kat A Barrett
11:00 PM EST --- Cecile Tellier
3:00 PM EST --- Wicked Babes Book Blog
4:00 PM EST --- Caitlyn O'Leary
5:00 PM EST --- Ashley Malkin
6:00 PM EST --- Elle Boon
7:00 PM EST --- Cecile Tellier
8:00 PM EST --- Elise Covert
9:00 PM EST --- Elena Kincaid
10:00 PM EST --- Mardi Maxwell
11:00 PM EST --- Stormy Glenn
3:00 PM EST --- Tall, Dark, and Dom Group
4:00 PM EST --- Elise Covert
5:00 PM EST --- Cree Storm
6:00 PM EST --- Suzette Cauler
7:00 PM EST --- Maggie Walsh
8:00 PM EST --- Izzy Synz
9:00 PM EST --- Suzy Shearer
10:00 PM EST --- Elena Kincaid
11:00 PM EST --- Frey Ortega
3:00 PM EST --- Sweet &Sassy Bookaholics
4:00 PM EST --- Cara Addison
5:00 PM EST --- Doris O'Connor
6:00 PM EST --- Serena Akeroyd
7:00 PM EST --- Kristina Canady
8:00 PM EST --- Izzy Synz
9:00 PM EST --- Lorraine Loveit
10:00 PM EST --- Kat A Barrett
11:00 PM EST --- Stormy Glenn
3:00 PM EST --- Roses and Violets Book Reviews
4:00 PM EST --- Doris O'Connor
5:00 PM EST --- Cara Addison
6:00 PM EST --- Kristina Canady
7:00 PM EST --- Suzette Cauler
8:00 PM EST --- Suzy Shearer
9:00 PM EST --- Frey Ortega
10:00 PM EST --- Mardi Maxwell
11:00 PM EST --- Caitlyn O'Leary
12:00 AM EST --- John Tucker -- Thank You's and Farewells

Want Exciting Erotica?

Check out my exciting interview with Judy Miracle of "Wicked Babes" for the SINsational Sirens Showcase Event.

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Tribal Bonds 5
AVAILABLE: Thursday, August 6
Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA
Kerry is the beta of his pack. He is loyal to a fault, holding his honor close to his chest. But he also holds something else close to his chest...his need to dominate. When Jesse walks into his life, Kerry finds the one person meant to be his is the one that needs him to be dominant the most. Teaching Jesse how to be the anamchara of a wolf shifter might be harder to fight than the hunters that drag Jesse into their plans to exterminate paranormals.
Jesse is human who has a bad track record of putting his needs above others, but he has his reasons. When he meets Kerry under unusual circumstances, the life he has been fighting so hard to obtain is handed to him on a silver platter. But this gift has strings, ones Jesse’s not sure he can handle, especially when he tries to do the right thing and his past misdeeds have everyone around him believing the worst, even the man who is supposed to be his mate.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FINISHED & SUBMITTED: Little Bit of Nothing

Cade Creek 8
Available August 27th
As an undercover DEA agent, Dorian Michael James's life was all about intrigued. As president of the Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club, it was all about danger. But everything he has worked for goes up in flames when he discovers a man tied up in the trunk of a drug dealer's car. With no other choice, Dorian throws away all his hard work and rescues the frightened man. But leaving Artie behind might not be possible, especially when the drug cartel Dorian is investigating thinks the man knows something. When saving Artie becomes more important than busting the bad guys, Dorian calls in some help from some old friends.
Life for Artie Mills was hard enough without being sold to a drug dealer by his jerk of a stepfather. He wasn't sure if meeting the gorgeous Dorian James was going to make it better or worse, but he damn sure wanted to find out. When someone close betrays them, not even Dorian's friends can protect him., Artie has to decide if he's going to continue to be a victim or prove to everyone that he's not a little bit of thing.

Christ on a crutch.
Dorian Michael James knew the gun deal he had been working on for the last two months had just gone to shit when he opened the trunk of the car and found himself staring at the softest honey brown eyes he had ever seen. They were red rimmed and filled with tears.
"Who's the kid?" he asked as he took in the discolored skin around the kid's wrists, no doubt due to the ropes tying his hands behind his back. His ankles were similarly tied and he had a gag in his mouth. He was not here willingly unless he was into some really kinky shit.
"His old man owed us some money," replied the guy standing next to Dorian. "He gave us the kid in trade."
Dorian already knew that the man standing next to him was the scum of the earth. He was a gun runner and drug dealer with a rap sheet longer than Dorian's arm. He had arrests from everything from assault to rape to attempted murder. Taking some kid in exchange for drug money owed him wouldn't even be a blip on the guy's radar.
Dorian turned his cold eyes on the slime ball next to him. "You brought a kid to a buy?"
For a moment, fear flashed in the other man's eyes. "It's not like he's gonna be a problem, Michaels. He's tied up."
"He's here. That's a problem."
"Now, look—"
"Deal's off." Dorian slammed the lid down on the Pontiac, already plotting as to how he could save the kid even as he turned to head back to his motorcycle. If he could get away from prying eyes, he could call in an anonymous tip and maybe have the cops save the kid.
"Hey, look, this guyain'tgonna be a problem,"Jazz Jenkins called out to Dorian's retreating back. "Me and the boys were just gonna have a little fun with him and then get rid of him, dump his body in the East River."
Dorian could barely keep his disgust out of his voice. The idiot was detailing a cold blooded murder. Dorian wanted to wrap his fist around the moron's throat and slam him into a wall while informing him of how much of an asshole he was. He just couldn't. He needed to see if he could save the kid while salvaging his gun deal.
He needed those guns.
"I don't like complications, Jazz." Dorian made sure to put every ounce of anger he had into his voice. He slowly turned and glared at the man. "Get rid of the kid."
Jazz's eyebrows shot up. "Now?"
Dorian pulled his pistol out of his shoulder holster and walked back to the car. He flipped the lid open and stared down into those frightened honey brown eyes again. The pull to continue standing there and just stare at the guy was overwhelming.
And dangerous.
His grip tightened on the butt of his gun as he tried not to raise the barrel and point it at Jazz. Instead, he held the gun out to the man. "Get rid of the kid or the deals off."
"But—" Jazz glanced down at the man in the trunk, a small shudder working through his slim frame.
Dorian knew he had pegged Jazz right. The man wanted to play with the kid in the trunk. He didn't want to kill him. He might order one of his lackeys to do it, but Jazz Jenkins was too much of a wimp to ever pull the trigger himself.
"Fine, if you won't do it…" Dorian cocked the gun and then pointed it at the kid. Those soulful eyes widened, filling with more tears. This time, the big drops slid down his pale cheeks. Dorian made a big show of pausing and tilting his head to the side. "How old is this kid?"
"Old enough,"Jazz snickered. His grin was lecherous and made Dorian's stomach roll. He seriously doubted Jazz ever cared about someone's age.
Dorian stared for another moment before slipping his gun back into the holster and then reaching into the trunk to lift the kid out. "Bear!" he called out to his second in command. "Come get this kid."
"Hey," Jazz said, "what are you doing?"
"Taking the kid."
"But you don't play with…I mean, you're a biker and…"
The and was obvious. Dorian rolled his eyes as he handed the bound kid to Bear. "A hole is a hole, dumbass. Shove their face in a pillow and he'll look like any other bitch on the planet."
Jazz's eyes followed after Bear as he carried the kid back over to their bikes. "He's a real pretty one."
"He won't be after I get done with him." Dorian snorted snidely as he crossed his arms. "Now, are we going to do this deal or not? Because if not, I have a bitch to fuck."
"Yeah, yeah." It seemed like almost more than Jazz could handle to turn away from Bear and the kid and back to face Dorian. "You got the money?"
Dorian cocked an eyebrow. "You got the merchandise?"
The exchange went fairly smoothly after that, barring how many times Jazz's eyes strayed to Bear and the kid. Dorian began to wonder if he was going to have problems with Jazz. The man seemed way to obsessed with the kid, more than someone should be even if he took the kid in trade for money owed him. Dorian couldn't help but wonder if there was more to the story than he knew.
"Hey, I think maybe I should take the kid with me."

"Will you come see me?"
Dorian tipped Artie's head up, brushing a gentle kiss over his lips. "Every chance I get, little bit."
This time when Artie melted into him, Dorian buried his hand in the man's shoulder length hair and tiled his mouth up, claiming it as his own. He traced the softness of Artie's lips before pushing his tongue between them, demanding entrance into Artie's mouth. Sighing, Artie opened to him, and he swept his tongue inside.
He kissed Artie, lingering, savoring. The man tasted sweet, delectable. Dorian wanted to consume him. The touch of Artie's tongue against his was a delicious sensation, one Dorian sank into as he devoured the man's mouth.
"Touch me, please," Artie begged in a low voice.
Dorian swung Artie around so the man was straddling his hips. Dorian doubted anyone in history had ever been grateful for a hospital gown but he was. It left him quite a bit of access to the practically naked man in his arms. Dorian's hands were everywhere, touching, exploring. He lifted Artie's gown up out of the way so that his hands could stroke Artie's naked skin.
He pushed against Artie, the hard cock trapped behind his zipper brushing up against Artie—like Artie's body had been made for him. Dorian groaned as Artie bore down and rubbed against him.
Dorian wanted to be buried inside Artie's sweet little ass. He wanted to wipe away all the bad memories and replace them with visions of the two of them together. He wanted to watch Artie come apart in his arms, but now wasn't the time. Besides the fact that anyone could walk in at any time, Artie had just suffered something pretty traumatic. He would need time.
Dorian started to lift his head when Artie whimpered.
"Please, I ache..."
Dorian almost swallowed his tongue when Artie leaned back and he got his first good look at Artie's weeping cock. The poor thing looked like it was about to explode. Keeping his eyes on Artie's, Dorian reached down and wrapped his hand around Artie's cock. When Artie moaned and thrust forward, Dorian did it again more firmly.
The man was like magic in his arms.
When he couldn't stand it anymore, Dorian reached down and unzipped his jeans, freeing his cock. In the blink of an eye, he had his hand wrapped around both their cocks, slowly stroking them together. Glancing down, Dorian saw pure pleasure flush Artie's cheeks as he squeezed his fingers around the two of them.
Dorian reached around and tentatively explored the cleft of Artie's ass. He wasn't sure if the man was ready for that. He had healed physically but mentally was all together different.
Artie groaned as he pushed back against Dorian's hand. "Please, Dorian," he gasped as he pushed back again. "I ache."
"Are you ready for me to touch you there, Artie?"
For a moment, the fog of passion cleared from Artie's eyes. "Just you."
"Just me, little bit," Dorian promised. He'd kill anyone else that tried to touch Artie like this.
He gently circled Artie's puckered entrance with his fingertips, stroking before pressing a single finger slowly into Artie's gripping heat. Artie whimpered as he arched back, his butt sticking out as if begging for more.
Dorian was entranced. He slowly thrust his finger in and out of Artie's tight ass with one hand and stroked their cocks with the other. The ecstasy on Artie's face would forever be emblazoned in his memories, something to pull out and fantasize about during those times when they were apart.
When his fingers brushed across Artie's sweet spot, Artie cried out. His hips thrust erratically against Dorian and the tight silken heat wrapped around Dorian's finger clamped down like a vise grip. Ropes of pearly white cum shot up, splattering across Dorian's hand and their cocks.
Dorian lifted Artie up and spun, taking the two steps to the hospital bed. He laid Artie out on the thin mattress and hovered over the top of him. Scooping up the cum splattered across Artie's abdomen, Dorian used it as lube and started frantically stroking his own cock from root to tip and then back again.
The sight of Artie laid out, the hospital gown up to his neck, baring his naked and sated body, was more than Dorian could handle. His balls drew up tight to his body and his hips snapped as he gave into the passion inspired by the nerdy little man splayed out before him.
Dorian clamped his mouth closed to keep from roaring as his orgasm slammed into him with the force of a freight train. Shot after shot of cum sprayed from his cock, covering Artie's groin and abdomen, his chest. There were even drops of cum on his chin.
Dorian's legs shook as he gave his cock a few more strokes before releasing it and reached for Artie. Something that had been burning deep in his gut settled when Artie easily went into his arms. Dorian carried him to the bathroom, carefully cleaning them both up. He zipped himself up and then helped Artie into a clean gown, tossing the old one into the hamper by the door.
Dorian lifted Artie up into his arms again and carried him back over to the chair by the window. He sat down, settled Artie on his lap then grabbed the blanket and covered him, tucking Artie's head under his chin.
Dorian brushed a hand through Artie's silky strands as he pressed a kiss to the man’s temple."You are adored, little bit," Dorian whispered. "I hope you know that."
There was a small whimper from the man in his arms. "I do now."


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AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER: To Keep a King (Venusian Trilogy 2)


Venusian Trilogy 2


AVAILABLE: Thursday, July 16th

Elves are from Venus, wolf shifters from Mars. Vampires come from Saturn. Humans live on Earth... and one man is king of them all...and it sucks to be the king.

There have been a lot of changes in Nicky’s life recently. Cooper stands by his side as his lover and his champion and Nicky is learning what it means to be king of the galaxy. And as long as he has Cooper, he knows there is nothing he can’t face.

Life had been full of changes for Cooper Walsh since he claimed Nicky as his own. Flying through the stars as the consort of a king seems insignificant compared to the changes he is seeing within himself both physically and mentally.

But not everyone is happy that Nicky has become king. Some want the throne for themselves, and some want Nicky. When the king’s flagship is attacked, Cooper finds there is more to his new life than simply being the new king’s consort. He can only hope that Nicky will still want him as he becomes something not seen in the galaxy in centuries…but first he has to find Nicky, and that might not be so easy when everyone around him believes Nicky is dead.

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: The Best Parts (Cade Creek 7)


Cade Creek 7


AVAILABLE: Thursday, July 23rd

Recovering from a car accident in the sleepy little town of Cade Creek should have been a dream come true, but for Noah Helmond, it has been nothing but a nightmare. Ostracized by everyone for things he couldn’t prevent, Noah is trying his level best to make amends. But even he has his limits and when the man he starts to fall for rips the truth out of him, Noah has to decide if it’s worth the risk to stay and fight for what they could have together or run.

Paul Rafferty loves being a fire fighter. It fulfills his need to protect those that can’t protect themselves. When he meets Noah and learns who the man is, he’s prepared to think the worst. But there’s something compelling in Noah’s sad eyes that make Raff think that there is more to the story than what he has been told. Getting Noah to admit that might be the hardest battle he’s ever fought.

When trouble comes looking for Noah, asking for help means revealing secrets Noah has kept hidden for years, ones that will not only tear his family apart but have a significant impact on more than one resident in Cade Creek, and that may be asking too much.

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The summer is here and it’s sizzling hot and we’re just burning up with ideas. As such, we’ve decided to play the “what if” game. Every author starts out with the same beginning paragraphs and then puts their own special twist on what happens after that. Let’s see how creative our ManLove authors can be…
This time for our contest, we are going to do things a little differently. Each day there will be a winner of a $5.00 Strandbucks Gift Certificate (graciously donated by Siren Bookstrand Publishing). At the end of the month we will also choose one winner for our grand prize, a brand new Kindle Fire HD loaded with MM stories.

So, come back every day and leave a comment along with your email addy (failure to leave an email disqualifies you). Each day a new winner will be chosen. At the end of the month, ALL comments (with emails) will be entered to win our grand prize (even if you already won one of our gift certificates, you will still be entered).

Rules of the Contest:
You may enter once per day, but only once per day. Each day the contest runs from 12:01am (PST) to 11:59pm (PST). Once that day has ended, no further entries may be added for that day. You must wait for the next day to enter again.
To enter every day, you MUST comment every day, on that given day. Any entries added after the 11:59pm (PST) cutoff time will not be entered.
You MUST leave your email address in your comment or we will have no way to contact you if you win. Any comments left without an email will not be considered.
Once the contest has started, leave your comment on that author's page to be counted each day.