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Tehmper is a fire demon, devoted to hunting down Shayâtîn. One such mission leads him to Gabe, his mate. He bites Gabe and claims him. But convincing Gabe to return to Jinnistan is harder than Tehmper thought. When more rogue demons attack, trying to take Gabe, it's all Tehmper can do to convince Gabe to leave with him, especially when the man is so angry over the destruction of his home.

When Tehmper and Gabe are met at the portal gate by the ruling Amir and his personal guards, Tehmper has no choice but to turn his mate over or risk Gabe's life. He vows to do everything in his power to free Gabe, even if it means returning him to the surface world. But can he save Gabe before the Amir turns him into royal consort, or will Gabe lose his head to the executioner's axe?


Tehmper slowly lowered his Demonas Amaté to the ground and squatted down next to him. He reached out and stroked the back of his hand across the bloody puncture wounds in the man's neck, smiling at how deep they were. They would not heal easily. This was good.

While he did not wish to inflict pain on his Demonas Amaté, the deep wound would ensure that no one approached his mate in a manner that was not wanted. He would be safe until Tehmper could return for him.


Tehmper acknowledged Zayne with a small inclination of his head, but he was loath to take his eyes off the other half of his soul. He'd waited years to meet his Demonas Amaté. He didn't want to leave him so soon, even if he knew he needed to.

"We must go before more surface dwellers arrive," Zayne said. "I can hear them coming."

Tehmper nodded. He could hear sirens coming in their direction and knew they didn't have much time. "Did you gather the body of the surface dweller?"

"Clagh and Storym took the body through the portal with Tuloq."

"Very good." He did not want his Demonas Amaté to be blamed for the killing. He knew how the surface dweller's laws worked. With a dead body and an unconscious man, both found in an alley with signs of a struggle, he had no doubts his Demonas Amaté would be suspected of the killing. Tehmper couldn't allow that.

Tehmper gently caressed his Demonas Amaté's face one last time and then reached for the necklace around his neck. He placed the golden chain around the man's neck and smoothed it down his chest. The red stone in the center of the intricate pendant glowed brightly for a moment, then slowly faded to a dull red.

Satisfied that his mate was safe and that he'd be able to find him anywhere on the surface world, Tehmper stood to his feet. He took one last look at the gorgeous man at his feet, then turned to join his clan brothers.

As he walked toward the temporary portal erected by one of his brothers, Tehmper could feel Zayne's eyes on him. He turned to look at him. "What?"

"You have claimed the surface dweller?"

"He is my Demonas Amaté."

Nothing else needed to be said. Even Zayne would understand what that meant. They were warriors, demon hunters. They spent their entire lives hunting and either killing or capturing rogue demons. Their one solace in their battles was theirDemonas Amaté, their demon mates. Tehmper just found his.

"And you choose to leave him on the surface?"

"You doubt my loyalty to this mission?" Tehmper snapped. He clenched his fists at his side and glared at his brother.

"No, of course not," Zayne said quickly. "I doubt the merit of leaving your mate on the surface. He should be brought to our world where he will be safe, not left here for any Shayatin to find."

"I have marked him and given him my amulet," Tehmper said. "He will be safe until I can return for him. No rogue demon will get to him." Tehmper smiled. "Besides, he vanquished Tuloq. He can hold his own or he would not be a fit mate for me."

"He will not be truly safe until you claim him fully and bring him below to Jinnistan."

Tehmper stopped suddenly and turned. He grabbed Zayne by the front of his shirt and slammed him against the nearest wall, lifting him a few inches off the ground. "He is my mate. I decide when he comes below and when I will fully claim him."


Tehmper dropped Zayne back to his feet and let go of him. "My Demonas Amaté is not your concern."

"You are my brother, Tehmper," Zayne said as he smoothed his shirt down, sending Tehmper a small glare. "Of course your Demonas Amaté is my concern. He became part of our clan the moment you marked him."

"Then let us finish this mission so that I may return to claim him."

Tehmper could hear Zayne chuckle as he followed behind him. He frowned. Zayne was the comedian of their little group. He was always cracking jokes of one sort or another. While Tehmper usually found it amusing, this time his mate was involved. And that was never a joke.

He could feel the curious gazes of his brothers as he stepped through the temporary portal and into their world. Tehmper ignored them. He had a mission to complete and a mate to claim. He did not have time to assuage their curiosity.

Tehmper nodded to the guardians who watched over the portal in Jinnistan. "Please inform the council that we have retrieved Tuloq, and he is alive to stand judgment."

"Very good, Djini," one of the guardians said before turning away and taking off down the large stone steps to the portal gate.

Tehmper turned back to the gate and watched as Clagh and Storym passed their prisoner off to the guardians. Tehmper wasn't surprised when Clagh followed after them when they left with Tuloq to take him to his cell where he would await judgment. Clagh didn't like leaving things for others to handle.

"Please inform the Amir that I wish an audience with him," Tehmper said to another guardian. The man nodded and walked away. Tehmper turned back to face Storym and Zayne. "Will you join me, brothers?"

Storym cocked his head to one side, looking confused. Zayne just grinned as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Our illustrious Tehmper has found his Demonas Amaté, and he left him on the surface."

Tehmper knew demon hunters were taught not to show emotion from an early age. They were warriors. They couldn't afford to show emotion. It is almost a point of honor with them, which was why the stunned expression on Storym's face surprised Tehmper so much.

"You left your Demonas Amaté on the surface?" Storym asked.

"I couldn't very well bring him below, considering the situation," Tehmper replied. "We had a mission to complete. Now that Tuloq is secure, I have requested an audience with the Amir. I will petition for formal admission of my Demonas Amaté into our clan."

"You know that if this man is your Demonas Amaté, his joining our clan is the only acceptable solution," Storym insisted. "You cannot be separated from your Demonas Amaté once you've claimed him."

"I am aware of this." Even now, Tehmper could feel the need to claim his mate crawling through his body like a hundred little ants scurrying about under his skin. He itched, ached. He gritted his teeth to retain his control. "I will have my Demonas Amaté, but I will have him in the proper manner."

"You really want to wait for the formal ceremony before you claim him?" Storym asked. "Can you wait that long? Your craving for him will start interfering with your judgment if you don't claim him."

"I will make no mistakes where my Demonas Amaté is concerned."

"I do have one question," Zayne said. "He is a surface dweller. Do you think he will willingly accept your claim?"

"He is my Demonas Amaté," Tehmper replied. "I have already given him my mark. He does not have a choice."


Tehmper licked his lips. "Now?"

"No, not now." Gabe laughed. "Right now you have some claiming to do. We can talk later." Gabe's eyes roamed over as much of Tehmper's gorgeous body as he could see. "Much, much, later."

Gabe scooted back on the bed and crooked his finger at Tehmper. The flames that licked along Tehmper's arms darkened to a deep scarlet red. Gabe could only hope that it meant Tehmper was aroused. He certainly was.

Tehmper climbed onto the bed. Gabe groaned and dropped his head back against the pillows when Tehmper started to lick up the inside of his calf. Tehmper's tongue felt hot against his skin, smoldering, like an actual flame flickering along his body. And Gabe loved it.

He gripped the sheets in his hands and spread his legs wider as Tehmper climbed farther up between his legs. He could feel Tehmper's lips move along his knee. His body trembled as Tehmper licked his thigh, moving closer to Gabe's aching cock.

Gabe almost cried out in protest when Tehmper moved beyond his cock and started licking around his abdomen and bellybutton. Each touch of Tehmper's lips on his skin made Gabe tremble. He ached.

"Tehmper," he whimpered.

A hot ache grew in the back of Gabe's throat as Tehmper raised his head and looked up at him. His cheeks heated under the heat of Tehmper's gaze. His heart took a perilous leap at the deep need he could see in the dark depths of Tehmper's eyes.

"Tehmper," Gabe said as he held out a hand to the man.

Tehmper moved up the bed until his body covered Gabe's from head to toe and then some. There seemed to be a sort of awe in Tehmper's eyes as he brushed the hair back from Gabe's face. His touch was oddly soft and caressing.

"My Demonas Amaté," he whispered almost reverently.

Gabe's heart pounded in an erratic rhythm. "Yes."

Tehmper's mouth covered Gabe's hungrily. It was surprisingly gentle for all of its furiousness.Tehmper moved his mouth over Gabe's, devouring, demanding a response that Gabe gladly gave.

Gabe was conscious of every spot Tehmper touched. Gabe's hands slipped up Tehmper's arms, bringing him closer. He tugged on the buttery-soft material of Tehmper's shirt. He wanted it gone. He wanted to feel their bodies press together with nothing between them.

Tehmper grinned and moved to the side of the bed. Gabe's breath hitched in his throat as Tehmper stood up and started taking his clothes off. The man was simply magnificent, all hard body and lean muscle.

Each patch of skin revealed made Gabe's heart hammer faster. When Tehmper stood naked before him, Gabe could only stare in wonder. He couldn't believe a man so beautiful could be all his.

Tehmper pointed to the white silk outfit that Gabe wore. "Are you going to keep wearing that?" he asked. "While I am pretty sure I could work around it, it might interfere with our plans."

Gabe chuckled and sat up. He quickly pulled the vest off and tossed it over the side of the bed. His face flushed as he reached for the nearly none existent underwear he wore and pushed them down his legs.

Tehmper growled and launched himself back onto the bed. The small flicker of scarlet flames along his body grew larger. Gabe took that as a good sign. At least, he hoped it was a good sign.

Gabe grunted when Tehmper pulled him roughly, almost violently, to him. He felt his body molding to the hard contours of Tehmper's body as if they were made to go together. Two halves of the same whole, as Tehmper said.

Tehmper's hands were everywhere, moving along Gabe's body and leaving a scorching fire behind. Gabe felt his blood surge from his fingertips to his toes. His heart thudded noisily within him.

Tehmper's hand moved down between Gabe's thighs, his fingers brushing against Gabe's puckered entrance. "You will have me?" Tehmper whispered. He seemed to be peering at Gabe intently, as if his entire world hung on Gabe's answer.

Gabe's only response was the rapid beat of his pulse and spreading of his thighs even farther apart. The next time Tehmper's fingers moved over him, Gabe lifted his hips. Tehmper's touch was light and painfully teasing as he pressed one finger into the sensitive hole, sending currents of desire through Gabe.

"Oh, yes, yes," Gabe groaned, his body instinctively arching toward Tehmper as he felt another finger push into him. "More."

Gabe reached for Tehmper, one hand caressing the strong tendons at the back of Tehmper's neck. The other hand moved over Tehmper's chest. The flames that leaped along Tehmper's body moved to him, flickering along his hot skin.

Gabe knew he was already stretched enough to take Tehmper. That had been seen to in the harem. With Tehmper's added touch, he was raring to go. Gabe gripped Tehmper's shoulders and pulled on them.

"Please, now, Tehmper," Gabe pleaded. "Take me now."

He gasped as Tehmper pulled his fingers free and lowered his body over his. Tehmper's eyes stared into his as the flames leaping between them grew. Gabe inhaled softly when he felt Tehmper's thick cock start to slowly push into him.

Time stood still, the world around them disappearing. Gabe held Tehmper's gaze as he was slowly impaled on the thickest, longest cock he ever remembered having—not that he had that many, but damn!

Finally, Tehmper seemed to be in all of the way. Gabe grew worried when Tehmper's eyes closed. He face looked agonized, as if he were in pain.

"Tehmper?" he murmured.

Tehmper's eyes opened and Gabe gasped. They were bright, shining red, the whites of Tehmper's eyes totally gone.

Gabe worried that something was wrong until Tehmper growled and grabbed his hips, lifting Gabe's back end off the bed. There were no slow loving or gentle movements. One moment Tehmper seemed frozen in place, and the next he pounded into Gabe like he had suddenly been released from his paralysis.

Gabe could barely catch his breath. His entire body hummed with the need for release. Every time Tehmper looked at him, Gabe's heart turned over in response. The desire burning in Tehmper's gaze blazed red hot, and it was all for Gabe.

"Demonas Amaté, I must…I must bite you to complete the bond."

Gabe groaned, knowing what was coming, and arched his head back, baring his throat to Tehmper. He felt Tehmper's hands tighten on him just as sharp fangs sank into his body. The sweet pull of Tehmper's mouth matched the thrust of his cock.

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