Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"PROSE" ... by the mysterious A.

Prose is a social reading and writing platform, headquartered in Seattle and London, on a mission to challenge social media and publishing.

Prose has integrated the standard features of a social network within the context of writing.
Rather than photos, videos, and songs, Prose is the home for books, poems, short stories, and all other forms of original written work spanning dozens of

Talented writers can generate a whole new source of income via Prose, by participating in sponsored writing challenges and by selling whole books and individual chapters on Prose's recently launched bookstore.

Why use Prose? There are three unique reasons...

Firstly: Become a better writer no matter what your skill level, and get paid in unprecedented forms. Think of Prose as a literary gym in addition to a literary ecosystem.

Secondly: Enjoy a whole new form of self-expression and human connection that traditional social media fails to provide. Many members of this community have left social media entirely for Prose because Prose is deep and fulfilling, not superficial and junky.

Lastly: Stop paying for therapy and get those words off your chest with a genuine and supporting community. Prose has literally saved lives, being a safe, non-judgmental space where you can write anything anonymously and receive support from people who truly care.

You can find some exceptionally unique, tasteful, and captivating original content on Prose, such as: "The Tantalizing Tale of Horny Santa," authored by the mysterious A.

Join the word-party; it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon.

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