Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Finished & Submitted: Precious Fate (Hands of Fate 2)

Hands of Fate 2

Coming December 17th

Stavros Siracusa traveled the world collecting antiques and artifacts that were hard to find. He built a reputation as the go-to man when someone was looking for something specific. But he had no idea he would find a gargoyle statue at a garden party in his own hometown that it would change his entire world.
When sorcery interfered in finding his Beloved, Xander willingly allowed the Gods of Olympus to place him in hibernation as a stone statue. A drop of his Beloved’s blood and the strong beat of his heart drew Xander from his deep slumber and tossed him into a world that is more dangerous than any battle he has ever fought.
Armed with the knowledge that they were meant to be together, Stavros and Xander accept the fate of the Gods. But the Brotherhood is up to their old tricks and betrayal will come from within, tearing the two lovers apart. When Stavros gets kidnapped, Xander isn’t even sure the Gods can save the most precious thing in his world—his Beloved.

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