Saturday, January 6, 2018

AVAILABLE NOW: The Vampire's Kiss

Vampire Chronicles 2
available now!
Attending the company Christmas party should have been a joyous occasion, but for Etienne LeRuelle, it was just one more time when men vied for his attention because he was pretty when they had no intention of keeping him. When the head of Vaile Industries security makes his intentions known, Etienne has to decide whether the man is serious or not, because he isn't sure he could survive the heartache if Louis just wants a one-night stand.
Louis Redgrave knew Etienne was his rajaaka the moment he laid eyes on the beautiful man. Fighting off a room full of drunken vampire to get to Etienne is child's play compared to trying to convince the man he wants to keep him forever.
If they can survive the misunderstandings between them and the never ending attacks by rogue vampires, they just might have a chance at a life they both only dreamed of.

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