Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Pacific Cove 1
Coming August 20th
Danny O’Shay grew up knowing he never really fit in. His family avoids him. He falls so much that the staff at the local hospital knows him by first name. And he can’t get a date to save his life.
Enter handsome fire fighters, Ben and Abe Lake, two men that bring every fantasy Danny ever had to life. Except Ben and Abe seemed to have some business deal with Danny’s father that involves a ton of money and the assumption that Danny has a clue.
He doesn’t.
When Ben and Abe start talking about fated mates and shifters and a family legacy that goes back decades, Danny is pretty sure they belong in an insane asylum. But as he gets to know the handsome twins, he begins to wonder if being crazy is that bad. Being alone again seems worse.
After someone starts trying to take Danny out of the picture permanently, he has to trust that Ben and Abe are trustworthy and not in on the plot to kill him, because they might be the only thing to keep his life from going up in flames.

“What did you need to see me about, Father?” Danny asked as he tried to get his father’s mind on something else. “It seemed rather important.”
“Do you really believe I would call you here if it wasn’t?”
“No, of course not.” Danny could see the fire raging in his father’s eyes and knew he probably wasn’t going to come out of this confrontation unscathed. “I saw the cars in the drive. Are the others here?”
Mentioning his siblings seemed to have the desired effect. Charles turned and started to leave, glancing back over his shoulder. “Thomas, bring refreshments to the study.”
“Very good, sir,” Thomas replied, although Danny saw the former butler roll his eyes and doubted the man would be following through with his father’s order.
Daniel cast one last look over his shoulder and then followed his father out of the servants’ lounge. He was kind of surprised that Charles even knew the small room existed. He had certainly never seen his father in there. He had never even seen him in the kitchen. Charles O’Shay did not do manual labor. He might sweat and that would mar his perfectly pressed suit.
He hired people to sweat for him.
The silence that followed him as he walked toward his father’s study was ominous. Danny was still confused about why he had been called home. Whatever his father had to say to him obviously involved the entire family.
Danny couldn’t rightly say what scared him more, the fact that his father had called him home or the fact that all of his siblings seemed to be there as well. If he had a choice, he would turn and hightail it out of the family home just as fast as his feet would carry him.
Danny’s jaw dropped when they reached the foray. He wasn’t standing in the middle of the foray he remembered from his childhood. He wasn’t even sure he was in the same house. The old wooden stairs that went to the second and third floors had been replaced with white marble, the railings glittering with gold filigree. A huge crystal chandelier now hung from the middle of the ceiling.
Was that a Ming vase?
“You redecorated.”
“My wife didn’t like the décor.”
Danny almost tripped over his feet as he skidded to a stop. “Your wife?”
Danny’s jaw dropped. “You remarried?”
Charles turned and stared at Danny. “Did you expect me to mourn your mother for the rest of my life?”
Danny quickly lowered his eyes, his father’s gaze too intent. “No.” Danny just wondered why he was only learning of his father’s new wife now. “How long have you been married?”
“Two years, give or take a month.”
Two years. He had had a stepmother for two years.
“Did you elope?” he asked.
Danny started to get a queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. Maybe his invitation had gotten lost in the mail. “Did you have a big wedding?”
“Yes, I’d say it was fairly big. I believe Mariana said the guest list was over two hundred.” Charles seemed very proud of that fact. “It was the social event of the season.”
And that right there was why Danny never received an invitation to the wedding. His father wouldn’t allow him to attend the social event of the year. He might bring shame to the family name.
“Well, congratulations.”
Charles stared down at him, blinking slowly before turning away without another word. Danny sighed and followed after his father. Even if he wanted to meet this new stepmother—which he didn’t—he doubted the mysterious woman wanted to meet him. Who knew what she had been told about him.
He was, after all, the family shame.
When they reached the study, Charles walked right on in. Danny paused just outside the door, knowing deep down inside that once he crossed the threshold, his life wouldn’t be the same. Something was going on here that made the hairs on the nape of his neck stand on end.
And what was that delicious smell?
“Daniel, I’m waiting.”
“Sorry, sir.” Danny hurried into the room, his heart sinking when he realized that every member of his family was inside, including a blond haired woman sitting by his father. He assumed it was his stepmother considering the way she sat on the arm of his father’s chair.
Two of Danny’s brothers stood behind his father, the other one sitting on a couch by the window with his sister. Danny was a little surprised to see his father’s lawyer in the room. He had seen the guy from time to time growing up, but never actually spoken to the man.
It was the others in the room that Danny didn’t recognize. Two strangers stood near the fireplace, both with a glass of amber liquid in their hand. And geez, they were big burly men, standing inches taller than everyone else in the room.
Danny suddenly felt like he couldn’t breathe. Every eye in the room was on him. This must be what goldfish felt like inside their glass bowls. Danny rubbed the back of his neck, his nerves rattled by the intense attention aimed in his direction.
Was he supposed to say something?
“As you can see, he is fine.”
One of the men by the fireplace walked over and grabbed Danny’s neon green cast, gently lifting it into the air. “You consider this fine?” The man’s voice was deep and rough and almost made Danny swoon as it rumbled though his body like an electrical shock.
Danny’s chin was grabbed, his face titled back into the light. “And what about this?” the man asked as he pointed to the stitches on Danny’s forehead. The man had deep amber eyes that glowed with some internal light. They blazed with fire but softened when they looked down at Danny.
“I fell,” Danny murmured.
What was probably the largest, strongest hand in the history of hands, gentled as it stroked down the side of Danny’s face. “That will no longer be allowed.”
Had he just agreed to not fall down anymore?
Feeling more uncertain and bewildered with each passing second, Danny pulled back out of the man’s alluring touch. As he did, he realized that the second stranger had moved up to stand on the other side of him. He was surrounded.
“I need air,” Danny wheezed as his chest tightened in a fraction of a second. “Please, I need air.”

“I can smell your excitement, love.”
Danny’s eyebrows rose. “You can smell me?”
“It’s delicious, like the warmest honey with just a hint of cinnamon.” Abe licked his lips, the gesture so sensual, Danny felt his cock jerk. “I could eat you up.”
“Okay,” Danny groaned.
“Here,” Ben said from the front seat, “you’re going to need this.”
Danny caught just a glimpse of a small black bag before it disappeared behind his back. “What is that?”
Abe grinned. “It’s a surprise.”
Danny was dying of curiosity but the gleam in Abe’s eyes kept him rooted where he was. The man’s excitement as he messed with whatever was in that bag might rival his own.
“Straddle my thighs, Danny, and spread your legs as far as they will go.”
Trusting Abe to keep him safe, Danny did as the man requested.
“Now put your hands on my shoulders and use them to lift yourself up.”
Again, Danny did as Abe requested.
“Now, hold on, babe.”
Confusion collided with curiosity. Why would he need to hold on? Danny opened his mouth to ask that very question when it was answered in a way that made a cry of ecstasy come out of his mouth instead.
Something slim and cylindrical and vibrating was being slowly pushed into his ass. Whatever it was, it was no larger than the width of one of Abe’s fingers. And the vibrations were low enough that Danny could still breathe, but just barely.
Abe moved it in and out of his ass slowly, not moving any faster until Danny pushed back against it. “Do you like that, Danny?”
“Yeah,” Danny panted. He fucking loved it. “Wha-What is that?”
Abe grinned again but started to move the object in and out of Danny’s ass a little faster.. “Secret.”
Danny’s eyes slid closed as the vibrations picked up. He could feel his balls pulsing, throbbing. He moved, thrusting his ass down toward the vibrating object, impaling himself, driving it deeper into his ass, faster, harder.
“That’s it, baby,” Abe said. “Fuck yourself.”
Danny screamed when the vibrations increased to an all time high. The tip of his cock buzzed. His balls drew up close to his body and then a fiery sensation erupted inside of his body, sending shot after shot of cum up between Danny and Abe. Danny’s body once again collapsed against Abe, a happy little buzz still zipping through his body.
“Did you like that, baby?” Abe asked as he carefully withdrew the object from Danny’s ass.
“Hmmm.” Danny was non verbal at this point.
“All nice and relaxed?”
Danny grinned. “Uh uh.”
Danny didn’t know why that response sounded so evil until he felt something bigger than the last object push into his ass. It wasn’t so big that it hurt but there was a definite burn. By the time Abe stopped moving, Danny’s entire ass was impaled on the rubbery device.
“Ready, love?”
Danny’s eyes widened. “Ready?”
Ready for what?
Ten seconds.
After Abe hit whatever evil switch he had and the vibrations started and the object in his ass began to move up and down, Danny lasted a whole ten seconds before he was screaming his way through another orgasm.
By the time the truck pulled to a stop and Danny was lifted out of the back of the cab, he could barely lift his head. He had climaxed through four—no, five—five different vibrating dildos, each one larger, thicker, longer, and more powerful than the last one.
Danny currently had an incredibly large butt plug lodged in his ass, his very stretched out ass. That last dildo had been bigger than anything Danny had ever taken, including Ben or Abe. Danny was now fully aware of how they planned on him being able to take both of them.
Torture. Pure, mind numbing, pleasure filled torture.
He was a fan.


Thursday, June 4, 2015



Venusian Trilogy 1
Elves are from Venus, wolf shifters from Mars. Vampires come from Saturn, humans live on Earth... and one man is king of them all...he just doesn't know it yet.
Nicolas Callon had no idea that his life was going to change the day he turned twenty five. He had simply been hoping to spend a little time with his best friend and secret crush Cooper Walsh. But nothing turns out like he had hoped. From interfering ex-girlfriends to aliens from outer-space, Nicky’s day just goes to hell.
The one bright spot is Cooper, and the passionate interlude they share mere moments before Nicky’s life turns upside down. As he whisked away to parts unknown, it might be all Nicky has to keep himself sane because being told he’s king of the galaxy pales in comparison to watching the man he loves get shot before his very eyes.
If Nicky can find a way back to earth, he might have a chance of making his birthday wish come true. If not, then everything he has gained as king will be meaningless.