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by Elle Parker
Dino Martini might accept his friend Seth as a lover--if they can stay alive. Dino Martini is an old-school P.I. in a modern age. Sure, he may do most of his work on a computer, but he carries a gun, drives a convertible, and lives on the beach. Best friend and mechanic Seth Donnelly will back him in a fight, and there's not a lot more Dino could ask from life.
Until his world is turned upside down.
A dangerous case and a new apartment are just the start. His friendship with Seth has turned into a romance, only Dino has never had a boyfriend before. Can he handle this sudden twist? Just as he begins to believe it's possible, he loses Seth in more ways than one...
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Available May 22nd

Tri Omega Mates 4
Stormy Glenn

Erotic, Paranormal, Werewolf, M/M/M Menage Romance

Ryce Hunter has been mated to Saul for five years. He truly loves Saul. What he doesn't love is that every Friday, Saul goes into town to find some young stud to fool around with. In a bid to feel wanted, Ryce goes into town to find his own stud. What he finds is Cary, his other mate. Ryce is ecstatic. He feels that if Saul can't be happy with him, maybe Cary will come to love him instead.

Cary is a tri-omega mate and knows it. Finding Ryce is a dream come true. When Ryce tries to claim him, Cary says no. He knows that he has to have two mates or he will die. Ryce assures Cary that his other mate is Saul. Assuming both of his mates have been found, Cary allows Ryce to claim him. But what happens when Saul refuses to claim Cary? But all is not as it seems. Saul is driven to protect his mates at any cost, including sacrificing his own happiness.

Ryce bent his head under the shower nozzle, closing his eyes as the deluge of hot water sprayed down his neck and back. After a few moments, he felt the tension in his shoulders began to relax, the stress slowly draining away with the water down the drain.

It had been a long day, made even longer when he arrived home and found his mate of several years, Saul, getting ready to go out. Saul had been buttoning up his shirt and he smiled when Ryce walked in.

"Hey baby, long day?"

Ryce nodded, trying to swallow past the lump in his throat "Are you going out tonight?" He was almost afraid to ask because he knew the answer.

"Yeah, going to see if I can find me some young thing to play with." Saul grinned back at him.

Ryce couldn't believe how much anguish that statement caused him. He and Saul had been mated for nearly five years. In all of that time, Ryce had never once strayed from his commitment to Saul, even if he had thought about it.

Saul couldn't say the same thing. He had been going out to try and find a piece of ass every Friday night since Ryce had known him. That was a lot of Friday nights, and each one of them was like a knife in Ryce's heart.

It was something he had grown used to since the day that they had mated. Saul wasn't into monogamous relationships. He told Ryce that from the very beginning. Knowing he couldn't have him any other way, Ryce reluctantly agreed to let him be free.

He almost laughed when he remembered that old adage, if you love him, set him free. If he comes back to you, he's yours. If he doesn't, it was never meant to be. He set Saul free and he did come back to him every night, but he wasn't Ryce's and he never would be.

Ryce was slowly beginning to realize that. But what was he supposed to do? Saul was his mate. It was ingrained in his nature to fight with every fiber of his being to stay with his mate, even if that meant turning the other way when Saul went off to be with someone else.

"I thought maybe we could stay in tonight," Ryce whispered, knowing it was a lost cause when Saul began to chuckle. He turned his head away and pretended to get ready for a shower as tears filled his eyes.

"How about tomorrow night, baby? I've got some big plans for tonight." Saul chuckled.

"Yeah, sure," Ryce replied, walking into the bathroom to hide. "I'll see you tomorrow, Saul." He quietly shut the door, leaning his forehead against the cool wood as he heard the bedroom door shut.

He didn't know how much more of this he could take. Saul was a great guy, tall, gorgeous, caring. Except for his need to go out and have sex with nameless strangers that weren't his mate, he was perfect.

For the first few years, Ryce had looked the other way, letting Saul have his fun. Since Ryce's brother, Caleb, had mated recently, it had been harder and harder. He wanted his mate to want only him, to need only him. He wanted what Caleb had.

Saul didn't seem to need anyone. Sure, he seemed to like having someone to come home to, someone to hold in bed at night. But he never seemed to really need Ryce. Sometimes Ryce felt that if they weren't mated, Saul would still be fine.

Ryce, on the other hand, knew he needed Saul more than he had ever needed anyone. Saul was everything he needed in a mate. He just wasn't sure he could last much longer being the only mate in a two-mate relationship.

Turning off the shower, Ryce reached for a stack of cream-colored towels. He wrapped one around his waist, and used another to dry his hair. Setting the towel down on the counter, he looked at himself in the bathroom mirror.

He wasn't a bad-looking guy. At six-foot-four, he was nearly as tall as Saul. He stayed in good shape. The tight, rippled muscles across his chest and abdomen attested to that. He even had a small smattering of dark hair that trailed down his abdomen and below the edge of the towel. The trail to heaven, they called it.

His hair, while a bit curly and unruly, was nearly down to his shoulders. It was a nice dark auburn like his mother's, his eyes a moss green that he inherited from his father. All in all, he thought he could pass muster.

So, what was it about him that Saul couldn't commit to? Was it his looks? His personality? His need to be in a monogamous relationship? Was it just his needy personality? Is that what Saul found so hard to deal with?

Ryce shook his head, resentment and anger filling him as he thought about where Saul was going right at this moment. Saul was his mate, damn it! He should be home with him, not off trying to find some piece of ass to screw.

"Fuck this!" Ryce growled as he threw the towel across the room. If Saul could go out and find him a piece of ass, so could he. He was tired of waiting at home every Friday night, wondering where his mate was or who he was fucking. If Saul didn't want him, maybe someone else would.

Available May 22nd from Siren Publishing

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Coffee Time Reviewer's Recommend Award


by Stormy Glenn
Mason is in love with his brother’s best friend, Jack. It’s been ten years of secret fantasies, hidden glances, and forbidden yearnings. Just when Mason decides to give up on Jack and move away, his friends step in to get them together.

But new love is not always easy. Especially when a serial killer has his sights set on Mason being his next victim and he’ll destroy anyone who gets in his way.

My book, A Promise Kept, has received the Coffee Time Reviewer's Recommend Award. This award recognizes outstanding writing styles in all book types and genres. A Promise Kept received this award because the reviewer felt it was above and beyond a 5 Cup Rating. Here is the award comments...

"Stormy Glenn thinks the sexiest thing around is a man in cowboy boots, or two or three men in cowboy boots for that matter. She believes in soul mates, true love, love at first sight and happy endings. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, six teenagers, two lap puppies, two biddy cats, and three fish. When she’s not taking care of her active teenagers, or cleaning up after her puppies, she likes to cuddle in bed with a good book, or work on one of her stories on her laptop.

I discovered Stormy Glenn’s books by accident one night when surfing the internet. As an avid reader of m/m romance, her books looked intriguing so I purchased one and was forever hooked! I am now reading everything this author has written, and can say without a shadow of a doubt she is one of the best authors I have read. A Promise Kept is rife with emotion, true love, and danger; this story will keep you on the edge of your seat. I loved the main characters. The story itself reflects modern times and how difficult it can be for those who are gay to find true love. I highly recommend A Promise Kept and all of Stormy Glenn’s books!"

It can be seen here...

The complete review can be seen here...

Available Now!

The Cannibal King’s Husband
by A.J. Llewellyn

Kimo and Lopaka are on the run from the Hawaiian Kahuna Council. They’ve fled their castle hideaway in Diura, Scotland on a boat headed for Samoa in search of Lopaka’s father, Paden.

Paden, a remarkably handsome islander, now known as Keneti, abandoned his young family in pursuit of his own island man…a cannibal king. He is the only person who can prevent the Council from taking Kimo and Lopaka’s precious toddler son away from them and into seclusion for magical training. But will the man who dumped his own son find it in his heart to fight for Baby Kimo—or will his new lifestyle dictate a different and deadlier choice?

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Available Today!

Dreaming of You
Ethan Day

Restaurateur Aden Ingle has been in love with the perfect man since his fourteenth birthday. Unfortunately, his perfect boyfriend only exists in his dreams. But Aden’s always believed it was his destiny to meet his dream man, and he's perfectly content to wait around for him to walk into his real life.

When he meets Logan Price at a Hotel/Restaurant Trade Show, he finds himself drawn to this man who shakes him out of his dream world. Pretty soon, the flesh and blood reality is becoming more appealing than the fantasy. The only problem is Logan lives half way across the country in California.

Aden's going to have to choose whether to give up everything he’s built for himself professionally and uproot his whole life for Logan, or wait for the man from his dreams to become a reality.


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Coming May 13th


Vadim Miroslav always dreamed of finding his mate. He just never expected to for his mate to find him. Little did he realize that by claiming Sasha, his entire life would be changed forever.
Vadim is captivated by the sweet and giving nature of his sexy little mate. Sasha is stunned by the way Vadim seems to respect his omega status.
Vadim never wanted to be the alpha of his own pack. He avoided it at all costs, even if it meant appearing inadequate to his own pack. But, in a bid to save his newly claimed mate, Vadim does the one thing he has always tried to avoid.
He takes on Sasha's abusive alpha…and wins, becoming the new alpha of Sasha's pack. Can he take the control of an isolated pack of werewolves and still keep his mate safe?

Adult Excerpt

Sweet hell, that's my mate! Vadim Miroslav thought as a small man ran into the room, quickly shutting the door and leaning against it. His eyes turned lupine black, his canines dropped down, and his cock filled. He was stunned!
Vadim had dreamed of his mate since he was old enough to know what one was, to have someone that was meant for him alone. He had fantasized about that special bond with someone until it was almost an obsession. He had just never envisioned one so beautiful. From the top of his honey blond head to the bottom of his delicately formed feet, the little man was breathtaking.
Oh, and his scent… part woodsy musk, part sweet summer rain, all masculine. Vadim inhaled deeply, imprinting his mate's wonderful scent on his senses. He could sniff the little man every second of every day until he passed from this world with a happy smile on his face.
Vadim knew the scent of his arousal was filling the room when the little man suddenly turned around, his face filling of color when he spotted Vadim sitting behind a large wooden desk. They just stared at each other, lost in the discovery of their other half.
His cock hardened even more as he watched the small man's eyes also turn lupine black and his canines dropped down, one white fang slipping over the edge of his lip. God, that was sexy. He growled low in his throat when the sweet scent of the man's arousal filled the room, entwining with Vadim's. The little man was as turned on as he was. Yes!
"I…" the little man began, taking a small step towards Vadim. A loud pounding on the office door stopped him, making him jump and turn to face the door. Suddenly, fear overrode the little man's arousal, filling the room.
Vadim jumped to his feet and gestured to the desk. "Come."
The little man turned to look at him, his fear almost tangible, before he ran across the room and dove under the desk, hiding under it. Vadim quickly sat back down and scooted himself forward.
He grabbed his drink in one hand, his pen in the other and bent over the papers he had been reading before he had been interrupted. It was all Vadim could do to hold the pen in his trembling fingers as he felt the length of the little man's body press between his legs.
Vadim wanted nothing more than to drag him up and rip his clothes off, exploring every inch of his delicious skin. His body tingled, his mind clouded as he tried to concentrate on the papers before him. He nearly swallowed his tongue when he felt a small delicate hand begin to softly caress his thigh.
He knew that the scent of his arousal was filling the room. It wasn't such a bad thing. It would mask the little man's fear. But if the little man under his desk didn't stop soon, it wouldn't matter who was coming through the door. Vadim would be helpless to stop himself from ravishing him.
The pounding on the door became more insistent, drawing Vadim's attention away from his throbbing cock to the unwanted interference. He turned his head to look just as the door swung open and three very large men rushed in.
"Can I help you?" he asked as calmly as he could considering the little man's hand had just wrapped around his cock through the open slit in his robe. He laid his drink down and sat back in his chair a little, spreading his legs, giving the little man better access.
Vadim knew the scent of his arousal was filling the room. He did the only thing he could think of considering the circumstances. He batted his eyelashes at the three men, giving them his sexiest grin.
The largest of the three men grimaced in distaste. Oh, he was one of those… the breed of people that scorned gay men, looked down on them because he felt he was better than them and that men should never mate with other men, just women. Oh, goody!
"We're looking for our omega. Have you seen anyone?" The large man asked as he took a step back from Vadim. The two other men were quickly checking the bathroom and around the room for their missing omega.
"You," Vadim replied. So, his little man was an omega. He knew had smelled something about him but had been too overwhelmed by finding his mate to figure out what it was. It didn't matter. The little man was his now.
"Besides us." Vadim could see that he was clearly exasperated. The scent of disgust was radiating off of him.
"I can honestly say that I have not seen anyone that belongs to you." He wasn't lying, which was good considering a lie could have a scent just like everything else. The little man was no longer his. He belonged to Vadim now.
The large man glared at Vadim for several seconds. Vadim could tell that he was an Alpha just from the power emanating from him. All alphas had it, just as all omegas had the omega smell… like his little man. Vadim just hoped that his arousal would cover the omega's scent.
Vadim stifled a groan, hoping his eyes weren't crossing, as the hand holding his cock tightened and moved. When one small thumb moved up to softly caress the slit on the top of his mushroomed head, he knew he had to get these men out of the room as soon as possible. He was moments away from coming.
"Would you care to join me?" He gestured to the bottle of whiskey on the desk, giving the Alpha his most seductive look, his eyebrows wiggling.
The Alpha looked him up and down, his lips curling in disgust. He abruptly turned and walked out of the room, the two other men following behind them. The door slammed shut behind them with a loud bang.
Vadim waited about two seconds before scooting his chair back and glaring down at the little man that had his hand wrapped around his cock. "You're trouble," he chuckled through clenched teeth.

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"Crimson Dawn: Volume I - Hallowed Echoes"

Volume 1 -- Hallowed Echoes
by Myristica
Private investigator Kevin Laredo lost his wife and children tovengeful and corrupt cops. For the past three years he’s not beenable to look at another woman, let alone date, but when Vic Turnercomes into his life, suddenly Kevin’s heart comes alive again. Bothshare a past that connects them, but when Kevin brings Vic into hisprivate investigative team, another member, Jonathan Palomino, isunnerved by the incredible resemblance Vic holds to his deceasedlover, Andrew Shields.When Vic is called on by the team to go undercover to investigate amissing person, Kevin vehemently refuses, causing conflict between himand Vic. Are Kevin’s feelings for Vic going beyond that of a goodfriend and is that why he’s becoming so overprotective?
To make matters worse, multi-million dollar mogul Thomas Hampton, thevampire who caused Andrew’s death, comes back into Jonathan’s life toseek his aid in recapturing the Black Tigress, a rogue vampireshape-shifter, who escaped her prison. Arina is out to destroyHampton for betraying her four hundred years before and she will stopat nothing until she’s brought Hampton down one peg at a time,including committing murders that could end up exposing all beingshiding on earth from other dimensions and possibly causing a modernday Inquisition. To keep Jonathan from bolting from the request tohelp, Hampton marks Vic to use his life and soul as hostage.
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