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The Adonis of WeHo- A 'divine' comedy

By: G.A. Hauser

Available in: Epub, HTML, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc)

Having lived a life of ease in the heavens, Adonis had done well keeping a low profile and staying out of trouble.

But jealous Hera, whose wrath had come down on every half-mortal-half-god on Mount Olympus and earth, finally had him in her sites. She ordered Adonis to find a mortal woman to marry and mate, spreading his seed. Adonis had to accomplish this feat in two weeks, or…pay the consequences. And with someone as volatile as Hera, he knew it was no idle threat. She had saddled him with wings, merely to make his feat even more challenging.

The only problem was…Adonis loved men, not women.

Reese Anderson is a writer of erotic gay porn. Though he lives his life in his fantasy land, pumping out a plethora of novels per year, Reese doesn’t have good luck with men. They come…and they go.

One day on the beach in LA, Reese spots a man with wings and thinks he is seeing an angel of his death. Though he panics and the man flees, Reese returns to that beach to find that mysterious man, one who is desire incarnate.

Little does Reese know that his life is on a collision course with the gods of Greek Mythology as he finds himself in love with an Adonis. The Adonis. And Adonis soon becomes the star of Hollywood, and the ‘Adonis of WeHo’.

Available now from the GA Hauser Collection, LLC!/AuthorGAHauser

June 2012 – Stormy Glenn Interview and Giveaway

I'm being interviewed today at Hearts on Fire Reviews.

Leave a comment before 6/7/12 for a chance to win a copy of either

Sweet Oblivion or Sunshine's Kiss

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Now Available in Print

Troy Summers is a cop. He's recently been partnered with fellow police officer, Jamie Everson, and they get along great. He likes Jamie's brother, Nicky, even more.

When Nicky gets beaten up by his ex-boyfriend and comes to him for help, Troy can't say no, not when it brings Nicky right into his arms. Even still, Troy wants to take things slow with Nicky. He knows they have a connection but he wants to build a relationship with him, even if it means hiding it from Nicky's brother and the rest of the world.

But when Troy gets shot during a drug bust, all bets are off. Their secret relationship comes out. It not only lets everyone know that they've been living together, but brings Bruce back into the picture. Jamie and Troy have to work together to save not only Nicky but themselves, but can they save Nicky in time or will Troy lose the most intriguing man he's ever met?

Graham Craig and Darren Sanford have been having an affair for nearly a year, a secret affair. Graham doesn't want anyone to know. When Darren's emotions become too deeply involved, Graham knows he has to break things off, even if it feels like he's cutting out his own heart

When his self-imposed separation from Darren becomes more than he can stand, Graham goes back to beg for another chance. He sets out to prove what they have together is special. Then Graham learns some terrifying news that changes everything. Someone has put a hit out on him and everyone he loves is in danger. Graham knows what he has to do. As much as it pains him, Graham tells Darren they are over, again. He knows that this time, Darren will never give him another chance, but at least the man will be alive to hate him. Graham goes into protective custody, along with other members of the drug task force he works on, and his family.

But when well-meaning friends interfere, can Graham save the man he loves before an assassin's bullet gets him, or will he lose Darren before he has a chance to tell him—and the entire world—how much he loves the man?

Retro Release

Mating Heat is offered at a 50% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, June 20th

Fire Demon is offered at a 50% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, June 4th

Finished & Submitted - More Than A Pet

Formerly known as "Save A Sub"... More Than A Pet has been finished and submitted. It is a Tasty Teaser, set for release on or around July 24th.

The Dom War changed the world. Without the blood pets provide, masters die. Without the safe haven masters provide, pets die. But the fight over pets is a constant battle that grows more dangerous with each passing second.

Remsen Marrik doesn't know what to do when he inherits a pet from a man he has always been enemies with. Giving Boy up isn't an option because hunters are after the sweet little pet. But can he settle for someone he never chose?

Boy is a pet. He's been one for as long as he can remember. When his old master is killed, Boy is sent to Marrik, the one master that might be able to keep him safe from the hunters that are after him. But Marrik is unlike any master Boy has ever had and the rules Boy has always followed have changed. Can Boy learn to trust in this new master who seems to want more from him than any master ever has or will his own fears place him right into the hands of the hunters?


"Are you Marrik?"

Marrik glanced over at the man that spoke, surprised by the softness of the voice he heard until he saw the small, thin man standing beside him. Then it made sense. No man that regularly inhabited the bar they were in spoke so demurely. It could get someone killed.

There was one exception and he stood in front of Marrik, his head bowed, eyes looking down at the floor as all pets should do. Meeting a master's eyes could be seen as a challenge for power and that got people killed.

"I'm Marrik," he replied slowly. He was intrigued as to what this pet wanted. While it wasn't unusual for a pet to approach him, it was unusual for one to speak before given permission to do so. It was very unpet like.

"Remsen Marrik?"

Marrik sat up straighter and leaned back in his chair. He crossed his arms over his chest as he stared the man down. "Who wants to know?" he asked, curious to find out because not many people knew his first name. Everyone just called him Marrik.

Marrik was shocked by the glint of desperation in the milky green eyes that darted up to meet his for a brief second. The man's entire body shook and he looked ready to pass out on the floor. He was clearly terrified.

"Please, sir?"

"Yes," Marrik said, softening his reply when the man's anxiety came through in his distressed whisper, "I'm Remsen Marrik."

The relief that came over the man was immediate. His shoulders slumped as if a large weight had been lifted from them. His eyes closed briefly then dropped back down to the floor when they opened up again. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a white envelope, handing it over.

Marrik almost fell out of his seat when the man knelt down on the floor at his feet. He sat back, raising his arms out of the way as he watched the man wiggle under the table between his legs to lay his head down on Marrik's leg.

The man let out a contented little sigh and all of the tension in his body seemed to fade away right before Marrik's eyes. The little guy looked happy as fuck to be right where he sat—between Marrik's legs. Marrik would be lying if he said there wasn't something he liked about the man sitting there.

As the man snuggled in, Marrik remembered the envelope he held in his hand. Curious, he broke the wax seal and opened it up, pulling a piece of tan parchment paper free. He frowned as he opened it up read it.

Dear Remsen Marrik,

I would be the first to say that you and I don't see eye to eye on almost anything. We've even had our fare share of differences over the years. However, I have never seen you as anything other than an honorable adversary.

That being said, there is no one I feel I can entrust my precious treasure to except you. I know that you will protect my Boy with everything in you. If you're reading this letter, something has happened to me and I am no longer able to care for him. My Boy is special and many people want him for their own nefarious purposes and I hope you will keep him safe.

Boy is a gentle soul that needs a firm hand, guidance, and a safe place to be. I hope that you can provide that for him. I have informed Boy that he now belongs to you and must serve you as he served me. He understands his duties. His personal contract has been amended and your name now replaces mine as his master, as has his identifier mark.

I am trusting you with my most valuable possession, Marrik. Don't fuck it up.

Jonathon Simpson.

Marrik's mouth dropped open and he stared down at the man kneeling between his legs as shock flew through him like a freight train. He had inherited a boy, a pet? He didn't know if he had ever heard of such a thing.

"What is your name?"

"I am called Boy, Master."


"Take your clothes off. I want to see you."

Boy swallowed hard and reached for the hem of his shirt. He knew since Marrik was now his master that the man could demand this of him but no one had ever seen him naked except for Master Jonathan. To say he was nervous was an understatement. Boy was scared out of his mind.

He pulled his shirt off and neatly folded it on the bar top then reached for the buttons of his pants. Boy stepped out of his shoes and then pushed his pants down his legs. He folded his pants, grabbed his shirt, and placed them both on top of his shoes.

Then he stood and waited.

"Stand back so I can see you."

Boy swallowed again. His throat seemed to be getting dryer with each passing moment. He took a step back then another one and another one until he stood naked in the middle of the room. Boy was too terrified to look up and see Marrik's reaction. The man could still sell his contract to a stranger if he found Boy unappealing.

When Marrik walked into the living room and sat down on the couch, Boy started to drop to his knees until Marrik's deep voice filled the room.

"I did not tell you to kneel, Boy."

It took every last drop of Boy's courage to stay standing and drop his hands to his sides as he was supposed to. There was a lot that went into being someone's pet. The main thing was knowing what was proper and what was not. Standing at attention had been drilled into his head at a very early age. It was just nerve racking to do it stark ass naked when he was being looked over by his new master like a prized horse.


Boy turned around as carefully as he could considering his knees were shaking so bad he thought they might give out on him.


Boy almost squeaked when he heard Marrik stand up behind him. He pressed his lips together when Marrik's fingers trailed down his back.

"Did Master Jonathan give these to you?"

Boy nodded. He knew Marrik was referring to the faded whip marks on his back. Master Jonathan had a heavy hand.

"I don't like marks, Boy."

Gods, Boy hoped not. He understood that there were times that he needed to be punished but he hated being whipped. Maybe that was why Master Jonathan did it, because Boy hated it so much. If he had liked it, it wouldn't be a punishment.

"You will be punished if I deem it necessary but I will not leave marks." Boy almost jumped when he felt Marrik's fingers trailed down his back then over the curve of his rounded ass. "I prefer your skin to be smooth and silky."

Okay, good to know. Boy nodded his understanding, suddenly glad that he hadn't been given permission to speak. He'd be screaming. Marrik's hands moving over his ass were driving him to distraction.

"Suck my cock, Boy."

Boy's eyes widened at the clear demand. He quickly turned and dropped to his knees at Marrik's feet, reaching for the buttons on the man's pants. His fingers trembled as he unbuttoned Marrik's pants and pulled the edges apart until the man's hard cock popped free.

Damn! The man went commando.

Boy swallowed hard then leaned forward to flick his tongue across the tip of Marrik's cock. Pearly beads of pre-cum blasted across his tongue. It was all Boy could do not to groan at the exquisite taste. Marrick was tart with a small hint of something elusive, but something that drew Boy to want more.

"Look at me, Boy."

Boy's eyes snapped up to meet Marrik's. It was something he wasn't used to. Master Jonathan never let him look up when he was giving a blow job. He was to either keep his eyes closed or look down. This was new and it made Boy's stomach give an anxious roll.

"You will always look at me when you suck my cock, Boy," Marrik ordered as he gripped a handful of Boy's hair. "I want you to know whose cock is in your mouth."

Boy would have nodded but he was too busy swallowing down as much of Marrik's impressive length as he could get into his mouth. Boy enjoyed sucking cock because he had no gag reflex to speak of. It allowed him to suck almost any man down his throat. He had been told he was very good at it.

He just hoped Marrik approved.

Using every skill he had ever learned while with Master Jonathan, Boy swallowed the man down again until he felt the head of Marrik's cock hit the back of his throat. He swallowed hard then took another couple of inches until he felt his nose brush against Marrik's pubic hair.

Boy sucked his cheeks in and slowly pulled back, giving Marrik's hard cock as much suction as he could manage. Once he reached the head again, Boy used his tongue to curve around the underside of the head then licked away the small drops of pre-cum pooling in the small slit on the top.

The more he sucked and licked, the tighter Marrik's fingers curled into his hair. When Boy pulled off of Marrik's cock and leaned down further to suck on the man's ball sac, Marrik groaned and started humping his hips.

Boy felt like a king.

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Hop Against Homophobia - Winner

Hey all, I wanted to thank everyone that participated in this hop. Stamping out homophobia is very important. There are too many other things to worry about in this world than who is loving who. There are also too many wonderful people out there that deserve a life that most of us take for granted.

Congrats to the winner: Tabatha Hansen

I hope you enjoy "Sweet Oblivion"... due for release on May 26th.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Since learning about Hop Against Homophobia, and agreeing to be a participant in it, I have learned that there is some controversy surrounding it. Some believe that those of us participating are doing it only to garner sales for our books. And, while I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion, I did not enter this hop for that reason, nor do I believe my fellow writers did. I couldn't care less if this post gains me a single book sale. That is not my purpose.

Awareness is my purpose and here is why…

His name was Dana.

He was bright and sweet and had a smile that made everyone around him happy. We spent hours standing on the fire escape at college, checking out cute guys. He liked the fancy dressed ones. I liked cowboys and rednecks. But he had an eye for the nicest asses. He could see them coming or going, and point them out at a hundred paces.

He helped me with my makeup, and drove me crazy with his choice of clothing. He was a mess when it came to cooking and cleaning, a total slob. But he never let a day go by without telling me how much he cared for me, or how proud he was that I was his best friend. He had a seriously twisted sense of humor but he could make me laugh like no one I have ever met. He could impersonate Bette Midler singing from the movie "Beaches" and make me hit the floor laughing. We laughed together, spending our days ogling, and we cried together, spending our nights wondering why we couldn't find the perfect guys. He had a crush on my boyfriend, a secret we both promised to take to our graves. Sadly, one of us kept that promise. We were both looking for "Mr. Right". He settled for "Mr. Right Now".

And his "Mr. Right Now" took his life.

I lost Dana a little over 20 years ago. His sweet smile was taken from me, and the rest of the world, in an act of violence that I will never forget. And I fully believe that the monster that took him will never fully pay for what he did. He might have been found guilty of his crimes, but because it was considered "domestic violence between homosexual males", the punishment will never fit the crime.

Through friends and family, I have watched the people I care about struggle with being who they are… everything from having to hide who they love so they wouldn't lose their jobs to not being able to find adequate housing because they were gay to just trying to fit in. I have watched my loved ones struggle with the rage inside of them because they could not be legally married because they were in love with someone of the same sex, even after years being with the same person. And cry on my shoulder when their gay lover's family denied them access at the hospital because they refused acknowledge that they had a gay child with a lover of the same sex.

They have been denied the basic rights that most people don't even think about let alone consider that they might not have that right to. And for what?

How many people walk down the sidewalk and hold the hand of the one they love without even thinking of the consequences of their actions? Do straight people think "Gee, I wonder if someone will spit on me or yell at me, call me names or even worse, attack me physically, because I'm holding the hand of someone that is the same sex as me?" Or do they just hold the hand of their loved one?

When they meet that special someone, do they wish that they lived in a state that allowed gay marriage, or do they just start planning their wedding, knowing without a doubt that it is their right to get married?

Do they worry that the person they have lived with for years might get sick, not only because they want nothing to happen to their loved one, but because they might be denied access to their loved one because they are not legally married?

Will their children be discriminated against because his/her parents are the same sex? Will they be bullied or made fun of? Will the school that they attend try and teach them that how their parents live is wrong? Can they coach their kids' baseball team without other parents thinking they're a pervert because of who they love?

Will their family disown them because they love someone of the same sex?

Will people point at them?

Laugh at them?

Call them names?

All of the above?

Because of the people that I have been lucky enough to have in my life, both past and present, I have no tolerance for people who hate. Everyone should have the same rights, whether it's to get married or to walk down the street holding the hand of the one they love.

And yes, when it comes to my writing, I write because I love to write, but I also write m/m books because I truly believe that everyone has the right to love whoever they choose to, male, female, or purple penguin. And if I can convince just one person with my writing that what they feel is not only okay, but their right to feel… well, then…Dana would be proud of me.

The International Day Against Homophobia, held on May 17 every year, is a rallying event offering an opportunity for people to get together and reach out to one another. According to Fondation Émergence, the purpose behind the International Day Against Homophobia is to:

• Promote the growth of harmonious relationships among people, regardless of their sexual orientation;

• Further the inclusion of homosexual persons in society;

• Encourage citizens to understand sexual diversity;

• Put an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation in keeping with the charters of rights and freedoms;

• Give rise to a general open mindedness towards diversity, and other related values in our society;

• Show the devastating effects of homophobia;

• Propose and put in place concrete means to fight homophobia;

• Induce all sympathizers to organize activities aimed at fighting homophobia;

• Set up a consultation process among its partners;

• Converge all anti-homophobia activities on a single day;

• Put together an organizational structure capable of insuring the survival and recurrence of the event.

The goal of Hop Against Homophobia is to get people to see the messages on homophobic discrimination, and we're using prizes to do it. Homophobic discrimination is a very serious issue, but at the same time we want people to have fun during this hop so that they'll come next year (and hopefully bring more friends). So, please take the time to read this post along with the other posts on other blogs celebrating HAH. Leave a comment (along with your email) for a chance to win a free eBook copy of "Sweet Oblivion", my May 26th release. Only those comments with an email addy will be included in the contest. I have to have a way to contact you if you win. The Winner will be announced on my blog on May 21st.

For more blog posts, and the chance for more prizes, visit

SWEET OBLIVION - Available for Pre-Order


AVAILABLE: Saturday, May 26th

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, public exhibition, sex toys, HEA]

I just wanted a night out on the town, a little fun. When Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mysterious walked into the bar, I knew my chances had just increased. Damn, he was fine, too. And I planned to have him before the night was through. I just had to get his attention first and then he would be mine. With that in mind, I started across the bar…

Okay, I don’t do morning-afters, so why am I in bed with the same man I had sex with the previous night? And why are we in his bed? Why not my bed? I never went home with my conquests. He was really hot, and great in the sack, but I didn't do relationships. They were messy and emotional and…


Are those fangs in his mouth?


Can you say yum?

I can. I had seen a lot of sexy men over the years, especially in my line of work, but I couldn't ever remember seeing one as sexy as the man sitting across the bar from me. He gave new meaning to the words sex on a stick.

He was simply gorgeous.

And he had my full attention. He had my cock's attention too. From the second I spotted him I had gone from merely checking out the crowd to finding me a flat surface and fuck me until I can't walk. And it had only taken a matter of seconds. That might have been a new record for me.

Yeah, I was easy.

So the fuck what?

I knew a good lay when I saw one and this guy promised to make all of my dreams come true and maybe invent a few new ones. He was sex personified. Christ, he couldn't even walk across the room without every eye in the place turning to watch him. The power in his stride alone was enough to make my balls tingle.

There was something commanding about him, dangerous, something to be feared. It was almost as if all of the air in the room had been sucked out the moment he stepped inside. This was a man that knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to take it. And if I was lucky, he'd be taking me later tonight.

I knew I was good looking. Hell, I was damn near Michael Angelo material. Or so I had been told. My looks were both a blessing and a curse. I was pretty enough to usually get what I wanted but no one ever took me seriously.

I snorted softly to myself. Apparently brains did not go hand in hand with looks. You either got one or the other. I have been blessed with astonishing good looks so that meant I had to be as dumb as a box of rocks.

If only.

There were times that I loved my looks, and I certainly knew how to use them. I could wiggle my ass and have men bowing at my feet. It often kept a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I couldn't even begin to count the number of times I had been told I had the sweetest ass in the universe.

My ass really was my masterpiece. It was tight, rounded just enough to be a handful, and curved out my jeans like a wet dream. Add in my nicely sculpted abs, tanned sleek skin, baby blue eyes and light blond hair, and I had the total package.

With any luck, tonight it would get me a few hours in Mr. Sexy's bed. Hell, I wouldn't even charge him. I just wanted to feel his over abundance of muscles sweating over my body as he fucked me into the mattress.

Or any flat surface.

As good as he looked, I would take a round surface at this point.

I ignored the men that called out to me and the hands that reached out to stroke my skin as I sauntered across the room, putting an extra bit of sway into my hips. My target was in sight and I was going in for the kill.

I knew the moment he spotted me. I could feel my skin begin to tingle, and my balls tightening up close to my body. My cock was rock hard. As tight as my pants were, I knew my package was expertly outlined by the thin fabric.

The closer I walked, the more heated my skin became. I could almost feel his dick pounding into me. My hole pulsed around the butt plug I had inserted into my ass earlier tonight in anticipation. I knew I was going to be fucked when I left my little apartment tonight. I just didn't know by whom.

Until now.

I fingered the collar of my white shirt and then let my hand trail lazily down the front of my chest as I licked my lips. I could almost smell the man's growing arousal as he watched the tiny movement of my tongue. I let it flicker out and move against my lower lip.

That’s right. Show me you're interested, handsome.

I ignored the shocked looks of the other men sitting at the table with my eye candy. I didn't care about them. They didn't exist as far as I was concerned. No one did except the man turning toward me and parting his thick muscular thighs in silent invitation.

It was an invitation I had no qualms about accepting.

I didn't say a word as straddled the man's thighs like an expert bull rider. From the desire I could see burning in his vivid blue eyes, no words were needed. He knew exactly why I was there just as much as I did. I could feel it in the hard cock pressing up against my ass.

I felt an involuntary shiver race through my body when the man's large hands closed around my waist. I kid you not, they were so large that he could almost completely encircle my entire waist.

And they weren't pushing me away, either. They were pulling me closer. God, my fucking cock ached. My need was growing with every passing second. I knew if I didn't get this man's cock in my ass in the next five minutes, I was going to blow without him.

And wouldn't that be the saddest thing on earth?



He wanted me.

When he used the hand gripping my hair to push me down to my knees between his thighs, I couldn't help but grin. I knew what he wanted. It was what most men wanted, especially after they got a good look at my overly plump lips. I usually looked like I had been stung by something or punched right in the lips.

Like I said, I knew I looked good. If it wasn't my bubble butt they were after, it was my lips. I looked like I could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Technically, I couldn't but that didn't stop me from trying. And that was something I did well. I had no doubt I'd have this guy in the palm of my hand in under a minute.

Yes, I was that damn good.

Did I mention I had no gag reflex?

At. All.

I quickly lowered the man's zipper and reached in to pull his cock out. I could feel my heart skip a beat in my chest before my hand had fully pulled the man's cock free from his pants. Once I got a good look at the monstrosity I pulled out, I began to have my doubts about my abilities.

His hands weren't the only things that were huge. He was hung like a fucking horse. His cock was so thick that my hand wouldn't even fully close around it and I seriously doubted I could cover every inch of his length if I had four hands. He had to be at least ten inches long.

Okay, I might be in trouble.

The hand curled in my hair tightened. When I glanced up, the man's dark eyebrow was arched as if he were challenging me. I never, ever, let anyone dare me to do something and not follow through. I started this. I was going to finish it.

Keeping my eyes locked with tall, dark, and handsome, I carefully lowered my mouth and swallowed just the tip of the man's cock. My lips burned as they stretched around his wide girth.

Oh my fucking god!

The drops of pre-cum pooling on the head of the man's cock trickled over my tongue, bathing me in the most exotic flavors I had ever tasted in my life. I had expected tart, 'cause let's face it, most men had bitter tasting cum.

This man tasted spicy.



Hell, he tasted like the ambrosia of the gods. I could seriously get addicted to sucking this guy off on a regular basis. I might even beg for the chance. Too bad this was just a onetime deal. I never went back for seconds.

I did seriously consider it for about two seconds after tasting this guy. But I didn't need the baggage. I just wanted to get off, even if it meant getting Mr. Sexy off first. I just prayed he had really good recuperative powers. I wasn't done with him by a long shot.

I stroked my tongue over the head of his cock as I waited for my lips to stretch around him enough to swallow him. It was obvious that it was going to take a little more effort than normal for me to suck this guy off. I mentally shrugged to myself. Oh well. He had the potential to give me a really good ride. I could put a little more effort out for that.

I tried to do just that. Once my mouth had adjusted to his size, I licked a long path from the tip of his cock down to the root and then down just a bit further. I felt the man's hand tighten in my hair when I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. Oh yeah, he liked that. I could tell.

I took the time to suck the other ball into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue before licking a line back up the thickly veined sides. By the time I reached the slit on the head of his cock, another pool of pre-cum had gathered and started dripping down the sides of his cock. I eagerly licked at each drop until my mouth exploded in flavor.

Another long, deep groan fell from my lips as I slowly sucked him down. I got about half way down the man's impressive erection before I had to pause and draw in a deep breath through my nose. Once I had more air in my lungs, I continued.

I'll be the first to admit that I had a bit of an ego. Anyone looking the way I did would have one. I couldn't walk into a room without having men, and women, lust after my body. But the lust that flared in the man's deep blue eyes as I swallowed him down until my nose was nestled in his pubic hair, was the biggest ego boost I had ever received.

It made me feel like I could conquer the world. I wanted more. I slowly started to bob my head, sucking in my cheeks as I moved my lips up his thick cock. I wanted to savor every last inch as he moved through my mouth.

Once I got the hang of things, I was able to move faster. The more my mouth moved up and down the man as he fucked my mouth, the easier it became to swallow him down to the root every time. I could still feel drops of luscious tasting pre-cum splattering over my tongue every time I swallowed, and god, it was fucking fantastic.

When the man's balls started to pull up tight to his body, I increased the speed of my movements, sucking him down my throat faster and faster each time, hollowing my cheeks out as I moved back up to the tip.

I knew the man was getting close and I wanted him to remember this blow job as the best one he had ever received. When his cock began to swell, my eyes widened and I gagged. The man just grinned and held my head in place with a hand to the back of my head.

I suddenly couldn't get any air into my lungs. I tried breathing through my nose but it was buried in the man's pubic hair as he shoved his cock all of the way down my throat and came with a low rumble.

Load after load of cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I was able to but I could feel drops of it slide out of the edges of my mouth. I ached to swallow every drop but I just couldn't. When the pressure on the back of my head released, I lifted my head, the man's cock falling from my mouth with a loud plop, and went about licking up every drop of cum I could find.

When Mr. Sex on a stick was all cleaned up, I carefully put him back in his pants but I didn't zip him up. I was really hoping our time together wasn't over. My need had been growing while I sucked him off and if I didn't get a cock in my ass pretty soon, I was going to scream.

It wouldn't be a pretty sight.

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Book of the Month

My story "Just A Vampire" was reviewed by Long and Short Erotic Reviews right here:

and is up for Book of the Month honor

(voting runs from Saturday June 2nd through Sunday June 3rd).

Sunshine's Kiss


McCaffrey Men 1

Available now!

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex in shifted form, HEA]
Sam Bishop is on the run, and the safest place he can think of to hide is the ranch where he grew up. He just doesn't expect Jesse McCaffrey, the ranch owner, to be waiting for his return. The man is both angry that Sam left him five years ago and determined to make sure that Sam never leaves again.

But the danger that Sam is fleeing is right on his tail, and Jesse will have to reveal his darkest secret in order to save Sam. Getting Sam to stay after that will take more determination than Jesse might have. A little luck wouldn't hurt either.
And if that doesn't work, Jesse will just claim Sam as his Lycan mate and keep him anyway.



Sam smiled when he heard the front door open and close and his mom’s voice calling out to him. He jumped up off the bed and raced out into the living room. He stopped at the end of the hallway and just stared at his mom, the woman he hadn’t laid eyes on in five years.

“Damn, you just get more beautiful with age, don’t you?” He grinned when a soft rosy flush filled his mom’s cheeks. Gods, he loved the woman. “I hope that’s a trait I get from you when I’m older.”


Sam didn’t try and suppress the tears that came to his eyes this time as he rushed across the room and into the arms his mom held out to him. He buried his face in her neck and inhaled as deeply as he could. Everything in his world settled as the sweet scent of lavender filled his senses.

“I missed you, Son.”

“I missed you too, Mom.”

Sarah Bishop leaned back and ran her hand down the side of Sam’s face, her eyes searching his. “How long are you home, Son?”

Sam shrugged, glancing away. “I’m not sure, Mom. I have some thinking to do before I make any decisions.”

Sarah nodded. “Does Jesse know you’re home?”

“Jesse?” Sam frowned. That was the same thing that Gabe had asked him. Why was everyone so interested in whether Jesse McCaffrey knew he was home or not? “No, why would he?”

Sarah’s mouth pressed together for a moment, a pensive look wrinkling her forehead, and then she shook her head. “You need to let Jesse know you’re home, Son. He runs the place now.”

“I’m not here to see Jesse, Mom.”


He wasn’t.

“You still need to let him know that you’re back, Son. He’s going to want to know.”



Sam knew that tone. It was the one that said mom was putting her foot down. He could argue with her until his face turned blue but it wouldn’t do him any good. “Fine.” Sam sighed deeply. “I’ll go tell Jesse that I’m home.”

Sam didn’t understand why everyone was so all fired up about him telling Jesse that he was home, but if it would get everyone off his back, he’d do it. Right after he got done throwing up from the butterflies swimming around in his stomach at the thought of seeing the man again.

“He’s out on the range right now but he should be back soon.” Sarah patted Sam’s arm. “Why don’t you go wait for him on the front porch of the main house? I’m sure he will want to see you the moment he gets back.”

Sam seriously doubted that but who was he to argue. Sam leaned in and gave his mom a small kiss on her cheek then walked out of the front door. His stomach was clenching and his palms felt damp and clammy.

Maybe coming home wasn’t such a good idea. He had intended to avoid Jesse at all costs. Now, it looked like everyone was doing everything they could to make sure he was placed right in Jesse’s path.

Sam’s steps slowed as he rounded the front of the house. He stopped at the edge and looked toward the front of the house. His eyes settled on the long porch that ran the length of the front of the house. His memories of the place were good and bad.

The wide stone front steps that led up to the thick double doors were where Jesse had kissed Sam for the very first—and last— time. The steps were also the place Jesse had been standing the last time Sam ever saw him.

Sam’s feet felt like lead weights as he walked toward the steps. He could think of a million different places he would rather be than right here. Well, he didn’t mind being home so much. He just didn’t want to be in the crosshairs of Jesse McCaffrey.

That scared him more than Desmond did.

Sam walked to the edge of the steps then climbed up to the top. He turned and sat down, resting his injured wrist on his thighs. He didn’t know what Jesse did around the ranch anymore, so he didn’t know how long he had to wait.

The cloud of dust coming up the driveway at a breakneck speed was a big clue. Sam swallowed hard and pressed his cast against his stomach as he tried to quell his nerves and hold it together long enough to get away without losing his composure.

Jesse McCaffrey was coming for him.

And he looked pissed.


“Jesse.” Sam’s hand raised up as if he wanted to touch Jesse then fluttered back to his chest. “I…what”—Sam licked his lips, instantly drawing Jesse’s gaze—”what’s going on?”

Jesse reached up and rubbed his thumb over Sam’s plump lips. Damn, they were the softest thing he had ever felt. Jesse still remembered the one brief kiss he’d received five years ago. He didn’t think he’d ever forget.

“You figure it out,” Jesse murmured right before he lowered his head and took his second kiss from the man meant to be his. The moment their lips met, Jesse groaned. Sam tasted just as good as he remembered, maybe even better.

Jesse licked along the seam of Sam’s mouth until the man’s lips parted slightly then he dived in, pushing past Sam’s lips to explore inside. The tremble that shook Sam’s body was like a heady stream of lust shooting right into Jesse’s veins.

After Sam had left so abruptly, Jesse had questioned the man’s eager response to their first kiss. He wondered if he had imagined the desire he had seen burning in Sam’s eyes all those years ago.

Now he knew he hadn’t.

Sam wanted him just as much as he wanted Sam. Jesse needed to know why Sam had left. His heart ached for that knowledge. But he wasn’t going to ask a single question until he claimed Sam and made the man his.

He knew it was underhanded to claim Sam without his express permission, but he wasn’t taking any chances. Sam could protest all he wanted once they were bound together, once there was no way for Sam to ever leave him again.

While his lips plundered Sam’s mouth, Jesse reached down between their bodies and went to work on the opening of the man’s pants. He needed Sam naked more than he needed to breathe. It was imperative. Breathing wasn’t.

Regretfully, Jesse leaned back and knelt between Sam’s thighs. He really liked kissing Sam but getting the man naked was more important. He grabbed the hem of Sam’s shirt and started to work it up his stomach and chest. When he reached Sam’s shoulders, he paused and just stared down at Sam. This would be the make or break moment for them.

Sam stared up at Jesse for so long that Jesse felt a growl building in his chest. Despite the overwhelming need that he felt to claim Sam, he knew he wouldn’t force him. He wouldn’t hurt a hair on Sam’s head.

When Sam leaned up and allowed Jesse to pull the shirt over his head, Jesse’s legs almost shook in his relief. He tossed the shirt aside then reached for Sam’s pants. A long shudder shook Sam’s body when Jesse’s hand brushed against the hard tent in the man’s pants.

Jesse clenched his teeth, trying to keep control of his desire for the smaller man. He hadn’t wanted anyone but Sam in so many years that he had almost forgot what it felt like to actually touch someone intimately.

Jesse scooted down to the bottom of the bed and grabbed the edge of Sam’s pants. His eyes ate up each inch of naked flesh revealed as he slowly pulled the pants down Sam’s legs. Damn, Sam had just gotten better looking.

How was that even possible?

Sam had been a beautiful child. As an adult, he was breathtaking. Jesse had never met anyone that drew him more than Sam. The thought that he would be able to keep Sam to himself for the rest of his life almost made Jesse come where he stood at the bottom of the bed.

Jesse dropped Sam’s pants to the floor then shoved his own jeans down his legs. He climbed back up on the bed and scooted up to hover over Sam once again, groaning when their naked skin pressed together for the very first time.

He dropped his head down to rest against the soft curve of Sam’s neck and just drew in the heady sensation. Sam’s skin was silky smooth. It was meant to be touched, caressed, and licked. Jesse had every intention of doing all of that and more.

And he needed to do it soon before he embarrassed himself and came before brining Sam any pleasure. He was holding on to his control by a thread. Just touching Sam after all of these years was a wonder.

Jesse leaned over Sam and reached into his nightstand for the small bottle of lube. He dropped it on the bed beside Sam. His hand trembled slightly as he reached for Sam, trailing his hand from the top of his collarbone down his chest to his abdomen.

So silky smooth.

Jesse just had to taste. He needed to see if Sam’s skin tasted just as sweet as it felt. He leaned down and licked a path from Sam’s collarbone to his shoulder.


It did.

He couldn’t stop. One lick turned into another and then another until Sam’s entire chest had been lavished and Sam was trembling beneath Jesse, which was just the way Jesse wanted him. Sam needed to lose his mind. That was Jesse’s goal. He wanted their first time to be so mind blowing for Sam that he never thought of leaving again.

As he slowly worked his way down Sam’s body, Jesse reached for the bottle of lube and squirted some out on his fingers. Despite his overwhelming need to claim Sam, he wouldn’t do so until the man was completely ready for him.

When his fingers trailed down between Sam’s ass cheeks, Sam groaned and spread his legs, giving Jesse more access, better access. Jesse was elated, and so aroused that spots danced in front of his eyes.

Stretching Sam’s tight entrance out took very little effort as if Sam’s body seemed to know who Jesse was and welcomed him in. The fact that Sam seemed to need each thrust of Jesse’s slick fingers in his ass was just a bonus.

Jesse was almost loath to pull his fingers from Sam’s ass knowing how much pleasure he was giving the man. Almost. But the knowledge that he could give Sam even more pleasure when he claimed him gave Jesse the control to withdraw his fingers and replace them with his aching cock.

He hooked his arms under Sam’s legs and yanked the man’s lower body up into the air. He watched between their bodies as his cock penetrated Sam’s ass, pushing past the first ring of muscles, and then he looked up into the most beautifully astonished amber eyes he had ever gazed into.

Sam’s eyes widened the more that Jesse slid into him. Jesse didn’t see pain in them, or he would have stopped. But the pleasure blossoming across Sam’s flushed face was stripping his control away faster than Jesse could hang on to it.

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When huge sky blue eyes peak out at him from under strawberry blond hair at a Wolf Mating party, Ben can't deny his fascination, or his need to claim Stefan as his mate. But Stefan comes with a lot of baggage. According to vampire law, he's been given away by his brother to Dane, the brother of Stefan's best friend, Audley. In exchange, Audley has been given to Stefan's brother. The problem? Audley and Stefan are both Ben's mates.
When Stefan and Audley are kidnapped, Ben and their friends race to save them. Can Ben survive long enough to save his mates or will his worst nightmare come true? Can Stefan and Audley overcome their fears long enough to save their mate or will they lose him forever?