Wednesday, December 23, 2009

5 Stars for Love, Always, Promise


Wolf Creek Pack #5

Ethan Brown finds his mate, Jace Dominick, at the local bar. They go back to Ethan's place to cement their mating. The next day, Jace is missing. Ethan is beside himself, and when he finally finds Jace, the man swears his name is JD and he doesn't know Ethan.

Six weeks later, Jace is back. He's ready to have Ethan for his mate. Jace and Ethan try to make a go of things but that's hard to do when their insecurities get in the way. Jace feels guilty about what he did to Ethan and treats him like glass. Ethan thinks Jace is there out of guilt and he's afraid to ask for more.

But when danger comes, can they overcome their personal issues to save each other?

"Fans of author Stormy Glenn are sure to love this story. It is full of the wonderfully sexy alpha males we all come to look for in her stories, as well as the intensely passionate mates they find. While some may comment on the predictability of these stories, for her fans it is one of the things we love. We know the pairing will have some sort of alpha/omega quality to it, that there is sure to be some angst, and that reaching their happily ever after is going to be a bumpy ride. Yet we also know that regardless of what is happening the couples are always strongly drawn to each other, the passion will be hot, and the couples loyal to a fault." -- Lydia, Rainbow Reviews

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