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SWEET OBLIVION -Finished & Submitted


Coming in May 2012

I just wanted a night out on the town, a little fun. When Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mysterious walked into the bar, I knew my chances had just increased. Damn, he was fine too. And I planned to have him before the night was through. I just had to get his attention first and then he would be mine. With that in mind, I started across the bar…

Okay, I don't do morning-afters so why am I in bed with the same man I had sex with the previous night? And why were we in his bed? Why not my bed? I never went home with my conquests. He was really hot, and great in the sack, but I didn't do relationships. They were messy and emotional and…


Are those fangs in his mouth?


Can you say yum?

I can. I had seen a lot of sexy men over the years, especially in my line of work, but I couldn't ever remember seeing one as sexy as the man sitting across the bar from me. He gave new meaning to the words sex on a stick.

He was simply gorgeous.

And he had my full attention. He had my cock's attention too. From the second I spotted him I had gone from merely checking out the crowd to finding me a flat surface and fuck me until I can't walk. And it had only taken a matter of seconds. That might have been a new record for me.

Yeah, I was easy.

So the fuck what?

I knew a good lay when I saw one and this guy promised to make all of my dreams come true and maybe invent a few new ones. He was sex personified. Christ, he couldn't even walk across the room without every eye in the place turning to watch him. The power in his stride alone was enough to make my balls tingle.

There was something commanding about him, dangerous, something to be feared. It was almost as if all of the air in the room had been sucked out the moment he stepped inside. This was a man that knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to take it. And if I was lucky, he'd be taking me later tonight.

I knew I was good looking. Hell, I was damn near Michael Angelo material. Or so I had been told. My looks were both a blessing and a curse. I was pretty enough to usually get what I wanted but no one ever took me seriously.

I snorted softly to myself. Apparently brains did not go hand in hand with looks. You either got one or the other. I have been blessed with astonishing good looks so that meant I had to be as dumb as a box of rocks.

If only.

There were times that I loved my looks, and I certainly knew how to use them. I could wiggle my ass and have men bowing at my feet. It often kept a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I couldn't even begin to count the number of times I had been told I had the sweetest ass in the universe.

My ass really was my masterpiece. It was tight, rounded just enough to be a handful, and curved out my jeans like a wet dream. Add in my nicely sculpted abs, tanned sleek skin, baby blue eyes and light blond hair, and I had the total package.

With any luck, tonight it would get me a few hours in Mr. Sexy's bed. Hell, I wouldn't even charge him. I just wanted to feel his over abundance of muscles sweating over my body as he fucked me into the mattress.

Or any flat surface.

As good as he looked, I would take a round surface at this point.

I ignored the men that called out to me and the hands that reached out to stroke my skin as I sauntered across the room, putting an extra bit of sway into my hips. My target was in sight and I was going in for the kill.

I knew the moment he spotted me. I could feel my skin begin to tingle, and my balls tightening up close to my body. My cock was rock hard. As tight as my pants were, I knew my package was expertly outlined by the thin fabric.

The closer I walked, the more heated my skin became. I could almost feel his dick pounding into me. My hole pulsed around the butt plug I had inserted into my ass earlier tonight in anticipation. I knew I was going to be fucked when I left my little apartment tonight. I just didn't know by whom.

Until now.

I fingered the collar of my white shirt and then let my hand trail lazily down the front of my chest as I licked my lips. I could almost smell the man's growing arousal as he watched the tiny movement of my tongue. I let it flicker out and move against my lower lip.

That's right. Show me you're interested, handsome.

I ignored the shocked looks of the other men sitting at the table with my eye candy. I didn't care about them. They didn't exist as far as I was concerned. No one did except the man turning toward me and parting his thick muscular thighs in silent invitation.

It was an invitation I had no qualms about accepting.

I didn't say a word as straddled the man's thighs like an expert bull rider. From the desire I could see burning in his vivid blue eyes, no words were needed. He knew exactly why I was there just as much as I did. I could feel it in the hard cock pressing up against my ass.

I felt an involuntary shiver race through my body when the man's large hands closed around my waist. I kid you not, they were so large that he could almost completely encircle my entire waist.

And they weren't pushing me away, either. They were pulling me closer. God, my fucking cock ached. My need was growing with every passing second. I knew if I didn't get this man's cock in my ass in the next five minutes, I was going to blow without him.

And wouldn't that be the saddest thing on earth?



He wanted me.

When he used the hand gripping my hair to push me down to my knees between his thighs, I couldn't help but grin. I knew what he wanted. It was what most men wanted, especially after they got a good look at my overly plump lips. I usually looked like I had been stung by something or punched right in the lips.

Like I said, I knew I looked good. If it wasn't my bubble butt they were after, it was my lips. I looked like I could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Technically, I couldn't but that didn't stop me from trying. And that was something I did well. I had no doubt I'd have this guy in the palm of my hand in under a minute.

Yes, I was that damn good.

Did I mention I had no gag reflex?

At. All.

I quickly lowered the man's zipper and reached in to pull his cock out. I could feel my heart skip a beat in my chest before my hand had fully pulled the man's cock free from his pants. Once I got a good look at the monstrosity I pulled out, I began to have my doubts about my abilities.

His hands weren't the only things that were huge. He was hung like a fucking horse. His cock was so thick that my hand wouldn't even fully close around it and I seriously doubted I could cover every inch of his length if I had four hands. He had to be at least ten inches long.

Okay, I might be in trouble.

The hand curled in my hair tightened. When I glanced up, the man's dark eyebrow was arched as if he were challenging me. I never, ever, let anyone dare me to do something and not follow through. I started this. I was going to finish it.

Keeping my eyes locked with tall, dark, and handsome, I carefully lowered my mouth and swallowed just the tip of the man's cock. My lips burned as they stretched around his wide girth.

Oh my fucking god!

The drops of pre-cum pooling on the head of the man's cock trickled over my tongue, bathing me in the most exotic flavors I had ever tasted in my life. I had expected tart, 'cause let's face it, most men had bitter tasting cum.

This man tasted spicy.



Hell, he tasted like the ambrosia of the gods. I could seriously get addicted to sucking this guy off on a regular basis. I might even beg for the chance. Too bad this was just a onetime deal. I never went back for seconds.

I did seriously consider it for about two seconds after tasting this guy. But I didn't need the baggage. I just wanted to get off, even if it meant getting Mr. Sexy off first. I just prayed he had really good recuperative powers. I wasn't done with him by a long shot.

I stroked my tongue over the head of his cock as I waited for my lips to stretch around him enough to swallow him. It was obvious that it was going to take a little more effort than normal for me to suck this guy off. I mentally shrugged to myself. Oh well. He had the potential to give me a really good ride. I could put a little more effort out for that.

I tried to do just that. Once my mouth had adjusted to his size, I licked a long path from the tip of his cock down to the root and then down just a bit further. I felt the man's hand tighten in my hair when I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. Oh yeah, he liked that. I could tell.

I took the time to suck the other ball into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue before licking a line back up the thickly veined sides. By the time I reached the slit on the head of his cock, another pool of pre-cum had gathered and started dripping down the sides of his cock. I eagerly licked at each drop until my mouth exploded in flavor.

Another long, deep groan fell from my lips as I slowly sucked him down. I got about half way down the man's impressive erection before I had to pause and draw in a deep breath through my nose. Once I had more air in my lungs, I continued.

I'll be the first to admit that I had a bit of an ego. Anyone looking the way I did would have one. I couldn't walk into a room without having men, and women, lust after my body. But the lust that flared in the man's deep blue eyes as I swallowed him down until my nose was nestled in his pubic hair, was the biggest ego boost I had ever received.

It made me feel like I could conquer the world. I wanted more. I slowly started to bob my head, sucking in my cheeks as I moved my lips up his thick cock. I wanted to savor every last inch as he moved through my mouth.

Once I got the hang of things, I was able to move faster. The more my mouth moved up and down the man as he fucked my mouth, the easier it became to swallow him down to the root every time. I could still feel drops of luscious tasting pre-cum splattering over my tongue every time I swallowed, and god, it was fucking fantastic.

When the man's balls started to pull up tight to his body, I increased the speed of my movements, sucking him down my throat faster and faster each time, hollowing my cheeks out as I moved back up to the tip.

I knew the man was getting close and I wanted him to remember this blow job as the best one he had ever received. When his cock began to swell, my eyes widened and I gagged. The man just grinned and held my head in place with a hand to the back of my head.

I suddenly couldn't get any air into my lungs. I tried breathing through my nose but it was buried in the man's pubic hair as he shoved his cock all of the way down my throat and came with a low rumble.

Load after load of cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I was able to but I could feel drops of it slide out of the edges of my mouth. I ached to swallow every drop but I just couldn't. When the pressure on the back of my head released, I lifted my head, the man's cock falling from my mouth with a loud plop, and went about licking up every drop of cum I could find.

When Mr. Sex on a stick was all cleaned up, I carefully put him back in his pants but I didn't zip him up. I was really hoping our time together wasn't over. My need had been growing while I sucked him off and if I didn't get a cock in my ass pretty soon, I was going to scream.

It wouldn't be a pretty sight.

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Guest Blogging

March 19th

~ Redz World ~
I'm guest blogging at Redz World today, March 19th. Stop on by and see how Lynn Hagen and I created the Lady Blue Crew Series.


March 20th

~ Amber Kell's March Birthday Event ~
I'll be guest blogging with Amber Kell for her March Birthday Event. One lucky winner will win a free copy of "An Alpha's Pride", coming March 24th.

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Living Dangerously

Living Dangerously
By: G.A. Hauser

Available Now!

Ex-Navy SEAL Brandon Kennedy thought opening up a high-tech-extreme training center in Los Angeles would be a new beginning. He and his buddies pooled their finances and built a workout facility which combined militaristic boot camp workouts with gourmet meals and posh lodging. A perfect fit for the Hollywood elite.

His marriage dissolving, his mental state declining, Brandon begins to spin out of control in an effort to find what he needs out of life.
And Brandon fills that need with drugs and prostitutes. One thing Brandon never expected to find through living dangerously, was true love.

Enjoy some of the characters from the best selling GA novel Happy Endings, and see how Brandon's life on the edge brings him to a place he never expected, at peace with his inner demons and in the arms of someone who loves him for the man he is 'post war'.

Available now from the GA Hauser Collection, LLC

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Seriously Reviewed: Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn

Seriously Reviewed: Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn: Story: 8.5 Presentation: 8.5 Total: 17 Publisher: Silver Publishing Werewolves, Sci-Fi, M/M, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

From the first page, the story was rife with tension. But I’m not talking about sexual tension, which this story is hot and sexy and all the things a reader hopes for in an erotic romance. What I’m talking about is the tension of a story that grabbed me at the opening pages and kept me scrolling the PDF as fast as my eyes could suck in the words. There is danger, passion, jealousy and fierce need. The kind of connection that made me hold my breath until I was sure that Rojan and Tyion would find away to see past their differences. In perfect sci-fi fantasy fashion, Slave Auction delivers wonderful descriptions of otherworld creatures. The flavor and attention to detail let me lose myself in Rojan’s world. But just when the story could wind down and come to an easy conclusion, Stormy Glenn given enough of a teaser to keep you waiting for the next installment of this wonderfully written series.



Tribal Bonds 2

Available Now

Carlton Gregory is the alpha of his wolf pack. Daniel Everson is the electus of vampire tribe. Wolf shifters and vampires do not mix—ever. There is a deep hatred between their two people going back centuries.

So, when Daniel discovers that Carlton is his anamchara, he can think of only one thing to do. Make the powerful alpha submit to him. But tying Carlton down to his bed doesn't turn out quite like Daniel expects. He doesn't want to break the strong alpha but the more time he spends with Carlton, the more Daniel finds he's willing to submit to the alpha.

When danger starts to come at them from every direction, Daniel and Carlton learn that they have to rely on each other to survive. There's a traitor in their midsts and hunters trying to kill them. Add in the pride deeply ingrained in both of them, and learning to compromise is almost as impossible as bringing their people together. But Daniel and Carlton have one thing working in their favor—giving up their pride might just not be as bad as they thought.'sPride.htm


Electus Daniel Everson stared across the room in shock, his entire world dropping out from under him as he watched Electus Luca Ucathya fight with Alpha Carlton Gregory. They were supposed to be rescuing Rowan, the anamchara of Electus Ucathya. They suspected that Alpha Gregory had him.

Discovering that the man Electus Luca was fighting was his anamchara was enough to stun Daniel into silence. For centuries, Daniel had searched for his anamchara. To find out that the man he had dreamed of most of his life was a wolf shifter wasn't something Daniel had been prepared for.
The alpha growled and lunged at Luca, but Luca seemed to be ready for him. He caught Carlton by the arms and tossed the man over his head. Luca swung around and crouched down, his claws extended, before Carlton even hit to the hard wooden floor.

"Where is my mate, dog?"

Daniel was impressed when Carlton rolled over onto his hands and knees then sprang forward, a long growl falling from his lips. He winced when the men collided like two immovable mountains and then both went crashing to the floor. That looked like it hurt…for both of them.

"Where is Rowan, Alpha Gregory?" Luca snapped, his fangs bared. "Where is my mate?"

"Rowan is mine," Carlton growled as he fought Luca. "He has always been mine."

Daniel tensed at those words. Fuck. Claiming Carlton was not going to be easy if the man was obsessed with Rowan. He would just have to give Carlton someone else to become obsessed with.


Daniel stayed out of the fight until he saw Luca raise a fist into the air. Despite the fact that his mate was a wolf shifter and could more than likely take care of himself, Daniel knew he couldn't allow Luca to hurt him. He quickly walked across the room and caught Luca's hand.

Luca bared his teeth and snapped his head around. "Everson?" Luca frowned, some of the anger leaving his face, being replaced by confusion. "What in the hell are you doing?"

"Luca," Everson said as evenly as he could, "you need to get off of him."

"Don't be ridiculous, Everson," Luca said as he stared back down at Gregory. "He knows something about Rowan and I want to know what. I'll beat it out of him if I have to."

Daniel snarled when Luca went to raise his fist into the air again. If Luca didn't stop, he'd have to step in and stop him, and Daniel would rather not fight Luca. They were trying very hard to have peace between their tribes, but Daniel would forgo the peace in order to keep his mate from being harmed.

"Are you out of your mind?" Luca asked.

"Get off of him, Luca, now."

Luca slowly stood up and stepped away from Gregory. "What's going on here, Everson?"

Daniel looked from Luca down at the alpha wolf still lying on the floor. He sighed deeply and his shoulders slumped as the weight of the world settled on them. "He's my mate."

"He still knows something about Rowan," Luca said as he quickly masked the surprise of Daniel’s claim. "I need to know what he knows."

Daniel nodded. "I'll get your answers."

Daniel snapped his fingers and four vampire soldiers walked over and hauled Carlton to his feet. When the alpha started to struggle, Everson pulled a black gun out of his suit jacket and shot him with a red feather tipped dart. The man almost instantly slumped, his head dropping forward. Daniel hated to do it but he needed Carlton under control at the moment. It might be the only way to keep Luca from killing him.

Daniel stepped forward and plucked the dart from Carlton's neck then smoothed his hand down the alpha wolf's cheek before nodding to his men. The vampire soldiers carried the unconscious man out the front door.

Luca turned to growl at Daniel, waving his hand toward the door. "How in the hell are you going to get any answers out of him when he's unconscious?"

Daniel arched an eyebrow and turned to look at the three wolves kneeling on the ground by the door. He snapped his fingers again then pointed to the floor. The three wolves were hauled to their feet and pushed across the room, then shoved back to their knees right in front of Daniel.

Luca's jaw dropped. "I have got to learn how to do that," he whispered to himself.

Daniel arched an eyebrow at him before turning to face the wolves. "You know who I am?"


"Do you know who I am, Carlton?"

Carlton pressed his lips mutinously together and glanced away. Daniel growled and wiggled the plug again. Carlton cried out as his eyes snapped back to meet Daniel's.

"I asked you a question, Carlton. I expect an answer."

Carlton swallowed hard. His voice was husky and thick when he replied. "Electus Daniel Everson."

Well, that part was true. However… "And?"

"M-My mate."

"Good boy." Daniel pulled the butt plug most of the way out then slammed it back into Carlton's ass as a reward. Carlton screamed and arched into the air again. "Do you want to come, Carlton?"
"Yesss," Carlton hissed.

"You know what I want."

Carlton's eyes widened and he started shaking his head. "I can't."

Daniel started moving the plug in and out of Carlton's ass, moving faster and faster, using his vampire abilities to increase his speed. "You can, Carlton, and it is the only way you will be allowed to come. I can keep this up all day long."

"Fuck me!" Carlton shouted, and Daniel couldn't help but wonder if the man knew he had yelled so loudly that the guards outside his private suite could hear him.

Daniel pulled the plug free and tossed it aside. He grabbed Carlton's hips and brought them up, and then placed the head of his cock against Carlton's tight entrance, pushing in just a little bit. He wanted Carlton to feel him, to want him until the man surrendered.

"Say it, Carlton, and I'll fuck you until you can't walk."

"C-Can't," Carlton whimpered.

"You can, Carlton. I'm your mate and it's just the two of us here right now."

Carlton's eyes were filled with intensity as he stared up at Daniel. Silence filled the room, broken only by their heavy breathing. Daniel didn't know if Carlton would give or if he would fight. He just had to wait until Carlton decided.

"Please, I need…"

Carlton arched, trying to drive himself back onto Daniel's cock. Daniel gripped Carlton's thighs tightly in his hands and held him in place. He would not take his anamchara until Carlton submitted to him. Begging wasn't the same thing, no matter how much it turned Daniel on.

"Do you admit that you are my mate, Carlton?"


"Do you submit to me?"

Carlton glared. His jaw clenched. Daniel pushed in just a fraction of an inch. Carlton's eyes rolled back into his head. "Yes!" he screamed.

Daniel drove forward with a single minded purpose, feeling every inch of Carlton's ass surround his aching cock. Carlton's deep cry of surrender was a balm for Daniel's soul. He didn't start out slow, instead going straight to pounding into Carlton as fast and as hard as he could.

The scent of Carlton's blood filled the air and Daniel realized that his claws had extended and even now dug into Carlton's golden skin. It only seemed to heighten both of their arousals, pushing them together and melding their souls together.

When Daniel felt himself getting closer, he leaned up over Carlton's body. Carlton's eyes were glazed but they followed Daniel's every movement. Daniel used one of his claws to slice a cut along his neck then leaned into Carlton's mouth.

He felt the man's slight hesitation and then pure bliss rushed through Daniel as he felt Carlton's canines sink into the soft flesh between his neck and shoulder. His cock thickened and he knew he was just moments from coming.

He reached down between their bodies and flicked the catch on the cock ring holding Carlton's orgasm at bay. The second he was free, Carlton cried out and filled the space between them.

Taking his cue from Carlton, Daniel sank his teeth into Carlton's throat and allowed his orgasm to overtake him. Having never fucked his anamchara before, Daniel had no idea how exquisite the experience would be.

Waves of pleasure washed over him as he filled Carlton with his essence and pulled in suck after suck of sweet, hot blood from the man. He panted around the bite mark as he felt the ribbons of their bonding snap into place. It felt like a part of Carlton was settling inside of him, taking up permanent residency.

It was an exchange that changed the both on a molecular level. From this day forward, Carlton belonged to Daniel, and Daniel belonged to Carlton. No other would ever fulfill them as much or bring them to this height of passion.

No other would ever smell as sweet. Daniel would be able to follow Carlton's scent anywhere, and anyone who smelled Carlton would know he had been claimed. With Carlton's blood running hot through his veins, no other would nourish him as his anamchara did.

Daniel pulled his teeth from Carlton's throat and licked the wound clean. He drew in a deep breath of air, loving the scent of their combined orgasms that filled the air. He smiled as he looked down at his mate but the smile slowly fell from his face when he saw the slow burning rage on Carlton's face.

"What the fuck have you done to me?"

For more on the Tribal Bonds series...

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GayRomLit 2012

Desire in the Desert

The only industry-wide event for readers, authors, and publishers of GLBTQ romance.

GayRomLit is a retreat for readers and writers of GLBT romance. A gathering place to hang out with people who read the same books you do. Get to know your favorite authors in a comfortable setting, ask all those burning questions about the books you love, and meet online friends at a one of a kind retreat.

We specifically chose the word retreat, which by definition is a place of safety - a refuge for those in attendance. Unlike your more traditional Lit-conferences the GayRomLit weekend will be centered on celebrating the fiction we all love and highlighting the authors and publishers who continue to support the genre.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Albuquerque, New Mexico is the location for the 2012 GayRomLit Retreat.

Please join us October 18th - 21st for the 2nd annual event.

Organized by

*J.P. Bowie * Ethan Day * Lynn Lorenz * Carol Lynne * William Neale*