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Monday, August 27, 2012

Release day - Heart & Soul (WCP10)


Wolf Creek Pack 10


Marc Duggon was on a mission. He knew that Lowell Erickson was up to no good and he was determined to prove it. It was the only way he could keep his friends safe. But Marc has no idea that breaking into the man's lavish estate would give him someone else to protect.

Jasper was a blood slave. He had been a blood slave longer than he could remember. His life was hell, a series of beatings and being an unwilling donor to a coven of bloodthirsty vampires. It sucked, especially when the prince of his coven decides Jasper is no longer useful and sells him to the highest bidder. But the man waiting for him after the auction is not the new master Jasper expects.

One, he's human.

Two, he's the sexiest damn man Jasper has ever seen and his blood calls to Jasper's heart and soul.

Three, Jasper isn't so sure that Marc is his new master.

Marc fights for their freedom like a man possessed, promising Jasper everything he ever dreamed of, but Jasper hesitates to believe all of the things Marc tells him, especially when the man agrees to do something Jasper never expects. But believing Marc's outlandish tales won't mean a thing if they can't escape the most vicious vampire prince the world has ever known.


After checking for noise, Marc pushed the door open and stepped inside. He had been expecting another storage room.

He was wrong.

The room was surrounded on three sides by couches, and they were fancy-looking couches. The cushions were as white as snow, but the actual frames were gilded in gold. Marc had seen something like this in a museum in France. There wasn’t enough money in the world to make him sit in one of the fragile couches. He didn’t want to end up on the floor on his ass.

The third wall was covered in a deep crimson red curtain that fell all of the way to the floor. It drew Marc like a beacon. He didn’t know what he would find behind the curtain, and he was almost afraid to find out. But he had to know.

Marc stepped over to the deep blood-red cloth and parted it just enough to see inside the small room attached. There was light, but it seemed to be coming from a room beyond the curtained room. The room he was staring into was dark enough that Marc felt safe stepping through the crimson veil. He made sure that the curtain was closed behind him and didn’t cast any light into the small closed-off room.

When he turned, he marveled at what he was seeing. It was a viewing room of some sort. A chair sat central in the room, a small table next to it with a small console with a big black button in the middle of it.

The far wall was made of glass from about midpoint up the wall all of the way to the ceiling. Through the glass, Marc could see at least five other windows such as his, even if he could not see the occupants. In the center of all the viewing rooms was what looked like some sort of raised platform, like a stage.

Marc crouched down on the floor and searched his backpack for his night vision goggles. Peaking just over the edge of the partition, he looked at the other rooms. Three of the five rooms were vacant. The other two had men sitting in the chairs in the middle of the rooms.

He really hoped whoever was in them couldn’t see him.

Marc winced when the ceiling light in the middle of the viewing rooms suddenly came on. He quickly lowered his night vision goggles and dropped back down behind the partition. He took a moment to rub his aching eyeballs and then peeked back over the edge and through the glass again.

What he saw sent shivers of rage through Marc. It was obvious from one look that the two men entering the room were vastly different. One was a guard, and one was not. The guard was dressed in black leather with an automatic rifle in his hands.

The young man, however, was dressed in a long, flowing crimson-red cape, about the same color as the curtains behind Marc. Marc didn’t understand why the man just stood there when the guard pulled his hood back and then pulled the cloak from his body until he saw the man’s bound hands.

And holy fuck, the man was stark-ass naked.

He was rather slim, but Marc could see a few muscles here and there. His skin was alabaster white, as if he had never seen sunlight before. Marc wasn’t able to make out the man’s eye color, but he did notice the collar-length mocha-brown hair.

Marc didn’t even want to look any further than that considering that the man was obviously a prisoner, but he couldn’t help himself. His jaw dropped when he caught sight of the very nice flaccid cock hanging from the man’s hairless groin. Oh hell, did they shave the man before putting him on display?

Who were these fuckers?

He clenched his teeth as the man’s bound hands were drawn above his head and placed over a hook hanging from the ceiling. The guard stepped back into the shadows and the small platform began to slowly spin. It was no doubt meant to give each viewer time to peruse the merchandise.

Marc blinked in shock as a voice came over the loud speaker and began presenting the merchandise for the viewers.

“Jasper is AB negative due to the absence of his proteins A, B, and Rh. As only 1% of the human population has an AB Negative blood type, Jasper is considered quite a rare find. To add to his resume, Jasper has no human chemicals in his system. He does not smoke, drink, or do drugs of any kind. As he has been kept in virtual isolation by his former master, his system is clean of any human influence.”

Well, hell!

“The bidding will begin at one hundred thousand dollars.”

Whoever was in control of this place was auctioning the man hanging from a hook in the middle of the ceiling off to the highest bidder. And two things were readily apparent. One, Jasper was human. Two, he was being auctioned off as a blood slave.

“The bidding is now at one hundred and fifty thousand. Do I hear one seventy-five?”

Marc couldn’t allow this to happen. No matter what his mission was, he couldn’t just stand by and watch some poor man being sold off. It went against everything he fought for, everything he believed in.

There had to be a way for Marc to rescue Jasper, and if not continue his mission, at least escape with his life intact, and hopefully Jasper’s, too. He just had to figure out exactly how to accomplish both objectives without getting either of them killed.

“The bidding is now at two hundred thousand,” the voice over the loud speaker stated. “Do I hear two hundred and fifty thousand?”

Marc was really starting to hate that voice.

He dropped down behind the partition wall again and grabbed for his backpack. He had packed light when he went on this mission, assuming it would only involve reconnaissance. But he wasn’t stupid.

He always brought a few toys from home.

“You are playing with fire, moron. I’m not a monster like them, but you are tempting a newly turned bloodsucker.” Jasper inwardly cringed at what he had just called himself, but he had to make Marc see what he was doing to Jasper. He was only hum—crap, not anymore. Now he had something else to add to his crappy-things-that-happened-to-him list. It seemed to be growing pretty damn fast lately.

“It’s okay, Jasper. You’re not taking from me or forcing me to do anything I don’t want to do,” Marc said as he turned his head and barred his throat to Jasper. “I’m offering.”

Jasper groaned as the pulse in Marc’s throat called to him. Thump. Thump. Thump. It was more than he could ignore, especially when Marc seemed so willing. Jasper leaned forward and scraped his fangs along the arch of Marc’s neck.

As he sank his fangs into Marc’s skin, he heard as well as felt the low moan that rolled up the man’s throat. Marc’s hands tightened on Jasper’s arms as Jasper began to suck, hot, delicious, and soul-satisfying blood splashing across his tongue.

Jasper could feel the life-giving nutrients of Marc’s blood sink into his cells, bringing them back to life, invigorating them. The rush to his system was overwhelming. His heart jolted, and his pulse began pounding. The very air around him seemed electrified.

He could feel Marc’s heart thudding against his own, the man’s body tensing. Jasper froze as his senses leapt to life. He could smell Marc’s blood, taste it on his tongue. But there was something else in the air, something more.

When Marc groaned and moved Jasper to the cradle of his thighs, Jasper knew, and he gloried in Marc’s reaction. He had never been aroused by any vampire that fed from him. Maybe it was different for Marc since the man was offering his blood instead of having in forced from him.

Jasper could only hope so.

He reached down and palmed Marc’s hard erection through the tattered material covering him. Marc groaned and flinched away. For a moment, Jasper thought he had read things wrong, that Marc wasn’t turned on by being bitten, until he felt Marc’s hand move his and then the man started humping against him.

Still, Jasper was confused by Marc’s reaction. He quickly withdrew his teeth and licked the bite mark closed, not wanting Marc to continue bleeding. And then he raised his head to look down into Marc’s face.

“Marc, what—”

“I’m a little tender down there, baby. That fucking blond vampire with the scar down his cheek tried to kick my nuts up into my throat.”


“Is that his name?”

Jasper nodded and glanced down toward Marc’s crotch. He was surprised to find that even with the low light, he could see Marc perfectly. And he was right. There were bruises on the skin that Jasper could see through the torn fabric. If Victor had damaged Marc’s goodies, Jasper was going to hunt the man down and rip his balls from his body. He was horny, but he wasn’t a bastard. If Marc couldn’t do anything, Jasper wouldn’t force the man.

“You should have said something.”

“Jasper.” Marc sounded really exasperated. “I can understand you licking my cuts, but I wasn’t about to ask you to lick my balls.”

Jasper smirked as he glanced up at Marc. “Why not? I would have enjoyed it. And I can guarantee you would have, too.” He hoped, considering he had never licked a nut in his life. But for Marc…yeah, buddy.

He didn’t wait for Marc’s reply, which he was sure would be slow in coming as Marc’s jaw had dropped open. Jasper moved down so that he was kneeling between Marc’s legs. He carefully removed the fabric that covered Marc’s injured flesh, wincing when he saw the bruising. Damn, that had to hurt. “I think you have redefined blue balls, Marc.”

“Thanks, I think.”

Jasper leaned down and licked a long line from the bottom of Marc’s balls up to the tip of his cock. Hmm, salty.

“Oh fuck, Jasper.”

Jasper grinned wickedly at the man. Oh, yeah, he had put that look of total desire on Marc’s face. Jasper would have gotten up to do a happy dance if he didn’t have Marc’s nuts presently at his lips.

Jasper started his crusade to fix Marc balls, licking them several times before sucking each small globe into his mouth. He wanted to ensure that every inch of abused flesh was well healed before he moved on. When Marc’s sac pulled up tight against his body, Jasper knew it was time to move on.

He might not have any experience with a man, but he had plenty with his hand. He knew the signs of an impending orgasm when he saw one. Jasper hadn’t a clue what he was doing, but he did have a very active imagination. He had had plenty of time in the fucking dark to envision all sorts of things, even naughty thoughts at times. There just never was a face, because hell if he was imagining one of the vampires as he got himself off.

But now he had a face, and what a damn handsome face it was.

He began by licking up each side of Marc’s cock, making sure he covered each inch of the massive shaft with his tongue. When Marc’s cock began to pulse and jerk, Jasper sucked the tip into his mouth.

The taste of pre-cum exploded on Jasper’s tongue, and he knew he wanted more. Marc’s seed tasted just as good as his blood. Using his tongue, Jasper licked at the tender depression beneath the mushroom-shaped head and then tongue-fucked the tiny slit at the top, licking away the salty taste of Marc’s desires. He enveloped the hard flesh and began to suck earnestly, swallowing Marc’s cock until it hit the back of his throat.

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The Dom War changed the world. Without the blood pets provide, masters die. Without the safe haven masters provide, pets die. But the fight over pets is a constant battle that grows more dangerous with each passing second.

Remsen Marrik doesn't know what to do when he inherits a pet from a man he has always been enemies with. Giving Boy up isn't an option because hunters are after the sweet little pet. But can he settle for someone he never chose?

Boy is a pet. He's been one for as long as he can remember. When his old master is killed, Boy is sent to Marrik, the one master that might be able to keep him safe from the hunters that are after him. But Marrik is unlike any master Boy has ever had, and the rules Boy has always followed have changed. Can Boy learn to trust in this new master who seems to want more from him than any master ever has, or will his own fears place him right into the hands of the hunters?

PRINT RELEASE - Cat Scratch Fever


Tribal Bonds 3

Now Available in eBook & Print

Waking up with memories of an erotic night spent in the arms of the sexiest man he has ever met, Azizi Dane is determined to track Manu Ucathya down and find out if there is a chance for more. But getting to Manu may be harder than he thought, especially when Azizi's father arrives to take him home, by force if necessary.

Manu Ucathya is bound and determined to claim his anamchara once he meets him. He follows the time-honored traditions of his tribe and approaches Azizi Dane's father. When Azizi is brought to him unconscious and handcuffed, Manu is enraged. When Azizi wakes up with no idea why he is there, Manu feels like his heart is breaking.

But keeping Azizi proves harder than Manu thought, especially when a misunderstanding drives Azizi from his side and right into the hands of the hunters. Saving Azizi may be just as hard. Someone close to Manu holds his anamchara responsible for things that Azizi has no knowledge of but they are determined to make him pay anyway—with his life.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

FINISHED & SUBMITTED - Pocket Sized Prince


Iben Khenti knew he was an alpha by the time he learned to walk. He was one of the strongest and most powerful alphas to ever be born. Unfortunately, due to his small size, no one ever took him seriously until it was too late. Having lived over two hundred years with a wolf that refused to accept anyone that Iben was interested made for a very lonely life, and one that was quickly coming to an end. Iben was losing control of his wolf, and if that happened the bloodshed would be unimaginable. Iben needed someone to counter his feral nature. He just never expected to find it in the omega of his new pack.

When Zack Evens is sent to welcome the new alpha into pack lands, he could think of a million other places he would rather be. But the inner circle refused to give the new alpha the respect to meet him at the airport. They sent Zack instead. When Iben Khenti steps down from the plane, Zack is positive that there has to be a mistake. He is all of five feet seven and a hundred and thirty five pound soaking wet with rocks in his pocket. When Iben shows interest in him, Zack is positive that the alpha is just like the one that had abused him. He can't help but show every bit of distain he feels for the alpha, putting them both in a dangerous situation that could cost them not only the pack but their very lives.

Iben has to try and convince Zack to accept the man in him as well as the alpha if he has any chance of saving them both because someone is kidnapping members of his new pack and Zack is next on their list.


The tie around Zack's neck felt like it had a strangle hold on him as he watched the private jet sent by the council start to come in for a landing. This was it. The new alpha had arrived.

And depending on how the man felt about the disrespectful behavior of the inner circle in not greeting him personally, Zack may or may not survive the next ten minutes. The alpha could easily kill him for the slight, and with no repercussions from the council. It was almost unheard of for an inner circle not to greet the new alpha.

Oh man, Zack's life would have been so much easier if his former alpha hadn't been such a dick and challenged someone bigger and stronger than him. But the guy was an idiot, and most everyone in the pack knew it.

Well, truthfully, Dawson was actually pretty damn smart. He was just a cruel and evil bastard that took sadistic pleasure in other people's pain. He was hated by every member of the pack except for the members of the inner circle, who were just as bad as Dawson.

The wheels of the private Lear Jet set down, and Zack felt his heartbeat stutter just as the wheels did when they hit the tarmac. He pulled at his collar again, feeling like the tie was tightening around his throat.

This was it.

The jet slowed and then slowly turned toward the private hanger where Zack waited. The airport was small but so were the town and the pack. They had a mere sixty one members and were one of the smaller packs in the Northwestern Shifter Territory. And that was a lot of territory. It consisted of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Zack liked having a smaller pack. He knew each member by first name. He knew who they were related to, who was having pups, what couples were mating, and when a member needed a little extra attention. He knew the members of his pack like they were in very own family, and to him, they were.

He just hoped it stayed that way.

There was no telling what the new alpha would do. Most alphas cleaned house when they took over a pack. Sometimes, members were banished or killed in challenges. Other times, new members were brought in.

Things didn't always turn out for the best.

Zack had lost his own parents when Dawson took over as alpha. They had been banished from the pack because they opening disagreed with the man when he outlawed their right to mate with humans. His parents had been forced to join another pack several hundred miles away. Zack had been an adult and was no allowed to leave with his parents. He hadn't even been allowed to see them in the last ten years.

Maybe the new alpha would change things.

Maybe not.

Zack stood up straighter and dropped his hands, clasping them behind his back, as the jet pulled to a stop in front of him. He'd be lying if he said his heart wasn't beating a litter faster and his throat wasn't drying up like the Sahara Desert as the door opened and a set of stairs lowered.

His throat grew even dryer when a tall man stepped out of the plane. He wasn't dressed as Zack thought a new alpha coming to meet his new pack would have been dressed. Where there should have been a suit, instead there were tight faded jeans, short sleeved black t-shirt, and black leather boots.

No matter how the man was dressed, though, he was still Zack's alpha and deserved his respect. "Alpha Khenti." Zack nodded when the man reached the bottom of the stairs.

The man pulled down his dark sunglasses with a single finger in the middle of the frame, and peered over the top at edge at Zack. "Afraid not, dog boy."

Zack pressed his lips tightly together. One, he didn't want to open his mouth and give credence to the insult just handed to him, even if it was to deny it. For two, Zack suddenly understood who this man was even if he had never met him before. He was an enforcer.

If he was a council enforcer, Zack could be in a shit load of trouble. No one crossed a council enforcer and lived to tell the tale. It just wasn't a smart thing to do. Zack nodded to the man, trying to seem as unthreatening as he possibly could. At six foot three, that was usually pretty hard to do. With this man, who stood several inches taller than he did, it wasn't so hard.

Zack actually felt a little intimidated.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

"Zack. I was sent by the Aberdeen Pack to greet the new alpha and take him back to pack territory."



Zack pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and pulled his driver's license out. He handed it to the man, and then waited, hoping that he passed whatever security measures were in place.

The man that held his ID, looked at it for a moment, and then looked at Zack. And then he lifted his wrist to his mouth and began speaking into a bracelet that looked like it was made of black paracord, stating Zack's name and giving his description. Communication device?


The man apparently heard what he wanted to hear because after a moment, he nodded and then handed Zack back his license. Zack breathed a sigh of relief as he placed his ID back into his wallet and then put his wallet back into his back pocket.

He glanced up toward the doorway leading into the airplane, wondering where his new alpha was, and then back to the man just standing there staring at him as if he was waiting for something.

Zack felt like a bug on a windshield. He didn't want to be standing on the tarmac like a damn idiot. He'd rather get the new alpha home and then go off to do—pretty much anything else.

"Well, boys?" came a voice from the doorway, catching Zack's attention. "Are we done measuring the size of our dicks?" One perfectly manicured eyebrow lifted as a smirk crossed the small man's face. "Because I can assure you, mine is bigger."

Zack's jaw started to drop as he gazed up at the man standing at the top of the stairs. He was dressed simply enough—a white button down dress shirt and a pair of faded jeans. He even wore a pair of black biker boots like the enforcer—complete with silver wolf heads on each side.

Zack's jaw continued to unhinge as the man swaggered down the steps, dropping just a little further with each gentle sway of the man's hips. By the time the golden man reached the tarmac, Zack's jaw felt like it rested on his chest.

"I'm Ibenré Khenti, but you may refer to me as Iben." The man held out his hand like he was just a regular guy and not the new alpha of Aberdeen Pack. "I'm the new alpha."


"Alpha, I wanted to—"

Zack's words faded as Iben looked down at the hand the man had wrapped around his arm. Zack's skin felt so warm against his, so alive. Iben could hear the rapid pounding of the man's heart in his chest, hear him swallow as he gathered his courage together. He was pretty sure he could even hear the blood pumping through Zack's veins.

The innocent touch was too much for Iben. After years of denying himself the simplest of touches, and then being faced with a man so beautiful that he made Iben's teeth ache, he could no longer control himself.

Not when Zack was touching him.

Iben growled as his wolf took control. He swung around and grabbed Zack, taking him down to the soft grass as gently, but as swiftly as he could. He was up and over Zack before the man could even let out an exclamation of surprise.

Iben straddled Zack and leaned down to capture the man's mouth with his own in a kiss that fed his hungry soul. Zack's unique taste blasted across his senses like a safety rope to a drowning man.

Iben groaned as he swept his tongue inside of Zack's mouth and began to explore, dipping and licking with his tongue. He grabbed the edges of Zack's shirt and pulled, glorying in the sound of fabric ripping.

The skin that was exposed when Iben tossed the edges of the man's shirt aside was more glorious than even Iben had expected. Muscular pecs and strong abs gave way to a perfect arrow leading to the edge of Zack's jeans. And a small trail of black hair made a trail from Zack's belly button to just under his waistband.

Iben needed to know where that trail led to more than he had ever needed anything in his life. He reached down and unbuttoned Zack's jeans and spread the fabric to the sides, revealing the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

Iben's breath caught in his throat as he stroked his fingers over Zack's full, erect cock. He felt Zack's fingers dig into his arms and quickly looked up in alarm. When his eyes met Zack's the man's hands fell away and he tilted his head back, baring his throat.

Iben's wolf howled in victory at Zack's submissive gesture. It was all Iben could do to keep his claws retracted as he unbuttoned his own jeans and pulled out his hard cock. When he leaned in and pressed their cocks together, the need building inside of Iben pulled a deep feral growl from his throat.

"Zack," he whispered as he started stroking his hand over their combined erections. He leaned down and licked a line up the side of Zack's throat, careful to keep from biting Zack. When he claimed his mate, he wanted to do it in a bed, not on the grass for anyone to see them.

But nothing said he couldn't take the edge off right now.

They both needed it. Iben could feel it. Zack was panting softly, his hips flexing as Iben stroked him. The smell of Zack's arousal was so thick that Iben was swimming in it. He licked at Zack's neck again, scraping his teeth over the tender flesh.

Damn, it was all Iben could do not to claim Zack now. His wolf was more than ready. Only the strong scent of Zack's arousal kept the wolf at bay. It was enough to calm the wolf and let them know that their mate was here in their arms.

Soon, Iben promised his wolf. He'd help take the edge off for both of them and then take Zack up to his room and claim him the way both he and his wolf wanted. Zack would be theirs forever.

Just that thought was enough to bring Iben to the edge of a mind blowing orgasm. He wanted Zack to go with him. With that need in mind, Iben stroked harder, faster, moving his thumb over the small slit at the head of Zack's dick.

He sank his teeth into Zack's tender flesh, not enough to break the skin but just hard enough to leave a mark that would tell anyone who saw it that Zack belonged to him. The red mark satisfied his wolf enough to allow Iben control once again.

Iben heard Zack grunt just as his body stiffened. The sweet scent of the man's release filled the air. Iben groaned as his own orgasm was ripped from his body and his own cum joined Zack's, splashing all over their stomachs.

He squeezed their cocks together a few more times and then slumped down over Zack. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he floated in a pleasure filled haze. He had never been more content in his life. He had his pack, a beautiful home, and now he had his mate.

Life was perfect.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Everyone needs a little inspiration...especially nerotic authors like me. Today, I have two things to inspire me. I am working on a story called "Pocket Sized Prince"...just another one of those stories that came to me and screamed louder than anyone else, so I went with it. A lot of my stories start that way.

Anyway, today's inspiration is special, and helping a LOT!!!

Just thought I'd the way, the pic is who I am basing one of my characters on...'cause damn!!!