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Welcome to the world of Phanta City, where normal is overrated and weird is embraced with open arms. Paranormals rule the world with humans as mere blood donors and pets. In a world dominated by supernatural creatures, anything is possible.


BEAUTIFUL BÉLA By Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen
Phanta City 1
Coming February 27th, 2014
Count Vladimir Dracul never suspected that the human he found hiding in his stables would change his life and the way he saw the world. But once he found Béla, Vlad couldn’t give him up. Fighting prejudices against humans, a vampire Count wanting his blood donor back, and a threat from an old enemy seem like small battles compared to the one he has to fight to win Béla’s heart
Béla was terrified of the vampire that found him and decided to keep him. His experience with vampires has never been good so he had no reason to trust Vlad, even if he wanted to. But when his former owner comes looking for him, Béla has to find the courage to save the one man that has come to mean more to him than his freedom.

With the help of a few crazy friends, a werewolf mob boss, and two insane brothers, Vlad and Béla just might have a chance at happiness…if the Ministry of Paranormal Affairs doesn’t get to them first.

Count Vladimir Dracul tilted his head a minute inch as the scent of leather and hay filled his lungs. He scanned the interior of his stables for the source of the soft thudding he could hear. The rapid beat called to him, enticing him to hunt it down like prey to a predator.
But the beat was unfamiliar, no scent to go with it to identify the cause. Vlad couldn’t even hone in on a thought pattern. It was as if that which he hunted was just out of his reach, teasing him…taunting him.
“Boris, all is well in the stables?” Vlad’s fingers smoothed over the long neck of his favorite stallion as he turned to look at his stable master. “My horses are all in good working form? No illness or anything?”
“Oh yes, my lord.” Boris’s ruddy cheeks wobbled as he spoke and nodded at the same time. “Your horses are in the best of shape, sire, couldn’t be better.”
“Hmm.” Vlad glanced toward the back of the stables once more, positive that was the direction the heartbeat came from. He stepped away from his horse, wondering why the beast wasn’t concerned over the slight disturbance Vlad could feel in the air. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.
He started toward the rear of the stable, his steps slow and measured, his head slanted to the side to catch the slightest sound of movement. Strangely enough, there was none, just the soft, but persistent beat of someone’s heart.
When Vlad neared the back wall, he pinpointed exactly where the heartbeat was located. He shook his head and pursed his lips. In the far back corner was a stack of hay bales. There was nothing unusual in that. Vlad was standing in a stable, after all.
What was starting to alarm Vlad—no easy feat considering he was the prince of his coven—was the fact that one of the hay bales was moving. Vlad stared at it in bewilderment, watching little bits of straw dislodge and float to the ground.
When curiosity—and the cold chill starting to creep up his back—became too much, Vlad reached over and pushed the hay bale, using all of his inhuman strength to send it flying. What he found behind the hay bale made Vlad's mind race.
A creature, covered in mud and grime and torn clothing…and little bits of hay, scurried toward the corner as he hissed at Vlad like a feral cat. Vlad stood to his full height of six foot one, not huge but enough to intimidate the little creature cowering in front of him.
“Who are you and what are you doing in my stables?” Vlad asked, baring his fangs.
Vlad wasn’t positive until the little thing tried to race past him what he was dealing with but the panicked emerald-green eyes told the story. Vlad swung his arm out and caught the guy around the waist to prevent his escape.
He immediately knew that might not have been his best choice when the creature started biting and scratching every bit of skin he could reach. Vlad wrapped both arms around the little spitfire in a protective hug, trying not to hurt the creature but keep himself from being hurt as well.
“Restrain yourself!” Vlad snapped as he shook the man in his arms. Vlad’s eyebrows shot up when the guy went as limp as a dishrag.
He didn’t trust the quick compliance.
Vlad’s eyes darted around the stable until they landed on a saddle blanket hanging over the edge of one of the stable doors. He carried his capture to the hay that had scattered over the floor when he flung it out of the way. Vlad gently laid the creature down then went to grab the blanket.
Vlad heard the faintest rustle of straw and spun before he took a step. Vlad's surprise gave the creature enough time to dart across the room. He squatted down and pressed himself back against the wall as if trying to make himself the smallest possible target.
Vlad moved as well, putting himself between the scared little thing and the door. Despite his concern for the fear he could see in the man’s deep-green eyes, Vlad knew letting him leave was the last thing he should do. Taking a slow step backward until he could reach over and grab the horse blanket, Vlad tossed the scratchy material at the intruder.
“You appear cold.” Hell, the creature looked downright frozen. The man’s skin held a pale blue tint that worried Vlad. While Vlad could hear the man’s heart beating at a rapid pace, his chest was rising and falling so quickly he looked ready to pass out.
And what would Vlad do with an unconscious human?
At least, he smelled human.
Sort of.
The sad little thing smelled like a whole lot of other stuff too, stuff that reeked. Vlad really didn’t want to get too close. Although, as he glanced down at himself, he realized that his brief encounter had gotten dirt and grime smeared on his crisp, clean clothes. Vlad smelled like a dung heap, which meant the human was a hundred times worse.
 Vlad motioned with his hand for the human to come toward him. “Follow me. We both could use a bath and I will find some food for you.”
Wide panicked eyes just stared at him.
Vlad gestured again.
The terror already swimming in the man’s eyes grew the moment Vlad moved forward. The creature's eyes darted wildly around the small space, and Vlad knew the human was looking for an escape route. And Vlad knew the moment the little thing realized he had to move around Vlad to gain his freedom.
For a fraction of a second, the man’s shoulders slumped as if he was resigning himself for the fight to come, but then he seemed to bolster himself. Vlad cocked an eyebrow when thinly developed muscles tensed.
Did the little human actually think he could beat a vampire?
Did he have a death wish?

“Bela not share Vlad?” Clearly it was a question and not a statement. Béla wasn’t brave enough to make it a statement.
“I should hope not!”
Béla was so overcome with joy that he grabbed Vlad’s face between his hands and kissed the vampire. It wasn’t until he felt Vlad’s tongue brush against his own that he realized what he had done, and he slowly pulled back, watching Vlad’s reaction carefully.
“Don’t stop now, Béla,” Vlad said with a grin. “That was just getting interesting.”
Never before had Béla even considered taking such liberties. He had never wanted to. Sex had been nothing more than grunting and mounting. It was Vlad who had taught him that sex could be tender, not rough. Taking in a deep breath, Béla leaned up and closed his eyes, brushing his lips over Vlad's the same way the vampire had done to him.
"Béla." Vlad's voice was a mere whisper, but held so much passion, so much fire that Béla threw caution to the wind and grabbed tufts of hair, pulling Vlad closer. Vlad's breath skimmed across Béla's cheek before Béla closed the distance, pushing his tongue inside the man's mouth.
Vlad let out a low groan, the razor clattering to the sink as Vlad wrapped his arms around Béla's body. The shaving cream smeared between their faces, but Béla was too lost in the aching need coursing through his body to care. The only thing he cared about was being in Vlad's arms.
"I need you, my beautiful Béla."
A shiver of sensual heat had Béla moaning in agreement. His cock was a wedge of hard steel, straining in his pants as he opened his mouth to say, "Béla need Vlad."
Vlad licked at his lower lip, his hands gripping Béla's hips tightly. A sharp breath exhaled from Béla's lungs at not only the sensation of Vlad's erection poking him in his side, but at the heat he could see scorching the man's eyes.
Vlad's tongue trailed down Béla's neck, making Béla arch back, letting out a low moan. There was nothing so sexy, so completely filled with driving lust and sensual excitement as the man kissing his way across Béla's throat.
His breathing became ragged when Vlad pulled away and spun Béla around yanking Béla's pants down to his ankles. He could have sworn he hear an animalist growl fall from Vlad's lips.
He was bent over the counter with his ass pushed out and his hard cock jutting between his legs. Béla heard Vlad's zipper lower, and then the man grabbed Béla's hips.
Vlad's hands were shaking.
Béla had never been more turned on in his life. His body ached to be filled, to feel Vlad's hard cock pounding deep in his ass.
"Hard and fast, Béla," Vlad panted as his fingers dug deep into Béla's hips. "Brace yourself.”
Béla groaned as Vlad's cock sank into his ass. His head spun and his pulse raced as his skin stretched wide. Béla's lips parted as small, panting noises escaped.
Vlad had the best dick in the world. It wasn't too big, wasn't too small. It fit perfectly inside Bela's ass, filling every inch of him until he wanted to scream out his pleasure. He opened his eyes and looked into the mirror, seeing the sexual haze in Vlad's red eyes. A course of lust shot through Béla groin, making his cock throb with his heartbeat as Vlad's fangs became prominent.
Béla had to slap his hands against the tiled sink backdrop to keep from sliding forward as Vlad slammed into him from behind. The hands digging into his hips only added to the pleasure rocketing through Béla.
The scent in the air was wild, untamed, and pulled at Béla's heart. He had gone from hating vampires to loving Vlad to the depth of his soul. Pushing his legs further apart, Béla damn near climbed onto the counter, wanting to feel Vlad go deeper.
"You are truly a beautiful creature," Vlad said as he scrapped his fangs along the nape of Béla's neck. "So exquisite."
"Vlad, please," Béla groaned as he reached back with one hand and wrapped his arm around Vlad's neck. He wanted to feel Vlad's fangs sink into his flesh. He wanted to be claimed again.
Béla cried out when Vlad's teeth sank into his neck. His cock jerked once then painted the front of the counter with copious amounts of cum. Pleasure inflamed Béla until spots danced in front of his eyes.
"Béla!" Vlad shouted as his thrusts grew faster, deeper.
Béla grunted as he felt pulse after pulse of Vlad's release filled his ass. There was nothing else on earth like knowing he had brought his vampire pleasure. It was a heady feeling, a powerful feeling.

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FINISHED & SUBMITTED: Love & Spaghetti on Aisle Eight


Captivated Lovers 2
Coming February 13th
Seth O’Connal is leery of dating, especially after being used by previous love interests to get closer to his best friend’s billionaire husband. When he’s approached in the supermarket by a handsome Italian offering to make him homemade spaghetti, Seth can’t help but say yes, even if he’s hesitant. When their first date rocks Seth’s world, he wonders if sharing his secret is the next step or if he should keep it to himself.
Detective Frank De Luca is enchanted by Seth. The man seems to be just about perfect. Afraid of scaring Seth off, he wants to get to know him better before spilling the beans about his dangerous line of work. Called to the scene of a bombing, Frank is shocked to learn that the victim is none other than his Seth. But finding out who is after Seth might be easier than accepting Seth’s secret.


"You know that stuff will kill you, right?"

Seth looked up from his squatted position in front of the numerous jars of premade spaghetti sauce to see a long set of jean clad legs standing beside him. He followed the well muscled legs all the way up past a flat abdomen and wide muscular chest to the sexiest chiseled face he'd ever laid eyes on. There was even a hint of dark stubble on the man's square jaw.

Seth cocked an eyebrow at the man as he looked up at him. "You have something better in mind?"

"I might," the man said and then he grinned, his face showing off the most delicious looking dimples, one on each cheek.

Seth flushed when the sudden ache to lick those dimples almost overcame his common sense. The man that stood before him was very obviously fit. While Seth could hold his own in most situations, this guy could probably wipe the floor with him.

Seth knew he needed to tread carefully. The invitation seemed to be there in the man's sparkling blue eyes but Seth had been wrong before and paid the price in bruises and sore muscles. The man might not even be gay.

The stranger held out his hand. "The name's Frank, Frank De Luca."

Seth took the man's hand, standing to his feet. He shook it for a moment then let it go, wishing he didn't have to. "Seth O'Connal."

Frank gestured to the jar of premade spaghetti sauce Seth had been looking at moments before. "Do you always eat processed food? Homemade is so much better."

"I do if I don't want to poison myself." Seth chuckled. "I'm not much of a cook."

"Not good with your hands?"

Seth knew there had to be a hidden message in those words. Okay, he hoped there was a hidden message in those words. "I'm good with my hands, very good in fact, just not in the kitchen."

One dark eyebrow arched and then the dimples came back as Frank smiled again. "Just what can you do with your hands then?"

Seth was ready to come in his jeans right where he stood. The most gorgeous man in the universe was coming on to him. There just couldn't be any other explanation. The signals the guy threw out were too well placed.

"I can do a lot of things with my hands. I just can't cook," Seth replied. "Can you?"

"Oh, I'm very good in the kitchen," Frank replied. Seth felt the man's eyes move down his body like a scorching heat. He was growing hard right there in aisle eight of the supermarket. "I like handling hot stuff."

Seth almost groaned. He only stopped himself by biting his lower lip. A moment later he wasn't so lucky when Frank reached out and rubbed his thumb across Seth's caught lip until he let go of it.

"Now, if you go and hurt your lip how are you going to be able to enjoy my homemade spaghetti sauce?" Frank asked.

Frank's touch was feathery light but Seth felt it all of the way down to his toes. "You're homemade spaghetti sauce?" he whispered huskily. "Am I going to be eating your homemade spaghetti sauce?"

"I certainly hope so."

"Wh-When?" Seth felt like a goober, unable to put a simple word together but all he could think of was the way that Frank's thumb felt on his lower lip. He wanted to feel it on other parts of his body.

"Tomorrow night?" Frank asked. "Eight o'clock sharp?"

"Your place or mine?"

"That’s up to you," Frank said. "Do you have a cell phone?"

Seth nodded and dug into his pocket. He handed it over when Frank reached for it, watching mesmerized as Frank punched in a bunch of buttons. When Frank stepped closer as he handed it back, his phone number was typed in along with his name.

"Call me and we can make arrangements."

Seth nodded again. He was having a very hard time thinking clearly. Frank's cologne surrounded him and it smelled wonderful. Seth could just smell an underlying scent of masculine musk. It made him ache with need and forget all about eating spaghetti. He wanted something else in his mouth.

"Are you going to call me, Seth?" Frank asked very quietly.

"Are you going to make me spaghetti?" Seth countered.

"I'll make you anything you want."

"Then I'll call."

"I'll be waiting." Frank grinned, sporting his deep dimples once again. The back of his hand brushed the side of Seth's face then quickly fell away before anyone could see. "I want to know what you can do with those hands of yours."

Seth's jaw dropped as he watched Frank walk away. Correction, the world's most perfect ass walked away. A tight rounded ass encased in even tighter blue jeans. Frank was a gay man's wet dream. He'd certainly be in Seth's dreams tonight.


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Write On the Edge Show

Blog talk radio with guest author Stormy Glenn

December 5th, 10:00pm Central time

Call 917-889-8080 during the show to ask me the burning questions you’ve always wanted to know.

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FINISHED & SUBMIITED: Whatever He Desires (Tribal Bonds 4)

Tribal Bonds 4

Coming January 30TH!

Drew Hamilton didn’t know why his lover suddenly left him. He just knew that he left. And Drew’s heart had been slowly dying ever since. When he attends a party with his roommate, he never expects to find his ex-lover, or discover the world Garret had been hiding from him from the moment they met.

Garret LaGaffe never wanted to leave Drew but he felt he had no other choice when he was ordered home by his Electus. Drew is human and bringing him back to a vampire tribe could endanger Drew more than Garret was willing to allow. Giving Drew up was a better choice…or so Garret believed until Drew showed up at a party hosted by his tribe.

Misunderstandings and hard decisions add to an already dangerous situation as Garret tries to find a way to have Drew in his life without putting the man in danger. When all of his effort results in the very thing he was working so hard to avoid, can Garret put aside his fear long enough to rescue his anamchara or will he lose Drew to his fears?

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My Outlaw (formally part of the Forbidden Love Anthology) is now available as a free read on my website.

After getting injured and losing his horse during a cattle drive, Daniel Branson is ordered to ride the stagecoach back home. Little does he realize that it will put him in the hands of the notorious outlaw, Black Bart. And the handsome outlaw has plans for Daniel that don’t involve holding him for ransom!



Katzman 1


[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M]

Thirty years after his father, the High Ruler of Katzman, was murdered, Commander Chellak Rai has finally returned to reclaim his birthright. What he finds is more than he expected or could ever have hoped for.
Demyan is a bruter, one of the rare and exotic people of the planet Elquone. He is also a slave. And according to his contract, if he does not have a master, he must be returned to the cruel hands of Vortigern Vedek, the man that killed Chellak's father and stole his throne.
For Chellak, it is a double-edged sword. He knows the moment he meets Demyan that the sexy little man is his destined mate, but the laws of his planet state that he can not own a slave. To keep Demyan, he must defy his own laws and beliefs. But keeping Demyan is not as easy as winning his heart.

Retro Release Special Discount: This title is offered at a 50% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 24th.

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Coming Soon!

Dr. Ambrose White is somewhat absentminded. He has his head in the clouds researching his latest formula. He forgets meetings with his boss, the names of his interns, and basically anything that isn’t really important to him. The one thing Ambrose never forgets is his beloved cat, Kitty.
Ambrose has no idea that the formula he is asked to look over by researchers from another lab will bring danger to the one thing that means the most to him. When a lab accident turns Kitty into a human, Ambrose has to decide if he can do the right thing and develop a formula to turn him back into a cat or if falling in love with the man Kitty has become is more important than his research.
Dr. Ambrose White scratched his head as he stared at the large dry erase board hung on the wall. That didn’t look right. If he increased the protein enzymes by a factor of six, it would… Ambrose’s shoulders slumped.
It would be mud.
In a fit of frustration, Ambrose threw his dry erase marker at the board. This was getting him nowhere. He had worked and reworked that formula so many times he was seeing it in his dreams.
It just wasn’t coming out right.
As a lifetime of small mutations in the genetic code built up, cells began to die. These deaths lead to such things as graying hair and weight changes, hearing and vision impairment, loss of muscle and weakened bones.
Ambrose knew that the key to what happened in the older stages of aging was that as genetic mutations or DNA damage accumulated, critical cells began die. If he could just isolate the cells that repaired mitochondrial DNA and figure a way for them not to die out, then maybe he could find a cure for aging.
If his formula panned out, he could begin to think about pharmaceutical interventions to retard aging by preserving mitochondrial function. So many lives could be saved or extended. So many people could be helped.
He just had to get the formula to work.
“Dr. White, did you hear me?”
“Huh?” Ambrose swung around to stare at his assistant. He had forgotten that the intern was even there. He wished he wasn’t. Ambrose always worked better alone. He hated having people in the lab with him. “What did you say, Craig?”
The man’s jaw clenched. “My name is Carl.”
“Carl. Right. I knew that.” Ambrose started to turn back to his notes when the man snapped his fingers. Ambrose frowned at the disruption as he swung back around, glaring at the man that so rudely interrupted him. “What?”
“Your brother is on line three.”
“Take a message.”
The man’s dark face set in a viscous expression, his jaw clenching. “I’ve already taken a message, Dr. White, three times. Your brother threatened to fire me if I didn’t get you on the phone this time.”
“Oh.” Ambrose twisted his lips together as he lifted books and papers out of the way, searching around his desk for the phone. Maybe he needed to straighten up a little. His lab was kind of a mess. “Carter, do you see—”
“Carl,” the man snarled as he held the phone out. “My name is Carl.”
“Carl, right. I knew that.” Ambrose blinked at the man as he took the phone, wondering why the intern was so damn upset. It wasn’t like Charles had some formula that wasn’t working out. Ambrose wasn’t exactly sure what the man did in the lab other than bother him and apparently answer the phone. Finding the phone under a pile of files, Ambrose turned his back on Chris and said, “Hello?”
“Ambrose, did you forget our lunch meeting?”
“Lunch?” He had a lunch meeting with his brother? Ambrose glanced over at the calendar on the wall near the door. His step-brother had insisted that he put one up with big bold letters so he could read it from anywhere in the lab.
He did have a lunch meeting with his brother—twenty minutes ago. Ambrose’s stomach clenched with dread. Stefan was going to be upset with him. “I’m sorry, Stefan. I got carried away on this formula and—”
“Ambrose, just get here.”
Ambrose winced at the resignation in his step-brother’s voice. “Here?”
Stefan sighed. “Upstairs in the conference room, Ambrose. I’m having lunch catered.”
“Oh. Okay.” Upstairs was good. He could go grab a bite with his brother then come right back down to his lab. Maybe he could just grab something and come back. That would be even better. He could get back to his formula. “I’ll be right up.”
“Take off the lab coat, Ambrose.”
“Lab coat?” Ambrose glanced down at the white coat he wore. “Right. I knew that.”
“Just hurry up. We’ve been waiting long enough, Ambrose.”
Ambrose stared at the phone after his step-brother hung up. We who? He quickly glanced at the calendar board once more. Nope, it just said that he had lunch date with Stefan. No one else was mentioned.
“Caleb, have you seen my—”
“Carl!” Ambrose reared back when the dark-haired man began ranting and raving, waving his hands in the air like a madman. “My name is Carl, damn it. Carl!” he shouted as he stomped his foot against the white tile floor.
“Right.” Ambrose edged back from the crazy man as he nodded. “I knew that.”
“Then why won’t you fucking say it?” the man shouted as he turned on Ambrose, moving closer, one menacing step at a time. “You never use my name. Never. I’m always Craig or Cecil or some other stupid name beginning with a C. I’m never just Carl.”
Ambrose blinked. “Do you want to be Just Carl?”
Carl’s brown eyes seemed to bulge out of their eye sockets for a moment then glazed over as if the man had mentally left the building. Ambrose was pretty sure that wasn’t a good thing. He glanced toward the door out of the corner of his eye, wondering if he had enough time to get there before Chester reached him.
It wasn’t looking good.



available now!

Brandon Erikson knows he doesn't have much chance of finding love. There aren't a lot of opportunities for a man with a little extra padding around the waist and hectic work hours to find the man of his dreams. That is, until he slips and falls at the jazz festival and discovers that the way to a man's heart is through sweet treats.

Dr. Nicolas Syranno is tired of dating men who order salad when he takes them out. He wants someone who takes pleasure in life the way he does, someone who isn't toothpick thin, and someone who understands his crazy work hours as an emergency room doctor.

When Nicolas sees a sexy little blond slip at the jazz festival, has he found the love he has been searching for?

Retro Release Special Discount: This title is offered at a 33% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 18th.



Tri Omega Mates 2

Available now in eBook and Print!

Ryland has loved Gregory for six years, ever since Gregory rescued him from the brink of death. He has also known since then that Gregory is his mate. He's been old enough for a couple of years now, he just can't understand why Gregory won't claim him.

Gregory knew the moment he saw Ryland six years ago that they were mates. Ryland just wasn't old enough to be claimed. So Gregory bided his time, waiting for Ryland to grow up. But as his desire for Ryland builds, he wonders how much longer he can wait.

Gregory finally claims Ryland, only to learn that by doing so, he has endangered Ryland. Ryland is a tri-omega and needs two mates to keep him grounded and safe. But he hasn't met his other mate yet, which could be a problem. It could mean Ryland's life if they don't find him.

Forbidden Desires is offered at a 20% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 14th.

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Never Say Never (MM)  

Aberdeen Pack 3


[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, light spanking, HEA]

Rory dances because he has to. The visions he suffers from weigh down his soul, and dancing takes him away from all of that. But when he meets Hercules, he finds another reason to dance.

Hercules is an elite enforcer, trained from a very early age to be the best of the best. As large and as strong as he is, he’s very good at what he does…until the day he finds a man that comes between him and his duty.

Pulled into a conflict that started long before they even met, Hercules and Rory need to discover a way to balance their duty to their pack and their desire for each other. If they don’t, they could lose not only the people they care for but the chance to be mates.

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Vicktor Alexander's Birthday Exxxtravaganza

JC Wallace wrote a free short that she donated for Vic's birthday exxxtravaganza. It's hot, steamy, sticky and definitely worthy of the XXX rating.
Which means it's PERFECT!

Go and leave a comment and remember if you comment every day that you'll get a point every day to be entered to win one of the many prizes donated by Vic's author friends (including an eBook from my backlist). The exxxtravaganza runs from Nov 4-20th on Vic's blog so be sure to stop by every day and leave a comment either on the blog or on FB.


Aberdeen Pack is being talked about at Siren-Bookstrand's Series Showcase. Drop by and see why Rory dances and and where Iben came from as well as the answer to other questions about the Aberdeen Pack.

Retro Release Special Discount

Secret Desires (MMM)  
Tri-Omega Mates 1
[Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Paranormal Menage a Trois Cowboy Romance, M/M/M, Werewolves] 

Everyone has secret desires, especially werewolf Leyland Summers. He dreams of two sexy mates to bring all of his fantasies to life. When he encounters a sexy cowboy who wants to take him for a wild ride, what does he say?
Hell yes!

Coming to ranch country for a picture shoot, Leyland was shocked to find not one, but two mates. Being a tri-omega, he had always known that he would have two mates. He just never expected to find them in the same place. Or to find out that they had been lovers for years.

Having two mates is no big deal for Leyland. He grew up with two fathers. But having two mates that were already in love is something all together different. How is he supposed to share Lucas with Jake...or Jake with Lucas? And where does that leave him?

See a video of Secret Desires

Retro Release Special Discount: This title is offered at a 34% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 2nd.

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Finished & Submitted: Precious Fate (Hands of Fate 2)

Hands of Fate 2

Coming December 17th

Stavros Siracusa traveled the world collecting antiques and artifacts that were hard to find. He built a reputation as the go-to man when someone was looking for something specific. But he had no idea he would find a gargoyle statue at a garden party in his own hometown that it would change his entire world.
When sorcery interfered in finding his Beloved, Xander willingly allowed the Gods of Olympus to place him in hibernation as a stone statue. A drop of his Beloved’s blood and the strong beat of his heart drew Xander from his deep slumber and tossed him into a world that is more dangerous than any battle he has ever fought.
Armed with the knowledge that they were meant to be together, Stavros and Xander accept the fate of the Gods. But the Brotherhood is up to their old tricks and betrayal will come from within, tearing the two lovers apart. When Stavros gets kidnapped, Xander isn’t even sure the Gods can save the most precious thing in his world—his Beloved.

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Release Day for Lucius: Spartan Warrior


Available Now!

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M, sci-fi elements, HEA]
Lucius is Spartan, a genetically enhanced soldier created for the sole purpose of fighting. But what is he to do when the war is over? Exiled with his unit to an island off the Pacific coastline, Lucius is shocked when he finds more than a deserted island when he meets Ari, a man determined to live by his own rules even at the cost of his own life.
Ari was just a teenager when he was abandoned by his family and exiled because he didn’t meet the new moral code. He does what he needs to do to survive. When he meets Lucius and the other Spartan, he finds that the fierce warriors need even more help than he does.
Emotions have been drummed out of the Spartans, deemed useless to men taught nothing but killing. Teaching them to feel just might be harder than Ari thinks, especially when he needs Lucius to be the killing machine he was born to be in order to save them all when the enemy attacks. But the cost might be the man he is falling in love with.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Aberdeen Pack 4

Ares knew he had met the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with when Simon Fiske joined the Aberdeen Pack. There’s just one problem. Everyone believes that Simon is simple and slow, not able to make decisions on his own.
When Simon and his brother Adam were banished from their pack, he had no idea that it would lead to him meeting the most beautiful man he had ever seen. After Ares claims him, life for Simon just gets more complicated. Adam refuses to talk to him, his ex-lover is back demanding that he return to his former pack, and Simon has his hands full keeping other pack members safe when they are attacked.
Being mated should have been the most wonderful thing that ever happened to Simon and Ares but it seemed to just bring on more battles than they could fight.

“He’s beautiful.”
“No, Simon,” a slightly thicker, rougher version of his own voice hissed into his ear. “Not again. You thought Alpha Kohl’s son was beautiful too and look where that got us.”
Simon Fiske dropped his eyes from the gorgeous man standing on the porch next to their new alpha and stared down at the ground as he kicked at the dirt with the tip of his boot. The last time seriously wasn’t his fault. The alpha’s son had been cute.
He’d also been a jerk.
“I wasn’t going to do anything,” Simon mumbled under his breath. “I was just saying that I thought he was pretty.”
“Stay away from him, Simon.”
“But, Adam,” Simon protested, his head popping up to look at his brother. “Alpha Khenti said he’s the head of the enforcers.”
Adam’s dark-green eyes narrowed in warning. “And that means there is absolutely no reason for you to be around him.”
Simon’s shoulders slumped not just because his brother was ordering him away from the beautiful head enforcer but because Adam didn’t think there would be any reason for Simon to even be around the man.
He was slow, not stupid. He could still fight. It didn’t take a genius to fight and defend his pack. It took muscle, strength, a willingness to give his life for a cause greater than him. Simon wasn’t the strongest wolf in the pack but he wasn’t ready to roll over and show his belly to everyone either.
“I mean it, Simon,” Adam snapped, reaching over to grip Simon’s chin between his fingers. Simon hated it when Adam did that. Big brother or not, Adam didn’t need to treat him like a child. He got enough of that from everyone else. “We’ve barely been here a week. Don’t fuck this up for us.”
Simon felt his eyes water as he shoved his fisted hands into his pockets and dropped his eyes from Adam’s angry gaze. “Okay, Adam,” he said in a voice that was filled with so much resignation that he winced. He hated when he sounded so defeated but sometimes it was easier to give in to Adam than to fight with him.
Just as soon as Adam grunted and turned back to listen to what the alpha was saying to the new pack members, Simon glanced up at the gorgeous enforcer again through the fall of his bangs. Something tight unfurled inside him at the sight of the tall man.
Damn, he really was hot. He was a dark figure of a man, big and powerful. Simon thought he probably could have been an alpha if he wanted to be. But the air of danger that seemed to hover around him gave credence to his role as an elite enforcer, his presence on the porch as commanding as the alpha and beta of Aberdeen Pack.
The large man towered over most of the other men on the platform by several inches. The thick muscles rippling under his tight white shirt quickened Simon’s pulse and made his cock throb in his pants. The enforcer had long sturdy legs encased in a tight black material, emphasizing the thickness of his thighs. His wide shoulders seemed to stretch endlessly, pulling at the seams of his white shirt.
Simon inhaled slowly, trying to beat back his arousal, not wanting anyone to smell it. Scent was very powerful among wolf-shifters. Anyone standing close to him—including his brother—would be able to smell the subtle change in his scent.
Please don’t let me embarrass myself.
Simon just couldn’t seem to help it. Every time he caught a glimpse of the handsome enforcer, his body just reacted, going from cold to hot in the blink of an eye. It was like it happened whether he wanted it to or not.
When the new alpha finished talking, he introduced everyone. Simon finally heard the name of his dream man for the very first time—Ares. It was a beautiful name for a beautiful man. Simon knew his Greek mythology. Ares was named after the God of war, violence and bloodshed. It suited the enforcer. In his line of work he probably saw a lot of violence and carnage.
Simon stepped back behind the other new pack members when Alpha Khenti and Ares, along with the rest of the Aberdeen Pack inner circle, came down off the porch of the alpha house and started to move throughout the throng of people.
Simon knew he would have to meet with Alpha Khenti at some point, and probably Ares as well. He just didn’t want to do it in a crowd of people. He knew if the enforcer got too close, there would be no hiding his arousal from Ares or anyone else.
“Simon!” Adam’s jaw ticked as he glanced over his shoulder at him. “What are you doing?”
Simon searched his brain for a good answer that Adam would accept. His heart started beating with excitement when he spotted the gunmetal black barbeque cookers and wooden tables piled high with food.
“I’m hungry,” he said quickly as he edged back even further. “I want to get something to eat.”
“You will wait here until our new alpha greets you.”
Simon grimaced as he looked through the people milling about and spotted Alpha Khenti moving slowly toward him and Adam. Simon felt his face flush, his arousal deepening when he spotted a set of deep bronze eyes staring back at him from just behind the alpha.

“Come on, love.” Ares rolled to the side of the bed then stood, holding his hand out to his mate. “We can shower together and conserve energy.”
“That’s what you’re calling it?” Simon laughed as he scooted off the bed and took Ares’s hand, following him into the bathroom.
Ares wondered if he was going to be able to wipe the smile from his face before he went downstairs. He had a reputation as a badass. The goofy besotted grin on his face would ruin that.
And then Simon winked at him as he climbed into the shower and res no longer cared how goofy he looked. His mate was healthy, happy, and safe. That was pretty much all that mattered.
“Are you having any ill effects from last night?” Ares asked as he rinsed the conditioner from Simon’s hair.
“Naw, I’m good.” Simon slipped his arms around Ares’s wet waist, pulling him in for a kiss. Ares traced his tongue along Simon’s lower lip then delved in for a mind-blowing scorcher that sent his pulse racing.
“Turn around, babe.” With one little kiss, Ares was ready to fuck Simon into the wall. He grabbed the waterproof lube from the shelf. He slicked up his finger then reached his right hand under Simon’s ass, sliding a finger in his tight hole. Spearing two fingers in, he stretched his mate as his other hand glided over Simon’s wet skin.
“You’re so damn sexy.”
Simon poked his ass out, spreading his feet apart as Ares slid a third finger in. “I’m also ready.”
Ares pulled his hand away, lining his cock up. With his thumbs, he spread his mate’s cheeks apart. He pushed forward as he watched his cock being swallowed by the tight hole. The long low moan pouring from Simon’s mouth matched the growl of pleasure rumbling through Ares’s chest.
Ares grabbed Simon’s shoulders, thrusting into him repeatedly, hard, fast. Waves of pleasure pounded through his body as Simon’s ass clenched down on his cock, holding him, massaging him with each pulse. His orgasm washed over him suddenly. White spots danced behind his eyes as he filled Simon with his release.
He reached between them and gripped Simon’s leaking shaft, stroking him in rhythm with his thrusts.  He only had to tug a few times before Simon bowed his back, his seed shooting out onto his hand and the shower wall, his body jerking as he made the cutest sex noises.
Simon twitched a few more times before collapsing back against Ares, panting heavily. “That was…that was…”
Ares grinned. “That was fantastic. We should be good little pack members and conserve water more often.” Simon’s happy laughter filled the shower stall as Ares wrapped himself around his mate, thankful Simon was back in his arms. With this man, in his arms and in his life, the world couldn’t be simpler.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Release Day: Heavenly Scent


Scent of a Mate 4
Available Now!  
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Patch Mason is content to sit back and watch his brother be the new Regal Elder until one of the men coming to see him turns out to be the mate that rejected him and sent men after him to destroy his life. Forgiveness isn’t something he has in him, not anymore.

Otto Marshall has been looking for his missing mate for months. He gave the man up once to save him from a fate worse than death only to find out that in giving him up, he nearly destroyed him. Forgiveness is not something he has the right to ask for, but neither is losing Patch a second time.

Sam Holloway is sent to warn the Marshall brothers that their father has escaped prison. He never dreamed that he would discover not one, but two mates, or that both of them would be the targets of an insane alpha bent on revenge. If he can’t get them to come to terms with each other then he might lose them both.

Finished & Submitted - Lucius: Spartan Warrior


Spartan Warrior

Lucius is Spartan, a genetically enhanced soldier created for the sole purpose of fighting. But what is he to do when the war is over? Exiled with his unit to an island off the Pacific coastline, Lucius is shocked when he finds more than a deserted island when he meets Ari, a man determined to live by his own rules even at the cost of his own life.
Ari was just a teenager when he was abandoned by his family and exiled because he didn’t meet the new moral code. He does what he needs to do to survive. When he meets Lucius and the other Spartan, he finds that the fierce warriors need even more help than he does.
Emotions have been drummed out of the Spartans, deemed useless to men taught nothing but killing. Teaching them to feel just might be harder than Ari thinks, especially when he needs Lucius to be the killing machine he was born to be in order to save them all when the enemy attacks. But the cost might be the man he is falling in love with.

Ari tightened his fingers around the knife in his hand to hide the tremble that flickered through his entire body. The soldier standing before him was the biggest damn man Ari had ever seen in his life. He stood taller than the wooden doorframe.
Ari didn’t move other than to try and draw some much needed air into his lungs. He wasn’t stupid. He knew he was facing off against a Spartan warrior, one of the fiercest fighting machines ever created.
The three black tattooed lines on the side of the man’s face were a dead give-away. All Spartan had them. Each line was a mark of rank. Ari had no idea what this man’s rank was but he hoped it was high enough up that he could keep the others from killing him—assuming he didn’t kill Ari himself, which was a very real possibility.
Ari had seen the Spartan warriors in the cities during the war. He had seen them fight and seen them kill. He knew what they were capable of and he was fully aware of the fact that he didn’t have chance in hell of beating the one standing in front of him or the ones standing behind him.
“Who are you?” the man repeated.
“Ari.” Fuck, man this guy was huge. Ari swallowed hard, trying to bring some moisture back to his dry throat. “I live here.”
“No one is supposed to be on this island.”
Ari cocked his head to the side, a small frown of confusion working its way across his forehead. He slowly lowered the knife in his hand but didn’t let go of it. He would most definitely lose a fight with this soldier, but he’d cause a lot of damage as he died.
“Who told you that?”
“My superiors informed us that this island was uninhabited.”
“They were wrong.”
Ari gulped when the man’s lips thinned in obvious anger. He quickly held his hand up to placate the guy, and hopefully keep his head attached to his shoulders. “I’m sure they thought the island was uninhabited but it’s not. There are a lot of us here.”
Ari groaned when the warrior’s eyes narrowed at him. He knew he talked too much when he was nervous and a person couldn’t get much more nervous than he was right now. If he didn’t tuck his lips in he’d start spilling about every damn thing floating through his head.
“How many are here?”
Ari pressed his lips together and shook his head rapidly. He was in enough trouble. He wasn’t taking anyone else down with him. The next instant, Ari found himself disarmed and lying down on the floor on his back, his arms pinned down above his head and the biggest damn warrior in the group sitting on him.
“Speak,” the man growled, low and menacing.
Ari swallowed again, just knowing he was enjoying his last few minutes on earth, and then he shook his head. He might not like everyone that was stranded on the island, but he refused to divulge their numbers or whereabouts to a bunch of soldiers.
Nothing in the world could have prevented the squeak that fell from Ari’s lips when he felt the very sharp edge of a knife blade press against his throat.
Yep, he was going to die.
Shaking his head was out. He’d just end up cutting his own throat. “No,” Ari said with as much bravado as he could muster up considering he was so scared he was about to piss himself.
“Then you will die.”
Ari almost rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I kind of figured that.”
“Then speak.” The Spartan sounded confused; almost as if he couldn’t quite understand why Ari wouldn’t speak if refusing to do so meant his life would be forfeit. And maybe he didn’t understand.
From what Ari had seen during the war, many people would give up their mothers for the right incentive. Ari’s mother had died during the war. Ari barely remembered her. But that didn’t mean he didn’t have people in his life that he cared about.
Ari refused to give the others up. He might not like some of them, but he had made friends with a lot of them. Besides, Ari had always known he would die at some point. It was kind of a fact of life. And he’d rather go out protecting his friends than from starving to death or getting a cold.
 “Do you want to die?”
Ari’s lips twitched. He almost felt like laughing. “Not really.”
“Then speak,” the man said in a deep voice void of emotion. “Tell me how many others there are.”
“You might as well kill me now because I won’t tell you anything.”
“So be it.”
Ari braced himself, waiting for the killing blow. But instead of dying, Ari was yanked to his feet. He found himself spun around then he was picked up and tossed over the large warriors shoulder. The Spartan started out the door, pausing on the doorstep to look back at the other warriors.
“Burn it,” he said before carrying Ari out of the building.
“No!” Ari screamed as he started to struggle, visualizing all of his hard work going up in flames. “No, please, don’t—”
“Then speak,” the Spartan said as he dropped Ari down to his feet.
Tears blurred Ari’s vision as he glanced at his house. It had taken him nearly two years to get the place livable, to carefully cultivate his garden and get all of his food stores canned and in his pantry. He had worked so hard, often from sun up to sun down. He couldn’t watch it all go up in flames.
“No,” Ari whispered as his shoulders slumped. Even if it meant his home, he couldn’t betray his friends. His house could be replaced. His friends couldn’t.
A lone tear slid down Ari’s pale cheek as he watched the first flicker of flame come to life on the torch one of the warriors held. He knew once the torch was fully engulfed with flames, the Spartan would toss it on his house, beginning the process that would take everything from him.
He’d seen it before.
Ari jerked back when the large Spartan with onyx eyes wiped his tear away with a single finger. “Why do you cry?” the Spartan asked. “This is your decision. Tell me what I want to know and I will not order the building burned.”
Ari’s nostrils flared as he inhaled hard. “Fuck you!”

Ari yelped when he was suddenly grabbed around the neck and yanked forward. Hard searching lips pressed against his…and that was it. Ari waited for something more to happen—movement, the slip of a tongue, anything.
He got nothing.
Lucius was frowning just about as deeply as Ari had ever seen when the man leaned back. “I am not sure I fully understand why everyone seems so excited by a kiss, Ari. While I find that my pulse increases and my penis grows harder, this kissing thing does not seem to be a good enough reason to be so excited.”
Ari’s jaw dropped. “That wasn’t a kiss, Lucius. That was just you pressing your lips against mine.”
A kiss is the act of pressing one's lips against another person’s, is it not?”
“Yeeaahh, sorta. There’s a little more involved than that.” Ari chuckled as he pushed the blankets down and moved to sit on the edge of on the bed. He patted the mattress in front of him. “Come over here and I’ll show you why everyone raves about kissing.”
Well, Ari hoped he could show Lucius what was so exciting about a kiss. He was pretty sure that Lucius was interested in men if he gave the Spartan a hard on. That did not mean he would like kissing. Not every man did. Ari, on the other hand, loved kissing. He dreamed of making out with a lover for hours.
If he had a lover.
Once Lucius had moved into place, Ari when to grab him when he noticed the flak jacket he was wearing and the gun holstered at his hip. While the man was prepared to go into battle, this was not a battle.
It was a kiss.
“Can you take off the flak jacket and gun?” Ari gestured to the nightstand. “You can put them there within easy reach.”
Lucius looked hesitant, his jaw firming as if he was fighting his instincts, but finally, he unbuckled his gun belt and laid it down on the nightstand then pulled his flak jacket off, laying over the top of his gun holster. When he was all done, Lucius settled back down on the bed.
“Now what?”
Ari chuckled just because the situation was so fucking weird. “Close your eyes.”
“Please?” Ari would never admit to Lucius that he was too nervous to have the man watching him while they kissed. Lucius’s dark eyes assessed everything, looking for strengths and weaknesses. For once, he just needed to feel.
Ari’s stomach fluttered when Lucius’s eyes slowly slid closed, and that was a telling moment in itself. Ari knew that there had to be at least some level of trust for the man to close his eyes around him.
Ari held his breath as he cupped Lucius’s chiseled face between his hands and leaned forward, touching his lips to Lucius’s. His tongue stroked across Lucius's lips, caressing his mouth more than kissing it.
Groaning, Lucius opened to him, and Ari swept his tongue inside, exploring, conquering. Tasting the warrior that he had wanted since the moment he saw the strong man standing before him with a knife in his hand.
Ari started when he was suddenly crushed against Lucius’s chest, the man’s large hands fisting him his hair. Lucius pressed his mouth to Ari’s, claiming his mouth with a savage intensity that seared Ari to his toes. Ari returned Lucius's kiss with reckless abandon, wanting more, wanting Lucius.
Now, this was a kiss.
When the full weight of Lucius’s muscular body pressed into him, Ari fell back against the pillows. A deep growl rumbled through Lucius’s chest as he crawled up and settled over the top of Ari, the width of his hips spreading Ari’s thighs until they almost hurt.
The pain was worth it to feel the monstrosity of a cock Lucius was sporting press against him. Ari’s breathing sped up as he hitched his hips and wrapped his legs around Lucius’s waist, bringing their two cocks together.
Ari bemoaned the fact that fabric separated them when he so desperately wanted to feel Lucius’s naked cock against his own. He reached down, wiggling his hand until he could get it between them, searching for the buttons of Lucius’s pants.
The moan that fell from his lips came partly from the victory he felt when he found the buttons and got them undone, and partly from the lips that continued to devour his. Lucius kissed Ari with a hunger that rivaled his own, threatening to consume them both.
Ari slid his hand inside of Lucius’s pants. The very moment his hand wrapped around Lucius’s wide girth, the man’s head snapped up, breaking the kiss. Lucius stared down at Ari for what seemed like a million years, and then tossed his head back as he roared, bucking wildly as hot cum filled Ari’s hand.
Ari just laid there, stunned, his own cock throbbing, aching. After watching Lucius’s display, he was so close to release that a stiff wind would have sent him over the edge. He just needed a little more, a little…
Ari cried out, his entire body going ramrod stiff as Lucius’s lips slammed back down on his, the man capturing his lips in a kiss that showed who dominated who. Lucius’s hand wrapped around Ari’s throat and the underside of his jaw, tilting his head back. The other one moved down Ari’s body, sliding down under him to grab his ass.
He was so damn close.
Ari almost went out of his mind when Lucius’s single hand covered a fair amount of both ass cheeks. He ripped his lips away from Lucius and stared up into Lucius’s unfathomable eyes, the intensity of the man’s gaze making his entire body clench with need. Ari swore he could see flames leaping to life in Lucius’s dark eyes, an invisible web of attraction building between them.