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Cowboy Keeper - coming February 1st


Blaecleah Brothers 2

Billy Thornton is a known troublemaker. He's spent the better part of his life doing whatever his brother Clem wanted of him from intimidating people to stealing from them. The consequences if he didn't were life threatening. Billy had spent more than one night healing after his brother got pissed at him.

The one thing Billy couldn't do was allow Rourke Blaecleah to be hurt. Billy had loved Rourke for as long as he could remember, even though he knew it was wrong. The only way he could deal with it was to do everything in his power to keep Clem away from Rourke, and that meant putting himself in harm's way more than once.

When Rourke corners Billy one night and kisses him, things come to head. Rourke realizes that the man he has been looking for all of his life is right under his nose. Billy finds that he might actually be able to experience what loving Rourke is like in real life and not just his fantasies. And both men realize that what they have found together has put their lives in danger because Clem is coming for them and he's not happy.

This new release is offered at a 10% discount for four weeks.
To learn more about the Blaecleah Brothers or read the excerpts, go here...

Best Book of 2010 on Whipped Cream Reviews

Every year, The Long and the Short of It likes to reward the best of the best. Entries in this annual poll are limited to those books and stories which our reviewers rated as "Best Book" in a review posted in 2010.

The polls for both LASR and Whipped Cream will be active beginning

Monday, February 14 and will continue until Sunday, February 27.

"My Book, My Journey"

Monday, January 31st, 2011

I'm guest blogging with Jadette Paige about my new series
Blaecleah Brothers

Read how the idea of the Blaecleah Brothers was created and the story was developed. I will also discuss how I go about creating my books. Leave a comment and have a chance to win a free eBook copy of

Cowboy Keeper

(Blaecleah Brother 2)

The Offical Winner List for LRC's Best of 2010 Awards

This is the complete and official winners list for the LRC's Best of 2010 Awards.

Best Contemporary Book-2010
Winner: 'This Can't be Love' by Debra St John
Runner Up: Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane
Honorable Mention (no button): Hunting JC by Dominique Eastwick

Best Fantasy Book-2010
Winner: Glimpses by Lynn Flewelling
Runner Up: Omarati by DC Juris
Honorable Mention (no button): Branded by Clare London

Best Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Book-2010
Winner: Micah by Joyee Flynn
Runner Up: Witch's Fire by Tabitha Shay
Honorable Mention (no button): Motor City Fae by Cindy Spencer Pape

Best Historical Book-2010
Winner: Raeliksen by Renee Vincent
Runner Up: Laird of the Mist by Foery MacDonell
Honorable Mention (no button): Texas Promise by Celia Yeary

Best Thriller/Romantic Suspense/Mystery Book-2010
Winner: Fire and Ash by Anne Patrick
Runner Up: Blood Pond by DJ Manly
Honorable Mention (no button): Written In Blood by Elaina Lee

Best Paranormal author
Winner: Stormy Glenn
Runner Up: Joyee Flynn
Honorable Mention (no button): Adrianne Brennan

Best GBLTQ Author
Winner: Josh Lanyon
Runner Up: Stormy Glenn
Honorable Mention (no button): Joyee Flynn

Best GBLTQ Book-2010
Winner: Lust and Fae by Joyee Flynn
Runner Up: Caught by Surprise, LD Madison
Honorable Mention (no button): Blaque/Bleu by Belinda McBride & A Taste of Love by Andrew Grey (TIE)

Best BDSM Book
Winner: Two Masters for Samantha by Michele Zurlo
Runner Up: Masters of the Shadowlands 4: Lean on Me by Cherise Sinclair
Honorable Mention (no button): A Matter of Trust by A.C. Katt

Best Anthology/Multi-Authors Book 2010
Winner: Chameleon Wolf by Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn
Runner up: His for the Holidays by Josh Lanyon, LB Gregg, ZA Maxfield & Harper Fox
Honorable Mention (no button): Doms of Dark Haven Anthology

Best Science Fiction/Futuristic Book-2010
Winner: Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn
Runner Up: The Starlight Rite by Cherise Sinclair
Honorable Mention (no button): Soothe the Burn by TA Chase

Best Book Cover
Winner: Raeliksen by Renee Vincent & Spencer's Secret by Joyee Flynn (TIE)
Runner Up: Oracle by RJ Scott
Honorable Mention (no button): Taste of Passion by Savannah Chase

Best Erotic Book
Winner: Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane
Runner Up: Taste of Passion by Savannah Chase
Honorable Mention (no button): The Distance between Us, L. A. Witt

Best E-publisher-2010
Winner: Silver Publishing
Runner up: Samhain Publishing
Honorable Mention (no button): Dreamspinner Press

Best Shape-shifter Book-2010
Winner: The Cat's Meow by Stormy Glenn
Runner Up: Avoiding Hell's Gate by Joyee Flynn & Changing Their Wolfen Heritage by Missy Martine (TIE)
Honorable Mention (no button): Deadly Mates 2: Wings of Moonlight by Scarlet Hyacinth

Best book all around
Winner: Spell Kissed by Kari Thomas
Runner Up: Cowboy Boots and Unfinished Business by Natalie Acres
Honorable Mention (no button): Love Means…Freedom by Andrew Grey

Best Vampire Book
Winner: Love's Indecision (Warrior Camp#2) by Joyee Flynn
Runner Up: Lover Mine by JR Ward
Honorable Mention (no button): The Vampire Hunters by Scott Baker & MIA Case Files: Blood Relations by KC Burn (TIE)

Best Series
Winner: Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward & Marius Brothers by Joyee Flynn (TIE)
Runner Up: Love Means… by Andrew Grey & Men of Smithfield Series by LB Gregg (TIE)
Honorable Mention (no button): Ancient Prophecy Series by Leiland Dale

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Book of the Week Nomination

What is your favorite 5 Heart Sweetheart from last week?

The Cat's Meow is up for nomination after receiving a 5 HEART review from the Romance Studio. Stop by and vote for your favorite book. Voting is open to everyone. The winning review will have its cover (if appropriate for our main pages) and buy link posted on our front page along with a snippet of our 5 heart review!

Voting for this week ends at midnight EST Sunday, January 30, 2011.

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Book of the Week Nominations

Whipped Cream erotic romance reviews wants to know which book or story sounds like the best read based on their reviews. The winning author gets a nifty button and the privilege of having their book or story featured at the top of that page the entire next week, as well as getting a custom made video from Goddess Fish Promotions to publicize their review and the win!

My stories Alpha Born and Flogger's Holiday Sale were both reviewed by Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews this week and are up for Best Book honor this weekend. You can find the information here on Saturday:

(voting runs from Saturday, January22nd through Sunday January23rd).

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LR Cafe "Best of 2010" Nominations

I have been nominated in the following categories for the LR Cafe's "Best of 2010" Reader Awards.

Best Paranormal author - Stormy Glenn

Best GBLTQ Author - Stormy Glenn

Best Anthology/Multi-Authors Book 2010 - Chameleon Wolf by Stormy Glenn and Joyee Flynn (Siren)

Best Science Fiction/Futuristic Book-2010 - Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn (Silver)

Best Shape-shifter Book-2010 - The Cat's Meow by Stormy Glenn (Silver)


No early voting will be allowed or accepted. Voting will take place on Dawn’s Reading Nook Blog. Each category will have a separate post and to vote, comment your choice in the comment area. Link to Dawn’s Reading Nook Blog is:

Winners to be announced on the LR Café Loop on January 31st at Noon EST.

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From Pack to Pride

by Amber Kell

Book one in the Supernatural Mates Series

When a wolf shifter joins a pride of lions, the fur flies.

When Adrian is sent to live with the lion pride for his own safety, little does he know that the pride alpha is already culling him from the pack. With one picture, Talan knew Adrian was his mate.

Now he has six months to persuade Adrian to stay in his pride forever and keep a psychotic wolf from killing him.

Excerpt From: From Pack to Pride

“I can’t believe you did that.” Adrian stared at his brother as if he’d never seen him before. He looked around Kade’s office, his head spinning as he absorbed this sudden shift in reality.

Nothing was out of place in the masculine wood panelled room. Same soft throw rugs, same desk their father had used before Kade. No changes because his brother was a fanatic about traditions. Traditions he was breaking by sending his wolf shifter brother to go live with the lions.

Maybe he fell asleep after his heavy meal and he was dreaming. Yes, that must be it. Surely his brother wouldn’t sell him off to a bunch of fur balls. He could see maybe another canine pack, wolves or coyotes?hell, he’d even take the group of dog shifters that lived in the alley behind the ice cream shop downtown.

But cats!

He was in hell.

Adrian examined Kade carefully hoping to see some external sign that his brother and alpha had completely lost his fucking mind.

Nope, the man still looked the same. Dark hair, green eyes identical to Adrian’s, and a dimpled smile, but he’d obviously lost his marbles.

Adrian sighed.

His day had started out so marvellously too with a nice run with his fellow pack mates that resulted in taking down a wounded deer. He couldn’t think of a nicer way to start the day.

Now his evil brother had ruined it.

“What? It makes perfect sense.” Kade looked innocently back at him. A look the powerful alpha wolf totally couldn’t pull off.

“You sold me to the pussycats!”

“You’re exaggerating,” Kade protested. “I made a peace agreement between two packs.”

“Well Mr. Peacekeeper. Lions packs are called prides,” Adrian sneered. “If you’re going to sell me out at least know something about the creatures you’re sacrificing me to.”

“Sacrificing is such a strong word,” Kade said with an infuriating smile.

“Who’s sacrificing?” Helen, Kade’s mate, asked walking into the room.

As usual the alpha mate was dressed in a pair of paint splattered denim capris and a loose white smock top. Adrian always thought of that outfit as her work uniform. As an artist Helen almost always wore some version of the same outfit. She said in order to create she had to be comfortable. Before she mated with Kade she used to work in the nude, but the protective alpha had put an end to that practice. A fact she complained about daily just to give Kade a hard time.

“Brain trust here made a pact to give me to the lion pride in exchange for peace between the lions and the wolves.”

“Have some respect for your alpha,” Helen snapped. Her golden brows formed a frown on her smooth forehead as she looked from brother to brother.

Kade flashed him a smug smile. The impact was lost when his mate smacked him across the back of the head.

“What were you thinking?” Helen demanded.

Cowboy Easy - coming January 20th

Cowboy Easy

Blaecleah Brothers 1

AVAILABLE: Thursday, January 20th

Pre-Buy today!

This new release is offered at a 10% discount for four weeks.

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M]

Lachlan Blaecleah never expected to find the love of his life in the middle of a street fight with two other men, but he knew the moment he saw Asa Miller that he wanted to get to know the man better. He jumps into the fight and becomes Asa's knight in slightly tarnished armor.
Asa Miller is amazed by Lachlan every time he looks at him. He's a walking, talking cowboy fantasy come to life, complete with hat and boots. After being rescued by him and taken home for a night of debauchery at the hands of the sexy cowboy, Asa isn't sure what to do next. Should he stick around and get to know Lachlan and his large family better or run from the feelings the man invokes in him?
Before Asa can make his choice, someone else steps in to separate the two men, on a more permanent basis. Asa has to decide if what they have together is worth the heartache he feels when he almost loses the man he loves. Or should he guard his heart and lose his cowboy forever?

“Clem!” Lachlan shouted as he reached for the man. Clem turned around, fists swinging. Lachlan ducked but not fast enough. He felt Clem’s fist glance off his jaw. Lachlan grunted, dropping the tire iron to the ground as he grabbed his jaw. “Damn it, Clem, knock it off.”
“Well, I’m not the tooth fairy.”
“What are you doing here?”
“Trying to keep you and Billy from getting thrown in jail.” Lachlan rubbed his jaw and spared a quick glance at the stranger standing several feet away, his fists raised to defend himself. “You’d better get out of here before the sheriff arrives. You’ve already been in jail once this week.”
“Oh, Lachlan, we was just having a bit of fun,” Billy protested as he came to stand next to his brother.
“I don’t think he was having fun, Billy,” Lachlan said as he pointed to the stranger. “In fact, it looks to me like he is pretty pissed.”
Billy turned and glanced at the stranger, his face flushing when he turned back. “We didn’t mean no harm, Lachlan.”
“You attacked me, asshole,” the man shouted. “For no reason.”
“You’re a fucking fag,” Clem shouted as he turned on the man. His fists came up again like he was about to attack again. Lachlan jumped forward and grabbed Clem’s arms, spinning him around and giving him a good shove toward his truck.
“Get out of here, Clem, before I tell your mother what you’re up to.”
That was the only threat Lachlan could think of that was big enough to get Billy and Clem Thornton to behave. Lilia Thornton was a sweet old woman who was adored by her sons. It was just too bad their father, Ira, was such a jerk. He was the largest influence on his sons and encouraged their appalling behavior.
Clem glared, retribution shining in his eyes. Lachlan knew he’d have to deal with Clem at some point. He just hoped he wasn’t alone when it happened. Even though Lachlan could hold his own in a fight, Clem had a good fifty pounds on him. He might not win that one.
Clem snarled for a moment then spit on the ground right by the stranger’s foot. The man jumped back then sent Clem a snarl of his own. Lachlan thought he might attack and held his arm out between the two men.
“Go, Clem, now!”
“This isn’t over, Lachlan.”
“I didn’t think it was, Clem.” Lachlan didn’t breathe a sigh of relief until Clem and Billy climbed into their truck and drove away. He wiped his hand down his face, not realizing until he did that he had little beads of sweat trickling down his temples.
Hearing a muttered oath, Lachlan turned to see the stranger lifting his motorcycle from where it lay on its side on the ground and moving out the kickstand. He squatted down and started running his hands over it. Lachlan assumed he was looking for damage.
“How bad is it?” he asked as he walked up.
“Damn cylinder head is broken.”
“Did Clem do that?”
“Your friends were waiting for me when I left the café back a ways. I got this far before he hit my back wheel and drove me off the road.”
“Clem and Billy are not my friends,” Lachlan said. He didn’t like being lumped in with those two idiots. “We just happen to live in the same town.”
“Nice town you have here.” The man stood up, his hands on his waist. “Do you welcome everyone like this?”
Lachlan felt like his tongue was sticking to the roof of his mouth as he got his first good look at the stranger, the totally drool-worthy, drop-dead-gorgeous stranger. He just stared for a moment, drinking in the man’s striking features.Yum!
Lachlan suddenly wished that they weren’t standing in the middle of the road in the dark. He wanted to get a better look at the man, preferably without his clothes on. Knowing the man was gay just made Lachlan’s cock ache.
“Yo, dude!” The man waved his hand in front of Lachlan.
Lachlan blinked, his face flaming. “Yeah, sorry, uh, no, not normally. People are pretty nice around here usually. You just happened to catch the two local jerks. Clem and Billy get into more trouble than anyone I know, most of it created by themselves.”
“They sound like real nice guys.”
“Well, I wouldn’t take them home for dinner, that’s for sure.” Lachlan chuckled. “My ma would skin me alive.”
“Your ma?”
Lachlan frowned at the man’s tone as he crossed his arms over his chest. “Yeah, do you have a problem with that?”
“No, man.” The stranger chuckled, waving his hands in front of him. “No problem at all.”
“Good.” No one got to make fun of his ma.
“Just never heard a full-grown man call his mother ma.”
“I doubt you’ve ever met anyone like my ma then. I’d probably lose more than the family jewels if I called her anything else.”
“Pity.” Lachlan could feel the man’s hazel eyes move up and down his body like a caress and almost groaned when they settled on his groin. “They seem like such nice family jewels. I’d hate to see you lose them.”
Lachlan swallowed hard. His cock was hardening at an alarming rate, and he was afraid his zipper was going to break. If nothing else, he might hurt himself if things continued like they were. There was only so much room in his jeans.
“Hence, why I call her ma.”
“Good choice.”
The man turned back to his motorcycle again, another small oath coming from him. Lachlan winced. There was a reason he tried really hard not to swear. His mother would wash his mouth out with soap. It had happened enough times that Lachlan just got used to not swearing.
“Is there a bike shop around here?”
“Yeah, but they’re not open until tomorrow.”
“If you want to take your bike back to my place, I can make a call, maybe have the parts you need waiting for you in the morning.” Lachlan took a deep breath and went out on a limb. “I can offer you a hot meal and a place to sleep.”
“A hot meal, huh?” The dark eyebrow the stranger arched almost took him to his knees. He wasn’t sure he’d ever seen anything sexier. When the man reached out a hand, Lachlan readily took it, liking the strong grip he received in return. “Name’s Asa, Asa Miller.”
“Lachlan Blaecleah.”
“Thanks for the save, Lachlan.”
“Just in the right place at the right time.” Lachlan chuckled nervously, realizing that he still held hands with Asa. He quickly dropped it. “Clem and Billy aren’t too bad, not really. Their bark is worse than their bite.”
“And you?”
“How’s your bite?”
Oh, fuck me running, Lachlan thought to himself as he tried to swallow. He hadn’t had an offer like this in years, if ever. And it was clear to Lachlan that Asa was making an offer. The man was doing nothing to hide the interest in his eyes.
“Why don’t you come home with me and find out?”


Asa could still taste Lachlan on his tongue, and he wanted more. The man was every cowboy fantasy Asa ever had all rolled into one tall, muscled man. Asa wanted to lick Lachlan from one end to the other then start the process all over again.
Lachlan opened the truck door and climbed out. Asa followed right behind him, scooting across the seat until he could swing his legs to the ground. Standing right next to Lachlan, Asa was glad to find that there was barely an inch difference in their heights, even if Lachlan seemed a bit thicker.
Asa liked knowing he held a man in his arms when he fooled around. And with the way Lachlan looked, he planned to do a lot of fooling around. He might not come up for air for days to come.
“So, about this bedroom…”
“Right this way.”
Lachlan backed up toward his house. Asa stayed on his heels, closing the door and eagerly following the man. Lachlan turned to open the door, and Asa’s eyes dropped to Lachlan’s jean-clad ass. He groaned at the sight.
Lachlan’s ass was perfect.
“What?” Lachlan swung around just as he opened the door.
Asa grinned and attacked, pushing Lachlan into the house. His mouth came down on Lachlan’s before he could even get the door closed all of the way. Grabbing Lachlan by his shirt, Asa used the man’s natural force to close the door as he swung him around and pushed him up against the hard wood.
Asa pushed up against Lachlan, groaning into the man’s mouth as he felt the hard dips and curves of his body. His fingers went to the buttons of Lachlan’s plaid shirt, fumbling in his haste to get them open. It was especially hard considering he refused to take his mouth away from Lachlan’s. He just tasted too damn good.
The buttons eventually gave way, a couple of them coming free and flying across the room. Asa didn’t care. He’d buy Lachlan a new shirt. He wanted skin. When he pulled the material free and pushed it aside, hot, glorious, naked skin met his hands. Asa shuddered, a deep moan falling from his lips. Lachlan felt even better than Asa imagined.
“Off,” he whispered against Lachlan’s mouth when he reached the buttons on the man’s jeans. He wanted Lachlan naked, and he wanted him naked now. When he felt Lachlan’s hands move to his jeans, Asa leaned back and whipped his cotton shirt over his head, tossing it behind him. He’d get it later. He was too intrigued with the trembling he could see in Lachlan’s hands to be concerned with where his clothes landed.
“The door to the left.” Lachlan nodded with his head in the direction of the door. He was just starting to unzip his jeans.
Asa reached over and grabbed the two edges of the open jeans with his hands and pulled Lachlan into the bedroom. He cast a quick glance over his shoulder to find the bed then pulled Lachlan in that direction.
Reaching the end of the bed, Asa dropped to his knees and started tugging the tight jeans down Lachlan’s thighs. It was immediately apparent that Lachlan didn’t wear underwear, and Asa couldn’t have been more pleased. There was just something totally erotic about a man that went commando.
“Hot damn!” Asa whispered as Lachlan’s cock popped free from his jeans. He paused for a moment, taking in the glorious shaft. Lachlan was long and thick, and just about perfect. The only thing that would make Lachlan more perfect was if he truly knew what to do with it. That remained to be seen, but Asa was hoping.
“You swear too much.”
Asa blinked, glancing up in surprise to find grass-green eyes gazing back at him, a slight grin on Lachlan’s face. “I what?”
“You swear too much.”
“And?” Asa couldn’t believe Lachlan was chastising him when the man’s cock was bouncing in front of his face.
“Just saying…”
“Maybe I need to give you something else to think about.” Before Lachlan could reply, Asa leaned forward and licked the head of Lachlan’s cock. Pungent bursts of flavor exploded across his tongue as he licked away the small beads of pre-cum on the top of Lachlan’s cock.
Asa groaned and dove down, swallowing Lachlan until his nose was buried in the man’s curly pubic hair. He felt Lachlan shudder, the man’s body jerking forward as his hands buried in Asa’s hair.
“Fuck!” Lachlan shouted.
Asa grinned around the hard shaft in his mouth. That was better. If Lachlan had enough brain cells left to think about Asa swearing, then Asa wasn’t doing his job right. He wanted the man mindless with passion.
Asa began working the cock in his mouth, sucking in hard until he felt the tip hit the back of his throat then slowly pulling his mouth back up until just the head remained in his mouth. He licked the top and around the edge of the head then dove back down again.
Asa worked the jeans down Lachlan’s legs until they were pushed down against the man’s boots. He ran his hands back up the man’s thick, muscular thighs until he reached Lachlan’s firm ass, grabbing one butt cheek in each hand and giving it a good squeeze.
The long, full-body shudder that racked Lachlan’s body thrilled Asa right down to his toes. Lachlan was so damn responsive. Asa could tell instantly how much Lachlan liked something or didn’t like something, although he had yet to find anything that man didn’t like.
“Asa,” Lachlan groaned, “you keep that up and the show is going to be over before it gets started.”
Asa chuckled as he pulled his mouth off of Lachlan’s cock and leaned back. “Well, we can’t have that, now can we?” He reached over and gave Lachlan’s cock one good stroke of his hand. “I want to feel this beauty pounding me into the mattress.”
“I can do that.” Lachlan sounded breathless. “I can really do that.”
Asa grinned and pushed himself to his feet. He toed off his boots and kicked them away then reached for the buttons on his jeans. He met Lachlan’s dazed green eyes then watched them fall down to watch what he was doing as he unzipped his jeans and pushed them down his legs.
Lachlan seemed mesmerized, just the way Asa wanted him. Kicking his jeans free of his legs, Asa moved back until he felt the bed hit the back of his legs then fell backward. He scooted up to the head of the bed, his eyes never leaving Lachlan’s face.
He grabbed his cock and started slowly stroking himself, his legs falling apart. The hitch in Lachlan’s breathing spiked Asa’s lust up to a fever pitch. This man was hot and wanting, and Asa was waiting to fulfill the need he could see burning in Lachlan’s eyes.
“Oh yeah.” Lachlan started pushing his jeans down farther, growling softly when his boots interfered. He reached to push his boots off, and Asa groaned in protest.
Lachlan glanced up.
“Leave the boots on.”

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Book of the week nominee - Mating Heat

Whipped Cream erotic romance reviews wants to know which book or story sounds like the best read based on their reviews. The winning author gets a nifty button and the privilege of having their book or story featured at the top of that page the entire next week, as well as getting a custom made video from Goddess Fish Promotions to publicize their review and the win!

My story "Mating Heat" was reviewed by Whipped Cream erotic romance reviews this week and is up for Best Book honor this weekend.

(voting runs from Saturday, January 15th through Sunday January 16th).

You can find the information here on Saturday:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

THE DIAMOND STUD - Available Now!

Chad DeSoto thought if he escaped his past he would be free of it. Unfortunately sometimes the events you are trying to run from find you.

On a journey across country Chad finds sex everywhere he looks, but he only finds love in one place; California.

In a dimly lit club in San Francisco's Castro district, Chad meets Jeremy Houston and the sparks fly between them. What Jeremy doesn't realize is that Chad is on the run, but he may never escape the fear that follows him.

Sometimes life throws you curveballs, other times it gives you diamonds. The only problem is in knowing the difference.

Coming Soon to The GA Hauser Collection LLC

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5 Star & Top Pick Review

Night Owl Reviews

Author: Stormy Glenn

Genre: Paranormal Romance, GLBTQ, M/M

Reviewed by: Greendragon

"I have never met a book written by Stormy Glenn that I haven't loved and The Cat's Meow, Assassin's Pride, Book One is no exception.

Noah Andrews is a wonderful young man who has many, many quirks. He is a neat freak, obsessive compulsive and a klutz. But he is warm, funny and very, very loveable. He meets Gage Tynan, who is an assassin when Gage jumps into Noah's car after a hit he was supposed to make goes wrong.

Gage is not sure Noah was part of the set up so he returns to Noah's apartment to get some answers. What Gage finds out about Noah totally shakes his world.

The lion may be king of the jungle but Noah the house cat is king of the pride!!!

I can't wait for the sequel to Ms. Glenn's Assassin's Pride. With as much smoking hot m/m scenes in this book the next will surely by a scorcher!"

See full review here

Book Blurb & Info for Assassin's Pride, Book One

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is not always a bad thing…

Noah Anderson is odd and he knows it. He has a strong obsessive compulsive disorder that keeps him organized but distances him from the world around him. He doesn't have any friends, family, or even a lover. He's never had a lover.

When he finds himself in the wrong place at the right time, Noah discovers that the dangers posed by having sex for the first time pale in comparison to having sex with the assassin that comes to kill him, even if it means his life.

Gage Tynan is a killer. It's what he's always been. And he excelled at his job until he jumped into the car of a passing motorist when his latest mission goes wrong. The man driving is so odd that Gage suspects he might have been sent to harm him. Gage has no idea that the little man that asks him to take his cat will change his life in ways he has no clue of.

Gage is dragged into a world of shifters and exiled kings, one where his strength will be called upon to keep Noah safe from the pride soldiers sent to keep him from taking the throne.

Available now in eBook!

Coming in Print January 15th!

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Coming January 15th from Silver Publishing

Slave Auction - coming January 15th in Spanish.
Subasta de Esclavos
Espaciados Fuera De Amor #1

Rojan Ja'Dar es un bandido, un pirata que compra y vende cosas para ganarse la vida. Es su propio dueño, jugándosela al borde de la ley y respondiendo ante nadie. Al descargar su mercancía en un planeta en particular, descubre una mascota humana siendo vendida en una de las casas de subastas. Rojan rompe todas sus reglas y compra al humano para que sea su mascota. No es hasta después de haberlo adquirido que se da cuenta de que acaba de comprar a su compañero.
Marcar a Tyion no es tan fácil como comprarle. Al no darse cuenta del peligro en que se haya, Tyion lucha con todas sus fuerzas contra ser una mascota ansiada y admirada en el mundo de Rojan. Rojan tiene que convencer a Tyion que ser un compañero no es tan malo como ser una mascota, aunque tengan que fingir que Tyion no es más que una posesión ante el resto del mundo. Esto se complica aún más cuando alguien va a por Tyion, alguien que no es de la Tierra...

Coming in Print January 15th
The Cat's Meow

Assassin's Pride #1

Noah Anderson was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now a killer is after him. But what happens when the assassin sent to kill him turns out to be the best
thing that ever happened to Noah?

Coming in Print January 15th
My Girl

Nail polish, makeup, hair extensions, cute little skirts, a new life in a new city...what else is a guy to do when someone is trying to kill him?

Cowboy Keeper - finished & submitted

Billy Thornton is a known troublemaker. He's spent the better part of his life doing whatever his brother Clem wanted of him from intimidating people to stealing from them. The consequences if he didn't were life threatening. Billy had spent more than one night healing after his brother got pissed at him.

The one thing Billy couldn't do was allow Rourke Blaecleah to be hurt. Billy had loved Rourke for as long as he could remember, even though he knew it was wrong. The only way he could deal with it was to everything in his power to keep Clem away from Rourke, and that meant putting himself in harm's way more than once.

When Rourke corners Billy one night and kisses him, things come to head. Rourke realizes that the man he has been looking for all of his life is right under his nose. Billy finds that he might actually be able to experience what loving Rourke is like in real life and not just his fantasies. And both men realize that what they have found together has put their lives in danger because Clem is coming for them and he's not happy.

For more on the Blaecleah Brothers series or to read the story and adult excerpt, go here...

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Best Book Nominee

Whipped Cream erotic romance reviews wants to know which book or story sounds like the best read based on their reviews. The winning author gets a nifty button and the privilege of having their book or story featured at the top of that page the entire next week, as well as getting a custom made video from Goddess Fish Promotions to publicize their review and the win!

My story, "Heart Song" was reviewed this week and is up for Best Book honor this weekend. Please stop by and vote for your favorite book.You can find the information on Saturday. (voting runs from Saturday, January 8th through Sunday January 9th).

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Two Lips Reviews Chat with Stormy Glenn

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PRETTY BABY - Available Now!


Wolf Creek Pack 7

By Stormy Glenn

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, M/M, Romance

Elliot Spencer has spent his entire life trying to live up to his father's strict ideals and make him proud. When he meets a sexy at a bar, he decides for once in his life he's going to live by his rules, and that includes going home with Tommy Nash. He just doesn't know until it's too late that going home with Tommy Nash will mean changing the way he sees the world.

Tommy Nash is captivated by the chatty little man he meets at the bar where he works. Taking the man home for a night of wild sex is a no brainer, especially when he realizes that Elliot is his mate. What Tommy doesn't realize until it's too late is that Elliot is a wolf shifter like him, and Elliot doesn't know it. By the time Tommy is able to get Elliot calmed down, it's too late. He's attacked someone and Tommy's family doesn't want him to become involved with Elliot.

Together, they have to fight his family, Elliot's family, and a few people in between that believe they shouldn't be together. Tommy's biggest obstacle is proving to Elliot that they belong together and by the time he does, it may be too late. Someone is after Elliot and Tommy doesn't know if he can save his mate, even with his pack's help.

"Well, aren't you just the cutest damn thing."
Elliot Spencer turned to see the biggest, baldest, sexiest man he'd ever seen smiling down at him. He couldn't believe a man so gorgeous was speaking to him but wasn't stupid. He thrust out a hip and gave one of his carefully practiced poses and he winked at the man.
"I can be very cute but you'll have to make it worth my while. Can you make it worth my while? I can make it worth yours. I'm really good at that, you know, making it worth your while. I can do that."
One dark eyebrow arched on the man's forehead. Elliot felt his skin tingle when a large hand curled around his wrist and pulled him closer. He was suddenly pressed up against a hard wall of male muscles. Elliot's toes curled, his cock hardened behind his zipper. He almost purred. He wanted to purr but that would mean giving up the game before the chase even began.
Elliot trailed his finger down cotton covered abs. He looked up at the impressive man through the soft fall of his bangs. "How cute would you like me to be because I can be really cute when I need to be. I'll bet I can be even cuter than you can imagine." Elliot's head cocked to one side. "Although sexier is better than cute, don't you think?"
He couldn't stop his purr this time. It just slipped out of his lips, pulled by something beyond his control, lust, pure and simple lust. "Would you like to see me do sexy?" he asked as he pressed closer to the man. "I think I do sexy much better than cute, although I can still do cute if you really want me to. Cute is good. Cute is great in fact." Elliot frowned as he looked at the handsome man. He shook his head. "You couldn't do cute. You just wouldn't be able to pull it off. You're too sexy. I'm cute, but you're downright drool worthy. No, sexy is more your line. Maybe I should just stick to cute?"
The amount of hard body he pressed up against was impressive but not as much as the hard shaft he could feel against his abdomen. The finger that lay against his lips stopped Elliot from speaking, but just barely. Elliot was a talker. He knew that, especially when he was nervous.
"Do you ever stop talking?"
Elliot shook his head, his eyes wide. He hoped he hadn't turned the man off by talking too much. It had happened before. Elliot always talked too much. He tried to stop but then he opened his mouth and all bets were off.
"What if I gave you something else to do with your mouth?" He paused, gazing at Elliot speculatively. "Would you stop talking then?"
Elliot blinked. He nodded quickly then thought about it. Staying quiet just wasn't something he could do, not without a gag in his mouth and he didn't want to lie to the gorgeous man in front of him. Elliot's lower lip slipped out into a pout when he shook his head.
The man chuckled deeply. His deep dark silver eyes twinkled as he rubbed the pad of his thumb across Elliot's lower lip. "You have the fullest, plushest lips I've ever seen on a man but I'll bet you hear that a lot, don't you?"
Elliot nodded. What else could he do? He did hear it a lot. He had full sexy plush lips and long girly eyelashes. He was often referred to as pretty, never handsome. The delicate bone structure and soft curves of his body didn't help. He looked like a girl. He even had what he heard referred to as a bubble butt.
The feeling of the man's thumb grazing his lips sent shots of electricity zinging through his body. Unable to stop himself, Elliot stuck his tongue out and licked the man's thumb tentatively. Hot, masculine flavor exploded across his tongue, drowning his senses.
Elliot groaned. Damn! He really wanted to taste the man. He wanted to stop thinking of him as the man. He wanted a name, a relationship status, and then he wanted a flat surface…maybe a wall.
Yeah, a wall would be good, Elliot thought. The big man could push him up against the wall and…a sharp grip on his chin had Elliot's eyes snapping up to meet the man's.
"Where'd ya go, pretty baby?"
Elliot dropped his eyes as his face heated up, both because he had been envisioning the man fucking him against the wall and Elliot didn't even know his name, and because the man called him pretty baby. Elliot liked that.
"Uh uh." A hand under his chin made Elliot look back up. "I want to see those beautiful baby blue eyes," the man drawled. Elliot opened his mouth and gently bit down on the thumb pressing against his lips. He watched the man to see his reaction.
The man's eyes grew openly amused. "You're very oral, aren't you?"
Elliot flushed again but remained silent. It was almost killing him not to talk. He had so much he wanted to say, so much he wanted to ask, but the man seemed to want him to remain silent and Elliot wasn't going to do anything to fuck this up.
It wasn't often that Elliot got the chance to be held up against a body of this man's caliber. Men like him didn't go for men like Elliot. He was too pretty, too feminine, too giggly. If it took him keeping his mouth shut to get the man to hold him a little longer, he'd staple his lips together.
"My name is Nash, Thomas Nash. Most people call me Tommy but you can call me lover." When Tommy tried to pull his thumb out of Elliot's mouth, he protested, refusing to let go until the man arched an eyebrow at him again. Tommy chuckled. "What's your name, pretty baby?"
Elliot opened his mouth to answer then stopped. He stared at Tommy until the man nodded and smiled. "My name is Elliot, Elliot Spencer, but I really like it when you call me pretty baby so if you just wanted to call me that, well…" Elliot shrugged. "I really like it and it would be okay with me, I mean, if that's what you wanted to call me and all. Elliot is fine too, or Ell. Even Spencer, you could call me Spencer but that sounds too much like a first name so that might not be right but—"
Hard lips suddenly slammed over Elliot's, stealing his words and any remaining air in his lungs. Elliot grabbed onto Tommy's shirt and held on as his legs buckled beneath him. His insides jangled with excitement at the feel of Tommy's mouth.
Tommy's lips were hard, searching, his tongue delving deep to explore and clash with Elliot's. The caress of Tommy's lips along his, the feel of the man's hand down the side of his body set Elliot aflame. He burned for Tommy's touch, the feel of his masculine body, just for more.
When Tommy finally lifted his head, Elliot could only stare up at him, dazed. Tommy chuckled and brushed the back of his hand along Elliot's swollen lips. "I do believe I've found a way to keep you quiet, pretty baby."

He was going home with Tommy, the sexiest guy on the planet. Not only that, but Tommy seemed to find him cute. Elliot had no doubt he could do cute as he told Tommy. He would have preferred that Tommy thought he was sexy but beggars couldn't be choosers. Elliot would take what he could get.
Elliot yelped when he was suddenly swung down from Tommy's shoulder and set down in the front seat of a car. He raised his arms up in the air when Tommy leaned over him and buckled him in.
Just as Tommy started to move back, Elliot leaned in and inhaled deeply, purring. "You smell really good." Elliot felt like squirming under the sudden intense stare Tommy gave him. "What?" he asked.
"That's all you have to say?"
Elliot giggled. "No, I could tell you that not only do you smell wonderful but I want to roll in your scent until it covers my body from head to toe. If I could bottle the damn stuff I'm sure I'd make millions because that's like an orgasm in a bottle and everyone likes the smell of an orgasm. Well, maybe not everyone but I do, but if I bottled it just for myself I wouldn't make millions and--"
Elliot heard Tommy's deep chuckle right before his lips were covered, Tommy's tongue sliding over his. Elliot liked kissing. He could sit for hours and just make out with someone, if he could find someone willing to kiss him that long.
Kissing Tommy took things to a whole new level. Elliot was a little embarrassed that he'd come in his pants inside the bar but the longer Tommy kissed him and the closer he came to doing it again. He already tittered on the edge and they hadn't even left the parking lot yet.
When Tommy finally lifted his head to look down at him, Elliot just blinked, panting heavily. There wasn't anything to say after getting a kiss like that, there just wasn't. Well, maybe please, can I have another?
Tommy chuckled and stood up, closing Elliot's door. Elliot watched him walk around the car and climb into the driver's seat. The car rumbled as Tommy started it up. Elliot knew he was supposed to be impressed when Tommy glanced over at him but for the life of him, Elliot had no idea what kind of car it was. As far as he was concerned, it was a car, a red car. He just wanted to know how fast it could get them back to Tommy's house.
"How fast does this thing go?" Elliot asked. He dug into his pocket and pulled out the condom and bottle of lube he carried. "Because I want to know when I should open this bottle and start getting ready. You promised me you'd be in my ass five minutes after we got to your house and I'm holding you to that promise. And how are your walls? Are they strong cause I have this fantasy of you holding me up against the wall and--"
The car suddenly peeled out of the bar parking lot. Elliot yelped and grabbed the dashboard. Tommy hit the gas and the car sped down the road. Elliot sat back in his seat and looked out the window. He seriously doubted they were doing anything close to the speed limit.
Elliot glanced back at Tommy and watched for his reaction as he popped the top button on his jeans and slowly slid the zipper down. The car suddenly slowed down to a crawl, Tommy's eyes riveted on Elliot's sensual movements.
"I can't wait until we get back to your place," Elliot said as he pushed his hand inside of his jeans and pulled his cock out of his boxers. There was a small trace of cum from earlier. Elliot wiped some up on his fingers and held his hand out to Tommy. "See what you did to me? One little kiss and a quick feel and I came all over my pants. Can you imagine what I'm going to be like when you actually fuck me? I'm so close now I'm ready to come again and you haven't even touched me yet."
Elliot pulled his pants apart baring his naked cock to Tommy's smoky eyes. "Just look at me. I'm hard as a rock already." He wiped a drop or pearly liquid off the head of his cock. "If you get me this aroused just by a kiss I might pass out if you fuck me."
The car suddenly pulled to the side of the road and turned off. Before Elliot could question Tommy, the man was out of his seat belt and moving toward Elliot's side of the car. One hand gripped a handful of Elliot's hair at the nape of his neck. The other hand wrapped around Elliot's cock.
Hard lips pressed against Elliot's, claiming him roughly. Elliot gloried in the out-of-control grip Tommy had on his body. Elliot's flesh prickled at Tommy's touch. He felt the blood surge from his fingertips to his toes when Tommy moved from his lips to his neck.
His heart thudded noisily within him when Tommy bit down on the soft flesh of his neck. Elliot cried out loudly as Tommy's touch brought him to another blistering orgasm. His gaze grew hazy and his head fell back against the seat as he covered Tommy's hand with his release.
Elliot hovered in a blissful state, the touch of Tommy's lips on his throat oddly soft and caressing. He wrapped one hand around Tommy's head, holding him there and reached for the buttons of Tommy's pants with the other.
Tommy quickly grabbed Elliot's hand stopping him. Elliot tilted his head back and stared at Tommy in confusion when the man just smiled at him and shook his head. Didn't Tommy want him to return the favor? Tommy brought him to orgasm twice. He'd had none.
"I'm not going to come until I'm buried balls deep in your ass, pretty baby," Tommy said as he pushed Elliot's hand away. He gave Elliot one more quick kiss, his silver grey eyes sliding to the bite on Elliot's neck before he scooted back to his side of the car.

Slave Auction - Book of the Week Winner!

Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn
Spaced Out For Love 1
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (180 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/M, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Fetish, Spanking
Rating: 4.5 cherries
Reviewed by Anemone

Rojan Ja'Dar is a rogue, a pirate that buys and sells cargo for a living. He is his own man, skirting the edge of the law and answering to no one. Arriving on a particular planet, he goes to drop off cargo and discovers a human pet being sold at an auction house. Intrigued, Rojan breaks all his rules and buys the human as his pet. It isn't until after he purchases the human that Rojan discovers he just bought his mate.

Claiming Tyion is not as easy as buying him. Not understanding the danger he is in, Tyion fights his situation as a highly prized and sought after pet in Rojan's world. Rojan has to convince Tyion that being his mate is not as bad as being a pet, even if they have to pretend to the rest of the world that Tyion is just a possession. That is hard to do when someone is after Tyion, someone not from Earth.

Rojan Ja'Dar is excited when he meets his new pet at a slave auction. Tyion is a human kidnapped from his home on Earth only to be shoved onto the auction block. After a test of the goods, Rojan demands to buy him before anyone else sees him.

The chemistry between the two men is white hot and Rojan instantly knows this man is his mate and the need to make Tyion his in every way is strong. Although he was taken from his bed in the middle of the night and brought to outer space to be auctioned off as a sex slave, Tyion is receptive after he realizes he can't deny the bond building between them.

Ms. Glenn has written a beautiful book here, exciting and adventurous. Every scene kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting for what would happen next -- but there wasn't a whole lot of sex. As much as their chemistry burned bright, they just seemed to not take the opportunity. The book was still very enjoyable with crazy plot twists and excitement.

This book is the first in a series (not sure how many) but I'm definitely looking forward to book two and I can't wait until it comes out. While this book didn't have a cliffhanger ending for this couple, a secondary couple came racing into the spotlight. I'm hoping we'll find out what happens to them in book two of the series. To keep me going until then, I can visit Ms. Glenn's other books and I know I'll be picking up more books from this author in the near future.

Buy your copy today!

4.5 Delightful Divas for Heart Song!


True Blood Mate 1

Ten years ago, Darren Hart was rescued from a fall by a gorgeous man that tells him an outlandish tale. Once he returns to civilization, his memories blur and he begins to believe the voice in his head is a figment of his imagination.

Now, Darren is a successful veterinarian who believes he is just a bit crazy. After years of therapy and medications, he has learned to live with the sexy voice in his head. He even carries on conversations and occasionally fantasizes about the voice. When he’s attacked, Darren doesn’t know what to think but when the voice comes to rescue him in the form of the most gorgeous man he’s ever met, Darren is positive he’s lost his mind.

On the run from a killer, Darren has to come to terms with the fact that the voice is real and has a name. Asher Stone is the alpha of a werewolf clan and claims that Darren is his alpha mate. Can Darren believe in Asher’s promise that they were meant to be together or will an unknown assailant kill him before he realizes that being the alpha mate is what he desires most in the world?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Samhain Queene’s Review:

Sweet and riveting, Heart Song by Stormy Glenn is captivating. Stormy has added another element to werewolf mythos. The story between Darren and Ash is touching and shows the depths one will go for their mate.

For ten years Darren thought he was crazy. That is until he met the man the voice belonged to. Granted neither meeting between them was ideal the issues surrounding them were necessary. The ups, downs, murderous intent, kidnappings and just plain craziness made their bond that much stronger. Ash spent the ten years away from Darren to make pack life better and bring them into the current century. If he hadn’t neither of them would have survived.

Being forced to rescue his mate and save the pups of another Alpha set Ash on a collision course between the past and the future. He always knew Douglas had taken issue with him becoming Alpha but he never imagined the machinations of his cousin Jenny and his Aunt Sarah. After meeting with the other Alpha and Darren setting forth his own will they were able to bring the pack into the future and create a safe and peaceful environment for them all.

I look forward to more in the True Blood series. Heart Song is a refreshing and wonderful love story. Stormy has an amazing way with the supernatural. She is always on my “to be read list.”

Rated 4 1/2 Delightful Divas by Samhain Queene!

Buy your copy today!

5 Kisses review for Bite Here, Too

Blood Sacrifice
by Stormy Glenn:

Kidnapped by a Satanic cult, Jory is strung up as an offering in a ritual to bind a demon. Isaac Braden doesn’t mind being a demon most of the time. He does mind being summoned by evil cult members and forced to do their will. So he binds himself to the sacrifice Jory, instead of one of his summoners. Now he finds himself needing the blood and love Jory can offer him. Can Jory accept being bound forever to a demon?

Stormy Glenn again penned one amazing story with Blood Sacrifice. I loved the twists and turns this short story has. Isaac is a tricky demon. Just when you think you have him, you don’t...and I like that! He is also loyal and lovable, something you would not expect of a demon. I hope to see many more demon stories from Ms. Glenn in the future. I will certainly want to read them.

by H. C. Brown:

At midnight on All Hallows Eve, the doorway between realms opens. This allows humans and mystical creatures to intermingle. Chase has always wanted a dominate man, one that can be his perfect master. When an elf offers him a chance to find this master, he takes it. only to find himself in the center of a ritual he just might not get out of. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

Enslaved brings two very unlikely people together on All Hallows Eve. Chase is young and naïve, but he does know he wants a dominate man in his life. He just can't find anyone he trusts to dominate him. He takes a gamble that I found brave and foolish at the same time. The people he meets and the lover he takes send him on a magical journey. I hope H. C. Brown explores more in this realm. I really enjoyed the people in it and would LOVE to know more about them.

Overall, I found Bite here Too to be an excellent read, one I am going to keep on my keeper shelf for its originality, hot sex and wonderful plots.

Review by Tina, TwoLips Reviews

Buy your copy today!