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Coming Soon - The Sequel to A Promise Kept

Detective Cooper Thomas was kidnapped and tortured by a psychotic serial killer bent on revenge. If that wasn’t bad enough, Alec Whitley, the only man Cooper ever really loved, the man that left him ten years ago without a word, came back just in time to rescue him.

Now, six months later, Alec wants to discuss their past and plan their future. But before Cooper can come to terms with Alec being back in his life he has to discover who’s killing young gay men before he and Alec become the next victims.

A Promise Given Story Excerpt
Detective Cooper Thomas slowly climbed the stairs to his apartment. He was tired, so tired his bones ached. Every step he took up the narrow stairwell took effort. His feet felt like lead weights. It was all he could do just to lift his foot for the next step.
It seemed liked forever before he finally reached the top step of the three-story apartment building he lived in. What he wouldn’t give for an apartment with an elevator. But moving took energy too and right now, Cooper was all tapped out.
It wasn’t just the long grueling workday but the entire past six months. Between being kidnapped by that maniac serial killer, Daryl Wallace, Cooper’s time recovering from his injuries, and having his long lost love back in his life, Cooper felt exhausted.
Cooper chuckled to himself and shook his head. Correction, having his long lost love reappear and harass him every chance he got. Alec couldn’t be considered back in Cooper’s life. That implied that they were actually working on a relationship together.
As far as Cooper was concerned, Alec could take a long walk off a short pier. He drove Cooper out of his mind. Every time Cooper turned around, Alec appeared. He seemed to magically know when Cooper went out with friends, went to dinner at Jack and Mason’s new house, or even some get together at Janet and Bob’s.
Cooper felt pretty sure that it was a conspiracy. He knew he had been instrumental in getting Jack and Mason together and they felt that they were just returning the favor. They weren't. They were just making Cooper’s life a living hell.
Sliding his key into the lock, Cooper unlocked the door and pushed it open. The moment the lights in the room shone in his eyes, Cooper’s hand dropped to his waist and his holstered gun. He knew he hadn’t left the lights on when he left that morning.
Pushing the door open a little more, Cooper took a hesitant step into his apartment. Even though he had moved to a new apartment a few months ago, he still got the willies sometimes when he came home. Cooper wasn’t sure he’d ever get the memory of Daryl Wallace attacking him in his old apartment out of his mind.
“It’s just me, Coop.”
Cooper let out the deep breath he held as he recognized Alec’s voice coming from his living room. He dropped his hand from his gun and brought it up to rub over his face. Fuck! He so didn’t need this right now.
Lifting his head, Cooper glared across the room at Alec. “Breaking and entering is illegal, you know?”
Cooper wanted to scream in frustration as Alec raised one dark blond eyebrow. “I didn’t break anything,” Alec replied.
Sarcastic son-of-a-bitch, Cooper thought, breathtakingly, beautiful sarcastic son-of-a-bitch. He wanted to hit something.
He stepped into his apartment and closed the door behind him. He dropped his jacket over the back of the couch and walked to the fridge. Opening the door, Cooper grabbed a beer and twisted the cap off, drinking down nearly half of it at once.
Setting the beer on the counter, Cooper glared across the small space to where Alec sat. “What do you want, Alec?”
“You know what I want, Coop.”
Cooper shook his head. “I’m not going to have this conversation with you.” No way, no how! He finished off the beer in his hand and reached back into the fridge for another one. This would need a lot of alcohol.
He twisted off the cap and tossed it into the garbage bin before taking another swig. Walking back into the living room, Cooper loosened his tie and pulled it free. He tossed it over his jacket. He could feel Alec’s eyes on him.
“You need to leave, Alec.” Cooper sat down in a chair across from where Alec sat on the couch. He had to admit, with Alec’s blond hair and bronze skin he looked fantastic sitting back against the black leather of Cooper’s couch. Alec had always looked good in black leather.
“Not until we talk.”
Cooper rolled his eyes. Alec pressed the issue every time they ran into each other. He wanted to talk about their past, the things that had pulled them apart. Cooper just wanted to forget it like he had been trying to do for the last ten years.
“There’s nothing to discuss, Alec. You made your choice. You left me without a word, a note, nothing. You just left. I think that pretty much said it all,” Cooper said. If Cooper believed that Alec would drop everything if they discussed their past, he’d do it. But he didn’t.
Alec stared at him a little too hard; his eyes swept over Cooper’s body a little too long. Cooper knew that Alec was still interested. Cooper was too. Alec had been the love of his life. Still was. Cooper just didn’t know if he could allow his heart to be torn apart a second time when Alec decided he wasn’t worth it again. The first time had nearly destroyed him.

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5 Stars for Love, Always, Promise


Wolf Creek Pack #5

Ethan Brown finds his mate, Jace Dominick, at the local bar. They go back to Ethan's place to cement their mating. The next day, Jace is missing. Ethan is beside himself, and when he finally finds Jace, the man swears his name is JD and he doesn't know Ethan.

Six weeks later, Jace is back. He's ready to have Ethan for his mate. Jace and Ethan try to make a go of things but that's hard to do when their insecurities get in the way. Jace feels guilty about what he did to Ethan and treats him like glass. Ethan thinks Jace is there out of guilt and he's afraid to ask for more.

But when danger comes, can they overcome their personal issues to save each other?

"Fans of author Stormy Glenn are sure to love this story. It is full of the wonderfully sexy alpha males we all come to look for in her stories, as well as the intensely passionate mates they find. While some may comment on the predictability of these stories, for her fans it is one of the things we love. We know the pairing will have some sort of alpha/omega quality to it, that there is sure to be some angst, and that reaching their happily ever after is going to be a bumpy ride. Yet we also know that regardless of what is happening the couples are always strongly drawn to each other, the passion will be hot, and the couples loyal to a fault." -- Lydia, Rainbow Reviews

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Wolf Creek Pack 5

Coming December 9th

Ethan Brown finds his mate, Jace Dominick, at the local bar. They go back to Ethan's place to cement their mating. The next day, Jace is missing. Ethan is beside himself, and when he finally finds Jace, the man swears his name is JD and he doesn't know Ethan.

Six weeks later, Jace is back. He's ready to have Ethan for his mate. Jace and Ethan try to make a go of things but that's hard to do when their insecurities get in the way. Jace feels guilty about what he did to Ethan and treats him like glass. Ethan thinks Jace is there out of guilt and he's afraid to ask for more. But when danger comes, can they overcome their personal issues to save each other?

Love, Always, Promise Story Excerpt

He'd found his mate, and been thoroughly claimed by him. Ethan's life would never be the same again. It would always be entwined with Jace's. Trying to suppress the giggle forming in his throat, Ethan rolled over to face his mate.
"Jace?" he called out when he found the bed empty. Where was his mate? Ethan rolled from the bed and ran to the bathroom, then the rest of the apartment. It was empty. There was no sign of Jace, not even any sign that he had been here.
Nothing said that Jace had ever been here except the ache in his ass and the slight sting in his neck. For a moment, Ethan wondered if he had dreamed it all. Did he want a mate so badly that he had imagined him?
The bite mark in his neck said no, but the empty apartment said maybe. Tears starting to form in his eyes, Ethan quickly pulled on his clothes. He ran to the living room to leave a note for Jace, just in case he came back, then left the apartment and headed back towards the bar where he had found him.
As he walked, a hundred different scenarios went through his head. Had Jace left the apartment and been hurt? What if he was lying in some ditch somewhere with no one to help him? What if he had gotten lost?
Maybe he left for another reason. Ethan knew how much he had enjoyed Jace's love making but maybe Jace hadn't felt the same. Ethan was horribly embarrassed that he had passed out before Jace had come. He wondered if Jace had even climaxed? Maybe that was the problem?
Maybe Jace had left him because he was horrible in bed. Ethan wasn't sure he would ever have an answer, especially if he couldn't find him. As he neared the bar, his eyes darted left and right, down every alleyway and into every passing car. He had to find his mate.
"Hey, Ethan, didn't expect to see you back here tonight," Tommy Nash, the bartender said as he saw Ethan walk in. "I thought you'd be occupied all night long with that handsome hunk you left with."
"Hey, Tommy, that man I left with, Jace? Have you seen him back in here?"
"Lose him already did you?" Tommy laughed.
"Please, Tommy, have you seen him?" Ethan asked as he gripped the wooden edge of the bar counter.
"No, man, sorry. I haven't seen him since you two left together," Tommy replied seriously, shaking his head.
Ethan nodded. "If he comes back in here, call me, okay?"
"Yeah, sure, Ethan."
Ethan waved then walked out. Where else could he check? Okay, maybe he should start with the hospitals. Jace could have been hurt or something, although, Ethan truly hoped that was not the case. He would just die if anything happened to his new mate.
It took Ethan less than ten minutes to get to the local hospital. Wolf Creek was not a large town. If you lived in-town, you could pretty much walked everywhere in a matter of minutes, which helped Ethan a lot, as he didn't own a car.
"Excuse me, ma'am, I need to know if a man has been brought into the emergency room," Ethan said to the older gray haired nurse behind the counter of the emergency room. "He's about six foot three, chestnut brown hair, green eyes. His name is Jace?"
The nurse shook her head as she looked at Ethan. "I'm sorry, young man, no ones been brought into the emergency room at all tonight."
Ethan let out a slow breath. Well, that was one worry off his mind. Unless Chase was hurt somewhere and hadn't been found. "Can I leave my number with you in case he comes in? He's new in town and I'm afraid he's been hurt or something."
The nurse gazed at Ethan for a moment. "Is he your mate?"
Ethan nodded, thankful that the woman knew about shifters. He knew she was human because of the way she smelled but she must have some close to her that was a werewolf. Their secret wasn't shared with everyone.
"Yes, we just found each other tonight. I fell asleep and when I woke up, he was gone. I'm worried that he got hurt or something, or maybe he got lost trying to find his way back to my apartment."
The nurse nodded, smiling over at Ethan as she handed him a piece of paper and a pen. "Congratulations. I remember what it was like when my sister found her mate. I don't think she let him get out of her sight for nearly a week."
Ethan quickly wrote his phone number down, then Jace's description before handing the paper back to the nurse. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate this."
"You just bring your young man back here to meet me when you find him. That will be thanks enough."
"Promise," Ethan replied with a smile.
As he turned away, the nurse stopped him. "Oh, hey, have you tried contacting Sheriff Joe? He might be able to keep an eye out for your young man, especially if he's lost. He's one of you, too. He'd understand."
Ethan turned back, shaking his head. "No, I didn't think of that, but thanks. I'll stop by and talk to Joe as soon as I check my apartment again."
"Good luck, Ethan," the nurse said as he turned and hurried out of the emergency room. Ethan gave her a little wave and headed back to his apartment. Okay, so Jace wasn't at the hospital or the bar. Where else could he be?
Ethan tried to look everywhere as he hurried back to his apartment. He didn't want to miss seeing Jace. He could be anywhere. Reaching his apartment, Ethan hurried up the stairs and ran into his apartment.
It was still empty. There was no sign that anyone had been here since he left. Ethan's shoulders slumped and tears filled his eyes. Where was he? Where was Jace? Why wasn't he here where he was supposed to be?
Ethan grabbed a small backpack and filled it with a couple of granola bars and some bottle water, a small blanket and an emergency kit. He grabbed his jacket and the backpack and made his way back out the door. He'd spend all night looking for Jace if he had to.

Stormy Glenn...Fanning Flames of Erotic Romance

Recommend Read and 5.5 Review for Sammy Dane

I received a new review for Sammy Dane. 5.5 Lips and a Recommend Read from Talking TwoLips.

Police Officer James Everson seems to go from one guy to another, never finding exactly what he wants. Frustrated and out of sorts he goes to a local gay bar in the hopes of finding a guy and burning off some steam. What he finds is Sammy.

Samuel Dane Summers is a confirmed geek. He has all the classic symptoms, glasses, baggy slacks, white button down shirts. He's a vegetarian. He forgets everything from paying his bills to locking his doors. Sammy needs a keeper. The one good thing he does is write erotic gay romance novels.

When these two meet, the fireworks explode. Sammy rocks James's world, giving him the best sexual experience of his life. When it's over, Sammy disappears.

James is devastated. He becomes obsessed with finding Sammy again. But an obsessed fan also wants to get his hands on Sammy, believing the books Sammy writes is their love story and he's not above taking James out of the picture to do it. Can James save his sexy little writer before it's too late or will he lose him forever?

"James Everson is the love them and leave them type. He is a police officer with a jaded hardened exterior. When he picks up Samuel Dane Summers in a local gay bar everything he thinks he knows about himself is turned upside down.Sammy is a gay erotic romance writer. He thinks of himself as a geeky, shy, a nerd. But when he gets James in bed he becomes a dominate self-assured man. Would James want him if he knew Sammy was really a geek? After all, this might have been the best night of his life, but James doesn't know the real Sammy. What happens when he finds out the sexy dominate lover he thought he had is really a bookworm? So Sammy runs away. What Sammy doesn't count on is James is taken enough with him to chase after him. And once this sexy sub finds his dom he never intends to let him go. But James is not the only person after Sammy. There is a creepy stalker that wants more than Sammy's body; he wants him dead. Can James find Sammy and protect him in time?"

"Stormy Glenn has a story of submission that I could not put down. I re-read this story at least three times before I even thought about doing this review. I never wanted this one to end and I hope there is a sequel. Sammy Dane is one story that has angst, heart, and emotion that keeps you coming back for more. I loved the character of Sammy. He is so human. We all at times feel inadequate and feel we need to be more than we are to be lovable. I am so glad Sammy has James to prove to him that love is not about how you look, it is about what is in your heart. Sammy might be shy out of bed, but get him under covers and a dom lurks there, waiting to get out. James is a tough guy cop. He has never let a partner top him, that is till Sammy does it. And once he gets topped by the best he won't let a little thing like self image keep Sammy from him. All bets are off. He is going get his lover back and keep him.Sammy has more than self image problems though in this book. He has a scary stalker, who is one truly obsessed person that you will not forget. Sammy Dane is a novel you will have on your keeper shelf, especially if you like m/m bdsm done right. I know this one is now on my keeper shelf, and I hope to read many more adventures of Sammy and James in the future." -- Review by Tina, Talking TwoLips Reviews

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Wolf Creek Pack 4

AVAILABLE: Wednesday, November 25th

To uphold peace between werewolves and vampires, Devlin Morgan, a werewolf, must return the body of a deceased vampire princess to her coven. When he arrives he discovers Prince Zacarius Ivinovav, the ruling prince and brother of the dead vampire princess.

The attraction between the two men is instant, but their love is forbidden. Vampires and werewolves have been enemies for nearly 500 years, ever since the Great War. But Devlin and Zacarius are unable to fight their desire for each other and eventually give in.

They're torn by their emotions, but they'll have to work things out in time to save Zacarius from a violent stranger. Can they ever be together, or will the animosity between werewolves and vampires lead to the end of their mating?

"Your highness, there's a gentleman at the gate asking to see you. He's come under a flag of truce."
Prince Zacarius Ivinovav looked up from the book he read to see his manservant, Alfred, standing in the doorway of his study. The man looked nervous, which seemed strange for Alfred. He always looked totally controlled and unaffected by everything.
"Who is it, Alfred?" he asked, shutting his book and setting it down on the small table next to his chair. Zacarius's eyes widened when Alfred actually shuddered.
"He said his name is Devlin Morgan, sir."
"Fierce bravery, I'm intrigued," Zacarius murmured.
"Excuse me, sir?"
"Oh, nothing, Alfred," Zacarius said as he stood to his feet and waved his hand at Alfred. "I was just commenting on his name. Devlin means fierce bravery in Gaelic. Well, let him in, Alfred."
"Your highness," Alfred said and shuddered again. "He's a shifter."
"You don't say?" Zacarius asked in surprise. "Well, by all means, show him in. And Alfred, make sure everyone knows he's here as my guest. No aggression. Is that understood?"
"But sir, he's a shifter."
"I'm fully aware of that, Alfred," Zacarius replied. "But he has come to our gate under a flag of truce, and we must honor that. No one is to make any moves toward him or they will secure my wrath. Is that clearly understood?"
"Yes, of course, your highness," Alfred replied. "I'll show him in right away."
Zacarius nodded. He chuckled to himself as Alfred hurried from the room. The man was a mystery,[S51] two hundred years old if he was a day and never a hair out of place. His butler suits always looked pressed and wrinkle-free. And he never ever seemed ruffled by anything.
Having a shifter show up at the front gate, flag of truce or not, seemed to have done just that. Zacarius couldn't blame Alfred. The long standing animosity between vampires and werewolves went back several centuries.
Zacarius, being just over five hundred years old, could remember the war between the two species from his childhood. By the time he grew into his adulthood, werewolves and vampires were already at each other's throats.
It would be interesting to discover why a shifter darkened his doorstep now. He couldn't remember the last time he actually saw a one in person, maybe fifty or sixty years ago.
Zacarius sat in one of the two wing back chairs situated in front of the roaring fire. He slowly sipped hundred year old scotch from a crystal glass and waited for the shifter to be shown to his study. Yes, this would very interesting indeed.
"Come," Zacarius said a few minutes later when a soft knock sounded at his door. He turned to see Alfred open the door and a rather impressive figure walked in. Zacarius found himself immediately intrigued by the man's roguish good looks. He didn't remember shifters looking quite so handsome.
"Devlin Morgan, your highness," Alfred said.
Zacarius rose to his feet and walked a few steps closer to the shifter. "Thank you, Alfred. That will be all."
"Very well, sir," Alfred replied. Zacarius could see that he wanted to protest, but Alfred would never dream of being anything except efficient and obedient, one of the reasons Zacarius retained the man's services for the past fifty years. "Just ring me if you require anything, your highness."
Zacarius waited for the door to close then gave into his desire to fully view the man that stood before him. He noted that while he had a self-assured quality about him, small beads of sweat trickled down his temple.
He must be nervous. Zacarius leaned forward just a bit and sniffed the air around him. A tingling in the pit of his stomach came over him as deep, earthy masculine musk assailed his senses. Devlin Morgan smelled glorious.
He didn't miss the Devlin's's obvious examination and approval either. A slight seductive grin crossed the man's lips as his sexy copper eyes slid downward. Zacarius knew the moment his gaze landed on the hardness pressed against his own tight black leather pants.
His eyes widened as the thick scent of arousal permeated the room. His eyes moved to Zacarius's face, his gaze bore into his in silent expectation. Zacarius smirked as he moved over to his liquor cabinet.
"Can I get you something to drink, Mr. Morgan?"
"Devlin, please," he replied. "And I'll take a scotch if you have it."
"Of course," Zacarius said. "Neat?"
"Of course." Devlin chuckled.
Zacarius poured him a drink then topped his own drink off. He handed Devlin his glass then sat down in the chair he occupied before. He gestured for Devlin to join him.
"So, what brings you to my gate, Devlin Morgan?"
"You do understand that I am here under a flag of truce?" Devlin asked. "I want no trouble, but my alpha ordered me here."
"And why would your alpha want you to come visit me?" Zacarius asked. "I doubt I even know the man."
True enough. Zacarius was positive he didn't know him. He was, however, very interested in getting to know the man that sat across from him. Devlin Morgan might be a shifter, but a damn good-looking one.
"It concerns your sister, Princess Adrianna."
Well shit! Zacarius frowned. If Adrianna was involved, it couldn't be good. The girl started making trouble the moment she left the cradle. Zacarius couldn't even begin to count the messes he dragged her out of.
"And what kind of trouble has my dear sister gotten herself into this time?"
Devlin looked hesitant. Zacarius detected a change in his scent as if his level of apprehension suddenly increased. Devlin twisted his hands together, dropping his gaze to look down at the fire.
Zacarius was surprised enough by the look of regret on Devlin's face when he glanced back up that he couldn't hide his reaction when he continued.
"I'm afraid your sister has been killed."

Zacarius smoothed his ruffled purple shirt down his chest then picked off a few pieces of lint on his shoulder. He wanted to look his absolute best for his dinner date. The handsome shifter might not know it was a date, but that's exactly what Zacarius planned.
The whole werewolf versus vampire thing didn't bother Zacarius. The way Devlin's tight jeans stretched across his ass, an ass Zacarius very much wanted a piece of, bothered him a whole lot more.
So, a private candle light dinner for two in Zacarius's quarters, a good bottle of wine to relax the tension, a roaring fire, and Zacarius hoped to get to know his guest better, a whole lot better.
"Your highness, if I may speak?"
"Certainly, Alfred," Zacarius replied, still looking at his reflection in the mirror.
"Are you sure this is such a good idea?" Alfred asked. "Werewolves are dangerous. They have no restraint. He's bound to lose control and shift, attacking you or…or worse."
Zacarius chuckled. "Devlin is no threat to me, Alfred, but I do appreciate your concern."
"How can you be sure, your highness?" Alfred whined. "He's a shifter!"
Zacarius heard the horror in Alfred's voice. He imagined Alfred believed exactly as he spoke. Alfred was too young to remember a time when vampires and werewolves coexisted together. He only knew the time of strife between the two species.
Alfred didn't understand that the war started so long ago that most people didn't even remember why it began. Zacarius was one of the lucky ones. He was old enough to remember.
"It will be fine, Alfred."
"Are you sure, your highness?" Alfred asked.
"I promise. Devlin means me no harm." Zacarius said.
"I still don't like it, sir."
Zacarius chuckled. "I'm sure you don't, Alfred."
"Please, your highness, please just promise me you'll be careful?" Alfred asked. "I don't trust this man."
"Alfred, you don't trust anyone."
Alfred gave Zacarius one of his rare smiles. "That is true, sir."
"Go make sure my dinner is ready, Alfred, before I forget why I hired you and feed you to the werewolf."
"As you wish, your highness."
Zacarius shook his head in amusement as Alfred hurried from the room. Despite what he said, Zacarius would never get rid of Alfred. He kept Zacarius's life simple and running smoothly. He didn't know what he'd do without him.
Zacarius walked out of his bedroom into the sitting area of his private apartment. He glanced around to insure everything met his satisfaction. Alfred grumbled the entire time he did as Zacarius ordered, but apparently he did it well.
A small intimate table for two sat by the windows overlooking the garden below. A bottle of wine chilled in an ice bucket next to the table. A roaring fire burned in the fireplace. The low lights gave the room a sensuous feel. Alfred had outdone himself.
Now, time to get his guest. Zacarius walked over to the door connecting his suite to the one next door. Originally planned for the princess's rooms, they often used as a guest room for his special visitors.
He knocked twice then opened the door. He saw no sign of Devlin. For a brief moment, Zacarius felt his heart thunder in his chest as he considered the possibility that Devlin might have fled, until he heard the shower.
Curiosity may have killed the cat but it inspired the vampire. Zacarius walked to the bathroom and eased the door open. Steam filled the room. Lust filled Zacarius's body.
Devlin stood under the shower spray, his head thrown back, the corded muscles on his neck strained tight. Zacarius muffled his groan by biting into the heel of his hand. Devlin's hand was wrapped around his cock as he stroked himself.
Zacarius hardened so fast he got dizzy from loss of blood to his brain. It all pooled in his pants. Devlin's body looked like a work of art, and Zacarius wanted to study him from the top of his head to the bottoms of his perfectly formed feet.
Devlin reminded Zacarius of a Greek statue, all hard muscles and lean lines. The trail of hair going down his abdomen from the dark brown hair across his chest lent a hint to the true nature of the beast.
The muffled grunt from the shower mirrored Zacarius's. Devlin's body stiffened then ropes of pearly seed spurted from his cock. Zacarius would have given his entire kingdom to taste that creamy liquid. He licked his lips, just imaging how sweet and tangy the man must taste.
When Devlin finally dropped his hand from his spent cock, his body heaving, Zacarius quickly backed out of the room and closed the door as quietly as he could. He leaned his head against the cool wood, his breathing rapid as he tried to calm his ravenous lust.
He wanted Devlin Morgan, and he didn't care if the man was a werewolf or not. He just needed to figure out how to make it happen. As interested as Zacarius knew Devlin was, he wasn't sure the shifter could cross the invisible boundary between them. He'd have to dangle the right incentive in front of the man. Himself.

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Brandon and Nicolas immediately know that they have something special. Besides the instant sexual attraction that they feel for each other, they both seem to want the same things in a lover and life mate. But can true love happen overnight?

For straight-laced club owner Darius Alexander, Julian is perfection; his wild ways, his bold colors, his gorgeous good looks, all add up to the man of his dreams. He wants him immediately and is determined to have him any way he can.

Available now in the print collection,
Sweet Perfection!

Vadim Miroslav always dreamed of finding his mate, he just never expected to for his mate to find him. Little did he realize that by claiming Sasha, his entire life would be changed forever. Vadim is captivated by the sweet and giving nature of his sexy little mate. Sasha is stunned by the way Vadim seems to respect his omega status.

Vadim never wanted to be the alpha of his own pack. He avoided it at all costs, even if it meant appearing inadequate to his own pack. But, in a bid to save his newly claimed mate, Vadim does the one thing he has always tried to avoid. He takes on Sasha's abusive alpha… and wins, becoming the new alpha of Sasha's pack. Can he take the control of an isolated pack of werewolves and still keep his mate safe?

Thomas is driving across country when he discovers Micah, a human that smells like dark chocolate and summer rain. He knows immediately that Micah is his mate, but before he can claim him, he has to get his sexy little butt out of trouble.
Cary is a tri omega. Without two mates he will die, so he's excited when he finds his mates, Ryce and Saul. But what happens when Saul refuses to claim him? Could Saul really be as cold hearted as he seems or is he hiding a dark secret?

Available now in the print collection,
Tri Omega Mates: Volume Two

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By G.A. Hauser

Identical twins Donny and Danny Rothschild are never at a shortage to have sex with men, but Donny has grown bored with casual flings and craves a challenge. So the brothers make a bet: to be the first to find, seduce, and conquer a straight man.

Pretending to be the same person, Donny and Danny seek out their macho heterosexual male prey into their bed to use and enjoy. Yet neither brother could predict the anger, jealousy, and emotion that comes with such an unwholesome game. When loving devotion between the twins changes to a competition and venomous fury, the odds become stacked against them and the bond that connects them is stretched to the breaking point.

Which is strong, the connection they have shared since birth or the yearning to become independent and successful and in love with the perfect man, regardless of the consequences?

Available Now from The GA Hauser Collection

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Sammy Dane

Police Officer James Everson seems to go from one guy to another, never finding exactly what he wants. Frustrated and out of sorts he goes to a local gay bar in the hopes of finding a guy and burning off some steam. What he finds is Sammy.

Samuel Dane Summers is a confirmed geek. He has all the classic symptoms, glasses, baggy slacks, white button down shirts. He’s a vegetarian. He forgets everything from paying his bills to locking his doors. Sammy needs a keeper. The one good thing he does is write erotic gay romance novels.

When these two meet, the fireworks explode. Sammy rocks James’s world, giving him the best sexual experience of his life. When it’s over, Sammy disappears.

James is devastated. He becomes obsessed with finding Sammy again. But an obsessed fan also wants to get his hands on Sammy, believing the books Sammy writes is their love story and he’s not above taking James out of the picture to do it. Can James save his sexy little writer before it's too late or will he lose him forever?

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Featured Author Contest - Enter to Win!!!


I'm having a contest.

I'm celebrating the release of His Gentle Touch.

1st Prize: eBook copy of all four currently released Tri Omega Mates (Secret Desires, Forbidden Desires, Hidden Desires, and Stolen Desires).

2nd Prize: a signed print copy of
Tri Omega Mates: Volume One

3rd Prize: one eBook copy of any CURRENTLY released book found on my book page

To enter, you must answer three questions:

  1. Who is Micah with when the annulment papers arrive?
  2. How many jobs does Micah work?
  3. How long has it been since Gideon walked out on Micah?

Please visit Coffee Time Romance and More's Contest Page, scroll down to my contest announcement, and enter to win.

Stormy Glenn...Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance

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For all those book readers out there!!!

Want to win all the books on your wish list?

ARe turns 3 in November and we'll celebrate by making your wishes come true!

Every day in November we will choose a winner at random from that day's purchasers and buy them the books they have on their wish list. To get a head start simply fill your account wish list with books you'd like to read (be sure to log in first) and then every day that you make a purchase during the month of November, you'll be eligible to win.So what are you waiting for? Head to your All Romance/OmniLit account and start making out your wish list. We want to make your wishes come true!

Now Available in print!


by Stormy Glenn

Mason is in love with his brother’s best friend, Jack. It’s been ten years of secret fantasies, hidden glances, and forbidden yearnings. Just when Mason decides to give up on Jack and move away, his friends step in to get them together.

Even with the most determined matchmakers, new love is not always easy. Especially when a serial killer who has his sights set on Mason being his next victim will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Can Jack keep Mason safe, or will their new love be over before it gets going?

"Hey, Mason, I was wondering if you had a moment to talk?"
"Uh, yeah, sure, come on in," Mason said as he held the door open and stepped out of the way. He stared after Jack in bewilderment as he walked into the apartment. He seemed to be looking at the stacks of packed boxes with something close to disgust.
"What’s up, Jack?" Mason asked as he tried to figure out what was going on. It felt like a kick in the gut to have Jack here after making the decision to stop pining over him.
"I just wanted to know if everything is okay? Your mom mentioned that you were moving." Jack gestured to the boxes stacked around the room. "Guess it’s true."
"Yeah, I’m transferring to Georgetown University."
"Why?" Jack asked as he looked back at Mason.
"Why?" Mason asked, blinking with bafflement at Jack’s question. "Why what?"
"Why are you transferring? Can’t you finish your degree here in Portland?" Jack asked as he took a few steps closer to Mason.
"I could but the program at Georgetown offers more," Mason replied as he stepped back from Jack. Standing this close to Jack, he could smell the soft musk of his after-shave and it was making his legs go weak. Jack smelled so damn good. He always did.
"Is that the only reason?" Jack asked.
Mason could feel his heart pound in his chest as he tried to read the closed expression on Jack’s face. Had Jack learned of his desire for him? Mason would worry that someone had told Jack how he felt except that Mason had never told anyone else.
"Should there be another reason?" Mason as he felt an unwelcome blush creep into his face.
"Mason, I just want to help. You don’t have to hide things from me. I’m your friend," Jack said as he reached a reassuring hand out to pat Mason on the arm.
My friend, but not my lover, Mason thought sadly as he shrugged Jack’s hand off of his arm. "I’m fine, Jack."
Mason turned away from Jack and walked over to stand at the kitchen counter. "Thank you for checking on me, Jack, but I’m fine. You can go now." Mason knew he was being rude but it was just too hard being in the same room with Jack and not blurt out how much he wanted him. He had to bite his lip to keep from blabbing everything.
"Mason—" Jack began again.
"Please, Jack, just go," Mason said quietly as his hands gripped the edge of the countertop. "Please." Mason closed his eyes as he waited for the front door to open and close and Jack to leave.
"Mason, there has to be a better way to deal with this than to move across the country."
Mason spun around to find Jack standing right behind him. He stood so close that their chests almost touched. Mason’s eyes widened in surprise at the look of concern on Jack’s face.
"Deal with what?" he choked out over the lump that had formed in his throat.
"Look, Mason, we can’t choose who we love, but she’s not worth leaving your family," Jack said.
"Who?" Mason asked in confusion.
"The woman you’re in love with. Your mother told me all about it. She didn’t know if your problem was that the woman was married or unavailable or what, but no woman is worth giving up your family."
"I’m not in love with any woman," Mason said, perplexed by the direction this conversation was going.
"Mason, I told you, you don’t have to hide this from me. I just want to help. If she can’t see what a great guy you are, you don’t need her. There are a lot of other women out there," Jack continued as if Mason hadn’t said anything.
Mason couldn’t stop the small laugh that escaped his lips as he gazed at Jack. The situation wasn’t that funny but he couldn’t believe that Jack was here giving him the chin up speech when Jack was the reason he was in this mess in the first place. "Jack, there is no woman," Mason said.
"Jack, I can promise you, there is no woman. I’m gay." Mason watched as Jack’s mouth opened and closed several times as he stared at Mason in shock. His embarrassment that Jack was the first to know he was gay quickly turned to annoyance as Jack just continued to stare at him.
"Your gay?" Jack asked in a whisper.
Mason crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Jack. Jack sounded astonished as if the thought had never entered his mind. "Yes, I am. See? No woman to worry about. Now, would you please go? I have a lot of packing to do."
"Your gay?" Jack asked again.
Mason rolled his eyes and waved his hand in the air in agitation. "Yes, Jack, I’m gay. Always have been. Always will be. Now, if you’ll kindly leave me to finish my packing, I might have time to go down to the bar and find me some hot stud to bring home and fuck."
Mason grabbed Jack by the arm and pulled him to the door. He opened it up and pushed Jack through it. He briefly noted the dazed look in Jack’s eyes as he looked up at him. "Bye, Jack," Mason said as he shut the door.
The moment the door shut, Mason turned the lock then leaned his head against it as his heart beat frantically in his chest. He couldn’t believe he had just come out to Jack. And Jack thought he was in love with a woman. Didn’t that just beat all?
Mason shook his head as he turned back to his packing. As he picked up another stack of books and placed them in an open box, he wondered what Jack would have said if he knew that he was the reason Mason was moving across country and leaving his family.

Mason snorted to himself as he grimly thought about Jack’s response. He’d probably pat Mason on the head and tell him that they could still be friends, but only friends. It wasn’t like Mason had a lot of friends, but friendship was not what he wanted from Jack. And what he wanted, he could never have.

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Interview at Blakcraven's Erotic Cafe and Contest

Hey all,

I've had a great interview over at Blackraven's Cafe. One lucky winner will receive a free eBook copy of His Gentle Touch, which was released today.

So, please, stop by, check out the interview, and enter the contest.

Contest ends at 10:00am (CST) tomorrow morning, Friday, October 23rd.

Blackraven's Cafe:



by G.A. Hauser

A percentage of the royalties of this novel will be donated to the charity and

Connor Worthington knew from an early age he was 'different'. But it wasn't until he met Kyle Baker at UCLA lacrosse practice that he knew he wasn't alone.

Fear regarding his sexuality was not new to Connor. Connor played the 'straight' act as long as he could. But it was taking its toll on him. Kyle recently transferred from the University of Oregon to UCLA. But what Kyle never expected was to fall head over heels for a long-haired athlete named Connor. The two men instantly grew inseparable, on and off the field. Lusting after his roommate distracted Kyle from his studies and practice. But Kyle had a hunch. A hunch that Connor may be in the closet as well.

And he was right.

Problem solved?

Their problems had just begun.

Friday, October 16, 2009


By Stormy Glenn

Katia has loved Mikhail Nikolaevich forever. When her father dies, she goes to Mikhail for solace. Afterward, believing Mikhail doesn't truly care for her, Katia flees. By then, it's too late. The mating heat has started and must be completed or Katia will die.

But Mikhail is not all he seems. He's a Kindred and he's determined to have Katia as his mate. But first, he has to convince Katia that he does love her. That's easier said than done when Katia learns about the Kindred and that the man she loves turns into a werewolf. It's also complicated by the fact that Mikhail is leader of his people.

Mikhail has to defend Katia against a Council of Elders who believe she's an inferior human, and a band of rogue werewolves is out to kill them all. Can Mikhail save his bondmate before she gets challenged again, or will Katia have to fight for her life?


5 CHERRIES: "Katia is a great feisty heroine that proves her worth time and time again. Mikhail is a brooding alpha male who loves Katia with all his heart. The love and trust that these two show each other was a beautiful thing to see. Especially after Mikhail shows Katia his true world and she accepts him just the way he is...Katia is a great woman ready for anything and loyal to the end. She will not take any crap from anyone and proves it at the Convocation. With all the chaos happening around her and Mikhail, she still keeps her head on her shoulders and never looses her cool. This book had me hooked from the beginning. Stormy Glenn writes a wonderful story that combines just the right amount of action and romance to keep the reader glued to the pages. I truly enjoyed this story and would love to read more on the other characters in this book." -- Mistletoe,
Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

Please Note: Wolf Queen is up for Best Book at Whipped Cream Romance Reviews. Voting is from Saturday 10/17 to Sunday 10/18. If you liked Wolf Queen, please stop by and vote here.

4 DRAGONS: Stormy Glenn brings Wolf Queen to life with remarkable characters. I was taken by each of them as they showed their true colors throughout the story. You will be desperate to see how everything is worked through. Once the time comes for them all to stand together to defend the pack the gloves come off and Katia will simply amaze you. I would like to see more of Mikhail Nikolaevich's pack and how their pack members gain their own place in the pack and with their partners for life. What will Stormy Glenn offer next? I'm certainly looking forward to more stories from her" -- Judy King, Veiled Secrets Reviews

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Stormy Glenn... Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance

Monday, October 12, 2009


By Stormy Glenn

Gideon Wulfe didn't know he was looking for someone special until he met Micah Adin. Gideon uses his money and power to immediately arrange their wedding that very night, determined to tie Micah to his side for all eternity. But the next morning, Micah doesn't remember Gideon's name or their wedding. Devastated and feeling betrayed, Gideon leaves, promising to send Micah annulment papers.

But Gideon still wants Micah, so he decides to find him and settle things once and for all. What he finds shocks him. Micah is still wearing his wedding ring and refuses to take it off. Micah explains that he still considers himself married to Gideon and there is nothing Gideon can do to change it. Gideon bets differently and takes Micah to bed, unsure if he's trying to prove something to Micah or to himself.

But just when Gideon and Micah are starting to settle down into wedded bliss, someone steps in to separate them. Can Gideon trust his new husband when Micah's own father is trying to frame Gideon for a crime he didn't commit?

Stormy Glenn...Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance

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2009 Rainbow Awards - Voting is open!

Hi all,
The Rainbow Awards are open for voting. Please drop by and vote for your favorite book. People will have the chance to vote or enter other titles for all the next month. Here are the link to the different categories to vote:

Category: Comedy

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Category: Historical Fiction

Category: Mystery / Thriller

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Category: General Non Fiction

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Category: History

Category: Poetry

Category: Travel

Special Category: New Author



Saturday, October 10, 2009


By Amber Kell

When Aaron goes to talk to the vampire master, Orion, little does he know that he will soon find himself the mate to the powerful man.

Shifting the weight of the box to his hip, the deliveryman impatiently banged on the side door with his fist trying not to lose his clipboard balanced on top.
With a groan the metal door opened and a handsome auburn-haired man peeked out. “What do you want, love?” He asked in a thick English accent.
“Blood delivery.”
Cool green eyes looked at him from head to toe before giving him a lusty grin. “You’re not the usual driver.”
He shrugged. “Guy was sick. I was called in. You gonna let me in or not. This box is heavy.”
“Sure come on in.” The man’s smile inferred the words could be taken any way the deliveryman wanted.
“If you could sign here.” He said, slamming down the clipboard with delivery paperwork back onto the box and sliding a pen out of his shirt pocket.
The bartender signed on the line but when the driver went to grab the clipboard back he kept a grip on to it. “How about a kiss love, or don’t they let cops do that on duty?”
To the bartender’s surprise the driver tipped back his head and laughed loudly and cheerfully. When he was done he gave the bartender a cheeky smile. “What tipped me off? I thought I was doing pretty well. Did a little delivery work in college.”
Smiling back the bartender leaned closer. “You smell too fucking good, mate. The bloke who usually delivers smells like three month old cigarettes.” He took a deep breath and the driver saw his fangs peeking through his gums. “On the other hand you smell like sugar and sunshine and look like a gay bloke’s best dream.”
The cop laughed again. “You sweet talker. I’m Detective Aaron Bradshaw, first precinct.” Aaron held out his hand to shake. “I told them you wouldn’t fall for it but I didn’t think it would be how I smelled that tripped me up. I’ll have to remember that. The delivery’s legit though. The rest of your blood is in the truck.”
“Banner Hawkins.” The bartender replied shaking Aaron’s hand longer than necessary before reluctantly letting it go. “I’ll help you unload if you tell me why the cops are trying to get inside the club.”
“I need to talk to your master. Rumor has it he might have the answers I need and he’s ignoring me through the usual channels. I hoped if I got inside some lovely man could help me out.” Aaron batted his eyelashes shamelessly at the bartender.
“I can think of a lot of ways of helping you out.” The bartender said with a smile, “starting with that kiss.”
Aaron couldn’t remember the last time a cute guy flirted with him. It felt good to be admired and he was more than a little tempted to give the man a kiss despite being on duty.
“The man came to talk to me.” A silky voice said behind him. “I believe that kiss is mine.”

Amber Kell is a dreamer who has been writing stories in her head for as long as she could remember. Website:

Note from Stormy: sometimes I come across a book and I just love it so much I have to share. If you want a good read, check this book out as well as Amber's other books. I have them all!!! And this book is on sale right now.

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This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


By G.A. Hauser

Book Two of Hauser's best-selling Heroes series!

Blake Hughes was comfortable being in the closet, especially at work while surrounded by macho firemen. A paramedic, still single at thirty, Blake kept his private life just that, private.

Hunter Rasmussen transferred to LAFD from San Diego. Twenty-six, powerful and fit, the handsome blue-eyed brunette just wanted to leave the past behind. No one had to know what he went through down south. And he didn't need history to repeat itself. Being ‘out’ was not a good career move for all jobs, and particularly not with the fire service.

When Hunter and Blake were assigned to the same shift pattern, they quickly became best friends. Partnered up on calls, hanging out together on days off, Hunter enjoyed Blake’s company and Blake his. Until something, or someone, from Hunter’s ugly past caused him problems.

In the fire department, men rely on each other for their lives. Two go into a burning building, and two stay out to serve as their rescue team in case of emergency. Blake and Hunter were two men deeply in the closet. And only with devotion and love would their secret lives come ‘out’. And Hunter and Blake find that courage in a very unusual place. Two devoted LAPD cops help show them the way.

Two in…two out…it helps when someone is there to throw you a lifeline.

Blake Hughes could feel the perspiration running down his skin. There was nothing glamorous about being a firefighter in the boiling LA summer. The thick, beige, flame-retardant fabric turnout coat and trousers over his uniform shirt and work pants, the rubber boots, and the helmet with face shield made him feel like he was melting from within. The smoke was thick as the flames took hold of an old ratty sofa and litter debris. Blake was in charge of the irons; the solid steel pike pole weighed heavily in his hands. The tank of oxygen on his back pumped air into the mask, which was cloudy with condensation from his body heat and breath.

He stared at the back of his co-worker and, in the smoke and haze, could barely make out the ‘Rasmussen’ written in bold black block letters on his best buddy Hunter’s shoulders.“Back out!”

Blake jumped at Hunter’s command. It was becoming impossible to get the house fire under control from the inside. He knew Hunter was right. The incident commander, Lt. Thomas Smith’s voice came over their radios ordering the same thing. “Get out, boys!” Blake wanted to make sure Hunter came with him. He spun around. The clear path to the front door was suddenly not so clear any longer. Blake raised the pike and smashed it against a wall repeatedly, opening an exit of his own. The heat from the fire, the outfit, and the physical exertion was brutal, but he had to get them out. Now.

Another powerful swipe of the pike at the plasterboard and it crumbled in a heap of white dust. “Hunter!” Blake grabbed his arm.Hunter acknowledged him with a nod. Just as Blake was making his way to the exit, the two firemen outside, their personal rescue team, were about to come in and drag them out if they had taken any longer.

Once Hunter and Blake had moved clear of the residence, the firemen manning the hoses opened up the valves and blasted the blaze with their full force. With the valves wide open, five hundred gallons of water could pass through the hoses in three minutes.

Setting down the heavy pike, Blake pulled the shield off his drenched face and noticed Hunter leaning over his knees to recuperate. Blake helped him remove his mask, making sure he was okay. “You all right?”

“Fucking hot!” Hunter snarled, pushing his dark hair off his forehead as it stuck from his sweat.Blake kept his hand on Hunter’s shoulder, for he was the more experienced and older of the two of them. He turned back to the blaze which was finally beaten back into submission. He checked the oxygen level in Hunter’s tank. The air support team was nearby if they needed to top up.

The inferno was an unoccupied dwelling that had been set on fire. Blake assumed it had to be arson. Either that or a careless vagrant who set his home ablaze.

Lt. Smith made his way over to them once the fire began to subside. “You two all right?”

Hunter stood straight, nodding, as Blake replied, “Yes, sir.”

“Hang tight until it’s no longer a working fire. It’s fully involved at the moment.”

“Okay, Lieutenant.” Blake watched the water turn the orange flames into white smoke. He craved shedding the suit and tank but knew it was premature. Hunter was still quiet. Blake touched his arm. “You gonna live?”

“Yeah. Christ, it’s hot.”Blake shot the handsome young man a big grin. “If ya can’t stand the heat…”

“Shut up.” Hunter winked at him.

Blake adored him. They had only been working together a few months, ever since Hunter transferred from San Diego. They were on the C-shift, so they had the same schedule.

Spending twenty-four hours with the same crew, you learned a lot about a person, mostly the firemen you could stand and those you couldn’t. He could stand Hunter. They were two peas in a pod.

Blake heard the lieutenant’s voice over the radio calling out their badge numbers.“Come on, Hunt. Our turn to play two out.”

Hunter gave Blake his impish smile, the one that made his blue eyes sparkle like a wicked little boy. “Yeah, Blake. Come out. Why don’t you just come the fuck out?”

“Shut up, Hunt-man, before I use this pike on your butt.” Blake picked up the heavy iron again.

Repositioning their face shields, they stood outside the smoldering, dripping building, acting as the Rapid Intervention Team for two other firefighters that had gone inside. Two in, two out. The standard safety tool in the fire fighting buddy system and the one phrase abused with the most homophobic jokes on the division.

Blake cut the chatter to listen. The last thing he wanted was for someone to need help and for them to not be paying attention. Even a wet, soggy residence could collapse unexpectedly.

In silent contemplation, Blake stood next to Hunter. Blake could hear the two firefighters inside smashing at smoking walls, making sure the fire was completely out. He couldn’t remember the last fire they’d been to. Most of their calls were medical in nature, or false alarms. He didn’t think they’d had more than a hundred fires during the whole year for his station.

He had forgotten how exhausting and hot gearing up was. Obviously Hunter was suffering as well. And it was early in their shift.

They had just come on at seven and were about to workout for an hour when the alarm came out. Christ, it’s only nine thirty.

Blake closed his eyes for a second to rest them. Fuck he was hot. A drip made its way down his chest. He could feel it running slowly between his pectoral muscles. He rubbed his gloved hand against it to stop its tickling progress. The movement caught Hunter’s eye. “Sweatin’ like a fucking bitch in heat,” Blake explained.

“Ditto. Christ, I’m thirsty. Could use a beer.”

“I’ll buy you one. Next day off.”

“Deal.” Hunter shut up, listening again.

Twenty minutes later the two inside appeared at the door.
“It’s out.” Dwight Carter nodded to them. Beside him was the only woman firefighter on the scene, Hailey Barnet.

“Tell the lieutenant,” Blake instructed.

Dwight acknowledged him.Blake tapped Hunter and tilted his head to their rig. They walked to where it was parked and began peeling off the heavy tanks and clothing. As Blake removed his turnout coat and boots, he heard Hunter groaning in pleasure as he did the same. Looking over his shoulder, Blake found Hunter’s uniform shirt and pants drenched with his perspiration. Hunter was a big man, six-three, two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle. It seemed to Blake that both Hunter’s blue shirt and slacks were burdened at keeping his bulk covered. Like the Incredible Hulk, Blake expected Hunter to explode from his garments one day. I’d like to see that. Blake smiled.

But he could never say it. If you even murmured you had a sexual preference other than the ‘norm’, you risked being murdered by your homophobic co-workers. The fire department was worse than the police. Firemen were a very macho bunch of males. You could kid, but didn’t dare come out.

Blake didn’t worry. He played it straight and he assumed Hunter was straight, though he truly had no clue what Hunter’s preference was. It didn’t mean anything that he enjoyed Hunter’s good looks, that he loved spending the shift with him, working out with him, having a beer on their days off. It was normal. They were good friends. No one had to know he imagined Hunter naked every time he saw him. It was no one’s business but his own.

* * * *

Piling his bunker gear inside the truck, Hunter was finally rid of his exterior garments. Once he had placed everything in the rig, Hunter fanned his shirt, unsticking it from his body to try and cool off. He’d have to change when he got back to the station. He was drenched. Blake moved in front of him, setting his own heavy coat and boots down next to his. Hunter could see the back of Blake’s shirt clinging to him as well. As Blake moved, Hunter caught his sweat scent, inhaling it deeply. Every sinewy movement of Blake’s back showed through the clinging fabric. Hunter chewed his lip as he stared. Blake was four years his senior. He idolized Blake for his skill on the job. Out of all the men he’d met while working as a fireman, Blake Hughes was the nicest of the bunch. Not to mention the damn best looking.

Hunter was surprised his body was reacting to staring at Blake that way. He was hot and tired, and that shouldn’t make him hot and bothered as it often did with a man as handsome as Blake around.

When the lieutenant appeared, Hunter tried to pretend he hadn’t been ogling his co-worker.“The residence needs securing. Why don’t you two help out nailing some boards over the windows?”

“Yes, sir.” Hunter nodded obediently. After the lieutenant left, Hunter waited for Blake’s eye contact.

“Grab a hammer out of the toolbox, Hunt.”

“Okay.” Hunter pulled open a side panel of the rig, digging out a claw hammer. As he did he noticed Hailey and Dwight placing wooden panels under each broken window. Stuffing a box of nails into his shirt pocket, Hunter handed Blake the hammer, smiling adoringly at him. He got a sweet wink in return and followed Blake to the burned out shell of the building, staring at Blake’s sweat-stained slacks as he walked.

Working as a team, which came naturally to them, Hunter held the large wooden board in place as Blake secured it to the window frame with strong confident hammer strokes. With Blake wearing his short-sleeved uniform shirt, Hunter was able to admire his rolling biceps, wide flaring forearms, and engorged, roping veins. Blake was three inches shorter than he was, but that still made Blake a strapping, six-foot-tall, powerfully built male. Hunter wouldn’t want to challenge Blake to a fight. The man was extremely strong and fast on his feet.

Once the entire bottom access into the wrecked building was secured, Hunter noticed the investigation team had arrived. If he had to guess, he’d say the fire began with a smoldering cigarette on a dirty mattress on the floor of the upstairs bedroom. Deliberate? Who knew? Most likely accidental and set by a street person who inhabited the vacant premises.

Hunter felt a hand on his shoulder. Seeing Blake’s warm brown eyes, he teased, “Yes, dear?”

“We’re done. Come on. Let’s see if we can clear.”

Blake swung the hammer at his side while Hunter walked with him to the incident commander, who was the lieutenant on the scene.

“Hey, Lieutenant,” Blake addressed him. “You still need us?”

“No. Clear and head back.”

“Thank you.” Blake looked at Hunter, expressing his relief.

Hunter climbed into the truck after putting the hammer back into the kit and making sure everything was secure on the engine. Blake dropped heavily into the driver’s seat. Once they had buckled up, Blake started the engine with a roar.

Hunter waved to the police officer who let them through the roadblock, which had been set up to keep traffic off the side street. Once they were on their way, he sighed. “I’m too tired to workout now.”

“I hear ya.” Blake steered the big rig confidently up to an intersection where he stopped for a red signal. “If we feel up to it, we can do it later.”

“Or not.” Hunter laughed.

Blake grinned at him knowingly. “We can miss a day. I won’t tell.”

“I’m already starving.” Hunter rubbed his belly.

“I did a food run. The fridge is stocked.”

“Good. Who’s cooking lunch?”

“You!” Blake laughed at him.

“Oh. Right. I forgot. You cook better than I do.”

“I do everything better than you do.”

Hunter shoved him playfully. “Shut up.”

“Hey. I’m drivin’. Behave.”

Smiling as he relaxed in the passenger seat, Hunter loved hanging out with Blake. Fucking loved it.