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Spaced Out For  Love 2

Coming October 23rd

Cory Spencer’s world became a nightmare when he was kidnapped by an alien intent on selling him to the highest bidder. Sold as a prize to the winner of a cage match, he’s shocked to discover that the man who won him is his mate.
Ravcor tracked his mate through the vastness of space only to find him being sold into slavery on a lawless planet on the outskirts of the known universe. Kidnapped and forced to fight in illegal cage matches, he finds he has something to fight for when Cory is offered up as the prize.
But winning a series of cage fights sounds easier than it is, especially when the people in charge are intent on separating them. Rav must fight not only the men holding them but a conspiracy that may reach the highest levels of government, one that seems to know their every move.
Yahoo Group Brainstorm Project
“Who are you?”
The words were quiet, almost a murmur in Rav's ear, but they were definitely male. The timber was too deep to be a woman, and the body pressing Rav into the wall was too hard to be anything other than male.
"None of your fucking business," Rav snapped.
"If you're going to interfere in my plans, then it is very much my business." Rav grunted when his entire body was slammed into the unforgiving brick wall. "Now, who are you and what are you doing here?"
Rav's temper flared, his anger becoming a scalding fury and giving him the extra needed strength to turn in the hands that held him up against the wall. He was surprised to find himself facing a man a few inches taller than him. Not many people were taller than a Phangar, and this man was no Phangar.
He was also no dummy. Rav swallowed hard when he suddenly felt the sharp point of a knife press up under his chin. He felt a trickle of blood trail down his throat and knew his life was in this man's hands. No matter how fast he was, Rav wouldn't be fast enough to get away before the man's sharp blade was shoved into his throat.
"I have no desire to interfere in your plans, whatever they may be," Rav said carefully. "I just want my mate."
The frown that suddenly covered the man's face was almost as surprising as the suddenness of his attack. "Your mate?" he asked. "The human?"
Rav started to nod then thought better of it when the knife blade cut into his neck again. He kept his eyes on the man before him as he slowly raised his finger and pushed the sharp blade away from his vulnerable neck.
"Yes, my mate was stolen from me. I'm just here to get him back."
"I saw no mark on him."
"I didn't have time to mark him before he was taken from me."
Rav's surprised doubled when the man stared at him for a moment then nodded his head and stepped back as if he had come to some great conclusion. The knife that had been held at Rav's neck was also pulled away.
“If we’re going into battle together, the least you could do is introduce yourself.”
The man’s head cocked to the side. “Jeyel.”
“Just Jeyel?”
He shrugged. “Pretty much.”
So be it.
Rav didn’t have time to play games with Jeyel. Ulfar seemed like a slippery character. If he didn’t keep close tabs on the dirt bag, he’d slip away and Rav might never find him again. And if he lost Ulfar, he might never find Cory again.
"The man that entered that door with your mate is the one I am after."
"You can have him,” Rav replied. “I just want Cory."
Rav growled. "The human."
Jeyel snorted nastily.
"You have a problem with humans?" he snapped.
Jeyel’s green eyes flashed. "Weak creatures."
The man’s disdainful tone infuriated Rav. He didn't care if Cory was the weakest creature in the known universe, the man was still his. "He's mine!" Rav snapped angrily.
"Whatever," Jeyel said as he rolled his eyes, "I just want the man that’s with him."
Rav rubbed the small cut mark on his throat, wiping away the blood with his thumb. He saw Jeyel's slightly flat nostrils flare and quickly sniffed the air. He still smelled the stench of decay from the streets but now there was the coppery scent of blood added into the mix. Rav grimaced and looked down at his thumb. There was just a trace of blood smeared on his thumb but it was enough for someone to smell if they had the ability.
Apparently, Jeyel did.
"He has something of mine."
"That seems to be a reoccurring theme with him." Rav smirked.
"Ulfar has information that I need." Jeyel frowned and glanced down the street as if he was trying to figure something out. "I do not begrudge you your right to pursue your mate but I need this man alive. He has information that could mean the life or death of someone important to me."
Well, that sucked.
Cory woke warm, cuddled against Rav's side, the man's larger than life arms wrapped tightly around him even in sleep. Every time Cory tried to budge, the arms tightened. Cory figured he was going to be there for awhile or at least until the man woke up.
He sighed happily, Rav’s musky masculine scent filling his senses. Cory turned his head and rubbed his nose against Rav’s heated skin and inhaled, wanting a deeper scent.
God, he loved the way the man smelled. No one on Earth or in space smelled as delicious as Rav. Cory felt like rubbing against the Phangar until he smelled of him all over. He settled for rubbing his cheek along Rav’s chest.
“What are you doing, pet?”
Cory froze. Rav’s voice was quiet, amused, but Cory was still embarrassed to be caught rubbing against the man. “Nothing.”
Cory yelped when he was rolled to his back, his arms pinned over his head. The lecherous grin on Rav’s face made him nervous, and anticipating what the handsome man would do next. His breath hitched in his throat when Rav leaned down and rubbed their cheeks together. How did he know?
“Rav,” he groaned as the man’s unique scent surrounded him before sinking into his skin. Cory hoped that it never left. He wanted to be branded by Rav’s smell. He wanted everyone to know he belonged to Rav.
“Do like my scent on you, pet?”
“Yes.” Cory had no problem admitting that, no matter how embarrassed it might make him. The man was rubbing against him, the gesture starting to move down his entire body until Rav was braced over the top of Cory, rubbing their bodies together.
There was no mistaking how much Rav enjoyed what he was doing. The steel pipe pressed against Cory’s abdomen was testament to the man’s enthusiasm.
Cory jumped when his cock and balls were suddenly grabbed by one very large hand. He groaned and pressed his head back into the pillow when his cock took interest in that hand and hardened right up. The few strokes Rav gave his erection only made him harder, and hornier.
Cory yelped when he was suddenly lifted into the air and draped over Rav's body. He landed with his hands and knees on either side of Rav's large body. All the air rushed from Cory's lungs as he glanced down between his body and Rav's and saw the man grinning up at him.
"Oh god!" A light ripple skated over Cory’s skin when Rav very carefully licked his fingers. He shivered when they moved out of his line of vision and then they grazed his sensitive entrance. His eyes closed and his lips parted when one finger slid inside of him.
The burn was intense but forgotten in an instant when Rav swallowed his cock right down to the root. Cory didn't know whether to push back onto Rav's fingers or go forward and drive his cock into the man's hot mouth.
His eyes rolled back when Rav pulled his finger out and replaced it with a very large cock. He was jerked back and impaled on Rav's cock in one fluid motion. His eyes crossed as he was filled almost beyond feeling good. He panted heavily and clutched at Rav's shoulders as he tried to bring life giving air back into his lungs.
He wanted to come, god he wanted to come, but Cory was determined to make this last as long as possible. He grabbed onto the small amount of control that was slipping away and held onto it with an iron fist.
Rav was buried so deep inside of him that Cory would swear they were one person, no beginning and no ending. His fingers curled into the sheets as Rav kicked his legs further apart with his knees. Skin slapped against skin, the passionate sound echoing through the room as Cory smashed his eyes together, fighting off his orgasm. It was extremely difficult when Rav’s cock slid over his sweet spot on every damn stroke.
“My pet,” Rav growled. “My mate.”
“Yesss,” Cory readily agreed as he rocked back to meet Rav’s forward thrust.
Rav's eyes darkened as he growled and rolled them to the edge of the bed. Cory laughed and grabbed onto the hulking man as he stood up, Cory still impaled on his cock. He leaned in, nuzzling his head under Rav's chin and licking a line across the man's throat.
“Mate.” Cory could hear the slight crack in Rav’s voice. Rav's hands gripped Cory's butt cheeks, holding him tight. Rav's eyes turned black as his eyes roamed over Cory, settling on the soft skin between his throat and shoulder.
Cory blinked then tilted his head back, giving Rav access.
Cory knew his control was gone when Rav roared and drove up into his ass. Something at the end of Rav’s cock thickened and attached to Cory’s prostate, sending waves of pleasure cascading over Cory.
At the same time, his teeth sank into Cory's throat. Cory didn’t even have to touch his cock. The act of being claimed by the powerful man had Cory crying out as his seed spurted out in one throbbing pulse after another.
Rav howled, yanking Cory back onto his shaft while manically snapping his hips forward, driving his cock deep within Cory over and over again. Waves of ecstasy crashed through Cory as Rav’s cock throbbing in his ass, the man stilling as he shot pulse after pulse of hot liquid into Cory.
Cory closed his eyes and dropped his head against Rav's chest as he tried to start breathing again. It might be impossible.



Phanta City 3

by Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen

One night of passion led to a life neither of them expected…
Cass A. Nova has a way with words. Unfortunately, his pickup lines usually get his face slapped. But then he meets a gorgeous fae that finds him not only intriguing but charming. One night spent in Wylde Fleur’s arms and Cass can’t imagine being anywhere else. There’s only one problem...his fae has disappeared.
Wylde Fleur has a lot of experience bucking the system. He was been banished from Glitter Glow Park because he refuses to follow in his father’s footstep. He was even shunned by the fae because he became a lawyer. Now, he’s chosen to take up with a vampire.
When Wylde discovers documents in the Ministry archives that hint at a secret long hidden from society, will he have to pay the ultimate price or will his smooth talking vampire be able to save him in time?

RELEASE DAY: Put Me In A Book by AKM Miles


By AKM MIles


Brandon Reese thinks there are too many big reasons why he and Rhine Walken can't have anything other than a friendship, but Rhine thinks differently.

Brandon Reese isn't ugly, but he thinks he is. He knows he looks better now that he's lost over 200 pounds, but he can't get over feeling, well, less like the handsome men he writes about in his gay romances. Then he meets Rhine Walken. He's intrigued. But the next time he sees Rhine there's something really wrong with the young man. Like really. Brandon finds out that Rhine suffers from a traumatic brain injury that manifests in a strange manner, one that makes a relationship pretty much off the table. Damn that sucks. B ecause he could love this man.

 ~AKM Miles~
***love is love***

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AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: Forever Mates: Stefan & Bay



AVAILABLE: Thursday, September 4th

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

The joy Stefan felt upon finding his forever mate was overshadowed by the sorrow that filled him at his mate’s rejection. Bay wanted nothing to do with him. Being the shy one in his family, Stefan’s lack of social skills left him confused as to how to bridge the gap between them.

Bay Stanton knew he had found the sexiest man he’d ever seen the second he laid eyes on Stefan. It was just too bad that his personality didn’t match, or so Bay believes when Stefan lies to him, a sin Bay finds nearly impossible to forgive.  

As difficult as it is for them both, when trouble threatens their mating, can they depend on each other or will the lies and misunderstandings be bigger than the danger?



Katzman 3

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M]
Shaikh Bogden Dhal Wuher Al'Abdalha couldn't forget Anjali or the time they spent together. If it hadn't been for the death of his father, Bogden never would have left his mate. And he knows Anjali is his mate. They dream together.

To get Anjali back, Bogden buys his contract and sends for him. But Anjali isn't overjoyed to see Bogden. Instead, Anjali thinks he is a slave, bought due to his training as a pleasure slave. And he's pissed when he discovers who his new master is.

Before they can settle their differences, someone betrays them, attacking their desert camp. Chaos reigns as Bogden and Anjali try to fight for their people, fight for each other, and fight to stay alive. But can two men win against insurmountable odds, or will they lose the love they share before they know they have it?

Retro Release Special Discount: This title is offered at a 50% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, September 8th.

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Captivated  Lovers 2

Seth O’Connal is leery of dating, especially after being used by previous love interests to get closer to his best friend’s billionaire husband. When he’s approached in the supermarket by a handsome Italian offering to make him homemade spaghetti, Seth can’t help but say yes, even if he’s hesitant. When their first date rocks Seth’s world, he wonders if sharing his secret is the next step or if he should keep it to himself.
Detective Frank De Luca is enchanted by Seth. The man seems to be just about perfect. Afraid of scaring Seth off, he wants to get to know him better before spilling the beans about his dangerous line of work. Called to the scene of a bombing, Frank is shocked to learn that the victim is none other than his Seth. But finding out who is after Seth might be easier than accepting Seth’s secret.

AVAILABLE IN PRINT: Beautiful Bela (Phanta City 1)


Phanta City 1

Now available in print

Count Vladimir Dracul never suspected that the human he found hiding in his stables would change his life and the way he saw the world. But once he found Béla, Vlad couldn’t give him up. Fighting prejudices against humans, a vampire Count wanting his blood donor back, and a threat from an old enemy seem like small battles compared to the one he has to fight to win Béla’s heart.
Béla was terrified of the vampire that found him and decided to keep him. His experience with vampires has never been good so he had no reason to trust Vlad, even if he wanted to. But when his former owner comes looking for him, Béla has to find the courage to save the one man that has come to mean more to him than his freedom.

With the help of a few crazy friends, a werewolf mob boss, and two insane brothers, Vlad and Béla just might have a chance at happiness…if the Ministry of Paranormal Affairs doesn’t get to them first.

FINISHED & SUBMITTED: Forever Mates: Yuri & Liam

Forever Mates: Yuri & Liam

Coming October 16th

Yuri Кугуар knows he has been truly blessed by fate when he gets his first sight of his forever mate. The shy little redhead is breathtaking. He also turns out to be sweet and adorable and in need of a strong shifter mate that can protect him from the evils in the world. Yuri truly believes he is the man for the job. He just doesn’t expect to have that tested so soon after meeting Liam.
Liam O’Conner is pretty sure he has died and gone to heaven when the most handsome man in the bar comes to sit down next to him. Yuri seems to hang on his every word, and if the hungry glint in the man’s eyes is anything to go by, Liam just might get lucky.
But fate has a funny way of making a person work for what they want, and the mating between Yuri and Liam is no different. As much as the two men just want to be left alone to get to know each other better, outside forces seem intent on ending their mating before it barely begins. Only with the help of their friends and family will they have a chance to find out if they can be happy as forever mates.

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FINISHED & SUBMITTED: Waiting to Breathe (Special Operations 5)

Special  Operations 5
Coming October 2nd
Cecil Montgomery took one look at Manuel Lopez and knew he wanted the handsome Marine in his life. Convincing Manny of that might be harder than anything Cecil has ever faced before, especially when fate seems determined to keep them apart.
After one night of passion in the arms of Cecil Montgomery, Manuel Lopez runs in the other direction. Besides the fact that Cecil is so gorgeous he makes Manny ache, the man is rich, and Manny has a deep hatred of anyone with money, a hatred that goes back nearly twenty years.
When confronted by the man that started it all, Manny realizes he might have made a mistake, but by then, it’s too late. Cecil wants nothing to do with him. Worse yet, Cecil’s life is in danger and Manny and his fellow Marines might not even be able to save him.
Cecil absently rubbed the bridge of his nose with his hand, the heavy thudding between his eyes growing worse. The worry and anxiety building inside of him was causing his head to throb.
Cecil dropped his hand to his lap as he nodded. Mind numbing migraine was more like it but he wasn’t about to admit that to Creed. The man took his health and safety very seriously.
“You’ve been getting a lot of those lately.”
“I probably need a few days off.” He worked hard, long hours. He might have inherited money from his parents when they passed away but the bulk of his money came from working that money to the best of its advantage. That took time and planning and burning the midnight oil.
“Maybe you should see if Manny wants to go to the lake house with you after he gets out of the hospital,” Creed said. “I’m sure the two of you could find something to occupy your time.”
Cecil grinned at the amusement he could hear in Creed’s voice. He really couldn’t think of anything he would like more than to spend a quiet weekend with Manny at his lake house, just the two of them. They could spend the entire weekend naked. Cecil would insist on it. 
When the limousine pulled up in the entrance of County General fifteen minutes later, Cecil was a little white knuckled from the wild ride but he was there in one piece and that was all that mattered at the moment.
He scooted toward the door thankful when it opened before he got there. He quickly exited the vehicle, in no way surprised when Creed climbed out after him and started scanning the area for danger. Creed might not follow him into the office every single second of the day but the man took Cecil’s security in strange places very seriously. Cecil knew Creed would follow him as he hurried in through the emergency room doors. In public, the man was never more than a few feet away from him.
Now, he just needed to find Manny.
“Are you out of your mind?” an all too familiar voice shouted, giving Cecil a direction to head in.
His throat felt too thick to call out or to even ask a nurse where to find the owner of that deep, slightly accented voice, the same voice that Cecil dreamed of almost every night since he had laid eyes on Manuel Lopez.
Cecil didn’t know if it was the desperation in his eyes, the fancy suit he wore, or the large man following behind him, guarding him, but no one stopped him as he made his way through the emergency room corridor, heading toward the man that held Cecil’s soul. He wouldn’t be able to breathe again until he laid eyes on Manny himself and knew that the man was alive.
He knew Manny was hesitant about their relationship, even standoffish on occasion. Cecil didn’t hold it against the man. Once Manny got used to the idea of them being together, he would fall into line easily enough. Manny was just too used to being all alone.
Cecil planned to change that.
There was something about the tall Hispanic man that had caught Cecil’s interest from the very first glance. Cecil had been unable to think of anyone else since. He had even gone as far as getting rid of his little black book.
One night spent in Manny’s arms had proven to Cecil that he didn’t need anyone but the sexy marine. Convincing Manny of that was proving to be just a tad bit harder. The morning after they had practically fucked each other unconscious, Manny started running. Three weeks had gone by since that night and Manny was still running. Cecil hadn’t gotten to where he was in the business world without being stubborn. He refused to give up when he wanted something, and he wanted Manuel Lopez, and he wasn’t going to stop until he had him.
Cecil’s heart beat a little faster when he saw Sheriff John Henry Harrison standing in the doorway of one of the emergency room cubicles. If John Henry was standing in the doorway that meant his partner Charles Pennington III was inside the room.
And that meant Manny was inside as well.
John Henry turned just as Cecil reached him. He stepped forward, holding out his hands as if to stop Cecil, but no one was going to stop him from getting to Manny. Cecil continued to walk forward then quickly zipped around John Henry.
He paused in the doorway, finally able to breathe again for the first time since he received the phone call from Charlie that Manny had been injured. Manny was alive. Manny was breathing.
Manny was pissed.
Cecil frowned as he glanced from Manny’s scowling face to Charlie and then back again. He wasn’t real sure what was going on but it seemed to him that this was the last place Manny and Charlie should be arguing. Besides the fact that it was a hospital, Manny was obviously injured. There was a white bandage around one of his arms.
Cecil opened his mouth to say something, and hopefully defuse the situation, when the words Manny was speaking filtered through the worry that had been clouding Cecil’s brain since he had received a phone call from Charlie over an hour ago.
“I can’t believe you called him,” Manny snapped, his dark cocoa brown eyes blazing with fury. “I went on that stupid mission to get away from Cecil.”
Cecil stood utterly frozen in the doorway, his heart thudding painfully in his chest. Only by sheer force of will did he continue to stay standing when everything inside of him was crumbling around him.
“You left on a mission to get away from me?” Cecil’s words were whispered but loud enough to be heard by the two men in the room. Manny’s face drained of color as he turned to look at Cecil.
“Shit.” Charlie rushed over and grabbed Cecil’s arm as if Cecil was about to collapse and Charlie was trying to keep him standing.
Cecil shook Charlie off and stepped into the room. “Answer me, Manny. Did you go on that mission to get away from me?” Cecil swallowed. “And I want the truth.”
Manny sighed as his shoulders slumped. The cold, congested expression that settled on Manny’s face as he glanced away gave Cecil his answer even before the man opened his mouth. Cecil’s heart stuttered for one last bit of life before shattering into a million painful pieces.
“I see.” Cecil cleared his throat and tried to gather the remains of his tattered pride around himself like a shield. He stiffened his back and squared his shoulders then raised his eyes to meet Manny’s. He had never shied away from anything in his life. He wasn’t going to start now. “My apologies, Mr. Lopez. I will not bother you again.”