Friday, June 26, 2009


by Michael Barnette

BDSM LGBT Futuristic Science Fiction Vampire/Shape- shifter Paranormal menage and more

Vampire Prince Lucien rules over his Dominion. He can have anything his heart desires. What he desires most is Kinji, his vampire lover and bodyguard, and Kinji desires none but his Master.

But they have an agreement. Lucien can have everything he desires. His bloodharem, who want nothing more than to please him. Nina, its newest member. Even the lion shifter, Sahak, who wants him dead.

But where you have vampires and shifters you have tension, plots, and murder. Lucien's father and grandsire were slain and the identity of the killer, or killers, is unknown. As the threat against Lucien grows, Kinji, the staff of the Prince's Dominion, and even the bloodharem must do what they can to protect their Prince and his Dominion.

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