Wednesday, April 23, 2014

RELEASE DAY: Beyond Regret

Dark Court 2

Doc has quietly loved Rocky through their years together as Marines. But their arrival at the Seelie court and a lust-fueled encounter shatter all his expectations. One stolen passionate encounter unravels years of friendship. Devastated, Doc volunteers to lead the search for Monte, a Seelie elf missing in the human realm.

Locating Monte doesn’t turn out to be nearly as difficult as Doc expected, a   small mercy now that Doc is sharing a cell with the elf. Despite the dire   circumstances, Monte appeals to Doc on every level. He’s sweet, passionate and utterly open to Doc.

Shattered by Doc’s departure, Rocky sets out to rescue the man he loves. Discovering Doc with another hurts, but as their escape turns dangerous Rocky finds that to love Doc, he’ll have to make room in his heart for Monte too.

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