Thursday, March 8, 2012

Seriously Reviewed: Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn

Seriously Reviewed: Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn: Story: 8.5 Presentation: 8.5 Total: 17 Publisher: Silver Publishing Werewolves, Sci-Fi, M/M, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

From the first page, the story was rife with tension. But I’m not talking about sexual tension, which this story is hot and sexy and all the things a reader hopes for in an erotic romance. What I’m talking about is the tension of a story that grabbed me at the opening pages and kept me scrolling the PDF as fast as my eyes could suck in the words. There is danger, passion, jealousy and fierce need. The kind of connection that made me hold my breath until I was sure that Rojan and Tyion would find away to see past their differences. In perfect sci-fi fantasy fashion, Slave Auction delivers wonderful descriptions of otherworld creatures. The flavor and attention to detail let me lose myself in Rojan’s world. But just when the story could wind down and come to an easy conclusion, Stormy Glenn given enough of a teaser to keep you waiting for the next installment of this wonderfully written series.

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