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A Hunter's Desires


Tri Omega Mates 6

AVAILABLE: Thursday, March 3rd

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Erotic Paranormal, Werewolves, M/M/M, Male Ménage a Trois Romance

Nikolai Miroslav was sent to the frozen north of Russia to investigate a pack of Tri Omegas. He can't find a single trace of them but he does find Vasiliy Federov, the sweetest smelling man he's ever met. When Vasiliy accepts his proposition for a night of sex, Nikolai is thrilled until the next morning when Vasiliy informs him that their lives are in danger. Better yet, somehow during their sexual escapades the previous night, they mated each other.

Unfortunately, the danger to them is real and a wolf hunter is bent on killing them both. When Serge Dmitriev attacks, Niko finds himself with another mate, one who has no idea he's a wolf. The man doesn't even realize that during his attack on Nikolai and Vasiliy, they forged a mating bond between all three of them that will only end in death.

Now, Nikolai finds himself with two mates he never planned on having, a basement full of Tri Omegas, an insane Beta trying to kill him, and a band of hunters wanting their heads. If Nikolai, Vasiliy, and Serge have any hope of getting out alive, they will need to work together and that means accepting their mating bond. But is what they might have together worth changing their entire lives?

Nikolai Miroslav shivered as cold air blew into the tavern room. He glared over at the man that walked and let the cold air inside. Niko would never understand how anyone could live in such conditions.
It was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. Like he’d know what a witch’s tit felt like. Niko chuckled to himself as he took another drink of his hot toddy. Like he’d know what any tit felt like. Just the thought of that particular bit of female anatomy sent another shiver down his spine. Give him a good stiff dick any day.
Niko wouldn’t be in this miserable place if he hadn’t been sent here by his brother and alpha, Vadim,and his father, alpha of the Miroslav Pack. He blamed them for being so cold. Them and the Eastern European Council, which reluctantly gave him access to the region.
Vourdala Island and the pack lands overseen by his father, Ivan Mirsolav, weren’t the tropics, but they seemed like the Bahamas compared to the frozen territory of the wolf pack he was sent to investigate.
It didn’t help Niko’s mood that he’d been investigating the area for nearly two weeks and he had yet to find a single answer or meet anyone that might be able to tell him anything about the rumor of a pack filled with Tri Omegas.
No one was talking, at least not to him. The patrons in the tavern and surrounding town were nice enough. Niko had even made some friends among several members of the local wolf pack. He just hadn’t been able to find any answers. Niko wasn’t even sure he knew what the questions were anymore.
Tri Omegas, usually only one born per generation, were appearing at an alarming rate. While it had been good for many of Niko’s friends who found their mates, it still concerned everyone.
Anyone in theknow knew Tri Omegas were special. They had abilities that made each Tri Omega unique, each ability seemingly different. They also needed two mates to keep them grounded and safe, as Niko’s best friend, Viktor, discovered when he found his mates, Ryland and Gregory.
Ryland hadn’t even known he was a Tri Omega until he was told. Tri Omegas’ abilities weren’t manifested until they were claimed. It was quickly discovered that Ryland was a healer.
Still, it didn’t explain why there were so many Tri Omegas being born during a single generation. Niko no longer believed it was just a fluke as he did in the beginning. There were too many of them. He just didn’t know what it all meant.
Hence, his trip to the frozen north.
Niko frowned and pulled his collar up around his neck as the door opened and another group of people walked in, letting more cold air blow into the tavern. He shook his head when he heard laughter. How these people could be so happy-go-lucky when he was freezing his nuts off, he’d never know.
As the cold wind blew across the room, it carried an intriguing scent that caught Niko’s interest. He sat up and glanced around the room, trying to pinpoint the unique fragrance. He sniffed at the air.
Niko’s gaze settled on a dark-haired man standing across the room, taking his coat off. He should have been angry. This man was obviously one of the men that just let the cold air inside. Instead, Niko could barely remain in his seat while he waited for the man to get settled in.
Gorgeous didn’t even begin to describe the tall figure. Niko usually went for men a little smaller than himself. He liked being the big bad wolf that dominated any situation he was in, including sex. For this guy, he might be willing to change his mind, even if for just one night.
Once the man sat down, Niko stood and walked over. He stopped right beside the man’s chair and waited to be acknowledged. It wasn’t long in coming. Niko smirked when the man suddenly stiffened and turned to look him over. He could feel the intense gaze start at his feet and slowly work its way up his body until it settled on his face.
“Nikolai Miroslav, but you can call me Niko,” Niko said as he held out his hand. “I believe you might have some information I’m after.”
“Oh?” The man’s dark eyebrow shot up.
Niko almost swooned at the heavy accent in the man’s voice. Damn, he liked a deep whiskey voice. It made his cock vibrate. The man’s thick accent only added to the experience. “Your name and whether you’re busy later tonight.”
The man looked slightly surprised before he hid it behind a chuckle. He reached out and shook Niko’s hand. “Vasiliy Federov, and now I’m free.”
Hot damn!
“Care to join me?” Niko nodded toward the door. Propositioning a guy he hadn’t spoken more than a few words to didn’t faze Niko. He’d done it before, and he’d more than likely do it again. The glint of lust he could see growing in the man’s deep blue eyes, however, was another story.
It made Niko ache. It also made walking quite interesting. His cock was trying to bust out of his jeans to get to the gorgeous man walking behind him. Niko could feel the heat from Vasiliy’s body and knew he walked close behind him. He couldn’t wait to feel that heat pressed up against his, preferably without anything between them.

Niko groaned when he felt two slicked up fingers thrust into his ass. Niko immediately started pushing back and riding them, all thoughts of conversation and protesting leaving his mind in a heartbeat.
He felt incredibly full. Two of Vasiliy’s thick fingers were nearly the size of the biggest man Niko had ever been with. He’d heard rumors through his friends that one of them, Jake McAlester, was hung like a horse. He could only dream that Vasiliy was, too.
“You like, yes?”
“Oh yes,” Niko moaned. “I like a lot.”
“You like this more.”
Niko winced when another finger pushed into his ass along with the first two. He knew for a fact that he had never had anything in his ass that big. It took a few seconds and a couple of deep breaths before Niko became used to the feeling. Vasiliy didn’t move the entire time.
“You are good, majiktoka, yes?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m okay.”
Niko wasn’t sure those words were his smartest to say when Vasiliy started moving his fingers, thrusting them in and out of Niko’s ass. Niko couldn’t keep the small grunts from falling from his lips with each thrust.
“One more, majiktoka, then you ready for me.”
“One more?” Niko cried out. He wasn’t sure one more finger would fit in his ass. He was pretty damn full right now as it was. He was shocked when a little more lube and a lot more thrusting allowed Vasiliy to push a fourth finger into him.
Niko dropped his head down onto his hands. He felt a bit ridiculous having his head down on the bed and his ass pushed into the air, but his trembling arms wouldn’t hold him up anymore.
“You call me Vaska, yes?”
“Yes, is good.”
“Okay.” Niko would have agreed to anything. His body was full and caressed and going up in flames. And there seemed to be no end. Vasiliy just continued to give Niko wave after wave of pleasure until it rolled into one big ball that had him senseless.
“Vaska,” Niko groaned as he pushed back, impaling himself on the fingers in his ass. “Vaska.”
His pulse pounded in his throat. Small beads of sweat trickled down his temples. The air around Niko seemed to grow thicker, making his breathing come out in big rapid gasps. His legs started to tremble.
“Yes, majiktoka?”
“Please.” Niko bit his lip as soon as the word came out of his mouth. He couldn’t believe he was begging a total stranger to fuck him. Maybe it was the cold air. It was the only thing he could think of that would explain his lapse in control.
“Tell me, majiktoka, tell what you want.”
“Fuck me!”
Niko groaned when the fingers pressing into him suddenly pulled free. He almost cried out with how empty he felt. He gripped the sheets beneath him and pushed himself up onto his arms. Before he could protest the loss of something in his ass, he was suddenly filled again.
“Vaska!” Niko shouted, overcome by how large the man actually was. His inner muscles clamped down on the thick cock pushing slowly into him. Niko just didn’t know if they were trying to keep Vaska out or invite him in.
The more of Vaska that filled him, the more Niko’s body seemed to accept him. His body clenched. Little spasms of pure pleasure rocked through him, one right after the other. Niko felt like he was burning from the inside out.
“Is good fit, yes?” Vaska asked when he finally came to rest against Niko.
Niko couldn’t answer. He was too busy panting as Vaska started pounding into him, the man’s massive cock rubbing against Niko’s sweet spot with every move. His senses were starting to overload as waves of ecstasy throbbed through him with each forceful thrust.
Vaska’s arm wrapped around his abdomen and lifted him up. The man’s other hand wrapped around Niko’s chest, pulling him back. Niko’s legs fell to either side of Vaska so he straddled the man’s thighs. His head fell back against Vaska’s shoulder.
“Is good, majiktoka,” Vaska growled in Niko’s ear. “Is very good.”
“Yes,” Niko hissed. His body cried out for release, and he was so very close. The hands that Vaska stroked over his sensitive skin drove Niko’s desire higher, but it wasn’t quite enough to send him over the edge. Niko needed just a bit more.
“Vaska, please.”
Tickles of pleasure shot through Niko’s body when Vaska licked the side of his throat then licked his way down to Niko’s shoulder.
“You want, yes?” Vaska asked right before he scraped his teeth over Niko’s shoulder.

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Redemption - Coming Soon!


True Blood Mate 4

Coming Soon!

M/M, Paranormal, Werewolf, Erotic Romance

Rogan Owens lives a life of secret misery. Three years ago, he lost his mate when he couldn't come out of the closet and acknowledge their bond. He's suffered in silence ever since, taking over as alpha of his mate's clan.

Rogan is overjoyed when he discovers Julian alive. He has so many questions. Where has Julian been? Why hasn't he come home? What are the long scars on his body? But most importantly, why is Julian running away from him?

Stricken with grief, Rogan takes a dangerous path that almost ends his life. Only by Julian's swift intervention is he saved. Rogan finally comes to accept that his mate will never want him only to have Julian decide it's time to come home.
But someone else doesn't want Julian and Rogan reunited and they will use
anything to keep the two men apart, even if it means Julian's death for real this time. Between keeping each other safe and trying to solve the mystery of who wants Julian dead, they barely have time to learn to love each other. Will what they feel for each other make them stronger or be their downfall?

Love Sexy - Coming Soon!


True Blood Mates 3

Coming Soon from Siren Publishing

M/M, Paranormal, Werewolf, Erotic Romance

Logan Stone lives a lonely existence as the beta of his wolf clan. It's his job to protect his people and follow out the orders of his alpha. That doesn't leave much time to find a mate or fill the empty hole in his heart. When he spots a set of sexy eyes staring at him during the moon festival, Logan knows he has met his mate.

Finding Love Star is not as easy as keeping him. Love may be fascinated by all things wolf but when Logan goes feral during their mating, Love runs for his life. Logan has to call for help to find Love, only discover his mate is hiding right under his nose at the Stone Clan compound.

Instead of convincing Love of the merits of being mated to a wolf, Logan has to depend on Love to protect himself even as he tries to shield the man from the dangerous world he has just entered. If they survive the interference of well meaning friends and a coyote shifter bent on killing Love, they just might have a chance of finding out what fate has planned for them.

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GayRomLit Retreat

October 13 - 16, 2011

GayRomLit is a retreat for readers and writers of GLBT romance. A gathering place to hang out with people who read the same books you do. Get to know your favorite authors in a comfortable setting, ask all those burning questions about the books you love, and meet online friends at a one of a kind retreat.

We specifically chose the word retreat, which by definition is a place of safety - a refuge for those in attendance. Unlike your more traditional Lit-conferences the GayRomLit weekend will be centered on celebrating the fiction we all love and highlighting the authors and publishers who continue to support the genre.

New Orleans is the location for the 2011 GayRomLit Retreat.

Please join us October 13 - 16 for the first of what we hope to be an annual event.

Organized by

Lynn Lorenz * Ethan Day * Carol Lynne * J.P. Bowie * Amanda Young

Register Today

The Hard Way

By: G.A. Hauser Other books by G.A. Hauser
Published By: The GA Hauser Collection LLC
ISBN # 9781456545239

Word Count: 53574

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, HTML, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, Epub

Read More!

Thirty-seven year old Richard ‘Dick’ Hunt III denied he had a ‘death wish’, but his lifestyle of extreme sports and high risk hobbies had put him into the hospital on numerous occasions. Living the high life on a trust fund left to him by his grandfather, Dick became infamous in his exploits, his affairs with young men, and living on the edge. In LA celebrity came to those with cash, not necessarily talent or intelligence. So the tabloid press and paparazzi had a field day publishing Dick’s exploits.

William Winsor, or ‘Prince Charming’ as his lover Dick liked to call him, worked as a fundraiser for a state college. He met Dick at a black tie affair and immediately was smitten with the charismatic man.

For two years Dick and William lived together, loved together, and adored each other. But William knew some dark secrets about the wild playboy that even the media had missed.
For William, life with Dick was like waiting for a train to wreck. He knew Dick had serious problems, both physically and mentally. And nothing Dick did was easy. On the contrary, everything the man did was The Hard Way.

(This novel is based on the characters in the free short story, Fun With Dick)

G.A Hauser

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