Saturday, March 17, 2018


I know St. Patrick's Day is upon us and people will be out celebrating. While I wish everyone a wonderful time, I have one small request. Please do not drink and drive. Take a cab, crash at a friend's house, get a designated driver. Do whatever you have to do to stay safe and off the roads, because when you drink and drive, you put not only yourself in danger, but your friends and family.
My brother was 25 when he hit a cement pylon under a freeway overpass. In his drunken state, he forgot to use his seatbelt and was tossed around the cab of his pickup truck, sustaining massive head injuries that took his life within hours. His blood alcohol level was two times the legal limit.
The only saving grace in that horrible accident was that he didn't take anyone with him. But he left a lot of heartbroken family behind. My older brother, the man who I had toddled behind from the time I could walk, was gone. My children never got a chance to meet their uncle. I never got a chance to tell him goodbye. I never got the chance to tell him how much I loved him.
So, go out, have a good time, but find a safe way to return home to those who love you. Please.


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