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Today I'd like to welcome G.A. Hauser for a guest interview. I've spent some time chatting with G.A. Hauser and think that she is a facinating person as well as a wonderful writer. I know I've read several of her books. When I asked G.A. to do a guest interview with me, she didn't even hesitate to agree. So, please welcome her to the blog and leave her a message. If you get a chance to check out her books I would highly recommend them.

Ready to shine, G.A.? I want everyone to know about some of your books so tell us about them first...then we'll get to the really juicy stuff.

The G.A. Hauser Collection
Available Now
Single Titles
A Question of Sex
For Love and Money
The Kiss
Naked Dragon
Secrets and Misdemeanors
Capital Games
Giving Up the Ghost
To Have and To Hostage
Love you, Loveday
The Boy Next Door
When Adam Met Jack
The Vampire and the Man-eater
Murphy's Hero
Mark Antonious deMontford
Calling Dr. Love
Prince of Servitude

The Action Series
Acting Naughty
Playing Dirty
Getting it in the End
Behaving Badly
Dripping Hot

Men in Motion Series
Mile High
Driving Hard
Leather Boys

Coming Soon
Single Titles
The Wedding Planner
Double Trouble
Going Deep
In The Dark and What Should Never Be, Erotic Short Stories
The Rape of St. Peter
Heart of Steele

Rescue Series(coming soon)
Man to Man
Two In Two Out
Top Men

Other G.A. Hauser Titles
Pirates, Phaze
Miller's Tale, Phaze
Vampire Nights, Phaze
Teacher's Pet, Phaze
In the Shadow of Alexander, Publish America
The Rise and Fall of the Sacred Band of Thebes, Publish America
The Physician and the Actor, Publish America

G.A. Hauser writing as Amanda Winters
Sister Moonshine
Nothing Like Romance
Silent Reign
Mutley’s Crew
Butterfly Suicide

Now for the good stuff. Tell us your expectations of an aspiring author approaching you for information about writing/publishing? Never give up, never, never, never.

Tell us where we can find you on the internet. Most books that are available will be found on, or All Romance eBooks. You can go to my website at and find easy links to buy there. But, I’ll be changing publishers soon so 25 of my backlist will vanish from sight until I reprint them again.

Do you really write every day? Yes, seven days a week, at least 5-6 hours a day.

What about writer's block? Never. Quite the opposite.

What is your normal day like? Wake up at 6am, run while it’s cool outside, write, go out to dinner, or cook, have a drink with friends, sleep.

What would you say is a true hero? Someone who sacrifices themselves for others, gives selflessly, does kind deeds, is not mean spirited, and has control of their ego.

How much does reader reaction mean to you as an author? It’s a big part of what makes the hard work worthwhile. My fan mail keeps me sane.
I enjoy making people happy and allowing them to escape for a few hours.

Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting? The story. I get an idea and then fill in the blanks. Then the characters write the book themselves.

Do you have a favorite character? I love both Mark Antonious Richfield, and Steve J. Miller, and together they’re pure dynamite. (Capital Games, When Adam Met Jack, Miller’s Tale, A Question of Sex, Action! Series)

Why do you write in this genre? I love it. It’s the easiest to write. And it seems my readers prefer them. I’m writing under Amanda Winters to explore other genres, mystery, thriller, sweet romance, comedy.

When did you know you wanted to be a writer? Grade school. I wrote dirty stories and tore them up.

Where do you get most of the ideas for your stories? Everywhere, every day, my life, other peoples’ lives. When a friend tells me a story, the germ of an idea begins. A good friend told me about her experience with an exchange student. That’s another new one coming out, Heart of Steele. I’ve written a short story so far, but it will be a full length gay erotic novel.

Do you have any unfinished projects sitting around? Yes, old books I’ve written ten years ago, that I am rewriting.

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome to become an author? Getting my first manuscript accepted. I thank the ‘Original’ Linden Bay Romance for that chance.

How would you best describe your writing style? I don’t know. I like to challenge my readers, I don’t think they’re simple, like some editors think. I write as I feel and I know my fans can get my train of thought. If not, they don’t. I try not to get too formula oriented, but I know happy endings are a must for many.

What is the big project you're working on now? Rewriting Silent Reign. It’s 120,000 words.

What are some of your hobbies? Running, cooking, dinner out, acting naughty, playing dirty….behaving badly ;)

Thanks for joining me in this little guest interview. I can't wat to see what books you come out with next.

G.A. Hauser

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