Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cowboy Legacy ~ Coming Soon!

I've finished my latest book, Cowboy Legacy, and I an very excited about it. I have no cover yet, or excerpt, but I hope to have both soon. I do know that my publisher, Siren Publishing, was very excited when I submitted this book. I hope you all will be too. It is a menage a quatre, F/M/M/M, historical western, erotic romance set in 1865 in the Northwest Territory in a little place called Applegate Valley. I have a feeling, I'll be visiting Applegate Valley and it's citizens again. For now, a little about this story...

Nyssa Dupre has always been different. She's been on the move from one town to the next most of her life, never quite being accepted for who she was or what she could do.

A stagecoach trip from Philadelphia to Applegate Valley in the Northwest Territory brings changes into her life that Nyssa never imagined. Starting with the extremely handsome Sheriff Lucas Nash.

Lucas is unlike any man she has ever met. Besides being domineering and sexy as hell, he decides Nyssa is the woman for him and his two brothers, Royce and Ian. For them, and the rest of Applegate Valley, it's normal to share a woman.

Finding out that her family comes from Applegate Valley and that she has inherited the family estate just adds to her problems. It could mean she has to settle down in one place and accept the fact that in Applegate Valley, her ability to manipulate air makes her normal.

But there are those that have their own plans for Nyssa. She turns to Lucas, Royce, and Ian to protect her. But can they save her from people that won't take no for an answer?

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