Monday, June 6, 2011



Coming August 18th

Mickey is a male prostitute. He needed some way to survive on the streets. But after a few years in the business, he was growing tired of sleeping with nameless strangers. After getting smacked around by someone he thought cared about him, Mickey decides to quit the business, take his nest egg, and leave town. He just doesn't expect the huge earthquake that hits the city.

When his neighbor and adopted grandmother, Ms. Dixie, is stuck in the rubble of what used to be their apartment building, Mickey knows he needs help to rescue her. He flags down a group of bikers trying to get out of the city before the aftermath chaos hits. Mickey tries to make a deal with the lead biker to save Ms. Dixie. He's disappointed when Vinnie agrees to take the deal out in trade rather than cold hard cash, but he agrees. He'd do anything to save Ms. Dixie, even let the sexiest biker he has ever seen have him.

Erotic, Contemporary, M/M, Romance

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