Thursday, April 9, 2009

You think you've had a bad day?

Sometimes, life gets very interesting. You feel that you either have to laugh or cry. I usually try to keep my blog about my books and such but every once in awhile somthing comes up that just has to be dealt today!

My sister-in-law is seven months pregnant. We are very excited about this baby since it is the first one in the family in nearly 15 years.

Friday morning, her and her husband woke up in their apartment to the sewer system exploding through their apartment, the laundry facility, and three other apartment. They came over to my house to stay until repairs could be done.

However, during the repairs, the landlord discovered black mold in the walls. This was from a previous flooding before they ever moved in. Raw sewage and black mold are very hazerdous to anyone, expecially a woman who is seven months pregnant. So, again, until repairs could be made, they stayed at my house.

On Monday, my brother-in-law deployed for Iraq. He will be gone for probably 18 months, missing the birth of his first child and leaving his wife home to deal with everything on her own. But, we do what we must.

Today, the landlord said all of the repairs had been completed and she could move home. I drove her back over to her house. She was excited about going home. She's been gone for nearly a week and tons of new baby stuff to put away.

Problem...when the carpet and tile people did thier repairs, they didn't connect the toilet properly and now the entire apartment, from front door to back door and every space in-bewteeen, is flooded. Antique furniture from my mother-in-law who has passed on has water damage, bags of sopping wet clothes, over fifteen photo albums soaked.

Once again, my sister-in-law is back over at my house trying to figure out what to do and not wanting to spill the beans to her husband so he doesn't have anymore stress. He has enough as it is having to leave his wife and unborn child behind for 18 months.

To top it all off, the landlord had the gall to charge a late fee on the rent. There are words for people like him...bad words...four letter words. This sucks!

So, if you think you've had a bad it really that bad? My day's looking pretty good right about now.

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