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RELEASE DAY: Odd Man Out (Cade Creek 10)


Cade Creek 10

Available Now!

[The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Asked to look into a suspicion of abuse, Bear Black finds himself more intrigued by the man he is investigating than he really should be, especially considering the man is married. When he suspects that Andrew has been attacked, Bear goes in for the rescue and finds a man that calls to his soul as much as his protective instincts.

Dr. Andrew Sutherland has spent the last three years in hell, never knowing when one wrong move might end in another beating. Hiding his abuse from the world has become so common place, he doesn't even think of how odd his behavior might look to the outside world.    

When he's rescued from the latest attack by a man right out of his fantasies, Andrew doesn't know whether to submit to the desire he feels or run for the hills. But when his actions put Bear in danger, will Andrew be strong enough to stand up and protect the one man that has come to mean the world to him or will his fear prevent him from keeping Bear safe?


On each day of each year (2006-2011), the following titles were released. We celebrate each anniversary date by offering a tremendous discount for a limited time. Enjoy them now!

(Phoenix Rising 3)
[Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition]
Tibo suffered a heart attack at an early age. After dying briefly and being brought back by the paramedics, he had a new appreciation for life. He also had a new appreciation for his gorgeous boss, Salvatore Fernando.
When their lives are threatened and they have to go on the run, Tibo is happy to go as long as he gets to stay by Sal's side. He's even more elated when Sal makes his desires known. But what doesn't thrill Tibo is discovering that he is a phoenix.
Now, with danger coming at them from every turn and not knowing who they can trust, Tibo must learn to give his loyalty and understanding to his new lover, especially when Sal transforms into something only whispered about in folklore.
Can Sal keep Tibo safe as they try desperately to find a place to call home, and can Tibo save Sal when he takes a bullet to save Tibo’s life? Or will their new beginning end before it's even started?


On each day of each year (2006-2011), the following titles were released. We celebrate each anniversary date by offering a tremendous discount for a limited time. Enjoy them now!
Katzman 3
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M]

Shaikh Bogden Dhal Wuher Al'Abdalha couldn't forget Anjali or the time they spent together. If it hadn't been for the death of his father, Bogden never would have left his mate. And he knows Anjali is his mate. They dream together.

To get Anjali back, Bogden buys his contract and sends for him. But Anjali isn't overjoyed to see Bogden. Instead, Anjali thinks he is a slave, bought due to his training as a pleasure slave. And he's pissed when he discovers who his new master is.

Before they can settle their differences, someone betrays them, attacking their desert camp. Chaos reigns as Bogden and Anjali try to fight for their people, fight for each other, and fight to stay alive. But can two men win against insurmountable odds, or will they lose the love they share before they know they have it?

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On each day of each year (2006-2011), the following titles were released. We celebrate each anniversary date by offering a tremendous discount for a limited time. Enjoy them now!

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M

Brandon Erikson knows he doesn't have much chance of finding love. There aren't a lot of opportunities for a man with a little extra padding around the waist and hectic work hours to find the man of his dreams. That is, until he slips and falls at the jazz festival and discovers that the way to a man's heart is through sweet treats.
Dr. Nicolas Syranno is tired of dating men who order salad when he takes them out. He wants someone who takes pleasure in life the way he does, someone who isn't toothpick thin, and someone who understands his crazy work hours as an emergency room doctor.
When Nicolas sees a sexy little blond slip at the jazz festival, has he found the love he has been searching for?
See a video of Sweet Treats

"I sat down one day with an idea of writing about love on a timetable. Sweet Treats appeared two days later. Love doesn't happen on a timetable. There is no set formula. It just happens. When you find it, grab it, and don't let it go, and forget about whether it's time to love or not. You'll know it." ~ Stormy

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On each day of each year (2006-2011), the following titles were released. We celebrate each anniversary date by offering a tremendous discount for a limited time. Enjoy them now! 

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M]

Kyrinen was pretty sure that the world had gone to hell in a handbasket when someone tried to assassinate the president. He was positive of it when martial law was declared and armed soldiers sat on every corner. He knew it was time to get out of town and lay low before things got worse.

Before he can leave, a man comes into his life who changes everything. Sebastian Haq is unlike anyone Kyrinen has ever met, even if he is his best friend's brother. For one, Haq can talk to Kyrinen through a telepathic link. When Haq starts talking about other worlds and bonds and spaceships, Kyrinen has to decide if great sex is worth having a boyfriend that is completely off his rocker.

While Kyrinen just plans on getting out of town, Haq wants to get them off the planet. Can Kyrinen trust the madman or should he cut his losses and stay on Earth?


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Cade Creek 10


AVAILABLE: Thursday, December 31st

[Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Asked to look into a suspicion of abuse, Bear Black finds himself more intrigued by the man he is investigating than he really should be, especially considering the man is married. When he suspects that Andrew has been attacked, Bear goes in for the rescue and finds a man that calls to his soul as much as his protective instincts.

Dr. Andrew Sutherland has spent the last three years in hell, never knowing when one wrong move might end in another beating. Hiding his abuse from the world has become so common place, he doesn't even think of how odd his behavior might look to the outside world.    

When he's rescued from the latest attack by a man right out of his fantasies, Andrew doesn't know whether to submit to the desire he feels or run for the hills. But when his actions put Bear in danger, will Andrew be strong enough to stand up and protect the one man that has come to mean the world to him or will his fear prevent him from keeping Bear safe?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Cade Creek 1
Answering a disturbance call, Deputy Marc Walker meets a man that shocks him with his gentleness. He wants to know everything about the man. He wants to show Happy the world, and he’s not going to let a little thing like getting shot interfere with those plans.
Cade Creek 2
Mitchell Walker never wanted anything other than the simple life of a farmer—until he met Elliot Foster, and then his dreams changed. Elliot seemed to want the same thing until the day he disappeared without a word. Now, he’s back, and he’s not alone.
Cade Creek 3
Fire Chief Jack Helmond is used to being called to the scene of accidents. It’s part of the job. When he discovers a frightened young man pinned in his car, the job takes on new meaning. Rescuing Chester Bailey becomes personal.
Cade Creek 4
The growing feelings Jonny has for Russ just won’t go away, not even when the man makes it clear they can only be friends. After one too many rejections, Jonny decides he needs to build a life without Russ, but that’s just the beginning of his troubles.
Cade Creek 5
When the man he’s interested in betrays his trust, Hank refuses to have anything to do with him. But fate has a way of making a man regret decisions made in haste. When Sammy’s life is threatened, saving him might be harder than finding the serial arsonist that is plaguing Cade Creek. It might be damn near impossible.
Cade Creek 6
When Harvey James is offered a brown-eyed beauty in exchange for a round of drinks at his bar, he accepts, starting a series of events that tests his strength and strips him of his fine-honed control. Because Joey Baker isn’t just a man to be bartered, he’s a man Harvey wants to keep.
Cade Creek 7
Being a fire fighter fulfills Paul Rafferty’s need to protect those that can’t protect themselves. When he meets Noah Helmond and learns who the man is, he’s prepared to think the worst. Getting Noah to admit there’s more to his story might be the hardest battle he’s ever fought.
Cade Creek 8
Life for Artie Mills was hard enough without being sold to a drug dealer by his jerk of a stepfather. He wasn't sure if meeting undercover DEA agent Dorian James was going to make it better or worse, but he damn sure wanted to find out.
Cade Creek 9
Deputy Nick Hale and Dr. Devon Berkley had been best friend since grade school. They had always been there for each other, even when DB discovered he was gay and Nick was not. When tragedy strikes, being best friends might not be enough to keep Nick from making the worst mistake of his life.
Cade Creek 10
Asked to look into suspicions of abuse, Bear Black finds himself more intrigued by the man he is investigating than he really should be, especially considering the man is married. When Bear tries to rescue Andrew, he finds a man that calls to his soul as much as his protective instincts.

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FINISHED & SUBMITTED: Submitting to Simon


Sir Series 5
coming January 14th
Jamie McDonald is looking for someone to give him a little discipline. Nothing major, just a light spanking will do just fine. When he spots Simon Davenport at a New Year’s Eve party, he knows he’s met a man who can make his New Year’s resolutions come true. Thinking it’s just a quick one night stand, Jamie goes home with Simon only to learn that Simon has something a bit more long term in mind. He has an entire playroom in his condo and he’s been waiting for just the right man to play with.
But someone else wants to play with Simon and their not above killing Jamie to get him out of the way. With the help of some old friends and new, Jamie just might survive, but only if he's willing to submit to Simon and everything the sexy man wants.

As Jamie turned to look at William, a flash of white caught his eye. He followed the silk shirt and discovered a pair of dark copper eyes staring at him. Jamie inhaled softly as a slow shudder of desire slid through him from the intense look in the man’s eyes. this one would know how to play. Jamie knew it by the glint in the man’s eyes and the thickness of his hands. He had no doubt this one could give him what he wanted, what he needed.
“I want that one,” Jamie said to Danny without taking his eyes off the man.
“Which one?” Danny turned his head to look. “Oh, no, you don’t want that one, Jamie, take my word for it. Simon is...well, Simon just isn’t the one for you.”
“Why not? Is he straight? Married? Involved? What?” Jamie asked.
Danny shook his head. “No, not exactly, but he’s...he’s intense. More intense than I think you’re ready for.”
“What’s he into?” Jamie’s curiosity got the best of him. He had to know. He hadn’t had someone affect him like this in a long time. His heart raced. His palms broke out with sweat. More importantly, his cock throbbed and begged for an introduction.
“Look, Jamie, I don’t know Simon very well. He’s a friend of Dante’s, but I’ve heard things.” Danny placed his hand on Jamie’s arm. “He’s not into anything weird, at least not by your standards, but he prefers submissive partners. Very submissive.”
“I can do submissive,” Jamie whispered. Just the thought of being submissive under Simon’s strong muscular body gave him the shivers. Very tall and well defined, Simon looked to be at least six foot two. At five foot nine, Jamie would be in heaven.
“Not like this, you can’t,” Danny assured him. “There’s no power on earth to hold your tongue when you get pissed off and you know it. It would never work.”
“So, I’m a sarcastic bitch. That doesn’t mean I can’t do submissive,” Jamie replied. “Besides, have you seen the size of that man’s hands? They’re perfect!”
“Oh, I swear to God, you and your penchant for getting spanked.” Danny groaned. “Honey, you’ve got to expand your horizons a little; try out some other kink.”
“Uh-uh, I like that one too much.” Jamie chuckled and turned to look at Danny. “Have you ever had your ass reddened by a large, thick hand swatting you over and over until you feel it all of the way through?”
Danny’s eyes widened. “Oh, TMI, my friend,” he laughed, holding up his hand to stop Jamie. “I’m serious about Simon, Jamie. He’s into a lot more than you are. Spanking is nothing compared to what he wants in a partner.”
“What? Are we talking candle wax on the nipples or something?” Jamie raised an eyebrow and looked from Simon to Danny. .
“Uh, no. I think I’m safe in saying there is no candle wax involved, but there might be a few other toys.”
“Toys?” Jamie asked. “I love toys.”
“Restraints, whips, plugs, clamps, rings. I could go on, you know.”
Jamie looked at Simon again and his eyes widened at the smirk on Simon’s face. Oh, this man definitely had possibilities. Jamie might never have indulged in the heavier toys before, but for this man he’d consider it.
“Come on, Jamie, let me introduce you to William,” Danny said as he pulled on Jamie's arm. “You’ll like him.”
Jamie shook his head. “Nope, I found what I want for Christmas and he’s sitting right over there.”
“Jamie... ” Danny said.
Jamie ignored him and walked toward the man he’d set his sights on, stopping once he stood directly in front of him. He waited for the Simon to look up while every pickup line he could think of ran through his head.
“Hi, my name’s Jamie. I realize Christmas is technically over but I wondered if I could ask you a question.” Jamie didn't realize what he was going to say until he said it.
Simon looked up at him. “I suppose you could, but I reserve the right not to answer.”
Jamie felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up at the deep, whiskey drawl from Simon’s mouth. To hear that man in the throes of passion, Jamie would give up everything he owned.
At Jamie’s hesitation, Simon finally asked, “What’s your question?” 
“Did you know that according to Scandinavian custom, people who meet under the mistletoe are obliged to kiss?” Jamie leaned down and placed his hands on the back of the couch behind Simon’s head. “At Christmas time, anyone standing under a ball of mistletoe cannot refuse to be kissed. Such a kiss could mean deep romance or lasting friendship and goodwill.”
Simon’s lips twisted in a smirk. “There are three problems with that, Jamie. One, it’s no longer Christmas. Two, I’m not Scandinavian. And three, we have no mistletoe.”
“No,” Jamie said and moved his face closer to Simon’s until their lips almost touched. “But we can always pretend.”
Simon glanced down at Jamie’s lips, then back to his eyes. “I don’t have a very good imagination.”
“That’s not what I hear,” Jamie said softly.
“Oh? And just what have you heard?”
“Well, I heard you might be able to help me with my New Year’s resolution.”
“And what might that resolution be?” Simon’s lips stretched into a grin.
“I’ve resolved to have my ass spanked before the night is over.” Jamie knew his words were direct, but the glint in Simon’s copper eyes told him his message had been received loud and clear.
The thought of what Simon could do to him made Jamie’s ass tingle. Simon’s imagination might not be very good, but Jamie’s rolled ahead at full steam. He could almost feel the weight of Simon’s hand on his ass now.
“That’s quite a resolution,” Simon replied. “And you think I can help you with that?”
Jamie nodded, dropped to his knees between Simon’s legs, and reached over and grabbed his hand. “Oh yeah.” He rubbed his thumb slowly over Simon’s palm. “You’re hands are perfect. So wide, large, and strong. I have no doubt they could redden my ass exquisitely.”

“So, how far to your place?” Jamie asked once they got downstairs and out to the parking lot. Simon unlocked the car door, opened it, and held it open for Jamie. Jamie smiled at the chivalrous gesture and climbed in. As Simon shut the door and walked around to the driver’s side, Jamie buckled his seatbelt.
Simon started the car, emerged into the traffic and headed toward his condo. “Not far, maybe ten minutes.”
“Perfect,” Jamie said. “That gives me just enough time.”
“Time for wha—oh god!” Simon groaned when Jamie leaned over and unzipped his slacks, pulling his cock out before he finished his question. Seconds later, Jamie wrapped his lips around Simon’s hard erection.
Oh damn! If Jamie could swear he’d be yelling right now. Little drops of pre-cum glistened on the head of Simon’s cock and slid against Jamie’s tongue, exploding over his taste buds. Simon tasted delicious.
Jamie used his tongue to lap at the head, pushing down against the tiny slit at the top. He wanted more. Jamie loved giving blow jobs, but this time, it was so much better. Hell, it was great.
Jamie had to stretch his mouth wide to fit Simon’s large cock into his mouth. Using his lips to squeeze around his girth, Jamie pushed the head of Simon’s cock up against the roof of his mouth several times. He couldn’t wait to feel that bad boy pounding into him.
“Jamie!” Simon growled. “I’m going to come if you keep doing that.”
Jamie lifted his head and Simon’s cock dropped from his mouth with a loud pop. Looking up at Simon, he said, “So, come already. I have no doubt I can get you up again.”
Simon’s eyes widened and he inhaled so deeply, Jamie felt his chest move. Then Simon grabbed him by a lock of hair and pushed his head back down to his cock.
Jamie wrapped his lips around Simon’s cock again, swiping his tongue down the length of him and tried to swallow as much as he could. Jamie’s mouth moved up and down in rapid motion and he brought his hand up to caress the underside of Simon’s ball sac.
The harder he worked, the tighter Simon gripped his hair. On instinct, Jamie let his teeth barely scrap against the sides of the hard cock in his mouth. When he heard a loud growl, Jamie smiled just as Simon shot hot cream into his mouth.
Jamie swallowed as much as he could, his tongue licking up every last drop of pearly white seed. He moved his tongue down to clean up any drops that might have fallen on Simon’s balls.
Simon’s hand gripped his hair and pulled back until Jamie’s neck arched. He looked up at Simon and grinned at the dazed expression on his face. Simon let go of Jamie’s hair, gesturing to the cock hanging out of his pants. “We’re almost there, Jamie.”
Jamie knew what that meant. He placed a small kiss on the top of Simon’s spent cock before putting it back in his pants, zipping up his pants. “Bye-bye, I’ll see you soon.” He chuckled and gently patted Simon’s cock.
Jamie sat up and leaned back in his seat. He couldn’t stop grinning, especially when he saw the stunned look on Simon’s face. Jamie reached down and rubbed his hand against his own cock, hard and aching in his pants.
“Stop that!” Simon said sternly.
Jamie’s eyes widened. “What?”
“That’s mine now. Mine to play with and enjoy. Mine to have. You get to play with it only when I say so. If you need to come, you’ll come to me,” Simon said. “Otherwise, keep your hands off.”


Along Comes a Man
By: G. A. Hauser

Forty year old Freddie Oli and his longtime buddy, thirty-five year old, Barron Isaac, worked in the IT business together for years. When their company was bought out, Freddie and Barron decided to alter their career direction, and open their own landscaping business.

The two older men hire an ex-marine, Dirk Jameson, to help out. At twenty-eight, Dirk was eager to work, strong, and not to mention, gorgeous.

Although Freddie and Barron were gay, they never felt any chemistry between them, but their bond of friendship was powerful.

As Dirk begins to flirt with both men, Freddie worries that Dirk will be the demise of a good friendship and a budding business.

A strong partnership is tested as the men are faced with a handsome stud who seems to want it all.

Will this trio have a happy ending? Or will jealousy and doubt creep into their lives?

For Barron and Freddie, things were smooth sailing, until, along comes a man…


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NOW IN PRINT: The Best Parts


Cade Creek 7

[Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Recovering from a car accident in the sleepy little town of Cade Creek should have been a dream come true, but for Noah Helmond, it has been nothing but a nightmare. Ostracized by everyone for things he couldn’t prevent, Noah is trying his level best to make amends. But even he has his limits and when the man he starts to fall for rips the truth out of him, Noah has to decide if it’s worth the risk to stay and fight for what they could have together or run.

Paul Rafferty loves being a fire fighter. It fulfills his need to protect those that can’t protect themselves. When he meets Noah and learns who the man is, he’s prepared to think the worst. But there’s something compelling in Noah’s sad eyes that make Raff think that there is more to the story than what he has been told. Getting Noah to admit that might be the hardest battle he’s ever fought.

When trouble comes looking for Noah, asking for help means revealing secrets Noah has kept hidden for years, ones that will not only tear his family apart but have a significant impact on more than one resident in Cade Creek, and that may be asking too much.


        On each day of each year (2006-2011), the following titles were released. We celebrate each anniversary date by offering a tremendous discount for a limited time.
Enjoy them now!

[Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M]
Hassan Al'Abdalha has seen his brother, Bogden, find his mate, and now his Shaikh has decided that it's his turn. Hassan was married once before and he never wants to experience that again. It was a dismal experience that left him miserable by the time his wife passed away. So Hassan comes up with a plan. He asks his brother to find him a mate like his own, a brüter, with the intention of it being a contract in name only.
But fate has a funny way of messing with people's lives. The brüter that he goes to the capitol to claim turns out to be Hassan's fated mate. Rayne is also a man on the run and he runs right into Hassan's arms. If they can keep from fighting their mating, they might actually find out that they want the same things out of life—each other.
Unfortunately, there are those that don't want them to find happiness together, and being in pridehome in the middle of the desert surrounded by family and warriors won't stop them from getting what they want.

[Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves]

Ethan Brown finds his mate, Jace Dominick, at the local bar. They go back to Ethan's place to cement their mating. The next day, Jace is missing. Ethan is beside himself, and when he finally finds Jace, the man swears his name is JD and he doesn't know Ethan.

Six weeks later, Jace is back. He's ready to have Ethan for his mate. Jace and Ethan try to make a go of things but that's hard to do when their insecurities get in the way. Jace feels guilty about what he did to Ethan and treats him like glass. Ethan thinks Jace is there out of guilt and he's afraid to ask for more.

But when danger comes, can they overcome their personal issues to save each other?

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NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: The Belt Buckle Ranch Collection

The Belt Buckle Ranch Collection

Volume 1
AVAILABLE: Sunday, December 20th
Box Set #16: The Belt Buckle Ranch Collection, Volume 1 (All 3 books for $4.99)
In Jackson, Jackson Murphy is an architect in LA whose entire life is turned upside down when a private investigator informs him that his biological father isn’t the man that raised him. Instead, it's a man named William Rickett, who is very ill and whose last request is to meet Jackson. Dropping everything, Jackson heads to Colorado. Wyatt Thompson is the foreman at the Belt Buckle Ranch. When William passes away, it’s Wyatt’s responsibility to make sure William’s five sons stay at the ranch. His attraction to Jackson is instantaneous, but Wyatt is reluctant to follow his heart when the future is unknown.
In Robbie, Robbie Robertson’s motorcycle repair shop is failing. When a P.I arrives, Robbie realizes he isn’t alone in the world. He has a father living in Colorado that wants to meet him. Cody White has been working at the Belt Buckle Ranch for five years. He meets Robbie, and it doesn’t take long for the two men to jump into a sexual relationship. But when Robbie’s injured working on the ranch, Cody blames himself and pulls back.
In Jared, Jared Carter spends his days working in a coffee shop and his nights on stage playing music. When a private investigator tells him that he has a dad in Colorado, Jared heads to the ranch. But Jared finds out that he’s too late…his dad passed away. Jacob Monroe owns a bar in Colorado. He likes the peace and quiet, but his life is flipped upside down when a gorgeous man walks into his bar. As the two start a relationship, Jacob realizes that Jared is struggling with his past.

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Every year Amber Kell​ does a November Birthday Bash and invites her author friends to come and share something birthday related, along with their latest book. This year she asked us to interview one of our favorite characters about their best birthday memory. So, come join us in wishing Amber Kell a happy birthday and take a stroll down memory lane with Deputy Nick Hale and Dr. DB...


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Viking Lore 2
available November 26th
Erotic Alternative Historical Fantasy Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA
As a berserkr warrior, protecting others came naturally to Ulfr. After watching his family get cut down before his eyes, Ulfr vowed revenge. Decades later, he is still looking for the jarl that slaughtered his family. When he discovers a sexy redhead being held prisoner by the very man he seeks, Ulfr has to decide between vengeance and protecting his mate.
Sold into slavery by his brother, Eitri despairs that he will ever be free. When rescue comes in the form of the biggest warrior Eitri has ever seen, his fascination with Ulfr quickly outweighs his fear of the powerful berserkr.
There are forces at work that threaten to take away all they have found in each other's arms. A brother bent on seeing Eitri a slave, a mischievous god out to cause trouble, and a murderous jarl willing to kill anyone in his path to immortality are just a few of the obstacles Ulfr and Eitri need to overcome if they want to protect their own.

“I smell you, wolf,” the angry voice from before said from the shadows. “I know you are there.”
Ulfr stilled. He should not have been detected. Berserkrs smelled of the forest, of earth and wind and the very trees. Their scent blended with nature, undetectable to human senses—unless he was not dealing with a human.
Considering what he was, that was always a possibility.
Ulfr pushed the door open with his shoulder and stepped inside the building. The room wasn’t huge but it was large enough to have darkened corners. Luckily, Ulfr had great eyesight and was able to immediately pinpoint his opponent.
The man still smelled of hate.
There was another smell floating on the air, one that was sweeter, alluring. It made Ulfr think of days past when his life was simple and he was happy. The sweet fragrance wrapped around him and moved against his skin like the finest fur, sensual and arousing. It messed with Ulfr’s senses, and raised his hackles when he could not immediately pinpoint its source.
“You have me at a disadvantage,” Ulfr replied as he moved further into the room, sniffing at the air. The putrid scent of hate burned his nostrils. “You seem to know who I am but I do not believe we have ever met.”
“No, that is not exactly true.” The man’s silhouette moved as he did, strolling slowly across the room as if he wasn’t facing off against an enemy, but staying to the shadows as though he didn’t want his face in the light.
“We have met before,” the man continued in a cool voice that grated on Ulfr’s nerves and poked at his memories. He had heard this voice before but where? “It has been more years ago than I care to remember, but we have met.”
Ulfr searched his memory but what he could see of the man’s face didn’t bring anything to mind. He cocked his head, his curiosity about the stranger growing. “If we have met before, why do you not show yourself?”
“I did not wish to bring back old memories, Ulfr.”
Ulfr tensed, his muscles tightening as the man stepped out of the shadows and into the torchlight. He sucked in an anguished breath as the light fell on the stranger’s face and he became a stranger no more.
Ulfr growled as he dove at the man, his rage making his shift fast and deadly. Jarl Alrekr jumped out of the way at the very last second. Ulfr’s claws sliced across the man’s abdomen, ripping his tunic wide open and leaving a trail of deep gouges marring his skin.
“Oh, you are good.” The man laughed as he pressed his hand over his open wounds. “You were big as a child but you have grown since I last saw you.” The man’s eyes roamed over Ulfr’s massive wolf body. “I am impressed.”
Ulfr wasn’t impressed. He was enraged. Jarl Alrekr had killed his family in cold blood, slaughtering them right before his eyes. Ulfr had spent years being eaten alive by rage and anguish. Once he learned to shift, he had stayed in his wolf form longer than most. After meeting Baldr, Ulfr had spent years under his tutelage, learning how to be a great warrior…just for this moment. He peeled back his lips, growling as he showed Alrekr his dagger like teeth. The wait was over. This was his chance to avenge his family.
They circled one another, the anticipation building within his gut, while he studied his opponent. Alrekr looked exactly the same, the memory forever burned inside his mind. Ulfr lurched forward, testing the other man’s reflexes, and Alrekr jerked back. Ulfr grinned. He’d been waiting for this day to come for decades. He taunted and teased, playing with Alrekr, testing his resolve as he waited to make his move.
Ulfr feigned to the left. When Alrekr jumped to the right, Ulfr was there waiting for him. He latched onto the man’s arm with his razor sharp teeth slicing past skin and bone. The sound of the man’s pain-filled cry satisfied Ulfr’s wolf, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted to hear Alrekr scream and beg for mercy before he died. He wanted the man to suffer, to feel the pain that he’d felt all these years.
He thrashed his head side to side, and Alrekr shrieked.
Ulfr grunted when a meaty fist plowed into the side of his face. His teeth tore flesh from bone as he fell back, sliding against the hard floor. Alrekr’s face had paled but there was a determined press to his lips that said this fight wasn’t over.
Ulfr jump to his feet and couched down, growling deep within his chest. He snapped his jaws at the man, snarling. Alrekr clutched his bloody arm to his chest, cradling it carefully. Ulfr could see large chunks of flesh hanging free as blood poured from the wound, dripping to the ground. He thought he even saw bone.
Alrekr backed up, his eyes intent. “It seems I may have underestimated you, Ulfr. It will not happen again.”
Ulfr roared and jumped back when Alrekr kicked over a brazier. Hot coals and smoldering hot wood crashed to the floor and started burning everything they touched. Within seconds, the room was engulfed, flames licking up the walls and along the floor, the heat singing Ulfr’s fur.
Alrekr’s laughter followed him out of the building as the man ran.
Ulfr started to chase after him until he heard a whimper from the figure in the cage. Ulfr glanced back, his eyes landing on the wooden cage. Already, flames licked up the sides. The figure inside would be burned to death before the cage was destroyed.
Ulfr took another step toward the door. The frightened whimper was accompanied by a cough and a sharp inhale, a desperate attempt for more air. Ulfr’s shoulders slumped. As much as he wanted to leave and go after the man that had destroyed his family, he knew he could not. His honor demanded he save whoever was inside that cage.
His revenge could wait.
Ulfr turned back and ran to the burning cage. By now, all of one side of the wooden cage was in flames. Ulfr shifted back to his human form as soon as he reached the cage. He grabbed the wooden bars on one side and pulled with all of his strength until they snapped.
With the building already in flames, Ulfr didn’t bother unwrapping the person in the furs. The covering would probably keep him or her protected anyway. He just reached in and grabbed the covered bundle and pulled it out of the cage before turning and running from the burning building.

Eitri’s head swam with euphoria as he slowly extracted his teeth from the berserkr’s flesh. He had felt the connection with the first draw of blood. It had only strengthened with each swallow.
The cry of the wolf holding him changed from one of pain to a deep groan of pleasure. Eitri felt the wolf move against him, the touch as sensual as it was forceful. When his hair was grabbed and his head yanked back until his neck was exposed, Eitri didn’t fight it. He knew what was coming, and as much as it frightened him, it soothed him as well.
Still, the cry that fell from his lips as the wolf’s razor sharp fangs sank into his throat had to have been heard in the halls of Valhöll. By the time the wolf withdrew his teeth several moments later and lifted his head, the bond was complete.
“Oh, bóndi,” the rough-voiced wolf whispered, “you know not what you have done.”
Eitri buried his face in the man’s chest, his nose brushing against the curled hair smattered across the powerful muscles. He wanted to sink into oblivion and disappear forever. He hadn’t meant to bite the man but something in his gut had taken a hold of him and before he could stop himself, his teeth were buried deep.
And now the man was angry. Eitri could feel it in the tense muscles beneath him. The man’s chest rose and fell rapidly. The hand gripping a fistful of his hair was tightening, pulling his head back. Eitri would be afraid the man was going to snap his neck…if he didn’t feel so safe with the handsome stranger.
Eitri couldn’t remember that last time he had felt safe, if ever. Surrounded as he was by the man’s massive arms, Eitri was able to draw in his first calming breath in forever. But whatever oxygen he had pulled into his lungs whooshed right back out when he was suddenly lifted into the air like a rag doll and flipped around until he straddled the large man’s huge thighs.
Eitri’s hoarse cry filled the air as something long, thick, and slick slid between his ass cheeks. The tip of the finger circled his tight ring of muscles until they fluttered with need, and then it thrust in, pulling another cry from Eitri. Having never had anything in his ass before, the sensation frightened Eitri as much as it intrigued him.
When it pulled out, Eitri almost cried out in protest, but it was back just as fast, thicker this time, two fingers. When they pushed deep, Eitri thought he was going to lose his mind. He felt so full, the burn making him ache, but for what?
Eitri whimpered.
Bóndi.” The word was whispered, desperate.
Eitri thought he was ready when the two fingers pulled back, but a third finger added stretched him beyond what he thought he could stretch. Eitri cried out as he wiggled, to be free or to beg for more he was unsure. He just knew he had to move. The thrusting was driving him toward something but what that something was went beyond Eitri’s scope of knowledge.
“Ohhh!” Eitri’s head fell back when the fingers in his ass brushed against something that sent sparks of fire racing through his body. His cock was so hard and aching. He had an insane urge to rub against the stranger holding him.
Just when he thought he might give in to his need, the fingers in his ass were pulled out, replaced a mere moment later with something hot and hard and so damn big it brought tears to his eyes. Eitri clutched at the man’s shoulders as his ass was split wide open with one deep thrust. He cried out in pain, positive he was being killed.
One thrust turned into two, and then five, ten, more than he could count. A single massive hand spanned across his lower back, holding him in place as he was repeatedly impaled, the man’s body moving against his roughly, hard, almost violently, until Eitri thought he couldn’t take another moment of it.
And then something happened, something changed. The pain that had become his world turned into something that stole his breath. Tears sprang to his eyes and slid down his cheeks as the most unimaginable pleasure Eitri had ever felt moved through his body as though the hands of the gods swept over him. Nothing in his life had ever prepared Eitri for the ecstasy sweeping through him.
Teeth as sharp as a knife blade sank back into the soft skin between his shoulder and neck. The briefest bite of pain turned into his high cry of pleasure as his body seemed to explode from within, splashing his gratification between him and the man. The man’s roar of release that shook the rafters was nothing compared to the roar in his head as the man’s cock expanded in his ass, locking into place as spurt after spurt of hot seed filled his channel.