Thursday, May 27, 2010


Win a free eBook copy of

Mating Games: Delta Wolf 2


Stormy Glenn & Joyee Flynn

1.Must be a member of both Stormy and Joyee's yahoo group.

2.Must answer ALL 14 questions from both yahoo groups correctly. The answers can be found on Stormy and Joyee's websites:

3.Must EMAIL all answers to

Only answers emailed here will qualify. Yahoo posts will not be counted! Answers emailed to Stormy will not be counted!

4.Email must have "Mating Game Contest" in the subject line.

5.Winner will be chosen June 1st, 2010. Winner will receive book the morning of June 2nd, release day and be announced on both yahoo groups.

Stormy's 7 questions cane be found on her yahoo group at:

Joyee's 7 Questions can be found on her yahoo group at:

All 14 questions must be answered in order for your entry to qualify.

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