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Finished & Submitted: My Guardian Angelo


Special Operations 3

Going undercover to find the commander of his marine unit was supposed to be the easy part. When his cover is blown, Lieutenant Bill Harrison doesn’t know whether to hold on for the dangerous ride or jump. With a drug lord determined to take them out, Bill has to rely on his skills and the sexy guardian angel sent to save him to stay alive.

DEA Agent Angelo Martinez is pissed when he’s pulled off his current assignment to go rescue some marine in trouble. Rescuing Bill turns out to be tougher than any undercover mission Angelo ever went on. Besides the fact that Bill is gorgeous, the man makes Angel reconsider his lonely lifestyle. And that makes Bill just as dangerous as the drug lord hunting them.

When rescue comes for both of them, Angelo knows he has to find the strength to give up the only man that ever made him think about giving up his undercover work. And Bill has to find the strength to let Angelo go, hoping that his guardian angel will find his way home.

Coming February 26th from Siren Publishing

“Hi, gorgeous, sorry I’m late. My car had a flat.”
Lieutenant William Patrick Harrison almost forgot where he was as he stared at the sexy man that suddenly straddled his lap and leaned in brush their lips together. If it wasn’t for the snicker he heard from one of the men sitting across the table from him, he would have dumped the cute little guy right on his ass and demanded to know what in the hell was going on.
He had never seen him before in his life.
“No problem,” Bill replied instead, fully aware of the fact that his life would come to a very quick end if the men he sat with ever learned who he really was or why he was really there. They were not the forgiving sort. They’d gut him just to watch him bleed out on the floor.
The stunning man in his lap grinned widely, showing off a brilliant set of straight, white teeth, and then leaned in to plant a another kiss on Bill’s lips. Bill was stunned. He didn’t even kiss the man back because he was trying to figure out who in the he was.
The cute little guy with short, brownish-black hair moved his lips up Bill’s jaw, nibbling along the way before licking at his earlobe. “Angelo Martinez. DEA,” the man murmured in a sub-vocal tone, his warm breath tickling Bill’s ear. “Your cover is blown. I’m here to get you out.”
Bill stiffened, tightening his hands on the man’s hips. He tried to think of some way to converse with the man without being caught anymore than he already was. Unfortunately, he could only think of one thing that would get him a few minutes alone with him.
“It’s been a few days since I’ve seen my angel.” Bill winked knowingly at the men at the table. Hoping that they would think he was going off to the bathroom to get laid or at least fabulous sucked off. It was the only excuse he could think of to get away from these men without actually getting up and hauling ass. “We’ll be right back.”
He didn’t even take the time to let Angelo down on his feet. Bill merely lifted the man up in his arms and started walking him through the club to the bathroom in the back. He knew Angelo was going along with his plan when he felt the man’s legs wrap around his waist and a loud, delighted giggle filled the air as they walked away.
The second he reached the bathroom and the door closed behind them, Bill lowered the Angelo onto his feet then looked into each of the stalls to ensure that they were alone. Once he was sure, Bill crossed his arms over his chest and turned to look at the Drug Enforcement Administration agent sent to rescue him.
If he could have hand chosen a man to gain his attention, the gorgeous little guy standing in front of him would have been at the top of his list. Angelo Martinez was stunning, from the top of his wavy brownish-black hair to the bottom of his little feet.
His body was a little more on the thin side than Bill would have liked but it seemed to be all slick muscles and darkly tanned skin. There was an exotic tilt to Angelo’s dark brown eyes that hinted to ancestry other than Central American—maybe Egyptian?
“I’m listening.”
Angelo stepped up and ran a hand down Bill’s chest then subtly nodded his head toward the corner of the room near the ceiling. “Oh, baby, don’t be like that. I got here as soon as I could.”
Bill’s eyes narrowed. He glanced to the corner of the ceiling where Angelo had gestured and saw a small black circle in the white plaster. Bill knew what it was without even getting a closer look.
They were being monitored. Bill didn’t know if it was just video or if there was audio as well, but he was taking no chances. He plastered a smile on his face and curved his hand around the side of Angelo’s face.
“You know I don’t like it when you’re late and don’t call me,” Bill commented, choosing his words carefully. “It’s a big bad world out there, Angel. I worry about you.”
Angelo’s lips came out in a pretty damn good imitation of a pout. “I know, baby.” The agent started plucking at the collar of Bill’s shirt. “But I can make it up to you.”
Bill felt his eyes widen when Angelo pushed him back toward one of the stalls but that was nothing compared to how big they got when the man dropped to his knees and reached for the buttons on Bill’s jeans.
Was he insane?

Was he insane?
Bill dipped his head down and purposely glared at the man, silently asking what he had just thought. When Angelo just grinned and shoved his hands aside, Bill knew he was right in his assessment. He didn’t know this man. There was no way he was letting Angelo anywhere near his dick, DEA agent or not.
Angelo rolled his eyes and continued trying to get Bill’s pants undone. Bill tried to fight him, keeping his hands tucked carefully around his cock. He didn’t care how hard this little wrestling match was making him.
Bill froze when he heard the bathroom door open. It gave Angelo the chance to get his pants open and pull out his dick. Bill stiffened and glanced down, opening his mouth to snap at Angelo when two things happened at once.
A head appeared over the top of the bathroom stall and Angelo engulfed Bill’s straining erection down to the root. All Bill could do was groan as his cock was suddenly surrounded by soft, smooth wetness. Then Angelo swallowed around him, causing Bill to groan even louder.
The man hanging over the bathroom stall chuckled. “He looks like he has lips that could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, Billy.”
Bill recognized the voyeuristic male as one of the assholes from his table. That wasn’t good. It meant he couldn’t get out of having his dick sucked until the man left, and with the way that Angelo was moving his mouth, Bill didn’t think he would last that long.
Angelo’s mouth was like magic. The wet slurping sounds of Angelo’s lips sliding up and down his erection, sucking hard, made Bill’s cock hard as steel. He pumped his hips toward Angelo’s swollen lips, unable to help himself.
From the little glint of anger he could see in Angelo’s eyes, Bill was going to get punched in the face the second they were alone. The little man was a fucking wet dream come true as far as sucking cock.
It just might be worth the abuse.
Angelo was lapping at Bill’s cock as though it was an especially tasty treat. He swirled his tongue around the entire shaft before pressing the tip into the slit of the flared head. Bill groaned and pushed his cock to the back of Angelo’s throat, waiting for the man’s reflexive swallow to squeeze the sensitive tip before retreating and pushing into his hot mouth again.
Who the hell knew a random blow job by an undercover agent could set his damn blood to racing? Bill had to curb the urge to grab Angelo’s head and fuck the man’s mouth to completion.
He was pretty sure the agent would do more than punch him if Bill tried.
Angelo knelt in front of Bill, gripping his hips like an anchor. His eyes were lit up, going from angry to sensuous one second to the next. They smoldered with lust, which surprised the shit out of Bill considering the situation.
Still, the sight of Angelo’s desire as he sucked Bill’s cock—as much as the sensations he was feeling—was enough to push Bill over the edge. Arching his back, Bill gritted his teeth as waves of ecstasy throbbed through him. He gripped a handful of Angelo’s hair and came, filling the guy’s mouth with his release.
“Fuck, man,” Lou said from over the stall. “Can I give him a try? I’d like to fuck his sweet little ass.”
Before his cock could even finish pulsing, Bill reached over and grabbed Lou around the throat, tightening his fingers until the man’s face began to turn red. “Angel is mine,” he bellowed with outrage. “If anyone touches him, they will have to deal with me. Is that understood?”
Lou’s head bobbed as he tried to loosen Bill’s hand. Bill snarled at the man and pushed him away, turning his gaze back down to the man that knelt at his feet. He hoped Lou got the idea and left. He had some serious apologizing to do.
Bill stroked his finger over Angelo’s lips. The man had been handsome before but knowing that Angelo’s lips were swollen because he had just sucked him off made Angelo downright stunning in Bill’s eyes.
“That was nice, baby.” Bill felt the corner of his mouth curve up when Angelo glared at him. He just might like this DEA agent after all. He had spirit. “Thank you.”

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