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Finished & Submitted: My Guardian Angelo


Special Operations 3

Going undercover to find the commander of his marine unit was supposed to be the easy part. When his cover is blown, Lieutenant Bill Harrison doesn’t know whether to hold on for the dangerous ride or jump. With a drug lord determined to take them out, Bill has to rely on his skills and the sexy guardian angel sent to save him to stay alive.

DEA Agent Angelo Martinez is pissed when he’s pulled off his current assignment to go rescue some marine in trouble. Rescuing Bill turns out to be tougher than any undercover mission Angelo ever went on. Besides the fact that Bill is gorgeous, the man makes Angel reconsider his lonely lifestyle. And that makes Bill just as dangerous as the drug lord hunting them.

When rescue comes for both of them, Angelo knows he has to find the strength to give up the only man that ever made him think about giving up his undercover work. And Bill has to find the strength to let Angelo go, hoping that his guardian angel will find his way home.

Coming February 26th from Siren Publishing

“Hi, gorgeous, sorry I’m late. My car had a flat.”
Lieutenant William Patrick Harrison almost forgot where he was as he stared at the sexy man that suddenly straddled his lap and leaned in brush their lips together. If it wasn’t for the snicker he heard from one of the men sitting across the table from him, he would have dumped the cute little guy right on his ass and demanded to know what in the hell was going on.
He had never seen him before in his life.
“No problem,” Bill replied instead, fully aware of the fact that his life would come to a very quick end if the men he sat with ever learned who he really was or why he was really there. They were not the forgiving sort. They’d gut him just to watch him bleed out on the floor.
The stunning man in his lap grinned widely, showing off a brilliant set of straight, white teeth, and then leaned in to plant a another kiss on Bill’s lips. Bill was stunned. He didn’t even kiss the man back because he was trying to figure out who in the he was.
The cute little guy with short, brownish-black hair moved his lips up Bill’s jaw, nibbling along the way before licking at his earlobe. “Angelo Martinez. DEA,” the man murmured in a sub-vocal tone, his warm breath tickling Bill’s ear. “Your cover is blown. I’m here to get you out.”
Bill stiffened, tightening his hands on the man’s hips. He tried to think of some way to converse with the man without being caught anymore than he already was. Unfortunately, he could only think of one thing that would get him a few minutes alone with him.
“It’s been a few days since I’ve seen my angel.” Bill winked knowingly at the men at the table. Hoping that they would think he was going off to the bathroom to get laid or at least fabulous sucked off. It was the only excuse he could think of to get away from these men without actually getting up and hauling ass. “We’ll be right back.”
He didn’t even take the time to let Angelo down on his feet. Bill merely lifted the man up in his arms and started walking him through the club to the bathroom in the back. He knew Angelo was going along with his plan when he felt the man’s legs wrap around his waist and a loud, delighted giggle filled the air as they walked away.
The second he reached the bathroom and the door closed behind them, Bill lowered the Angelo onto his feet then looked into each of the stalls to ensure that they were alone. Once he was sure, Bill crossed his arms over his chest and turned to look at the Drug Enforcement Administration agent sent to rescue him.
If he could have hand chosen a man to gain his attention, the gorgeous little guy standing in front of him would have been at the top of his list. Angelo Martinez was stunning, from the top of his wavy brownish-black hair to the bottom of his little feet.
His body was a little more on the thin side than Bill would have liked but it seemed to be all slick muscles and darkly tanned skin. There was an exotic tilt to Angelo’s dark brown eyes that hinted to ancestry other than Central American—maybe Egyptian?
“I’m listening.”
Angelo stepped up and ran a hand down Bill’s chest then subtly nodded his head toward the corner of the room near the ceiling. “Oh, baby, don’t be like that. I got here as soon as I could.”
Bill’s eyes narrowed. He glanced to the corner of the ceiling where Angelo had gestured and saw a small black circle in the white plaster. Bill knew what it was without even getting a closer look.
They were being monitored. Bill didn’t know if it was just video or if there was audio as well, but he was taking no chances. He plastered a smile on his face and curved his hand around the side of Angelo’s face.
“You know I don’t like it when you’re late and don’t call me,” Bill commented, choosing his words carefully. “It’s a big bad world out there, Angel. I worry about you.”
Angelo’s lips came out in a pretty damn good imitation of a pout. “I know, baby.” The agent started plucking at the collar of Bill’s shirt. “But I can make it up to you.”
Bill felt his eyes widen when Angelo pushed him back toward one of the stalls but that was nothing compared to how big they got when the man dropped to his knees and reached for the buttons on Bill’s jeans.
Was he insane?

Was he insane?
Bill dipped his head down and purposely glared at the man, silently asking what he had just thought. When Angelo just grinned and shoved his hands aside, Bill knew he was right in his assessment. He didn’t know this man. There was no way he was letting Angelo anywhere near his dick, DEA agent or not.
Angelo rolled his eyes and continued trying to get Bill’s pants undone. Bill tried to fight him, keeping his hands tucked carefully around his cock. He didn’t care how hard this little wrestling match was making him.
Bill froze when he heard the bathroom door open. It gave Angelo the chance to get his pants open and pull out his dick. Bill stiffened and glanced down, opening his mouth to snap at Angelo when two things happened at once.
A head appeared over the top of the bathroom stall and Angelo engulfed Bill’s straining erection down to the root. All Bill could do was groan as his cock was suddenly surrounded by soft, smooth wetness. Then Angelo swallowed around him, causing Bill to groan even louder.
The man hanging over the bathroom stall chuckled. “He looks like he has lips that could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, Billy.”
Bill recognized the voyeuristic male as one of the assholes from his table. That wasn’t good. It meant he couldn’t get out of having his dick sucked until the man left, and with the way that Angelo was moving his mouth, Bill didn’t think he would last that long.
Angelo’s mouth was like magic. The wet slurping sounds of Angelo’s lips sliding up and down his erection, sucking hard, made Bill’s cock hard as steel. He pumped his hips toward Angelo’s swollen lips, unable to help himself.
From the little glint of anger he could see in Angelo’s eyes, Bill was going to get punched in the face the second they were alone. The little man was a fucking wet dream come true as far as sucking cock.
It just might be worth the abuse.
Angelo was lapping at Bill’s cock as though it was an especially tasty treat. He swirled his tongue around the entire shaft before pressing the tip into the slit of the flared head. Bill groaned and pushed his cock to the back of Angelo’s throat, waiting for the man’s reflexive swallow to squeeze the sensitive tip before retreating and pushing into his hot mouth again.
Who the hell knew a random blow job by an undercover agent could set his damn blood to racing? Bill had to curb the urge to grab Angelo’s head and fuck the man’s mouth to completion.
He was pretty sure the agent would do more than punch him if Bill tried.
Angelo knelt in front of Bill, gripping his hips like an anchor. His eyes were lit up, going from angry to sensuous one second to the next. They smoldered with lust, which surprised the shit out of Bill considering the situation.
Still, the sight of Angelo’s desire as he sucked Bill’s cock—as much as the sensations he was feeling—was enough to push Bill over the edge. Arching his back, Bill gritted his teeth as waves of ecstasy throbbed through him. He gripped a handful of Angelo’s hair and came, filling the guy’s mouth with his release.
“Fuck, man,” Lou said from over the stall. “Can I give him a try? I’d like to fuck his sweet little ass.”
Before his cock could even finish pulsing, Bill reached over and grabbed Lou around the throat, tightening his fingers until the man’s face began to turn red. “Angel is mine,” he bellowed with outrage. “If anyone touches him, they will have to deal with me. Is that understood?”
Lou’s head bobbed as he tried to loosen Bill’s hand. Bill snarled at the man and pushed him away, turning his gaze back down to the man that knelt at his feet. He hoped Lou got the idea and left. He had some serious apologizing to do.
Bill stroked his finger over Angelo’s lips. The man had been handsome before but knowing that Angelo’s lips were swollen because he had just sucked him off made Angelo downright stunning in Bill’s eyes.
“That was nice, baby.” Bill felt the corner of his mouth curve up when Angelo glared at him. He just might like this DEA agent after all. He had spirit. “Thank you.”

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Aberdeen Pack 2

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Djal was just trying to do his duty as beta of his pack when he made one small mistake, and now he has a pack member chasing after him, intent on mating him. If Djal doesn’t figure out how to stop Julian’s obsession with him, he just might strangle the man.

Julian has lived through hell, more so than most people know. When freedom comes, Julian is still faced with people out to harm him. The mere sight of the big, strong beta makes Julian feel safer. One night spent together convinces Julian that Djal would be the perfect mate. He just has to catch Djal first.

When Djal discovers that someone is abusing Julian, the protective streak he tried so hard to control breaks free. It goes way beyond what Djal knows he should feel for a mere pack member, and only by giving in to Julian can Djal come to terms with the need growing inside of him. But before Djal can save Julian, he has to figure out who is after him, and Julian isn’t talking.

Twelve Days of Christmas Shifter Style Winner

Congratulations to the winner of Lynn Hagen's "Twelve Days of Christmas Sifter Style"

On the twelve days of Shiftmas my true love gave to me...

Twelve germ-covered gloves to clean,
Eleven glasses of cold orange soda,
Ten chicken strips and smoothies,
Nine tucks of fallen hair behind my ear,
Eight new meaningful tattoo's,
Seven slightly 'borrowed' cars,
Six shiny handmade necklaces,
Four new manlove books to read,
Three mates caught looking at porn,
Two pretty pink sparkly boots,
and one steamy mug of hot Chai tea waiting.


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Finished & Submitted: Tattooed & Taken


Special Operations 2

Deputy Robby Harrison wanted Wren from the moment they met but no matter how hard he tries, Wren seems to only want to be friends. When Robby gets fired from his job by his brother, he suddenly realizes he’s chasing after a loss cause. In a fit of anger and depression, Robby ties one on at the local bar, only to wake the next morning in bed with a naked woman. Totally freaked out, Robby runs only to end up in the arms of the very man he was trying to forget.

Warned away from Robby six months ago, Wren tried to let things take their natural course. When Robby arrives home after being missing for hours, Wren loses the tight grip he had on his control. What follows is a wild ride that neither of them have any desire to stop.

When the dust settles, Wren is overjoyed that Robby is finally his. But someone else thinks that Robby belongs to them and they will do anything, including threaten Robby’s family, to keep Wren and Robby apart. The marine motto is ‘When everyone runs from danger, marines run towards it’ and Wren has every intention of facing the danger head on. He just has to keep Robby alive long enough to discover who is after him and why.

“You want what?”
“You heard me, Robby,” John Henry replied, his face clouded as if he was hiding something. “Turn in your badge and your gun.”
“But why?” Robert Peter Harrison asked as he stood there in utter shock, not sure if he should reach for his badge or punch his brother in the mouth. His stomach twisted with anxiety and disbelief at what he was hearing. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”
He was a good deputy and he knew it. He did his job to the best of his ability but with care and consideration for the people he dealt with. There were no reasons he could think of that John Henry would be demanding his resignation. He hadn’t broken any laws, been late for work, or anything else that would result in John Henry standing here demanding he give up his badge and gun.
“It’s better this way, Robby.” John Henry seemed pensive and almost hesitant as he folded his hands together and rested them on his desk. “You’re not happy here. You’ll never be happy here. It’s time for you to move on.”
What in the hell was John Henry talking about? Robby loved his job. He loved being a deputy, working alongside of his brother, and protecting the people in their county. He actually couldn’t think of anything else he’d rather do.
“I don’t want to move on, John Henry. I like it here.”
Robby knew he wasn’t going to get John Henry to see reason when he saw the man’s jaw tighten and his lips spread into a thin line. John Henry Harrison was a stubborn ass bastard when he wanted to be. It could be a redeeming quality at times.
This wasn’t one of those times.
“Robby, I’m the sheriff here, and your older brother, and—”
Robby barely contained the angry words gagging him when John Henry started talking. It was the same speech he had heard more times than he could count. And he knew, no matter what he said, John Henry’s mind was made up.
Robby had just been fired.
Robby clenched his jaw as he pulled the badge off of his uniform shirt and set it down on the desk. Next was his gun. He carefully unloaded it then set both the gun and the magazine down next to his badge before turning and walking toward the door off John Henry’s office.
Robby paused at the door with one hand on the door handle, then glanced over his shoulder at his brother, a man he had respected almost more than anyone—until today.
“You know, John Henry, one of these days, you’re going to interfere in my life one too many times and you’re not going to be able to fix what you’ve done.” Robby glowered at John Henry then turned away.
He yanked the door open and stormed out, slamming the door loudly behind him. It was better than smacking his brother. He could feel the stares of the other deputies and office personnel as he walked to the closet and grabbed a cardboard box.
It seemed almost anti-climatic that it took less than five minutes to gather all of his belongings out of his desk and put them in the box. Five years of a career and all he had to show for it was a small cardboard box full of crap.
When Robby heard John Henry’s office door open, he grit his teeth and fought for control as he grabbed his stuff and walked out, not bothering to acknowledge his brother was even in the room. If he did—if he even looked at John Henry—he was likely to punch the man right in the mouth.
Robby walked out and then dropped the box of his belongings into the bed of his pickup truck, climbed into the cab, and slammed the driver’s door closed. He took a moment to breathe, grabbing the steering wheel with both hands and resting his forehead against it. If he didn’t get himself under control, he’d march right back into the sheriff’s station and give into his urge to hurt his brother.
Robby couldn’t remember when he had ever been so angry at the man. He adored him and had for his entire life. John Henry was the very example of the man Robby wanted to be—until today.
Robby didn’t know whether to go with the anger clouding his mind or the heartache wrapping around his heart. He felt like he had been betrayed, like John Henry was taking something precious from him that Robby wanted more than almost anything in the world.
Well, almost anything.
There was still one thing Robby wanted more.
Robby held onto his control by a thread as he pulled his cell phone out and dialed a number he had memorized months ago. He tried not to call it too often but right now, he needed the voice on the other end more than he needed air.
The corner of Robby’s mouth curved up when he heard the phone connect but no one spoke. That’s how it always was. Wren never said a word until he knew who was at the other end of the line. It was just one of the man’s odd quirks.
He had many.
“Hey, it’s Robby. Want to hang out?”
They had spent a lot of time together when Wren wasn’t gone on a mission, both at Robby’s house and Charlie and John Henry’s. But most of their time together was at Robby’s place, and usually spent just watching movies or hanging out. No matter how many hints Robby dropped, Wren never crossed that line to take things further between them.
“Leaving work early?”
Robby swallowed the bile that suddenly threatening to come up as he thought about the job he had just lost. He stared down at his fingers, pulling at a loose thread on his jeans. “Yeah, something like that.”
The man on the other end of the phone—the one Robby dreamed about at night and fantasized might someday want something more from him than just a few hours together here and there—grunted.
“I’ll meet you at your place.”
And just like that, the phone went dead.
Robby snapped his phone closed and slid it back into his pocket. It felt like knives stabbing into him every time he called Wren and got the same blasé response. He didn’t know how to define his relationship with the man. He didn’t even know if they had one.
Robby called, they hung out, and then they went their separate ways. There seemed to be this wall between them that Robby had never been able to breach. He shook his head at the tears that suddenly appeared. He ached with need and loneliness and it felt like it had just quadrupled.
Robby tried desperately to give Wren the space he seemed to need so much but sometimes it was really hard—like now, when Robby wanted nothing more than to feel Wren’s big muscular arms wrap around him and make him feel like everything would be okay.
And as much as he knew he would suck up whatever attention Wren gave him, he couldn’t help but want for more. He just knew if Wren gave in, things would be explosive between them.
Wren never seemed to budge. He had made it very clear in the beginning of their friendship that there was a line that Robby wasn’t allowed to cross. Robby had tried a few times—flirted, made some passes, dropped some verbal hints—only to be rebuffed. He was starting to doubt that even walking around naked in front of the man would get him anything.
Maybe getting fired was finally making him see the truth. Wren just wanted to be friends. And no wanting for something more on Robby’s part would change that.
“God!” Robby dropped his head back against his seat and stared up at his ceiling. “I am so fucking pathetic.”

Wren scooted back and lifted up onto his knees, moving them between Robby’s calves. He slid his hands down Robby’s back to the man’s tight ass. He heard a soft sigh when he grabbed Robby’s hips and pulled the man back into a kneeling position, Robby’s legs hugging his thighs while his ass was pushed up against Wren’s erection. 
Wren’s arousal took on new meaning as he watched his cock slide up and down the crack of Robby’s ass. He tenderly stroked his hands over the rounded globes then gripped them tightly in his hand and pulled them apart until he could see the man’s puckered opening.
He teased Robby, rubbing the head of his cock over the man’s quivering entrance but never quite pushing in. He wanted Robby’s surrender. He craved it. Robby needed to know who he belonged to because Wren wasn’t giving him up.
Robby was his.
“Do you like that idea, love?” Wren asked when he saw Robby’s body shake. “Do you like the idea of everyone knowing you belong to me?”
When Robby didn’t answer right away, Wren decided to up his game. He would have Robby’s answer before they left this room. He pulled back until the head of his cock slid down between Robby’s butt cheeks again, catching on the small cleft of his hole.
It hadn’t been that long since Wren had claimed Robby but he still reached for the bottle of lube carelessly tossed on the bed. He snapped the lid then poured a liberal amount to the place where his cock met Robby’s ass. Once there was enough that he knew he wouldn’t hurt Robby, Wren closed the cap then tossed the bottle back on the bed.
Watching his engorged cock slid slowly into Robby’s welcoming body was more erotic than watching any porn he had ever seen. Nothing had ever gotten Wren this worked up. He was ready to explode and he had barely gotten in.
“Feel how beautifully your body accepts me, love?” Wren asked, never taking his eyes off of where his body was so intimately connected to Robby’s. “Your body knows who you belong to even if you don’t.”
Just as he sank his cock into the hilt in Robby’s ass, Wren saw Robby start to reach under himself. He knew what Robby was doing and he couldn’t allow that, not until he had a commitment out of the man.
Did he care?
Wren leaned down and grabbed both of Robby’s wrists and brought them around to his back, holding them there with one of his. It pushed Robby’s face into the mattress but it also pushed Robby’s ass up against Wren.
Wren moved closer until his hard frame fit to the soft contours of Robby's. He slid his arms down around Robby’s stomach and lifted him. Wren smiled as he nuzzled at the younger man before tenderly stroking sweat-damp hair from the man’s beautiful face.
“Who do you belong to, love?” he asked as he moved Robby’s arms up over his head, rapping them around Wren’s neck. It gave him unfettered access to the man’s dark hued nipples and rippled abdomen, two places Wren loved to touch and caress.
Wren played with Robby’s nipples as he began to move in long, slow strokes, driving his cock as deep inside of Robby’s tight channel as he could go before pulling out and repeating the process all over again. When Robby groaned and fisted his fingers in Wren’s hair, Wren gripped the man’s hips and began to move harder, faster and deeper.
A soft whimper eased from between Robby’s lips as he melted into Wren’s arms. Wren closed his eyes and held Robby to him, savoring the feel of the man in his arms. He had never wanted anyone as much as he wanted Robby.
“Who do you belong to, love?” he repeated, needing the answer more than he needed to come, and that was saying something. Robby’s body gripped him so tightly in silken heat that Wren worried his dick would burn right off.
“Wren!” Robby wailed as Wren nailed his prostate over and over again. Wren knew this was a good position. Not only did he have Robby splayed out over him like a second skin, but he knew he his cock would scrape over Robby’s sweet spot with every thrust. “Please!”
“Answer my question, love, and I’ll let you come.”
Again, underhanded. And again, Wren didn’t care. He wasn’t going to let Robby get away from him now that he had had him. Robby might have had a chance at escaping him before they had fucked each other, but they had. And now Robby didn’t have a chance.
“Who do you belong to?” Just to swing things in his direction in case there was any doubt in Robby’s mind, Wren reached down and wrapped his fingers around the man’s pulsing cock, giving it a couple of firm strokes.
“You!” Robby shouted. “I belong to you!”
“Right answer.” Something long buried and feral rose in Wren at Robby’s words. He started pounding at an alarming rate into Robby’s ass as he jerked the man’s cock. The need to mark Robby inside and out overwhelmed him.
The only cell in his brain that hadn’t slid south to his engorged cock worked the problem over and over again in his head even as his orgasm started reaching for him. A simple tattoo wasn’t going to cut it and he knew it. He needed something more to show that Robby belonged to him.
He just didn’t know what.
Robby’s shattered wail of completion echoed around the room as he sprayed white ropes of cum over Wren’s hand. Wren’s cock hardened to steel at the sound. He couldn’t control his outcry of delight as his seed erupted into the still spasming channel, making him soar until the peak of delight was reached.
Once he could breathe again, Wren gently eased Robby down onto the bed then cuddled up behind him once again, pulling Robby up flush against his own body. Robby wiggled for a moment but it wasn’t to get away. Much to Wren’s delight, Robby scooted back toward him as if the man needed the reassurance of touch to make everything okay.
Wren picked up a lock of Robby’s brown hair and caressed it gently between his fingers. His desire for Robby overrode everything else but the feeling was much more than sexual desire. He adored every little thing about the man. He just wished Robby understood that.
The man was oblivious sometimes.

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End of the World Party

Join me today and comment to be entered to win. I am going to give one lucky winner their choice of one of my back list or you can wait until Julian’s Happy Place releases on Christmas day.

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Booktrailer: Fire Demon

Elemental Demon 1
Tehmper is a fire demon, devoted to hunting down Shayātīn. One such mission leads him to Gabe, his mate. He bites Gabe and claims him. But convincing Gabe to return to Jinnistan is harder than Tehmper thought. When more rogue demons attack, trying to take Gabe, it's all Tehmper can do to convince Gabe to leave with him, especially when the man is so angry over the destruction of his home.
When Tehmper and Gabe are met at the portal gate by the ruling Amir and his personal guards, Tehmper has no choice but to turn his mate over or risk Gabe's life. He vows to do everything in his power to free Gabe, even if it means returning him to the surface world. But can he save Gabe before the Amir turns him into royal consort or will Gabe lose his head to the executioner's axe?

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"The Twelve Days of Christmas" is a cumulative song, meaning that each verse is built on top of the previous verses. There are twelve verses, each describing a gift given by "my true love" on one of the twelve days of Christmas...and so forth, until the last verse:

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, My true love sent to me:
12. Twelve lords a-leaping
11. Eleven pipers piping
10. Ten ladies dancing
9. Nine drummers drumming
8. Eight maids’ a-milking
7. Seven swans a-swimming
6. Six geese a-laying,
5. Five gold rings
4. Four colly birds
3. Three French hens
2. Two turtle doves
1. And a partridge in a pear tree.

Yeah, that is such a catchy tune. Don’t you agree?
BUT…we are going to do this Shifter-Style.
Now, what in the dickens would a shifter give his true love?
To enter this contest, rewrite this tune (in either point of view) of what a shifter would give to his true love or a human would give to his shifter mate.
All twelve days must be listed.
Only comments left on this blog will be entered. Do not email your answer. Please include your email addy so you can be sent your prize if you win. The most creative comment will win every e-book in Lynn Hagen’s new Rise of The Changeling series as they are released. Contest runs from Midnight (PST) tonight until midnight (PST) December 20th.
Winner will be announced Christmas Day!

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Retro Release Special Discount

Retro Release Special Discount: This title is offered at a 50% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, January 3rd.

Cowboy Way (MM)

Blaecleah Brothers 3

Matthew McCallister knew coming out to his father, a very conservative minister, would be the end of life in his hometown. With his younger brother, Ruben, by his side, he flees their hometown only to be arrested for kidnapping and theft. But the sheriff of Cade Creek seems to believe in Matty's innocence and suggests that he and Ruben hide out at the Blaecleah ranch.

Matty is in no way prepared for the Blaecleah family, especially Quaid Blaecleah. The man is gorgeous and kind, a combination Matty isn't used to in men he's attracted to. When Quaid proposes marriage as a way to save him from his father, Matty is terrified to agree because he's been used in the past. He's just as afraid to say no. Quaid intrigues Matty in a way he's never experienced. When Matty's father arrives in town and starts making threats, can Matty trust Quaid to keep him safe, or will he be burned again?

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Finished & Submitted: Protective Custody

By Stormy Glenn
Hayden Flynn saw something that put his life in jeopardy. Put into protective custody for his own safety, he’s whisked away to a secret location. Pretending to be someone’s live-in lover isn’t so bad except his new love interest is a man.
Christian Jackson had been an F.B.I. agent for several years. He had been trained by the best but nothing prepared him for his next assignment—pretending to be the gay lover to the hottest straight man he had ever seen. Trying to keep Hayden alive seems to be easier than keeping his hands off of the man.
When Jackson and Hayden finally give into their desire, sparks fly. Hayden tries to blame it on the threat of death hanging over his head. Jackson tries to pretend that it wasn’t the best night of his life. Both men are confused by the feelings developing between them. But that doesn’t seem to matter when they discover that the threat to Hayden’s life is even closer than they thought.

"You wanted to see me, sir?"
"Yes, Jackson." Deputy Director Malone motioned with his hand. "Come in and shut the door."
Christopher Jackson stepped into the director's office and shut the door behind him. He nodded to the other man in the room, a man he knew well, and walked over to stand in front of the director's desk, his hands clasped behind his back as he waited to find out why he had been called to the director's office.
"Oh," the director said when he looked up from the papers he was reading over. He waved his hand. "Have a seat, Jackson."
Jackson sat down, although he felt a little funny about doing so when his immediate supervisor, Special Agent Maxwell Bernaro, was sitting on the edge of the director's desk, his arms crossed over his chest.
"I need you for a special assignment, Jackson," the director began.
"Yes, sir."
Deputy Director Malone set his pen down and leaned back in his chair, rubbing the bridge of his nose between his fingers. Without the director looking straight at him, Jackson could still see that the man was worn out and tired. He had the beginning of light bags under his eyes and age lines that had never been there before.
Jackson wouldn't want his job for love or money.
"How long have you been with the agency, Jackson?" the director asked as he lowered his hands to his desk and looked at Jackson.
"Seven years, sir. Two years as a field agent and five years on the Alpha One Fly Team."
"And before that?"
Jackson wasn’t really sure where this line of questioning was going. "Five years with Navy Intelligence, sir."
The chief looked down at a file lying open on his desk, nodding as he read. Jackson knew it was his file. He could see his name at the top in big bold black letters. Jackson glanced up at Max, wondering why the man was here if the special assignment was meant for him.
"It says here that your area of expertise is technical analyst for one of our fly teams."
"Yes, sir."
The chief glanced back up, his face stretched tight with a grim look. "Do you like working in the field, Jackson?"
"Very much, sir."
"You came highly recommended by Special Agent Bernaro."
"Thank you, sir."
"Don't thank me yet, Jackson. You haven't heard what the assignment is."
"Yes, sir."
"I have a situation that requires someone with your unique set of skills."
Jackson's eyebrows shot up. "My unique set of skills, sir?" What in the hell was that supposed to mean? His one main skill was being a technical analyst. He wasn't good at much else. He couldn't even drive a car.
"He means you being gay, Jackson," Max said.
"Oh." Jackson wasn't exactly sure being gay was a skill—at least, not that he had heard of.
"Yes, well…" The director's face flushed. He looked uncomfortable. Max did not. He looked amused. The slight smirk on the man’s face was a big clue.
Jackson had never hidden the fact he was gay from anyone. Everyone on his team knew he was. He refused to hide it. He was gay. So the fuck what? Jackson just didn't understand what  sleeping with other men had to do with this current assignment.
"While this wouldn't normally even be discussed in the bureau, Special Agent Bernaro is correct in this instance." The director folded his withered hands together and rested his elbows on the desk, his face still slightly flushed. "Your unique skills would be of great asset on this assignment."
"My gayness would be of great asset?" Jackson glanced from the director over to his immediate supervisor. He wasn’t sure he liked where this was going. Never before had his being gay affected his job in any way. Now they wanted to use his sexual orientation? "For what?"
"Have you ever heard of the RAF?"
Jackson’ brows pulled together as he quickly racked his memory for the definition of those letters. "The Revolutionary Armed Forces, sir?"
The director nodded. "We've suspected for some time that they were moving arms into the country. For what purpose, we haven't been able to discover, but it's something big. The shipments that we have been able to track have been moving into the country at an alarming rate, nearly two a week for the last six weeks."
"Last week we were able to track one of those shipments to an Irish pub in Boston," Max added.
"An Irish pub in Boston?" Jackson arched an eyebrow in amusement. "You don't say."
"This is no laughing matter, Agent Jackson," the chief snapped.
"No, of course not, sir." Jackson instantly straightened his shoulders and dropped the smile from his face. "If you want to give me the pertinent facts to the case it shouldn't take me more than a couple of hours to get up to speed. I can have a suggested scenario for you by morning."
"That’s not why you're here, Jackson," Max said.
It wasn't? Jackson glanced between the chief and Max. He was a technical analyst. Putting bits of information together to make a whole picture was what he did. "So, what do you need me to do then?"
"The pub where the arms shipments have been going to is owned by a man named Hayden Flynn."
"Is he a suspect?"
"No." The chief grimaced. "He's a witness, a very important witness."

Jackson groaned and rolled over the second the door closed behind Hayden. This was such an extremely bad idea. He thought it was a bad idea when Max approached him about it but he had wanted to get out into the field and look good for the boss. Now, he was positive he should have turned the assignment down.
This was an incredibly fucking bad idea.
Jackson reached under his body and palmed his aching cock. His body seemed to know that he was trapped in Hayden’s arms even before he did. He had woken up surrounded by the man’s raw and powerful musculature —which only resulted in Jackson’s hard as steel erection..
Even knowing that Hayden was running from him hadn’t been enough to dampen the lust running rampant through his body. Nothing seemed to make his cock deflate, not even thinking about how bad of an idea this was.
Jackson groaned again and humped his hips, driving his cock through the firm grip of his fingers. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was Hayden holding him, that the man’s large strong hand was wrapped around his cock instead of his own hand.
The image began to build stronger and more vivid in his mind as he moved his hips faster and faster–Hayden’s fingers tightening around his erection, the man’s thumb rubbing across the slit at the top of Jackson’s swollen dick and then raked over the bundle of nerves just below the head.
He moved his hand faster and then squeezed his cock so tight that he thought he would break the damn thing. Jackson needed to come and he needed it now. He drew his knees up and moved his free hand down past his balls. He slid a single finger into his tight puckered hole, twisting his finger until he felt the tip slide against the little pleasure button inside his ass that made him gasp.
Jackson rocked on his finger as he rocked on his knees, his hips moving faster. He slipped in another finger inside his asshole, pushing the digits apart, stretching himself out as he imaged that it was Hayden’s dick splitting him apart. Wiggling his fingers around some more, Jackson started fucking himself.
Oh hell, that felt so damn good.
He shoved his fingers in and out of his ass, still imagining that it was the hard cock he had woken up to, pressing into his ass instead of his own fingers.
Never before in his life had he wanted someone to fuck him as badly as he wanted Hayden to shove his damn dick up Jackson’s ass. He wanted to man’s lips on his body, his teeth nipping his flesh, his body driving in Jackson’s.
Jackson’s hole clenched tight around his fingers at the fantasy building in his head, making him groan with need. He just bet Hayden would be a fantastic lover. The man was built to please whoever he fucked. Jackson was pretty sure Hayden could make him call to the gods. That thought send a spike of thrill through his body, making his cock impossibly harder.
His erection slid through his hand every time he thrust forward, wishing it was Hayden who was behind him instead of Jackson’s fingers. He could feel his balls drawing up tight against his body, his orgasm almost on him.
Almost there.
Jackson yanked his hand from his ass and then curled it into a fist, shoving the knuckles into his mouth to keep from crying out loud as his seed erupted into a sticky mess in his hand. He gave his cock a few last strokes as his body jerked with the last of his climax and then dropped his hand.
Flopping down onto the mattress, Jackson buried his flushed face in the pillows. His burning lust had been temporarily extinguished but somehow, he felt worse now than he had before he started jerking himself off.
He had no idea how long this assignment was going to last but he was pretty damn sure he wasn’t going to make it until this debauched mess was over. He had been attracted to Hayden Flynn from the moment he saw the man’s picture. Meeting him in person just made it all that much worse. Living in the same house was going to be damn near impossible.
Waking up in Hayden’s arms was going to kill Jackson.