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Dark Court 1

Zack Banning hasn't had an easy time of it recently. After spending more than fifteen years in the Marines, he's discharged due to a head injury received in combat. With no missions to run or people to save, it's all he can do to get out of bed in the mornings. The pills the doctors have him on to keep his injury-induced delusions at bay don't help the situation.

When he discovers a young man being accosted outside of a bar one night he sees it as a chance to feel the satisfaction of saving someone once again. He just doesn't realize until it's over that the young man came to the bar to warn him that someone is out to kill him. What Eljin tells him is a story so outlandish, Zack begins to wonder if he's having one of his delusions. Because if Eljin's story is true, the entire foundation of everything Zack believes just flew out the window.

Fleeing through the countryside with Eljin, Zack tries to understand everything without telling the man he's nuttier than a fruitcake. But the more time Zack spend with Eljin, the more he wants him until he can't think of ever being separated from the little elf.

The only way to save Eljin is to take him back home—through the veil between the two worlds. Arrival on the elf's side of the veil isn't perfect, however. They encounter a war between the elf worlds, the threat of human invasion, and a bias against humans. Zack and Eljin have to keep their wits about them as they try to save their home, their family, and themselves.

Dark Court 2

Doc Lewis had been in love with Rocky Rodriguez for more years than he could remember but he always knew that his wish to be with the man would never come true. But when circumstances find them in the Seelie Court, something changes and the two men give into the desire between them. It ends with Rocky making a comment that drives Doc from him with a broken heart.

Doc decides he needs to put plenty of space between him and Rocky and going on a mission back t
o the human world seems like just the thing. Only, the mission doesn't turn out quite like Doc expected when he meets, Monte, the Seelie Elf he's been sent to rescue.

Monte is unlike any man he's ever met and Doc falls quickly for the little elf, bonding with him. The problem is that they are being held by government scientists in a secret research facility. Escape is their only possible way to be together, especially after the lead scientist grows concerned over how close they've grown to each other and threatens to separate them.

Between fighting for their lives, the misgivings that fill them all when Rocky arrives to rescue them, and the lack of prenatal vitamins, can these three men find each other? Or will they lose everything because of their doubts?

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