Thursday, October 1, 2015



Katzman 2

available now!

Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M, Mpreg

Katzman Warrior Trajan Varl was sent to Elquone by his friend, Chellak Rai, to find a doctor for his mate. When Elquone's High Ruler won't let the doctor, Saris, leave without a contract, Trajan has to refuse. His laws don't allow slavery.

The High Ruler then reclassifies Saris and he is taken away to be retrained as a pleasure slave. Trajan now has no doctor to take back to Katzman. More than that, Trajan suspects that Saris is his mate.

Determined to find out and bring a doctor back as ordered, Trajan breaks into the training facility and rescues Saris, spiriting him off the planet in his ship. When they are attacked, they take an escape pod to a nearby planet. 

The emotions the mating cycle evokes in both of them threatens to tear them apart before they can even get together, and they are still being hunted. Can Trajan convince Saris to be his mate and save his life, or will he lose his mate before he can even claim him?

Note: Contains male pregnancy



mikey scott said...

Love your Writing congrat on your anniversary and hope to many more...

kristina leigh said...

LOVE MY Stormy Glenn Stories.................and a new series I'm waiting on Book 2.........Congrats and I can't believe it's ONLY 7