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Welcome Karen Mercury

Let’s start getting your shine on. Tell us who you are beyond an author.
I’ve never really been anything other than an author, it’s odd. I must be the dullest person in the world. For several years I was an amateur mineralogist, which is why I have so many comparisons in my books, body parts to “rocks.” I can describe blue eyes in forty different gem ways. All of my hobbies relate back to writing in some way. I recently learned to shoot a bow and arrow, but of course I’m always thinking “I can use this in a book.”

Show us when you realized you had a passion for writing?
I was 4. I remember this as clearly as if it was yesterday! I was looking at a copy of The Bee Man of Orn thinking “What power there is in writing. You write down the world you see inside your head, and someone on the other side of the planet reads it, and is instantly transported into your world.” I think that’s why I learned to read and write so young. No one taught me—when I entered first grade, I already knew how to read. No one can explain it. My mother would read aloud to me and I’d look over her shoulder and put two and two together, I suppose is what happened. I was so eager to read everything I could get my hands on. I would win all the spelling bees, and one particularly crowning moment was making this boy cry when he lost.

Tell us your preferred writing genre and the genre you prefer to read.
I prefer historicals, because it’s so much easier for me to put myself into that time and setting. Sounds strange, but it’s much more comforting to go back to 1880s London than to imagine being a spy in modern-day Austin, Texas. Even if London is a polluted, dank, depressing hovel, to me it’s more glamorous and romantic. My first three historical fiction books were set in sub-Saharan Africa, not the most enchanting or alluring spots. To me it is, especially during the precolonial era—when men were men!

Going back to the beginning, show us the day you received your publication offer.
Oh, my. I was unable to have children, so one day I had an epiphany: “All my time is my own. All my money is my own.” See, I needed to look on the bright side, and stop sobbing into my beer. “I can get back to writing, and even get published.” This goes hand in hand with most normal people’s idea that “published writer” equals “rich.” Even though I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, I, too, had the light bulb that if I just sold one book, I could purchase a house. Mind you, the median house price in the Bay Area at that time was around $800,000 for a 1950s tract house.

So I got my first offer in 2005, for an odd historical romance set in 1897 Nigeria. I ran screaming down the street to my neighbors who were loading a tractor or a gun safe onto a flatbed (I lived in Sonoma County). I realized they might not know what I was shrieking about, so I streaked it back to my house and called my little brother. He goes, “A book contract, huh. So, let me tell you about my colonoscopy…”

Boy, that lust for life lasted all of, what? Five minutes? But what a great five minutes it was.

Ready to shine? Tell us the name of your book(S).
Working the Lode
, the first in my trilogy of California Gold Rush-set books entitled Going for the Gold.

Going to California. It’s three thousand miles nearer to hell.
Mountain man Cormack Bowmaker meets up with Zelnora Sparks on the eve of California’s great rush—the discovery of gold. Zelnora is fleeing from her mentor, the mighty businessman Brannagh. They are being shadowed by the most scandalous Spanish bandit in the frontier. Joaquin Valenzuela wants to rob them of their gold, but soon discovers a desire for much more. Californians call for the pickled head of Valenzuela in a jar, but his passion for the two Americans overpowers his zeal for mayhem.

They band together in their quest for riches, love, and the good life. Bowmaker is a sharpshooter, his aim true. Valenzuela will slit the throat of anyone who wanders by. Zelnora knows where to find the gold. And Brannagh will do everything it takes to stop them.

They are about to discover the frontier—within themselves.

Release date December 29th, available for pre-buy today at http://www.bookstrand.com/working-the-lode

This new release is offered at a 15% discount for four weeks

What is your normal day like?
I wake around 4 or 5AM, and take my Newfoundland dog to her doggie daycare. Ishmael just has fun playing with other dogs a couple days a week. I say the word “school” and she jumps into my Miata. She’s a good girl, and she fits into my car. Then I shop for dinner, and come back home, start writing. I like it when things are quiet, no neighbors shouting. The birds are singing, and I can take a break and go garden or clean up the house in between scenes.

I set a goal for myself every day: “I’ll finish editing this MS,” or “I’ll make it to the end of this scene.” I set mild goals, nothing too strenuous. I usually knock off around 3 or 4, and go cook some elaborate dinner, in between watching Mythbusters™, Bones, or Criminal Minds. Did I say writing was stressful? No. It doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to be full of angst to write.

What would you say is a true hero?
I was just talking to my sister about this. She was bemoaning how modern men aren’t willing to put the tiniest shred of effort into things. Ten miles is “too far” for them to drive for a date. One guy proved unappealing when he told her to call after 9PM so he wouldn’t use up his phone minutes. That’s why I write historicals. It’s much easier for me to imagine a heroic man of the 19th century crossing a mountain range for the love of a woman, or slaying someone with a sword. Modern men think a cup of coffee is too much hassle. Basically, putting some incentive and energy into a quest is a heroic quality.

Which comes first, the story, the characters or the setting?
Definitely the story. The first book I sold, set in 1897 Nigeria, was inspired by an African art book I received for Christmas. There was the story of the most incredible civilization with vastly advanced bronze artwork that was being equated to Egyptian art, but it was still being cast at nearly the turn of the century! The forbidden city was decimated by the British Army because they wouldn’t stop their annoying habit of human sacrifice. No one had ever fictionalized this amazing story. In three days the entire civilization was sacked, because they wouldn’t open palm oil trade routes to outsiders.

Of course I would find it fodder for a historic romance. Sure, why not? So I studied Nigeria, and luckily have spent many months in Central African jungles, so I got the basic gist of the flora, fauna, sociology, and weather. Then I set a historical romance in Ethiopia, because I wanted to write the story of an insane Emperor who tossed subjects over cliffs taller than the Grand Canyon. If you sit around reading history books, enough bizarre stories just leap out at you, dying to be told. “Stranger than fiction,” as they say.

What is the big project you're working on now?
I am doing final edits on the second book in the Gold Rush trilogy, Either Ore. This time it’s set in the actual town of San Francisco, which was fascinating. Writing about a city I’ve known all my life back when it only had two thousand people! And I know about San Francisco’s horrifying “summer” weather, so I had to stick my people in the freezing fog even in September.

It was the most fun writing about the human-sucking streets. The mud was so deep people and horses would just disappear, literally by the side of the road. I decided that would be a good way for the hero and heroine to meet. So I had her get sucked waist-deep into this cesspool, and he hauls her out. Now that is heroic!

Tell us where we can find you on the internet.

And now for the fun part, the contest... Leave a comment for Karen and one lucky winner will win a free eBook copy of her book "Working the Lode".

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Katzman 3

AVAILABLE: Thursday, December 30th

This new release is offered at a 10% discount for four weeks.

Erotic Futuristic, M/M Romance

Shaikh Bogden Dhal Wuher Al'Abdalha couldn't forget Anjali or the time they spent together. If it hadn't been for the death of his father, Bogden never would have left his mate. And he knows Anjali is his mate. They dream together.

To get Anjali back, Bogden buys his contract and sends for him. But Anjali isn't overjoyed to see Bogden. Instead, Anjali thinks he is a slave, bought due to his training as a pleasure slave. And he's pissed when he discovers who his new master is.

Before they can settle their differences, someone betrays them, attacking their desert camp. Chaos reigns as Bogden and Anjali try to fight for their people, fight for each other, and fight to stay alive. But can two men win against insurmountable odds or will they lose the love they share before they know they have it?


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It Happened One Christmas...

Chocolate fudge, peanutbutter fudge, peppermint bark, 2 pumpkin pies, chocolate silk pie, peach cobbler, lemon pie, chocolate and blueberry mini-cupcakes, mint, peppermint, and lemon divinity, chips and dips, finger munchies by the zillion... sausage and cheese bites, german pinwheels, empanadas, homemade salsa, homemade shrimp dip, homemade spinach dip, homemade buchetta marinara, and a 4 cheese, salami, and cracker tray...

And then there was dinner itself... an 18 pound turkey, spiral ham, homemade cheesy mashed potatoes, 2 kinds of stuffing cause daughter is a vegitarian and won't eat the apple harvest stuffing from the turkey, gravy, sweet corn, dinner rolls, and, of course, several cans of olives and cranberry sauce (the sliced kind, not the jellied)...

2 bottles of wine, 4 bottles of sparkling cider, 8 bottles of soda, and one jug of orange juice...

15 people for dinner...

Everything is on the table except for the ham, which is heating in the oven, and the tray of dinner rolls, which have been lightly brushed with butter and sit on acookie sheet ready to go in the oven to warm... it's a waiting game... 15 minutes and counting until dinner is ready...

Sudden inspiration strikes... wash some of the dinner dishes while waiting for the oven buzzer to go off... I turn on the water and started washing...and the sink starts to fill. I turn the garbage disposal on...grrrrr....and the other sink fills with water... I try again... both sinks fill with water.

"Honey! The sink is plugged!"

But wait, it's not just the kitchen sink. Somehow, in this 1963 split level house, the plumming has backed up so that none of the sinks, tubs, showers, or toilets (except for the one downstairs in the laundry room) work. There is no water, washing, or flushing.

So, now it's the next day...we improvised... my fancy Christmas dinner was eaten on paper plates with plastic forks instead of my beautiful fine china that only comes out for the holidays...the stack of dirty dishes from cooking sit on my kitchen counter unwashed and drying crusting to the dishes. It will take an industrialized sized sandblaster to get the food off these dishes by the time I get to them. My garbage can is overflowing. And I still have no way to clean anything.

However, the food was fantastic (even if I'm bragging)... the turkey meat fell off the bones before I could pull it off the turkey, the brown sugar ham was glazed to perfection, and my 5 month old nephew screamed bloody murder when his mother stopped feeding him cheesy mashed potatoes long enough for her to take a bite of her own food. My husband got to introduce the new nephew to fudge despite death threats from his parents, and I have enough left over so that I don't have to cook for days.

All in all, I think Christmas dinner was a success!

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope yours was as wonderful as mine, even with the quirks...


Romantic Hero/Heroine Contest - WINNER!!!

The stories submitted for this contest were great and I thank all of you for participating. While the winner has been chosen, I would like everyone that participated to know that I have had a ton of inspiration from all of these stories ideas. Due to the number of great stories ideas submitted, I have decided to choose two stories rather than one.

The winners are:



I will be contacting you soon concerning the plotting and writing of your book.

Thank you once again to everyone for helping me celebrate the release of my 50th book.


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COWBOY EASY - Finished & Submitted


Blaecleah Brothers 1

Erotic, Cowboy, Contemporary, M/M, Romance

~ Coming Soon ~

Lachlan Blaecleah never expected to find the love of his life in the middle of a street fight with two other men, but he knew the moment he saw Asa Miller that he wanted to get to know the man better. He jumps into the fight and becomes Asa's knight in slightly tarnished armor.

Asa Miller is amazed by Lachlan every time he looks at the man. He's a walking talking cowboy fantasy come to life, complete with cowboy hat and boots. After being rescued by him and taken home for a night of debauchery at the hands of the sexy cowboy, Asa isn't sure what to do next. Should he stick around and get to know Lachlan and his large family better or run from the feelings the man invokes in him?

Before Asa can decide, someone else steps in to separate the two men, on a more permanent basis. Asa has to decide if what they have together is worth the heartache he feels when he almost loses the man he loves or should he guard his heart and lose his cowboy forever?

Story & Adult Excerpts here... http://www.stormyglenn.com/cowboyeasy.htm



Erotic Contemporary, M/M, BDSM Romance

Available Today!


Hot Dom, Cold Sub by Stormy Glenn

Rafe, a very serious Dom, wants Danny the minute he spots the sexy little man dancing at Club Flogger. Rafe is used to getting what and who he wants.

When Danny refuses, it sends Rafe into a whirlwind of arousal and confusion, especially since he knows the little submissive is interested.

Can a Christmas auction give Rafe what he needs or will it leave him wanting more?

Dominate Me by H.C. Brown

Nash Mage, a six five, leather clad ball of muscle, is living on the edge. Damien, his control freak of a sub, left without a word. Teetering on the bounds of control Nash's BDSM world begins to disintegrate. He wants what every Dom craves, a sweet innocent sub he can train to fulfill his every desire.

When Paul Martin enters Floggers Christmas Auction looking for his first BDSM experience, Nash thinks all his Christmases have come at once. Young, barely legal with a slight build, Paul is just the way he likes his subs. Nash wants this delicious man with a passion—so do the other Doms. If Nash secures the winning bid on Paul at Floggers Christmas Auction, will he get to keep his prize?


"Hot Dom, Cold Sub" By Stormy Glenn

"Fuck me raw!"

"Stunning , isn't he, Rafe?"

"Breathtaking," Rafael Connell whispered in awe as he watched the sexiest man he had ever laid eyes on dance his way across the top of the bar counter. His hips undulated, moving to and fro, as he swayed to the beat of the music.

The tight black leather pants hugged his ass but hung low enough on his hips giving the viewer a glimpse of the man's tight abdomen. The low lights of the club did nothing to hide the rippled muscles on display, nor the matching silver rings in the man's pierced nipples.

The man wore no jewelry other then the nipple rings, no collar of ownership. He wasn't even wearing a shirt. His only accessories seemed to be a pair of black leather boots, a Celtic Sun tattoo encircling his bellybutton, and a long braid of sandy blond hair hanging down his back.

"Who the hell is he?" Rafe asked. He realized he had been gone from the club for several weeks but it hadn't been that long. Could this man have suddenly appeared while he was off on a business trip?

Nash shrugged. "Don't know," he said. "We call him D but that is only because he won't give anyone his real name. He showed up here about two weeks after you left for Hong Kong. He's been coming in every Saturday since."


"Yeah, just about." Nash chuckled. "He sets the place on fire every damn weekend. It's quite the sight to see."

Rafe took a few steps closer. He had to get a better look. This man was glorious. Rafe could tell from every movement he made that the man was a submissive. It was in the way he moved, the way he lost himself to the music. Rafe bet he would lose himself the same way under the hands of his master, and Rafe wanted to be that master.

"Uh, Rafe?" Nash called out as Rafe took another step closer, his gaze riveted on the show just feet from where he stood. "He doesn't go home with anyone, ever."

Rafe glanced over his shoulder, smiling confidently. "He'll go home with me."

Nash looked doubtful. Rafe didn't share his uncertainty. He'd been dominating other men as long as he'd known what to do with his dick. If this man's whole demeanor wasn't screaming master me, Rafe would eat his hat.

The music came to an end just as Rafe reached the edge of the dance floor. The man moved to the rim of the bar and made ready to jump down. Rafe quickly moved in to play, holding his hand out to help the man down.

A perfectly manicured eyebrow arched then the man took his hand, jumping down from the bar to land next to Rafe. The man looked him up and down. A slow sensuous grin played across his lips.

"My knight in shining armor," D drawled, not letting go of Rafe's hand.

Rafe smirked. "Would you be the damsel in distress then?"

"Hardly." The man chuckled. Rafe was surprised how much the soft laughter filled up the space around them giving off an air of raw lust to any that heard it. It sent a shiver of anticipation up Rafe's spine. "I'm much better equipped than any damsel."

"Can I buy you a drink?" Rafe asked. Rafe grinned. "Or a car?"

D chuckled again, withdrawing his hand. "While I appreciate the thought, I'm afraid I have to say no." His head tilted to one side, a lock of sandy brown hair falling over his cheek. "I already have a car."

"Then how about that drink?"

"I have one of those too." D signaled the bartender who brought him a freshly sealed bottle of water. The man nodded to the bartender then unscrewed the lid, breaking the seal then taking a long drink.

Rafe groaned as he watched the D's throat muscles move as he swallowed. Oh, he was perfect. Rafe just bet D could suck cock and swallow with the best of them. He couldn't wait to find out.

"So what can I get you then?"

"Who says I need anything?" D asked.

"Are you saying I don't have anything you might be interested in?" Rafe asked as he stood back and let the man look his fill. And look he did.

Rafe could almost feel the D's soft grass green eyes move over every inch of his body. His cock began to harden by the time the man's eyes reached his knees. At his groin, he was marble hard. By the time the D's gaze reached his chest, Rafe was afraid he'd come in his pants like an untried teenager.

The sexual tension arching between them could have set the room on fire. Rafe was positive D felt it. His tanned skin was just a little too flushed. His eyes held a special sparkle that only a man very interested could have. And the impressive bulge in his pants screamed need, a need Rafe desperately wanted to answer.

D smirked. "Oh, you have plenty I'd be interested in." He set his bottled water down on the counter top and reached for his shirt, pulling it on. "Unfortunately, I think you'd end up breaking my heart and I'm not sure you're that sexy." The man's eyes roamed over Rafe again and his head cocked to one side. "Of course, I could be wrong."

Rafe's mouth dropped open as shock rocketed through him. The submissive of his dreams was turning and walking away. He couldn't believe it. Subs never left him. He's the one that did the leaving. He watched D as he worked his way through the crowd then out the door.

"Struck out, did you?"

Rafe turned to glare at Nash.

Nash chuckled, holding up his hands in surrender. "Sorry man, but I warned you. D doesn't go home with anyone."

"Who is he?"


"Hot Dom, Cold Sub" By Stormy Glenn

"Do you like my touch, angel?"

"Yes!" Denny hissed as his head fell back against Rafe's chest. Rafe tweaked Denny's nipples with his fingers, pulling on the small rings gently then harder and harder with each tug until the man started pushing his chest out as if reaching for Rafe's touch.

Rafe vaguely remembered being in such a pose with Denny once before on the dance floor. He could even feel Denny's tight ass pushing back against his hard cock and almost moaned at the exquisite pleasure it brought him.

He wanted more than anything in the world to sink his cock into the ass pressed up against him. He couldn't believe he'd agreed to a contract that forbade him that pleasure. And Rafe was positive it would be an exquisite pleasure.

"So, you're saving this ass for your permanent Dom, huh?"

"Ye -- yes, sir."

"That's too bad, angel. I would have enjoyed fucking this tight little ass."

When Rafe reached down and trailed his fingers between Denny's ass cheeks, he felt the man go up on his tiptoes, his legs shaking. Rafe licked a line along the soft curve of Denny's ear before whispering to him.

"Do you like that, angel?"

"Please, master."

Rafe closed his eyes for a moment, Denny's soft plea washing over him like a tidal wave. He knew he wasn't going to get anywhere close to teaching Denny what he liked tonight. The need to fuck the man was almost overwhelming. Rafe had to remember that it wasn't part of the deal.

Denny whimpered when he stepped away and grinned. "I told you that I like to watch, angel. Do you?" Rafe smirked at the small whimper that fell from Denny's lips. It sounded like need, a need Rafe had every intention of filling. "No, I think I'll keep you blindfolded. Maybe I will keep you blindfolded for the entire week, let you wonder what I am going to do to you next. Does that idea excite you, angel?"

He kicked his shoes to one side then reached for the buttons on his pants and undid them, lowering his pants down his legs. Rafe watched Denny as folded his pants and set them on top of his shoes. He moved closer to Denny and trailed his hand over the man's abdomen as he stepped around him.

"I'm just as naked as you are now, angel," Rafe whispered into Denny's hair as he stepped up behind the man and pushed his hard cock against Denny's backside. "Can you feel how much I want you?"

Rafe grabbed his cock and dragged it down the crease of Denny's ass before stepping back. Despite Denny's insistence that there be no penetration, the man was practically begging for it.

"Do your rules about no penetration mean everything or am I allowed to play with you a bit?"

Denny whimpered. "Everything, master."

Rafe was disappointed but he had never broken the rules of a contract and he wasn't about to start now. However, the rules said nothing about playing with Denny's cock. Rafe grinned as he reached down and wrapped his fingers around the hard shaft. Denny whimpered and thrust against his hand.

"Do I need to tie you down to keep you still, angel?" Rafe's eyebrows shot up when he felt Denny shudder against him. "I think you like that idea, don't you, angel?"

As much as he wanted to be balls deep inside of Denny in the next few seconds, the thought of having Denny bound while he fucked his mouth sent Rafe into a frenzy of need.

Both ideas drove Rafe out of his mind, especially when Denny groaned and thrust against him. The man was begging to be fucked and Rafe was dying to give him what he wanted. It nearly killed him not to be able to do exactly that.

Denny needed to know right from the beginning who was the Dom and who was the sub. Rafe dropped his fingers from around Denny's cock and walked across the room to the remote.

"Hold on, angel." Rafe hit the remote and watched Denny being lowered to the floor by the hook in the ceiling. By the time Rafe hit the stop button with one hand, he had the other one wrapped around his cock to keep himself from coming before he could fuck Denny.

The sight of his angel bound with his hands in the air and kneeling on the floor was nearly too much for him. It would be too much for any man. Just another picture Rafe needed taken of the man. He decided he was buying a camera first thing in the morning. Right now, Rafe had a sub that needed his undivided attention.

Rafe walked back over to Denny and stood between the man's spread thighs. He grabbed his cock and nudged the head against Denny's lips until the man opened up and took him in.

Rafe liked having his hands free. As soon as Denny took him in, Rafe reached up and grabbed the chains holding Denny's hands above his head. He watched as his cock slowly breached the man's lips. Inch by slow inch Rafe pushed in until he felt his balls press up against Denny's chin.

"You are so fucking good at this, angel," Rafe hissed as he took a moment to savor the feeling of his cock being sucked. He wasn't sure he'd ever felt anything so good in his life and he'd been with a lot of subs.

Rafe watched again as he pulled out until just the head of his cock remained inside Denny's mouth. It was almost as fascinating to watch as it was to feel.

Rafe pushed back in slowly, not wanting things to be over too soon, not this time, this first time. He imagined he'd be fucking Denny's mouth many times over the next week but there was only one first time with a new sub.

"Fuck, angel," Rafe groaned. He wrapped one of his hands around Denny's shoulder to keep himself on his feet. His head was swimming. It was heaven on earth in a sub's mouth.

"Make me come, angel," Rafe ordered harshly. "Make your master come."

Rafe grabbed Denny's head with both of his hands, thrusting himself into the man's mouth over and over again until he felt like he exploded into a million glowing stars.

The room faded around Rafe, narrowing down to the man in his arms and the connection of their bodies together. He could hear his own heavy breathing and Denny's quick short pants.

His body still shaking, Rafe pulled away from Denny and sank down to his knees. His legs just wouldn't seem to work right and hold him up. He sat back and looked up at the man still suspended from the ceiling, wonder filling him at the lust that shot through him even though he'd just fucked Denny.

Denny's head hung back, his hair trailing across the floor. Sweat made Denny's body glisten until he almost sparkled. Denny simply looked beautiful. The man's cock was so hard it throbbed.

"Come, angel."

Denny's entire body went stiff as a low moan filled the room. Rafe's jaw dropped open in shock as he watched ropes of pearly white seed shoot out of Denny's cock to splatter on the floor.

He was mesmerized. Denny had been aroused, even Rafe knew that. It was hard to miss considering the man's heavy breathing and the hardness of his cock, but to come from just a Dom's demand? Rafe was stunned.

Rafe groaned as he realized he was also more intrigued than he could ever remember being. His obsession with the little sub hadn't abated after taking the man's mouth or watching him come at a simple command. It grew stronger until Rafe wondered how in the hell he was ever going to give Denny up once their week was over.

Rafe knew he was screwed!

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ALPHA BORN - Available Today!


True Blood Mate 2

M/M/M, Paranormal, Werewolf, Vampire Erotic Romance

By Stormy Glenn

This new release is offered at a 15% discount for four weeks.

Alpha Caleb Redding has spent 20 years trying to bring his first love back into his life. When he finally devises a plan, the Council of Elders agrees to it, but they add their own stipulations. In order for the mate covenant to happen, Caleb has to agree to give up his clan and alpha status, submitting to Grayson.

Alpha Grayson Cane has watched Caleb from afar, never able to touch him or speak to him due to clan conflict. It's been a heartache that has stabbed at him for 20 years. When a peace treaty comes in the form of a mate covenant between their two clans, Grayson is all too eager to agree, especially when he learns that Caleb must submit to him.

But when the vampire mediator sent to broker the peace agreement disappears, will their second chance at being together also vanish? And what happens when Grayson accidentally mates the vampire while trying to save his life? Will Caleb have to give up his clan, his alpha status, and his dream of being with Grayson? Or will being alpha born have its advantages?


"Alpha Redding and his contingent have arrived."
Alpha Grayson Cane looked up from the map he was going over to see his second-in-command, Taylor Cane, who was also his brother, standing off to one side of him.
"Very good," Grayson answered. "Please remind everyone that this is a peaceful gathering. I want no aggressive moves from anyone." Taylor nodded and started to turn away. "Taylor, has the mediator arrived yet?"
Taylor looked back, shaking his head. "No, alpha, there's been no word from his contingent yet."
"I want to be informed the moment he's spotted." Grayson curled his upper a lip, a small growl escaping before he could stop it. "I don't trust those bloodsuckers any farther than I can throw them."
Taylor nodded. "Understood."
Grayson shook his head. "I can't believe the council is sending in a vampire to mediate a peace agreement between werewolf clans. They must be out of their fucking minds."
"They are the council, alpha," Taylor said. "I imagine they can do just about anything they want."
"They're trying to make peace between the clans. Bringing in a vampire is more likely to start a war between us all." Grayson's lip curled again, this time in distaste. "I can't stand the little suckers. They'll stab you in the back while smiling at you. Sick little freaks."
Taylor chuckled slightly. "Better not let the peace mediator hear you say that."
Grayson rolled his eyes as he folded up the map he had been looking at. "I'd better go greet Alpha Redding before he throws a temper tantrum. No telling what he's likely to do if he isn't greeted properly."
"Grayson, you really need to keep your comments under control. You know as well as I do that Alpha Redding has excellent hearing."
Grayson chuckled. He knew that. He was counting on it. The quickest way to piss Alpha Caleb Redding off was to poke at his pride. It was also the quickest way to piss Grayson off, but he wasn't about to admit that.
Grayson and Caleb had been rivals for several years. Getting the two of them in one place without a fight was practically a miracle. Brokering peace between their two clans would be an act of God.
Once upon a time, Grayson and Caleb used to be friends, best friends. Hell, they were more than best friends. Grayson received his first kiss from Caleb, his first blow job. He had his first sexual experience with Caleb.
That all ended when their fathers both died in a challenge to the death, thrusting Grayson and Caleb into the mantle of leadership. Their clans had always had a tentative relationship anyway. The death of both alphas led to a long-standing feud that the Council of Elders was now trying to end.
Grayson waited until Taylor walked away before drawing in several deep, calming breaths. He had seen Caleb several times over the years but always from a safe distance. He was about to see the man close up for the first time in what seemed like forever.
Grayson knew he needed to calm down his racing heartbeat before Caleb heard it. Taylor wasn't lying. Caleb Redding had better hearing than anyone Grayson had ever met. He'd know immediately that Grayson was unsettled by this meeting.
Once Grayson felt he had himself under control, he started toward the middle of the small clearing they were meeting in. He could see a small group of people moving about just on the other side, out of the light cast from the small torches lit in the field.
The plan was for each clan to be on either side of the field and meet in a small circle of light in the middle, neutral ground. Only the two alphas and the mediator could enter the circle. All others had to stay outside the circle and on their own side. Any breach of this plan would be met by strong sanctions by the council.
Grayson could see a tall figure break away from the group across the field as he entered the circle. The closer the man walked, the more of his features were revealed until he stood in the light just inside of the circle.
"Hello, Grayson."
Grayson swallowed hard before answering. "Hello, Caleb."
"It's been awhile, hasn't it?" Caleb asked.
Caleb folded his hands behind his back and started slowly walking around the circle. Grayson caught just a hint of tension in the man's shoulders as he walked past a torch. He wondered if this meeting was as hard for Caleb as it was for him.
"A few years at least," Grayson replied, hoping that his voice didn't convey the trembling he could feel in his body. To be this close to Caleb and not be able to touch him, smell him. It was hell.
"I've seen you at the yearly Lyken Gatherings," Caleb continued. "You're looking good. Alpha life must be treating you right."
"It's okay."
"Just okay?" The slight lift of Caleb's eyebrow shot right to Grayson's cock. He remembered that mysterious way Caleb had of looking at him as if his answer was the most important thing in the world. It used to drive Grayson crazy.
"It is what it is." Grayson shrugged, trying not to let Caleb know how effected he was by the man's mere presence. They were on different sides of warring factions. They were enemies. What they had before they could never have again. It was too late for that. It had been too late the moment their fathers died in battle.
"Do you think this will work?" Caleb asked as he waved his hand around the circle.
"Do I want it to work? Yes," Grayson answered honestly. "Do I think peace is possible between our two clans? Truthfully, no I don't. There's too much history between our clans for them to settle this peacefully."
Under any normal circumstances, Grayson never would have been so honest with his thoughts, but this was Caleb. Grayson had to believe that some of the man he cared about all of those years ago was still inside of the hard man he saw standing before him.
Caleb clasped his hands behind his back again, nodding his head as he started walking. "I'm tired of fighting, Grayson. I'm tired of watching my clan die little by little over something none of us had anything to do with. The fight was between our fathers, not us."
Grayson's breath caught in his throat at the misery he saw in Caleb's green eyes when the man looked over at him. "We need to end this."
"How?" Grayson asked. "A mediator is not going to be able to end the animosity between our clans, no matter how fucking good he is supposed to be. There's been too much damage, Caleb."
"We need to make a mate covenant between our clans."
Grayson gapped, his mouth dropping open in shock. "You want us to marry members of our clans together to insure peace? Have you lost your mind since I last saw you?"
"Not at all," Caleb said. "I believe it is the perfect resolution to our problem. If we bring our clans together through a mate covenant, then we would essentially be one clan."
"One fighting clan," Grayson snapped. "And who do you think is stupid enough to go along with this plan of yours? What two idiots would even agree to it?"
The potent look Caleb gave Grayson made him start shaking his head before the man even spoke. It was his greatest wish and his biggest nightmare.

"Prove you can be submissive to me, Caleb," the man whispered hoarsely. "Suck my cock."
Caleb readily opened his mouth and allowed Grayson to push his hard length inside. He doubted Grayson knew how much Caleb really wanted this. It had nothing to do with being submissive. He craved the feeling of Grayson's cock in his mouth.
Caleb groaned as drops of pre-cum exploded across his tongue. The taste of the man hadn't changed in twenty years, that was for sure. Caleb remembered it like it was yesterday, sweet, tangy, and entirely too addictive.
Caleb closed his lips around Grayson's cock and sucked as much of the man's length into his mouth as he could. No matter how much he swallowed, Caleb was pretty sure a couple of inches remained.
He did his best to make up for that by pulling off the man and licking the sides. He even went as far as to bend down and suck Grayson's balls into his mouth before moving back to the tip of his cock again.
"Oh yeah, just like that." Grayson groaned. "Fuck, your mouth feels like heaven, Caleb."
Caleb grinned around the shaft in his mouth then went back to the job at hand. The small slit on the head of Grayson's cock intrigued Caleb, especially the small drops of pre-cum that seemed to be constantly leaking from there.
Caleb gripped the base of the hard organ and licked at the slit like an ice cream cone. He could feel Grayson's body shudder with each swipe of his tongue and hoped he was arousing Grayson as much as he was aroused.
"Enough!" Grayson suddenly growled as he pushed Caleb away.
Caleb sat back on his heels and looked up at Grayson as he licked his lips. He bemoaned the loss of the man's cock in his mouth, but he was pretty sure it was going to be somewhere else real soon if the pinched look on Grayson's face was anything to go by.
"Get rid of your clothes," Grayson ordered.
Caleb felt his legs shake as he stood up and moved over to his pile of clothes. He turned to face Grayson as he undid his jeans and pushed them down his legs. He couldn't help but smile when he heard Grayson's deep inhale as his naked body was revealed. Caleb hadn't bothered with underwear.
Still, Grayson's biggest surprise was yet to come. Caleb came to the peace meeting with a plan in mind. He knew if Grayson agreed to the mate covenant, he'd end up getting fucked at some point. He was prepared and then some.
Caleb cocked an eyebrow at Grayson. "Where would you like me, Alpha Cane?"
Grayson's upper lip curled as he growled, the sound rumbling through the quiet chamber. Caleb felt pretty sure that Grayson was nearing the end of his control. Part of him thrilled at the prospect, his skin tingling with anticipation.
Another part of Caleb had to be tamped down. The alpha wolf in Caleb demanded that he attack and make Grayson submit to him, that he should be the top wolf. It would be a battle of wills to see if Caleb could control that instinctual part of himself.
Grayson pointed to the bed of blankets he'd made. Caleb could feel Grayson's eyes follow him across the room almost like a caress along his naked skin. Caleb almost stumbled as he stepped onto the blankets and knelt down on his hands and knees, the desire to grab Grayson and wrestling him down to the bed almost more than he could take.
Caleb didn't remember this need to dominate Grayson when they were together all those years ago, but they weren't alphas then. That must be why the need was there now and not then. Caleb gritted his teeth as he lowered himself down onto the blankets. He needed to maintain control at least until Grayson claimed him. He could deal with the fallout after that, when he was alone.
"Fuck, I figured out your plan, Alpha Redding," Grayson said. "You're going to kill me and take over both clans."
Caleb wiggled his ass, knowing without a doubt that Grayson's eyes were on the black butt plug in his ass. "I wanted to make sure I was prepared to submit to you, Alpha Cane. I'm your second-in-command now, and I'm supposed to anticipate your needs before you have them."
Grayson's response was a cross between a chuckle and a snort. "I think you'll make a very able second-in-command."
Caleb yelped when Grayson's hand came down on his ass then quickly turned red with embarrassment. He couldn't ever remember anyone smacking his ass. He certainly never heard a yelp come out of his mouth before.
Grayson was going to think he'd turned into a weenie in the last twenty years. Caleb was sure of it. The trembling of his body didn't help any, but Caleb couldn't seem to stop. He almost slanted his ass up to receive another smack just so he could feel Grayson's hand on his body.
He got his wish when Grayson's hand stroked down the middle of his back to where the butt plug sat. Caleb's head reared back, and a strangled moan slipped past his gritted teeth when Grayson began fiddling with the plug, wiggling it.
"Do you like that, Caleb?" Grayson asked. Caleb was mollified by the fact that Grayson's voice didn't sound too steady. He didn't want to be the only one feeling out of control right now.
"Wish it was you," he said instead, because he did. As much as he needed to dominate Grayson, he also needed to feel the man's cock pound him into the blankets below. Caleb had been planning for years to be exactly where he was right now.
"It's the alpha's duty to see to the needs of his clan members."

Monday, November 29, 2010

PRETTY BABY - finished & submitted


Wolf Creek Pack 7

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, M/M, Romance

Elliot Spencer has spent his entire life trying to live up to his father's strict ideals and make him proud. When he meets a sexy at a bar, he decides for once in his life he's going to live by his rules, and that includes going home with Tommy Nash. He just doesn't know until it's too late that going home with Tommy Nash will mean changing the way he sees the world.

Tommy Nash is captivated by the chatty little man he meets at the bar where he works. Taking the man home for a night of wild sex is a no brainer, especially when he realizes that Elliot is his mate. What Tommy doesn't realize until it's too late is that Elliot is a wolf shifter like him, and Elliot doesn't know it. By the time Tommy is able to get Elliot calmed down, it's too late. He's attacked someone and Tommy's family doesn't want him to become involved with Elliot.

Together, they have to fight his family, Elliot's family, and a few people in between that believe they shouldn't be together. Tommy's biggest obstacle is proving to Elliot that they belong together and by the time he does, it may be too late. Someone is after Elliot and Tommy doesn't know if he can save his mate, even with his pack's help.

"Well, aren't you just the cutest damn thing."
Elliot Spencer turned to see the biggest, baldest, sexiest man he'd ever seen smiling down at him. He couldn't believe a man so gorgeous was speaking to him but wasn't stupid. He thrust out a hip and gave one of his carefully practiced poses and he winked at the man.
"I can be very cute but you'll have to make it worth my while. Can you make it worth my while? I can make it worth yours. I'm really good at that, you know, making it worth your while. I can do that."
One dark eyebrow arched on the man's forehead. Elliot felt his skin tingle when a large hand curled around his wrist and pulled him closer. He was suddenly pressed up against a hard wall of male muscles. Elliot's toes curled, his cock hardened behind his zipper. He almost purred. He wanted to purr but that would mean giving up the game before the chase even began.
Elliot trailed his finger down cotton covered abs. He looked up at the impressive man through the soft fall of his bangs. "How cute would you like me to be because I can be really cute when I need to be. I'll bet I can be even cuter than you can imagine." Elliot's head cocked to one side. "Although sexier is better than cute, don't you think?"
He couldn't stop his purr this time. It just slipped out of his lips, pulled by something beyond his control, lust, pure and simple lust. "Would you like to see me do sexy?" he asked as he pressed closer to the man. "I think I do sexy much better than cute, although I can still do cute if you really want me to. Cute is good. Cute is great in fact." Elliot frowned as he looked at the handsome man. He shook his head. "You couldn't do cute. You just wouldn't be able to pull it off. You're too sexy. I'm cute, but you're downright drool worthy. No, sexy is more your line. Maybe I should just stick to cute?"
The amount of hard body he pressed up against was impressive but not as much as the hard shaft he could feel against his abdomen. The finger that lay against his lips stopped Elliot from speaking, but just barely. Elliot was a talker. He knew that, especially when he was nervous.
"Do you ever stop talking?"
Elliot shook his head, his eyes wide. He hoped he hadn't turned the man off by talking too much. It had happened before. Elliot always talked too much. He tried to stop but then he opened his mouth and all bets were off.
"What if I gave you something else to do with your mouth?" He paused, gazing at Elliot speculatively. "Would you stop talking then?"
Elliot blinked. He nodded quickly then thought about it. Staying quiet just wasn't something he could do, not without a gag in his mouth and he didn't want to lie to the gorgeous man in front of him. Elliot's lower lip slipped out into a pout when he shook his head.
The man chuckled deeply. His deep dark silver eyes twinkled as he rubbed the pad of his thumb across Elliot's lower lip. "You have the fullest, plushest lips I've ever seen on a man but I'll bet you hear that a lot, don't you?"
Elliot nodded. What else could he do? He did hear it a lot. He had full sexy plush lips and long girly eyelashes. He was often referred to as pretty, never handsome. The delicate bone structure and soft curves of his body didn't help. He looked like a girl. He even had what he heard referred to as a bubble butt.
The feeling of the man's thumb grazing his lips sent shots of electricity zinging through his body. Unable to stop himself, Elliot stuck his tongue out and licked the man's thumb tentatively. Hot, masculine flavor exploded across his tongue, drowning his senses.
Elliot groaned. Damn! He really wanted to taste the man. He wanted to stop thinking of him as the man. He wanted a name, a relationship status, and then he wanted a flat surface…maybe a wall.
Yeah, a wall would be good, Elliot thought. The big man could push him up against the wall and…a sharp grip on his chin had Elliot's eyes snapping up to meet the man's.
"Where'd ya go, pretty baby?"
Elliot dropped his eyes as his face heated up, both because he had been envisioning the man fucking him against the wall and Elliot didn't even know his name, and because the man called him pretty baby. Elliot liked that.
"Uh uh." A hand under his chin made Elliot look back up. "I want to see those beautiful baby blue eyes," the man drawled. Elliot opened his mouth and gently bit down on the thumb pressing against his lips. He watched the man to see his reaction.
The man's eyes grew openly amused. "You're very oral, aren't you?"
Elliot flushed again but remained silent. It was almost killing him not to talk. He had so much he wanted to say, so much he wanted to ask, but the man seemed to want him to remain silent and Elliot wasn't going to do anything to fuck this up.
It wasn't often that Elliot got the chance to be held up against a body of this man's caliber. Men like him didn't go for men like Elliot. He was too pretty, too feminine, too giggly. If it took him keeping his mouth shut to get the man to hold him a little longer, he'd staple his lips together.
"My name is Nash, Thomas Nash. Most people call me Tommy but you can call me lover." When Tommy tried to pull his thumb out of Elliot's mouth, he protested, refusing to let go until the man arched an eyebrow at him again. Tommy chuckled. "What's your name, pretty baby?"
Elliot opened his mouth to answer then stopped. He stared at Tommy until the man nodded and smiled. "My name is Elliot, Elliot Spencer, but I really like it when you call me pretty baby so if you just wanted to call me that, well…" Elliot shrugged. "I really like it and it would be okay with me, I mean, if that's what you wanted to call me and all. Elliot is fine too, or Ell. Even Spencer, you could call me Spencer but that sounds too much like a first name so that might not be right but—"
Hard lips suddenly slammed over Elliot's, stealing his words and any remaining air in his lungs. Elliot grabbed onto Tommy's shirt and held on as his legs buckled beneath him. His insides jangled with excitement at the feel of Tommy's mouth.
Tommy's lips were hard, searching, his tongue delving deep to explore and clash with Elliot's. The caress of Tommy's lips along his, the feel of the man's hand down the side of his body set Elliot aflame. He burned for Tommy's touch, the feel of his masculine body, just for more.
When Tommy finally lifted his head, Elliot could only stare up at him, dazed. Tommy chuckled and brushed the back of his hand along Elliot's swollen lips. "I do believe I've found a way to keep you quiet, pretty baby."

He was going home with Tommy, the sexiest guy on the planet. Not only that, but Tommy seemed to find him cute. Elliot had no doubt he could do cute as he told Tommy. He would have preferred that Tommy thought he was sexy but beggars couldn't be choosers. Elliot would take what he could get.
Elliot yelped when he was suddenly swung down from Tommy's shoulder and set down in the front seat of a car. He raised his arms up in the air when Tommy leaned over him and buckled him in.
Just as Tommy started to move back, Elliot leaned in and inhaled deeply, purring. "You smell really good." Elliot felt like squirming under the sudden intense stare Tommy gave him. "What?" he asked.
"That's all you have to say?"
Elliot giggled. "No, I could tell you that not only do you smell wonderful but I want to roll in your scent until it covers my body from head to toe. If I could bottle the damn stuff I'm sure I'd make millions because that's like an orgasm in a bottle and everyone likes the smell of an orgasm. Well, maybe not everyone but I do, but if I bottled it just for myself I wouldn't make millions and--"
Elliot heard Tommy's deep chuckle right before his lips were covered, Tommy's tongue sliding over his. Elliot liked kissing. He could sit for hours and just make out with someone, if he could find someone willing to kiss him that long.
Kissing Tommy took things to a whole new level. Elliot was a little embarrassed that he'd come in his pants inside the bar but the longer Tommy kissed him and the closer he came to doing it again. He already tittered on the edge and they hadn't even left the parking lot yet.
When Tommy finally lifted his head to look down at him, Elliot just blinked, panting heavily. There wasn't anything to say after getting a kiss like that, there just wasn't. Well, maybe please, can I have another?
Tommy chuckled and stood up, closing Elliot's door. Elliot watched him walk around the car and climb into the driver's seat. The car rumbled as Tommy started it up. Elliot knew he was supposed to be impressed when Tommy glanced over at him but for the life of him, Elliot had no idea what kind of car it was. As far as he was concerned, it was a car, a red car. He just wanted to know how fast it could get them back to Tommy's house.
"How fast does this thing go?" Elliot asked. He dug into his pocket and pulled out the condom and bottle of lube he carried. "Because I want to know when I should open this bottle and start getting ready. You promised me you'd be in my ass five minutes after we got to your house and I'm holding you to that promise. And how are your walls? Are they strong cause I have this fantasy of you holding me up against the wall and--"
The car suddenly peeled out of the bar parking lot. Elliot yelped and grabbed the dashboard. Tommy hit the gas and the car sped down the road. Elliot sat back in his seat and looked out the window. He seriously doubted they were doing anything close to the speed limit.
Elliot glanced back at Tommy and watched for his reaction as he popped the top button on his jeans and slowly slid the zipper down. The car suddenly slowed down to a crawl, Tommy's eyes riveted on Elliot's sensual movements.
"I can't wait until we get back to your place," Elliot said as he pushed his hand inside of his jeans and pulled his cock out of his boxers. There was a small trace of cum from earlier. Elliot wiped some up on his fingers and held his hand out to Tommy. "See what you did to me? One little kiss and a quick feel and I came all over my pants. Can you imagine what I'm going to be like when you actually fuck me? I'm so close now I'm ready to come again and you haven't even touched me yet."
Elliot pulled his pants apart baring his naked cock to Tommy's smoky eyes. "Just look at me. I'm hard as a rock already." He wiped a drop or pearly liquid off the head of his cock. "If you get me this aroused just by a kiss I might pass out if you fuck me."
The car suddenly pulled to the side of the road and turned off. Before Elliot could question Tommy, the man was out of his seat belt and moving toward Elliot's side of the car. One hand gripped a handful of Elliot's hair at the nape of his neck. The other hand wrapped around Elliot's cock.
Hard lips pressed against Elliot's, claiming him roughly. Elliot gloried in the out-of-control grip Tommy had on his body. Elliot's flesh prickled at Tommy's touch. He felt the blood surge from his fingertips to his toes when Tommy moved from his lips to his neck.
His heart thudded noisily within him when Tommy bit down on the soft flesh of his neck. Elliot cried out loudly as Tommy's touch brought him to another blistering orgasm. His gaze grew hazy and his head fell back against the seat as he covered Tommy's hand with his release.
Elliot hovered in a blissful state, the touch of Tommy's lips on his throat oddly soft and caressing. He wrapped one hand around Tommy's head, holding him there and reached for the buttons of Tommy's pants with the other.
Tommy quickly grabbed Elliot's hand stopping him. Elliot tilted his head back and stared at Tommy in confusion when the man just smiled at him and shook his head. Didn't Tommy want him to return the favor? Tommy brought him to orgasm twice. He'd had none.
"I'm not going to come until I'm buried balls deep in your ass, pretty baby," Tommy said as he pushed Elliot's hand away. He gave Elliot one more quick kiss, his silver grey eyes sliding to the bite on Elliot's neck before he scooted back to his side of the car.


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Book of the Week Nominee

Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews wants to know which book or story sounds like the best read based on their reviews. The winning author gets a nifty button and the privilege of having their book or story featured at the top of that page the entire next week!

Our story Blood Lust" was reviewed by them this week and is up for Book of the Week honor this weekend

(voting runs from Saturday, November 27th through Sunday November 28th).


Please stop by and vote for your favorite book!

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Romantic Hero/Heroine Contest

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there is nothing more powerful than a love story. Love stories can make us happy or sad. They can make us laugh or cry. They make us fall in love. And stories can give us an even bigger thrill particularly when those words are created just for us.

Be your own romantic hero in a story you help write.

To celebrate the release of my 50th book, I am offering a contest where the winner will star in his or her own erotic romance novel, written for you with you in mind… your description, your lifestyle, your job, even your dog. Use yourself or a character you've always dreamed of creating. You help co-author your book by providing the names, features and places that personalize your book. It does not have to be you or even your gender. Can be a character you create. You give me the details. I use my imagination to write your romance story. Choose from several action-packed romantic titles or one of your own. Choose from several genres and sub-genres.

What kind of romantic hero/heroine do you want to be?

M/F, M/F/M, M/M, M/M/M

Action, Suspense, Sci-Fi/Futuristic, Ruebenesque, Fairytale/Myth, Paranormal, BDSM, D/s, Menage a Trois, Vampire, Werewolf, Demon, Modern Cowboy, Elf/Fae, Shapeshifter, Etc.

This will be erotic romance. The final story will contain elements which are highly descriptive and sexually graphic. Content is decided by winner with final say by author. Winner will receive eBook and autographed print copy of their story. All proceeds, including copyright, belong to the author.


Leave a comment on my blog about what you would like to see in YOUR romance novel under this contest posting along with your email address where you can be contacted if you win. Winner will be chosen at random from all entries submitted.

Contest Drawing December 25th, 2010

PRIDE MATE - Finished & Submitted


Katzman 3

Coming December 30th

Erotic Futuristic, M/M Romance

Shaikh Bogden Dhal Wuher Al'Abdalha couldn't forget Anjali or the time they spent together. If it hadn't been for the death of his father, Bogden never would have left his mate. And he knows Anjali is his mate. They dream together.

To get Anjali back, Bogden buys his contract and sends for him. But Anjali isn't overjoyed to see Bogden. Instead, Anjali thinks he is a slave, bought due to his training as a pleasure slave. And he's pissed when he discovers who his new master is.

Before they can settle their differences, someone betrays them, attacking their desert camp. Chaos reigns as Bogden and Anjali try to fight for their people, fight for each other, and fight to stay alive. But can two men win against insurmountable odds or will they lose the love they share before they know they have it?


"I've found him."

"Him?" Hassan asked, arching an eyebrow curiously. "Who him? Could you be more specific, brother?"

"My mate," Shaikh Bogden Dhal Wuher Al'Abdalha said simply as he looked across the table at his brothers. He folded his hands together to keep from drumming his fingers anxiously on the table as he waited for his brothers' responses.

"Many blessings upon you, brother," Urik said, pounding on Bogden's back so hard he grunted and fell forward. Urik was strong, the strongest of all the brothers. The man could crush someone if he wasn't careful.

Bogden was just grateful that his brother never challenged him for leadership of their pride. Urik might win. Luckily, he said time and time again that he didn't want the mantle of leadership. He much preferred not being in charge of the pride, just himself.

"Thank you, brother," Bogden said after righting himself.

"So, where is he?" Hassan asked as he plopped down in a chair across the table from Bogden. He looked excited, but not as excited as Bogden felt that he could share this news with his brothers. "When do we get to meet him?"

"That part is not so easy." Bogden grimaced. "I do not believe he knows we are mates."

"He doesn't know?" Hassan asked. "How can that be? A mate always knows."

"He's not a Katzman." Bogden grimaced as he watched the surprise and shock on his brothers' faces as he imparted that bit of information. "I found him when I was in service to the High Ruler. Anjali is from Elquone like Commander Chellak Rai's mate."

Bogden couldn't help but smile as he remembered the sexy little man he'd discovered while on a rescue mission with Commander Rai. He knew the moment he spotted Anjali inside the cave that they were meant to be together.

"Ashu!" Urik swore softly. "You really know how to make thing complicated, don't you?"

"What are you going to do?" Hassan asked.

"Offer a contract for him?" Bogden asked. He hated the idea of offering a contract for his mate but he couldn't think of any other way to get the man now that Anjali had returned to his home planet of Elquone. "What else can I do?"

"Meet him?" Hassan asked.

"We've already met, Hassan. We rescued Anjali along with Trajan and Saris after they crashed on that deserted planet." Bogden grinned proudly. "Anjali is the one that knocked Toc Jerell on his ass."

"Then ask him if he's even interested in being with you. Get to know him a little better."

"And if he says no?" Urik snapped. "You know what will happen to Bogden if he's denied his mate, his mayht. Is that what you want for him?"

"No, of course not, but…" Hassan shook his head.

"I will have my mate, Hassan."

"Isn't there just some way you can, I don't know…" Hassan waved his hand absently in the air, "work him into it slowly or something? Do you really have to purchase his contract?"

"Hassan!" Bogden snapped then immediately regretted it when his youngest brother's head dropped forward. "Look, Hassan," he said, calming his voice and his facial features, "I promise to give him whatever time I can but now that I know he is out there, I can wait no longer to claim him."

He really didn't need Hassan's agreement to claim his mate. It was an instinctual imperative to claim a mate once they had been found. Bogden could no more deny that natural part of himself than he could stop breathing. Anjali was his.

It helped that Bogden had recently been appointed the Shaikh of the Leonid Pride upon his father's death. Bogden now ruled all of the Province of Leonidia, as his father had done before him. His word was law and final. Still, it made things easier to have his brothers' agreement and support.

"So, will you help me obtain my mate?" Bogden asked hopefully as he looked across the large wooden table at his brothers. They nodded their heads. "Alright, I'll have Yasir get the ball rolling first thing in the morning."

"What if he says no, Bogden?" Hassan asked.

"Why would he? I'm offering him a good life here. As my mate, he'll help me rule our people. He'll be the Hahyda, the heart of our pride."

"I don't know, Bogden." Hassan shrugged. "It all seems so cold and calculating to me. I mean come on, a contract? Weren't those outlawed by the Federation of Planets? Look at all the trouble Chellak Rai went through when he had a contract with his mate? He almost went to prison."

"Hassan," Bogden said, "You know I don't have any other choice. I need my mate. As for the contract, that is what is needed to bring Anjali to our province. I figure if we complete the mating ceremony when he arrives then no one can say anything."

"I know. I just feel bad about--"

"Hassan, things are still precarious on Katzmann. You know that," Bogden said. "Our life here is dangerous even without the interference from the Federation of Planets. I have to bring Anjali here as fast as I can and complete the mating before his contract is sold to someone else. I don't have time to romance him."

"Yeah, but it's like you're buying him. Why can't you just get to know him first? Isn't that what normal people do?"

"Hassan, we are not normal people." Bogden chuckled.

"No, I guess not, but this still feels wrong."

"Once I get Anjali here and complete the mating ceremony, I'll make sure that there is nothing that he wants for. If he's anything like most people I know, he'll be in heaven."

"If you say so," Hassan grumbled. "But I still don't like it."

"Would you rather I didn't send for him?" Bogden asked, his voice hardening with aggravation. Everyone knew what would happen if Bogden didn't have his mate now that he'd found him. The separation would drive Bogden insane.

"No, but—"

"Look, let's just do this and we'll deal with the fallout after he's here, okay?" Urik said, looking between the brothers.

"Urik." Hassan laughed. "Ever the voice of reason."

"Bite me!" Urik snarled, making Hassan laugh even harder.

"Okay, I'm going to go talk with Yasir. I'll be back in a little while," Bogden said as he stood to his feet. He could barely stop himself from rolling his eyes at his brothers. They were always arguing with each other. Maybe it came from growing up together but he knew neither of them would hurt the other, or him. They were brothers, with Bogden being born first, then Urik, and last came Hassan.

They were also closer than he believed most brothers were. Bogden knew that his brothers would do anything for him just as he would for them. Needing his mate wasn't going to change that. Bogden wouldn't let it.


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Kris Cook Radio Chat

Kris Cook, author of

"Lillian's Rogues,"



and "Three to Play"

Will be talking with Tymber Dalton about writing sexy and hot erotica.

Come join in the live radio chat!

11/18/2010 8:00 PM




G.A. Hauser

Rufus Jennison was at a transition in his life. Soon to be laid off, thirty-five and recently single, Rufus knew something needed to change before he threw up his hands and gave up on any hope of happiness.

Stockton ‘Stocky’ Hastings was also on his own and his self-esteem was in the gutter. ‘Stocky’ was his nickname for a reason. He didn’t think a guy like Rufus would even consider him a date, let alone a mate. Stockton was wrong.

Two men- both with hidden insecurities and self-doubt find strength in each other. But unfortunately it comes with the games. The Games Men Play .

An excerpt from the book

He parked on the street in front of the house and before he brought all of his equipment inside, he headed to the front door. A deep inhale for courage and a last effort of tucking in his shirt, then quickly untucking it so it hid his stomach, and Stockton rang the doorbell.
A rushed looking Rufus answered.
The surge to Stockton’s groin at the sight of him wasn’t something he could prevent. “Hi.”
Rufus held open the door. “Thank you so much for making a special trip.”
“It’s my job. I don’t mind.” Stockton past Rufus to enter the living room. It was neat and clutter free. What he expected. Yet it didn’t drip of money. It appeared more like an average household. And Stockton had seen it all. From the hovels in Trotwood to the mansions of Centerville.
“This way.” Rufus seemed anxious. He led the way to a bathroom, stepping inside and pointing, shifting his weight from leg to leg.
Stockton picked up the broken piece. “Yup. Exactly what I figured. I brought a selection. You want to take a look?”
Stockton returned to the front door, wondering if Rufus thought his ass was huge in the shorts he was wearing. He was already hot from the outside humidity and air temperature, but his own paranoia was making him warmer.
He stood at his truck and yanked open the bed, climbing on to show Rufus what he had brought. “This one is the top of the line.”
Rufus took the box from him, resting it on the truck and opening the flap. “Nice.”
Stockton recoiled as he remembered, ‘Nisssss!’ from yesterday.
“You okay?” Rufus noticed his odd expression.
“Huh? Yeah.” He reached for another box. “I like this one too.” While Rufus inspected it, Stockton gave him a good once over. He could see all the solid muscles in Rufus’ arms, the roundness of his chest under his polo shirt, his narrow waist. Stockton was in heat, and also knew Rufus was way out of his league. And straight, dumb-ass!
“Will they fit?”
Stockton snapped back to attention. “Yes. They come standard. Those will fit your sink, no problem.”
“You mind replacing the whole thing? Today?”
“It’s my job.” Stockton laughed.
“I keep forgetting. You feel like a good friend.”
The smile dropped from Stockton’s face and he knew his cheeks went red. He avoided Rufus’s curious gaze. “Uh, so, if you don’t like either of those, we can head to the home store and pick out—”
“I like this one.”
“You sure?”
“Yes. I’m sure.”
“You don’t have to take it just because I have it.”
Rufus tilted his head. “Should I not take it?”
“No. It’s a good one.” I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot.
Rufus handed it to him. “I like it.”
“Okay. Let me get some tools together.”
“I’ll take this in for you. Look, just tell me what you want me to do. I can be your assistant for the job. I’m completely incompetent, but I can help you carry things.”
Stockton broke out into a sweat. Not only was he hot, he was getting hot to trot. If he could tell Rufus what he wanted him to do, the list would be long, and very sensual.
“I got it.” Stockton slung a tool belt around his hips and hoisted a bucket with more items. He hopped down from the truck and closed the tailgate just as it began raining.
“You need to cover your rig?”
“No. It’s good.” Stockton stared at Rufus’s tight ass as he returned to the house. A perfect ten. That’s what this guy is. A perfect fucking ten.
“I hate this humidity.” Rufus placed the box with the new faucet on the bathroom vanity. “Do you remember it getting this humid before?”
“Yeah. Last year was a cold summer. I think we always get a hot humid few months.” Stockton opened the cabinet under the sink.
“Shit. I should have cleared that out.” Rufus knelt down and began removing the items underneath.
“It’s okay.”
Rufus brushed shoulders with Stockton as he gathered the bath tissue and extra shampoo bottles into his arms. Stockton took a good inhale of Rufus’s cologne as he did. “I’ll just push it aside. Don’t worry.”
“No. I can get it.”
“Where’s your water main?”
Rufus blinked.
His expression was so sweet, Stockton laughed. “Man. You are clueless with this stuff.”
“I am. How embarrassing.”
“I’ll find it. Where’s your laundry room?”
“I do know where that is.” Rufus gave Stockton a sly smile.
It sent the chills running up Stockton’s spine. Sexy. So incredibly sexy!



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True Blood Mate 1

M/M, Paranormal, Werewolf, Erotic Romance

Coming November 15th

This new release is offered at a 10% discount for four weeks.

Ten years ago, Darren Hart was rescued from a fall by a gorgeous man that tells him an outlandish tale. Once he returns to civilization, his memories blur and he begins to believe the voice in his head is a figment of his imagination.

Now, Darren is a successful veterinarian who believes he is just a bit crazy. After years of therapy and medications, he has learned to live with the sexy voice in his head. He even carries on conversations and occasionally fantasizes about the voice. When he's attacked, Darren doesn't know what to think but when the voice comes to rescue him in the form of the most gorgeous man he's ever met, Darren is positive he's lost his mind.

On the run from a killer, Darren has to come to terms with the fact that the voice is real and has a name. Asher Stone is the alpha of a werewolf clan and claims that Darren is his alpha mate. Can Darren believe in Asher's promise that they were meant to be together or will an unknown assailant kill him before he realizes that being the alpha mate is what he desires most in the world?


“I’m heading home, Dr. Hart. Is there anything you need before I leave?”

Darren Hart glanced up from the papers he was working on to smile at the perky little blonde. “No, Chrissy, I’m good. I’m just going to finish up this paperwork, do another pass through the kennel, and then head home myself.”

“Don’t stay too long, Dr. Hart. You need your rest as much as the rest of us.”

Darren chuckled. He held up his hand, two fingers pressed up and together. “Scout’s honor.”
“You were never a scout, Dr. Hart.” Chrissy giggled.

“No, but I wanted to be.” Darren chuckled again, shaking his head as he looked back down at the papers on his desk. “They had some awesome uniforms.”

“Okay, on that note, I’m out of here.” Chrissy laughed. “‘Night, Dr. Hart.”

“Goodnight, Chrissy, drive safe. I’ll see you Monday, bright and early.”

Darren listened to Chrissy leave, the distinct sound of the front door locking behind her. He liked his veterinarian assistant. She was a good kid, although a tad giggly at times.

Still, choosing Chrissy before she finished school to be his assistant was one of the best decisions he ever made. Chrissy worked hard, loved the animals they worked on, and she seemed to have a special affinity for them.

The biggest plus was that Chrissy never gave Darren any crap about being gay. Darren made it clear about that the day he hired her. He wanted his workplace to be a happy place to work. He refused to work with people that would put him down or make fun of him because he was gay. He had enough of that in school and growing up. Now that he owned and operated his own veterinarian clinic, he refused to deal with it if he could help it.

“She really is a cutie, isn’t she?”

Darren rolled his eyes, refusing to answer the voice in his head. He knew it was a figment of his imagination. The doctors said so, every damn last one of them he’d been forced to go to since he first heard the voice.

Logically, Darren knew the voice was a symptom of his psychosis due to the head injury he suffered ten years before while on a hiking trip. At first, he’d taken the medications the doctors prescribed him, but after awhile he decided to just live with the voice. He hated the medications. They made him woozy and filled his head with a fog that made it hard to do just about everything. Not taking the medication meant the voice was always there. Sometimes Darren listened and talked back, usually when he was tired or lonely, but frequently he just tried to ignore it.

“Not talking to me today, Dary?”

“I’m working.”

“You work too hard, my love.”

“I am not your love!”

Darren gritted his teeth, trying not to scream in frustration. He’d been over this before with the voice in his head, a voice that was kind enough to give himself the name Asher.

A part of Darren found it strange that the psychosis in his head had a separate personality from him, considering it was all in his imagination. Maybe he had a split personality or something.

“Ah, but you are my love, Dary. You will always be my love.”

“Asher, look, you—”

Darren’s head snapped up when he heard a noise outside his office. Dropping his pen to his desk, he climbed to his feet and walked to the doorway of his office. Looking left and right, Darren couldn’t see anything out of place.

A short walk down the hallway took him to the lobby of his veterinary clinic. The lights were off, but there was enough light shining in from the parking lot that he could see a small cardboard box sitting several feet outside of the doorway.

“What the hell is that?” he whispered to himself, forgetting his voice could hear him speak.

“Darren, what’s going on?” Asher asked.

“There’s a cardboard box outside the front door.”

“Darren, stay inside,” Asher virtually shouted into Darren’s head. “Don’t open the door.”

“It’s just a cardboard box.”

Darren walked to the door and reached for the lock. It wasn’t unusual for people to drop kittens or puppies off at his front door during the night. He was used to it and figured it was just another box of pets. But as he started to unlock the door, a shadow crossed the pavement from one side of the building. Darren paused and tried to get a better look. He couldn’t quite make out what it was, but it seemed to have four legs.

“Darren, what’s going on?”

“I think there’s something outside, a dog maybe.”

“Please, Darren, stay inside.”

Darren rolled his eyes and unlocked the door, pushing it open. “You’re being ridiculous. It’s just a dog or something. Besides, if there are kittens or puppies out here, you know I can’t leave them there.”

Darren started to step out the door when the shadow suddenly took shape. It was the biggest damn dog Darren had ever seen. A shadow from the other side of the building caught Darren’s attention as it stepped into view. Damn, the dog had a friend.

“Okay, maybe going outside isn’t such a good idea.”


“Those are the biggest damn dogs I have ever seen.” Darren looked a little closer through the glass as the two dogs growled at him, baring their teeth. “Actually, I don’t think they are dogs at all. Asher, do you think it’s possible for wild wolves to be this far inside the city limits?”

“Darren, please, love, don’t go outside.”

“Yeah, I’m thinking staying inside is a good idea.”

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.
By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

Darren was mesmerized by the sensual glint in Ash’s baby blue eyes as the man slowly lowered his head. He captured Darren’s lips in a deep, spine-tingling kiss that rocked him all the way down to his toes.

Darren groaned at the strong, heady taste of the man kissing him filling his mouth. He grabbed the front of Ash’s shirt and pulled him closer, needing more contact with Ash’s body. The feeling of Ash’s hard body against his was heaven. Darren bent his leg and pressed his knee against the outer edge of Ash’s waist. His hands clenched in the fabric of Ash’s shirt as the man’s body pressed closer against him.

Darren wanted more. He tugged on Ash’s shirt, pulling on him. He groaned, the tingles shooting throughout his body at the touch of Ash’s hand moving down his body almost more than he could handle.

Ash gripped Darren’s hips and pulled him closer. Darren shuddered when he felt the thickness of Ash’s hard cock push against the apex of his thighs. He moved, crying out when his cock smashed against Ash’s.

He looked up at Ash, the heat smoldering in the man’s eyes burning into him. When Ash moved his hand and gripped his ass cheek, Darren couldn’t help but arch up into the man’s body. The sensations brought on by the man above him were just too great to ignore.

“Dean,” Ash rasped out, “why don’t you and the pups go get something to eat?”

“Yeah, it shouldn’t take us too long to find something,” Dean replied.

Darren glanced up to see Dean gathering the puppies up in his arms and carrying them out the door, shutting it behind him. He wanted the man gone so he could get busy with Ash, but he was concerned about letting the puppies out of his sight.

“Uh, he won’t—”

“The pups couldn’t be in safer hands, Dary,” Ash murmured between kisses along Darren’s neck and jaw line. “I promise.”

Darren tried to reply, to make some intelligent response other than a strangle moan, but the blood was draining from his brain and pooling in his groin with each touch of Ash’s lips on his sensitive skin.

“Ash…Ash, I—”

“Shh, Dary, I have you,” Ash whispered. Darren groaned and arched into the hand Ash cupped around his aching cock. He shuddered when he heard the soft rasp of a zipper being pulled down. Cool air hit his shaft before it was quickly covered by Ash’s hot hand. “I’ll take good care of you, love.”

“Oh, I dreamed of this,” Darren whispered raggedly. “I dreamed of your hands on me. It’s been so long, and all I’ve had is the voice in my head to jerk off to. It’s—” Darren suddenly gasped and sat up, pushing Ash’s hand away to bury his head in his hands as he groaned. “Oh my god, I’ve been jerking off to the voice in my head.” Darren never felt more embarrassed than he did at that moment. For years, he’d been jerking off to the sexy voice in his head…and the voice was real!

“And you wouldn’t believe how sexy that was, Dary.” Darren resisted the hands that pulled him back for just a moment then cuddled into Ash’s broad chest, burying his face against the man. “And just a little bit dangerous.”

“Dangerous?” Darren frowned then tilted his head back to look up into Ash’s smiling face. “How could that be dangerous?”

“That voice thing goes both ways, Dary. I can hear you just as you hear me. I can also feel you like you feel me.” Ash’s smirk seemed to be directed more at himself than Darren. “I’d be sitting in a meeting or something, and all of a sudden I’d be horny as hell, your sweet voice murmuring to me, every aroused emotion you had hitting me like a ton of bricks. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve left a meeting right in the middle of it to go jerk off in my bathroom.”

Darren started to chuckle as the image of Ash running from a meeting to go relieve himself in the bathroom filled his head. He didn’t quite feel so bad knowing he affected Ash just as much as the big man affected him.

“So, this bond thing goes both ways then?”

“Yeah, it does,” Ash said, frowning slightly. “Does that bother you?”

“No, it’s just a little hard to get used to. I’m remembering everything I said to you, all the stuff I shared with the voice. It’s a little embarrassing, you know?”

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Dary. We are bonded, we share everything.”

“Yeah?” Darren liked the sound of that. He wanted someone special to share everything with. He hated being alone, although as he looked back, he never felt truly alone as long as he had the voice in his head talking to him.

“Yeah.” One corner of Ash’s mouth lifted up in a small smile. “If you remember back, I didn’t just listen to you, I talked to you, too. I shared my deepest desires with you, even if you only thought I was a voice in your head.”

“I just can’t believe you’re real.”

Ash chuckled, the sound rumbling through his chest. Darren closed his eyes and groaned when he felt Ash’s hand move down his body to wrap around his cock again. “I’m very real, Dary.”

Darren couldn’t believe how fast the touch of Ash’s hands on his body could take him from normal to hot and horny in a matter of seconds. The man barely had to touch him and Darren felt like he was going up in flames.

“I want…I want…” Darren wasn’t sure how to ask what he wanted. He wasn’t even sure if he should ask. He wasn’t even sure what he wanted. According to Ash, they had been getting to know each other for years, shared their deepest, most intimate thoughts with each other. Yet, they’d just met in person.

Darren shuddered when Ash’s hands pushed down the back of his pants and between his ass checks, Ash’s fingers skimming over his puckered hole. “Soon, Dary, soon I will take you here and make you all mine.”

Darren wanted it now! He wanted the hard cock he could feel pressing against him to pound into his ass. His sensitive hole quivered at the mere thought. Darren started panting. He needed so bad.

“Ash, please!”