Thursday, December 3, 2009

Recommend Read and 5.5 Review for Sammy Dane

I received a new review for Sammy Dane. 5.5 Lips and a Recommend Read from Talking TwoLips.

Police Officer James Everson seems to go from one guy to another, never finding exactly what he wants. Frustrated and out of sorts he goes to a local gay bar in the hopes of finding a guy and burning off some steam. What he finds is Sammy.

Samuel Dane Summers is a confirmed geek. He has all the classic symptoms, glasses, baggy slacks, white button down shirts. He's a vegetarian. He forgets everything from paying his bills to locking his doors. Sammy needs a keeper. The one good thing he does is write erotic gay romance novels.

When these two meet, the fireworks explode. Sammy rocks James's world, giving him the best sexual experience of his life. When it's over, Sammy disappears.

James is devastated. He becomes obsessed with finding Sammy again. But an obsessed fan also wants to get his hands on Sammy, believing the books Sammy writes is their love story and he's not above taking James out of the picture to do it. Can James save his sexy little writer before it's too late or will he lose him forever?

"James Everson is the love them and leave them type. He is a police officer with a jaded hardened exterior. When he picks up Samuel Dane Summers in a local gay bar everything he thinks he knows about himself is turned upside down.Sammy is a gay erotic romance writer. He thinks of himself as a geeky, shy, a nerd. But when he gets James in bed he becomes a dominate self-assured man. Would James want him if he knew Sammy was really a geek? After all, this might have been the best night of his life, but James doesn't know the real Sammy. What happens when he finds out the sexy dominate lover he thought he had is really a bookworm? So Sammy runs away. What Sammy doesn't count on is James is taken enough with him to chase after him. And once this sexy sub finds his dom he never intends to let him go. But James is not the only person after Sammy. There is a creepy stalker that wants more than Sammy's body; he wants him dead. Can James find Sammy and protect him in time?"

"Stormy Glenn has a story of submission that I could not put down. I re-read this story at least three times before I even thought about doing this review. I never wanted this one to end and I hope there is a sequel. Sammy Dane is one story that has angst, heart, and emotion that keeps you coming back for more. I loved the character of Sammy. He is so human. We all at times feel inadequate and feel we need to be more than we are to be lovable. I am so glad Sammy has James to prove to him that love is not about how you look, it is about what is in your heart. Sammy might be shy out of bed, but get him under covers and a dom lurks there, waiting to get out. James is a tough guy cop. He has never let a partner top him, that is till Sammy does it. And once he gets topped by the best he won't let a little thing like self image keep Sammy from him. All bets are off. He is going get his lover back and keep him.Sammy has more than self image problems though in this book. He has a scary stalker, who is one truly obsessed person that you will not forget. Sammy Dane is a novel you will have on your keeper shelf, especially if you like m/m bdsm done right. I know this one is now on my keeper shelf, and I hope to read many more adventures of Sammy and James in the future." -- Review by Tina, Talking TwoLips Reviews

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