Friday, June 24, 2011

Finished & Submitted - The Lady Blue Crew

Have I got a surprise for you all... kept it secret until the first 2 books were done and submitted but here it is...

Co-authored with Lynn Hagen...

The Lady Blue Crew

End of the Line

Lady Blue Crew 1

Giovanni Gallardo is on the run. With only a knapsack in his hands, he boards a ship to get as far away from earth as he possibly can. When he arrives at End of the Line, things go south fast.

Remy Vystal is the commander of the Lady Blue. Kicked out of the Elite Force for something they didn't do, Remy and his crew travel the galaxy taking on missions to survive.

When a stowaway is discovered onboard, the fun has only just begun. Remy has found his mate in the little human, but Gigi is more than the crew is used to handling.

When they discover Gigi's secret, the crew must fight to keep Gigi alive. Keeping Gigi safe from the replicator that's possessed may be easier than keeping him safe from the one man who has called a bounty on all of their heads.

Pax's Blues

Lady Blue Crew 2

Paxton chambers lived from hand to mouth, doing things he despised to survive. When one of the crew members of the Lady Blue asks him to help out, Pax is quick to lend a hand.

Colt Walking Cloud is a member of the Lady Blue crew. He's fast, quick, and quiet, a deadly weapon with a sniper rifle. When he discovers that the little blue man is his mate, Colt goes on the hunt.

Pax can never understand what anyone is saying. He thinks his intelligence is under par. Colt takes him under his wing and shows him a life Pax never dreamed of having.

When Lady Blue is infested with slug-like worms with a lethal mucus, it's up to the crew to irradiate them. The only thing stopping them is the fact the Pax has taken a liking to them and will do whatever he can to save them, even launch the escape pod.

For more on the crew, to read excerpts, see the solar system they fly through, or look at the Lady Blue spaceship... visit my site at

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Silver Publishing Thanksgiving Project

Thanksgiving Project

We need you to help us select a needy family this season.

Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and holiday meals - for sharing and spreading happiness. A time to be thankful for the people, experiences, and gifts we receive in our lives. Unfortunately, there are some people who have a tougher situation than we do. Regardless of the hardship in their lives, whether it's a family crisis, lost job or other unforeseen circumstances, they are unable to truly celebrate the holidays because of their financial situation.

In hopes of helping these families share in the holidays, last year, Silver Publishing donated two $500 Gift Certificates to grocery stores local to two needy winners. The recipients were nominated by family, friends and coworkers who witnessed, first-hand, the hardship these families experiences day-to-day. They nominated each family via a forum post. It was heartbreaking to pick only two families, but we chose and they were able to join others in the holiday experience.

We want to expand that further this year and try to help more families during these difficult times so we’ve joined forces with other publishers, review sites, authors, and others in order to spread the holiday message and allow others to truly enjoy the season which would otherwise be too difficult to do on their own.

This year, Silver Publishing is going to repeat the project and offer another $1000 in gifts to needy families. Additionally, we are going to add a percentage of royalties earned during a special sales week to be announced. Others joining in the sponsorship will contribute other gifts of their choosing – whether it’s food, money, gift cards, or another gift, we are getting together in a joint effort to help more families during this special time.

If you’d like to help us, please nominate a family you feel needs a little help this Thanksgiving. Let us know ‘why’ you feel they should get a sponsorship. And don’t forget to let us know how to contact YOU, the nominator. This way, if the family mentioned is selected, the sponsor can contact you for more info on how best to send them their holiday gift.

We are accepting nominations July 1, 2011- October 31, 2011.

To nominate a family, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Thank you,

Stormy Glenn & Silver Publishing

Friday, June 10, 2011

Book of the Week Nominee - Redemption

Whipped Cream erotic romance reviews wants to know which book or story sounds like the best read based on their reviews. The winning author gets a nifty button and the privilege of having their book or story featured at the top of that page the entire next week, as well as getting a custom made video from Goddess Fish Promotions to publicize their review and the win!

My story "Redemption" was reviewed this week and is up for Book of the Week honor this weekend

(voting runs from Saturday, June 11th through Sunday June 12th).
You can find the information here on Saturday:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fatefully Yours isn't just a series… it's a passion!

Sweet hell, I love men. And the more the better, right? There is just something about reaching deep inside and finding that sweet, mushy center of a strong, tough, alpha male.

I honestly have no clue where the idea came from for the Fatefully Yours series. I wasn’t doing anything in particular, probably just sitting around daydreaming, when a voice started talking inside my head about tests, battles, wars, and the fight between good and evil.

From there, the idea completely ran away from me as it usually does. Seven badass demons who’d risked everything to escape Tartarus. One small and broken man who’s just looking for his place and a little slice of happiness.

Introduce the villain. Secondary characters join the ranks to swell the army that will battle against angry, bloodthirsty gods and all types of fantastical and monstrous creatures. And I ran with it from there.

I don’t know many hours I spent pouring over information to find just the right creatures for each book. I researched dozens of different mythological beasts from several different cultures. Roman and Greek mythology, Japanese folklore, and some I simply created from the spark of a thought.

Then I had to build my world, finding just the right location for this tale and keeping as close to the facts as possible. Luckily, my little fantasy world gives me some leeway on certain things. It was a lot of effort, but in the end, I think it all paid off to make the story the most it can be.

Leave a comment on this blog and be entered in a contest to win a free eBook copy of Dark Devotion (Fatefully Yours 1) by Gabrielle Evans. Winner will be chosen at random. Only entries posted here on this blog will be officially entered. Contest begins June 10th and runs till midnight on June 15th so enter now for your chance to win.

Come discover the men of Gabrielle Evan's Fatefully Yours series…

Release Dates:
Dark Devotion (Fatefully Yours 1) - June 13th
Upon Crimson Waters (Fatefully Yours 2) - June 20th
Firestorm (Fatefully Yours 3) - June 27th
Hell's Tempest (Fatefully Yours 4) - July 4th
Shades of Black (Fatefully Yours 5) - TBA
Hypnotic Healing (Fatefully Yours 6) - TBA
The Hunger (Fatefully Yours 7) - TBA
Behind Closed Doors (Fatefully Yours 8) - TBA
Reckoning (Fatefully Yours 9) - TBA

Dark Devotion (LoveXtreme) Fatefully Yours 1

AVAILABLE: Monday, June 13th

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, demons]

Hex and his six demon warriors escaped the depths of Tartarus under Hades's watchful eye to live among the mortals in the Top World. The Oracle has prophesized an epic battle to come—a war between good and evil that will test the warriors as never before.

When Echo arrives on their doorstep, cold, naked, and hungry, they immediately realize he is their mate, and the prophesized “heart” that beats between them. Echo may be the ultimate weapon in the war, but he’s also a spitfire, and he instantly turns their world upside down.

If fighting an angry god weren’t enough, the warriors learn Echo has escaped from a secret lab hidden away in the mountains, and it isn’t long before trouble comes looking for them. Can the demons keep their new mate safe when it seems the entire world—and the Underworld—is against them?

Upon Crimson Waters (LoveXtreme) Fatefully Yours 2

AVAILABLE: Monday, June 20th

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage Romance, M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M, gods, demons, sex toys]

The test has come, and Eyce finds himself unprepared to deal with the churning crimson waters of the lakes and ponds. The Oracle warns that he must surrender in order to be victorious—a concept foreign to the big warrior. Surrender is not an option.

Echo still doesn’t understand his role in this war, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to help Eyce complete his task. First, he must find a way inside the demon’s heart and force him to accept the love he offers so freely.

While Echo and Eyce work to clear the lakes, the threat from the lab still hangs heavy in the air. More are coming. They will never stop coming. Though their troubles seem never ending, Echo knows they can face down their enemies if they stand together. Now, if he can only make Eyce see this before it’s too late.

Gabrielle can be found in the following places online…!/gevans983 or @gevans983

Monday, June 6, 2011



Coming August 18th

Mickey is a male prostitute. He needed some way to survive on the streets. But after a few years in the business, he was growing tired of sleeping with nameless strangers. After getting smacked around by someone he thought cared about him, Mickey decides to quit the business, take his nest egg, and leave town. He just doesn't expect the huge earthquake that hits the city.

When his neighbor and adopted grandmother, Ms. Dixie, is stuck in the rubble of what used to be their apartment building, Mickey knows he needs help to rescue her. He flags down a group of bikers trying to get out of the city before the aftermath chaos hits. Mickey tries to make a deal with the lead biker to save Ms. Dixie. He's disappointed when Vinnie agrees to take the deal out in trade rather than cold hard cash, but he agrees. He'd do anything to save Ms. Dixie, even let the sexiest biker he has ever seen have him.

Erotic, Contemporary, M/M, Romance



Coming August 8th

When Ifan Vashnikov is summoned to the Great Gathering and learns of the plan set up by UPAC, he decides he'd rather go feral than be forced to take a mate. Before he can voice his decision to the elders, he finds himself mated. But his mating is not the usual mating. For one, he didn't drink the spiked champagne like everyone else so he isn't in heat. And two, his mate was being cared for and protected for his own safety.

Misha is a dreamwalker, the most powerful dreamwalker in over a thousand years. Because of that, he was being hunted. People wanted to use his powers for evil. Misha just wants to settle down somewhere quiet with his dream mate. When he's rescued and taken to the UPAC headquarters, he finally meets the man he has been sharing dreams with for over a year, the man he fell in love with—except Ifan doesn't seem to know him. When danger comes, Misha doesn't know whether to turn to Ifan or run for his life.



Midnight Matings 6

Coming June 23rd

The gathering is called. The spell is cast. There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.

Sterling Roane has a job to perform. He is the personal bodyguard of a vampire coven leader. When the council of elders decrees that everyone needs to find a mate, Sterling isn't interested, but he can't deny the mating heat sweeping through his body.

Still, he has a mission to complete and a coven leader to protect. When a wolf shifter interferers with that duty, the fight is on. Before Sterling knows it, he's accidentally mated to the Alpha of the Pacific Northwest Region. It's just too bad that his new mate swears he isn't gay. It gets even worse when Sterling finds out that Beau is engaged to be married.

Heartbroken, Sterling drops Beau off in the middle of nowhere and flees back to New York only to find out that the hell that is waiting for him is worse than what he left in a Wyoming airport. Someone is trying to claim him, and it's not his mate.


Viking Lore 1

Coming June 13th from Siren Publishing

Available for pre-order

Jarl Radulfr is a warrior, the chieftain of his people. It is his duty to protect and fight for them. But duty comes at a price. Radulfr has no one to call his own. When his clan is attacked, he accepts a bride in a peace-pledge to avoid war with a neighboring clan. He doesn't know until he arrives that the bride he has come to claim is a man.

His betrothed is not what he expected, but Radulfr has sworn upon his honor to accept the peace-pledge. It doesn't hurt that Ein is pretty damn cute. Radulfr decides to accept things as they are and begins to take Ein home. But there are those that don't want them to reach home—gods, mercenaries, and the man who started the war in the first place. Radulfr and Ein will have to use all of their wits, and the growing bond between them, to keep themselves alive because gifts from the gods come at a price.

Erotic Alternative Historical Fantasy Romance, gods, shape-shifters


Radulfr knocked impatiently on the wooden door inside the byre. He didn't know what to think when he had asked for Ein and been directed to a building that housed the farm animals. He could think of no reason his bride would be inside of a byre.
"Come in."
Radulfr frowned as he opened the door and stepped inside. The voice he heard sounded suspiciously like a man's voice. If that was so, Radulfr wanted to know why a man was inside a closed room with his betrothed.
His eyes were immediately drawn to the small figure sitting on a raised platform sitting across the room from him. He was mesmerized by slightly paled skin hidden under streams of sunlight blond hair. It took all of his finely honed control to look away from the alluring form and around the rest of the room.
"I am looking for Ein," he said when he didn't see anyone else in the small room.
"I'm Ein."
Radulfr's eyes snapped back to the person sitting on the platform. He peered closer and knew he was definitely looking at a man but he couldn't dismiss the stirring he felt in his groin at the vision before him. He just didn't understand it.
"You are Ein?" The man nodded, swallowing so hard that Radulfr could hear it from his position by the door. "Son of Jarl Dagr?"
"Jarl Dagr is not my faðir but I am who you are looking for."
"I'm looking for a woman," Radulfr snapped.
"I'm sorry you were deceived but as you can see…" Ein stood up and held his hands out to his sides… "I am not a woman and Jarl Dagr knows it well."
"By Thor's hammer," Radulfr whispered, "I've been bonded to a man."
Radulfr couldn't begin to describe the rage that instantly flooded him but he could see it mirrored in Ein's fear as the man stepped back from him, eyeing him warily.
"I'm sorry you were deceived," Ein said again. "I'm sure under the circumstances that you can bring suit against Jarl Dagr before the lawspeakers and have the hansal nullified."
Radulfr's eyes narrowed as he heard Ein's words. "We rode through the night to reach this hov. No one could have gotten here before us. How did you even know about the hansal?"
If anything, Ein's face paled even more as he shrugged. "I just do."
"That answer is not good enough, Ein." Radulfr crossed his arms over his chest to keep himself from reaching for the man and giving him a good shake. "Was this whole thing set up by Dagr and Fafnir? Were you involved?"
"No, please, you have to believe me. Fafnir and I may have had the same mother but I've never even met the man. I only know of Jarl Dagr because he pays a foster fee to the hov to house me. He doesn't want me returning to his land and bringing his shame to light before his clan. I swear I had nothing to do with any of this."
"Then tell me how you know we were betrothed."
"Someone stopped by and told me to expect you."
"Just some old man."
"And you believed him?" Radulfr snorted.
"You're here, aren’t you?"
Radulfr gritted his teeth at Ein's sarcastic answer. He needed to maintain control of his emotions, especially his anger. Losing control could be dangerous for everyone, including Radulfr.
"Who was this old man?"
Ein pressed his lips together and shrugged. Radulfr narrowed his eyes. It was clear that he wasn't going to get any answers out of Ein. He just hoped the man didn't continue to fight him when they reached home or things would go very badly for both of them. Radulfr didn't like being thwarted.
Radulfr stepped back and leaned again the wall, taking a deep breath as he suddenly realized he had already decided to take Ein home with him. He just didn't know if that decision came from his own sense of honor or the way the man looked.
He had to admit, as men went, Ein was by far one of the most attractive Radulfr had ever seen. His skin had a porcelain quality but seemed to almost shine in the soft light from the moon shining through the window.
Ein wasn't a big man, certainly not as big as Radulfr was. He'd never make a warrior. Radulfr couldn't say he was disappointed in the fact. He didn't like the idea of his betrothed being in battle. He'd much prefer to come home and have someone welcome him back.
The smoky silver eyes that kept peering over at him between strands of long white blond hair intrigued Radulfr more than anything. Ein's eyes were very expressive. Radulfr thought he might be able to see his soul mirrored in those smoky depths.
"I know why I agreed to the peace-pledge," Radulfr finally said after several moments of silence. "Why did you? It is your right to deny the handsal."
"The old man pointed out to me that I have spent nearly all of my life here at the hov. I am unlikely to meet anyone here that is marriageable. If I don't, I will never be able to go out into the world and experience what it has to offer."
Radulfr wasn't sure how he felt about that statement beyond the fact that it made him want to growl. "And how do you feel about being betrothed to me?"
Ein's face flushed and he looked quickly down at the floor. "I'm okay with it. The old man assured me that you were an honorable man."
"I sure would like to meet this old man of yours."
Silver eyes flashed up at him. "Maybe you will some day."
He didn't know who this old man was that Ein kept talking about or how Ein knew him, but Radulfr had the distinct feeling he might be seeing him one day too. And he would have a lot of questions for the old man when he did.
"How do you feel about this betrothal?"
"I don't know. I never really thought about one before today."
"Fair enough but you do understand that this is for life, right? There are very few reasons for divorce in our world and none that would pertain to either of us unless you plan on sleeping around on me."
Ein's face flushed again. "No."
"And as I will not raise a hand against you then there should be no reason for us to bring any grievance before the assembly. If you agree to this handsal, and I will have your agreement before we consummate it, then we will not be separated except in death."