Friday, September 26, 2014


It was 2008. The contract was signed, the book submitted, due to be released in April. When the edits arrived, all life around me came to a halt as I worked through the changes that needed to be made before my first book was ready to be released to the public. The cover came and I thought I had died and gone to author heaven when I saw my name on the front of the cover. That was my name on that cover.


I made a sad attempt at a website on GeoCities. I joined yahoo groups and started talking, asking questions. I squealed with delight when I got to talk with my favorite authors and they treated me like an equal and not just a fan girl. I soaked up every word they shared with me.

And then came the news that made my heart still in my chest. Since all of my ducks were in a row, my book was being released early…six months early. I had less than ten days to get ready. I panicked and went to the people I had been asking questions of… And that was the day I learned that I had a responsibility to pass on my knowledge to the next newbie.

If someone writes a better book than me, good for them. If they take first spot on the best selling list, good for them. If they bump me out of my spot, good for them. If their book becomes more popular than mine, good for them. I wish only the best to every author out there.

The only person responsible for my books is me. The editor is there to help me put out a better book, but I wrote it. The publisher is there to help me put out a better book, but I wrote it. The cover artist is there to help me put out a better book…but it is still my book. I choose what I write. I choose what I submit. I choose what to change in the edits. I even choose whether to accept the cover the artist sends me or not.

That book has MY NAME on it.

I’ve talked with a lot of veteran authors, and just as many authors new to the writing world. Some are very secretive. Some don’t want to share what they know because they are afraid it will affect their sales. Some are worried that their ideas will be stolen. These are all very legitimate reasons to hold back what they know.

And then there are the others, the ones that took a scared, unknown author under their wings and showed her the ropes. They offered advice. They offered a chance to be on their blogs so word of my book could get out. They taught me how to blog and post and where I needed to go to meet readers and develop relationships with people all over the world.

In one moment in time, when all of these people I barely knew came to my rescue and helped an unknown author get the word out about her book, I learned what kind of writer I wanted to be. So, don't be afraid to ask your questions. I will answer if I can.

My name is Stormy Glenn and I am responsible for me.

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