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Winter is here. It’s time to snuggle up to something hot…

There’s a chill in the air, snow on the mountains, and it’s time for a little snuggle with some of our hottest ManLove authors. Join us daily to catch some amazing interviews, excerpts, teasers, and for your chance to win some MM magic of your own.

The contest runs from January 1st to January 31st. Each day a new author will be showcased, and each day you will have a chance to enter to win our grand prize of a brand new, just released Kindle Fire HD with an eBook loaded on it from every author in our contest. We will also be offering 2nd and 3rd prizes of swag/gift baskets with carefully chosen items from our wonderful authors.

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GRAND PRIZE: Kindle Fire HD6
Just to give you something to look forward to, our grand prize is a brand new, just released Kindle Fire HD6. Every author in our contest is contributing an eBook, which will be loaded on the Kindle before it gets shipped to the winner.

Check in with us every day to discover which new book is being added and leave a comment (and your email) for a chance to win our grand prize. That's 31 MM Romances from authors you know already and some you will want to know. So, don't forget to enter.


New Year's Progressive Dinner Buffet - Appetizers

Dinner starts on 12/31/14 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Eastern. Winners will be chosen randomly Jan 6, 2015. Only those who comment on EVERY blog will be chosen for the drawing.
These meatballs are always a hit at parties and oh so easy to make.

1 c. Stone Ground Dijon mustard
1 c. honey
2 tsp. vegetable oil
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 bag cooked meatballs
Directions: In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients except your meatballs. Mix up really well. Dump entire bag of meatballs into Crockpot. Add sauce. Mix it up all around so each meatball is coated with the sauce. Cook on high for one hours (two if frozen), stirring a couple of times. Once it appears that the meatballs have somewhat thawed, go ahead and turn your Crockpot down to low. Serve.

1 pound Bag Frozen Meatballs
½ cups Ketchup (Heaping)
½ cups Brown Sugar, Packed
¼ cups Bourbon Whiskey
1 teaspoon Fresh Lemon Juice
1 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce
Directions: In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients except your meatballs. Mix up really well. Place your meatballs into your crock pot, and pour the whiskey sauce in on top. Mix it up all around so each meatball is coated with the whiskey sauce. Now turn up the heat to high. Leave it on high for about one hour (two if frozen), stirring a couple times. Once it appears that the meatballs have somewhat thawed, go ahead and turn your Crockpot down to low. You don’t want to burn all that wonderful whiskey sauce! That’s the best part!

New Year's Progressive Dinner Buffet!


You can "choose your own dinner adventure" from appetizers, soup, salad, main dish and dessert, but those of you who visit and comment at each and every blog will be entered into a drawing for one of three (3) $35.00 gift cards to the venue of your choice: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or All Romance Ebooks.Plus, some individual authors (like, ahem, me, ZAM) might include a private drawing for those people who stop by. So read, drink and be merry! Happy New Year from all of us, at the M/M Writers' Buffet!


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FINISHED & SUBMITTED: Fireman's Flame (Cade Creek 3)

Cade Creek 3
Coming March 5th
After seven years, Chester Bailey has called it quits. His divorce has finalized and he’s packed up his life with plans to move to Cade Creek. But fate has a sense of humor, which Chester discovers when he’s involved in a car accident just as he reaches the small country town. Rescue comes in the form of the sexiest fire chief Chester has ever seen…and maybe a new love interest.
Fire Chief Jack Helmond is used to being called to the scene of accidents. It’s part of the job. When he discovers a frightened young man pinned in his car, the job takes on new meaning. Rescuing Chester becomes personal.
But Chester’s past refuses to give up so easily. His ex won’t let a little thing like a new lover or even divorce papers stop him from claiming what he believes is his. If Jack has any hope of keeping the flames of romance burning between him and Chester, he’ll need more than fellow fire fighters to help him. He might need all of Cade Creek.

Chester shook his head as the red traffic light he was stopped at turned green. He knew it was going to take a whole hell of a lot more than a desire to start a new life for it to actually happen, and he hoped his friend Yancy could help.
Chester eased the car into traffic once again, heading for the Cade Creek Diner, a place he had been to before and fallen in love with. Granted, it had taken a lot of talking and some fluttering eyelashes to convince the cook to add a few vegetarian dishes to the menu but now that he had, it was one of Chester’s favorite places to visit in Cade Creek.
A vegetarian cheese omelet sounded like just what he needed before calling Yancy and asking the man to come into town so they could talk and he could explain to him how his life had gone so horribly wrong…and then ask for his help.
Chester didn’t even have enough time to scream as something hard and heavy slammed into the side of his car. The sound of metal on metal was horrendous, but it was better than the sound his vehicle made as it was crushed like a tin can—with him inside of it.
When the world stopped spinning, Chester found himself lying against the door of his powder blue VW Bug, his legs pinned by the steering wheel and the dashboard. Pain made his vision blurry as it exploded throughout every inch of his body. His very cells screamed in agony. Something warm and wet trickled down the left side of his face.
Chester made sure he didn’t move any more than he had to as he took stock of his injuries. His head ached but not as much as his legs. Tears sprang to Chester’s eyes when he was able to wiggle his toes. He wasn’t paralyzed but it was obvious from the amount of pain he was feeling that something serious was wrong.
There was a gash on the side of his head. Chester suspected that he had hit his head on the side window as the glass had shattered, most likely from his head hitting it as the car flipped through the air. There were some cuts on his face and neck, also most likely caused by the breaking glass.
“Are you okay?”
Chester turned to see a dark haired man looking down at him from the passenger side window, which strangely enough seemed to be the top of his car now. “What happened?”
“A truck ran the red light and hit you.”
Well, that would explain it then.
“I’m Kapheri. Can you tell me your name?”
“Good.” Kapheri smiled. “Do you know where you are, Chester?”
“Um…in my car.”
“True.” Kapheri chuckled. “Can you tell me where your car is?”
Chester almost said the street but he knew the answer the man was looking for. “Cade Creek.”
“Can you tell me what year it is, Chester?”
Chester frowned. “Really?”
“Afraid so.”
“Twenty fifteen.”
“Good, good.” Kapheri’s perfectly white teeth gleamed when he smiled. “Okay, an ambulance is on its way. Try not to move.”
“Thank you.” But he really didn’t have any plans to move any time soon. It hurt too damn much. “The driver of the truck? Was he hurt?”
“He walked away without a scratch on him.” A deep scowl crossed the man’s face as he looked up and past the car at something Chester couldn’t see. “The police should be here in a minute or so to take him into custody. The bloody bastard reeks of alcohol.”
Chester sputtered with bitter amusement. “I’m going to die because some asshole had too much to drink and decided to take a five ton truck for a joy ride?”
“Well, I don’t think you’re going to die, but…yes.”
“Is…” Chester licked his lips. “Is there anything left of my stuff?”
Once again, Kapheri lifted his head and looked beyond what Chester could see. “You might be able to salvage some of it but I’m pretty sure the trailer is a write off.”
“Damn.” He hadn’t taken the insurance clause out on it. In retrospect, that had been pretty stupid of him. He had been fairly confident of his own driving skills. He never dreamed he’d have to worry about some ass wipe with too much to drink ramming into him. “There’s snow in my car.”
“You hit a snow bank, Chester. There’s snow over fifty percent of your car.”
“Oh.” Chester screamed as he involuntarily tried to move his leg and a spike of pain ripped through his body that was worse than anything he had ever felt in his life. He was positive he was going to die because nothing that hurt this bad couldn’t be fatal.
“Ho-how far away is…is that ambulance?”
“Soon, Chester.”
Chester almost cried out when the man’s face disappeared. He wanted to beg the man to stay, to not leave him alone. But another face appeared, one that took Chester’s breath away with its sheer masculine beauty, and with the way he was panting that was pretty hard to do.
“Hey, I’m Jack. I’m going to help get you out of here.”

Jack pulled into a parking spot down the street from Chester’s apartment and turned off the engine. He could see the lights on through the second floor windows. His lips curved into a small smile when he saw Chester’s shadow pass in front of the window. He glanced at his watch. He still had another twenty minutes before he was supposed to arrive.
Jack pulled out his cell phone and dialed Chester’s number.
Chester answered a moment later. “Hey, handsome.”
“What are you wearing?” he asked in a deep gravelly voice.
Chester’s laughter eased Jack’s nerves. “A smile.”
“Damn,” Jack groaned as his cock hardened just that fast. “I’d like to see that.”
“Maybe I’ll let you.”
Jack groaned again, palming his hard cock through jeans. It wasn’t enough, not when Chester laughed again, only this time, the sound was low and sultry. Jack quickly glanced around. The street was vacant, not a soul in sight. He sat near the end of the street, his truck shadowed by the building he was parked in front of.
It was enough.
Jack reached into the glove box and pulled out a few wet wipes he kept in there. He set them on the seat next to him and then unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. He wrapped his fingers around his aching length and started slowly pumping his hand up and down. “Talk to me, baby.”
“What would you like me to say?” Chester asked in a silky voice that dug into Jack’s senses and sent his arousal skyrocketing. He didn’t know anyone else that could set him off as fast as Chester Bailey.
“Anything.” Jack pumped faster, tightening his fist around his shaft. He began stroking his length from root to tip. He ran his thumb over the moist head, smearing the pre-come around and squeezing lightly. Jack bit his lip as his pumped his hand to the rhythm his hips were setting.
“I could tell you how excited I am to see you tonight.”
“Oh, so am I, baby. I can’t wait.” His balls were starting to pull up tight to his body. A web of arousal spun around him as he squeezed his shaft, his thumb caressing over the leaking head. He growled when he felt the tingle shooting up his spine. He grabbed the wet wipes he had pulled from the glove box and held them over his cock.
Chester’s voice dipped even lower when he spoke again. “I’m not wearing any underwear.”
“Fuck!” Jack shouted as hot ropes of seed shot out of his cock, hitting him on his chest and under his chin. He smacked the dashboard as his dick jerked wildly in his hand and pumped ropes of cum into the wet wipes.
“Did you just jerk off?”
Jack chuckled. “Maybe.”
“Where in the hell are you?”
“Look out your window.” A moment later, the curtain moved and Chester’s face appeared in the window. “Down the street on your left.”
When Chester glanced his way, Jack raised a hand and waved.
“What are you doing out there?” Chester asked.
“Waiting until our date.” He glanced down at his watch. “I have another ten minutes.”
“You also have a police car coming up behind you.”
“Damn it!” Jack heard Chester laughing hysterically when he dropped his cell phone and started shoving his spent dick back into his pants and zipped them up. He just got himself smoothed down and everything cleaned up when a light shined into the window of his truck and he heard a knock.
Jack groaned when he turned and saw Deputy Nick Hale standing there with a flashlight in his hand. He rolled the window down, praying the deputy hadn’t seen his lapse in judgment. “Is there a problem, Nick?”
“No, just checking to make sure you were okay.”
“I’m fine.” He rolled his eyes when Nick scanned the interior of the truck. “I have a date in ten minutes. I’m waiting.”
“Uh uh.” Nick grinned. “And the flowers?”
“For my date.”
“I see.”
“Well.” Nick chuckled with a great deal of amusement. “You have a good night then, chief.”
God, grant him restraint.
“You too, Deputy Hale.” Jack waited until Nick walked away before rolling up his window and then picking his phone back up. He could still hear Chester laughing hysterically. “It wasn’t that funny, Chester.
“Yes, it was.”

Friday, December 26, 2014

FINISHED & SUBMITTED: Omega Born (Scent of a Mate 6)

Scent of a Mate 6
Available February 19th
For six years, Sawney Marshall was unable to claim his mate due to political maneuvering and pride boundaries. He bided his time, plotting and planning. When the call comes that Ricky is in trouble, Sawney races to save him despite the consequences.
Ricardo de Luca had all but given up. It seemed like his life had been a series of heartaches from being subjected to abuse by his pride mates to not being able to be claimed by his mate. When his father’s protection is removed and the abuse he has suffered for years escalates, Ricky despairs of ever seeing his mate again.
When Sawney claims Ricky, he sets into motion a series of events that will test their bond as well as those between prides. Can he depend on his brothers to help him rescue Ricky or will he be alone as he goes after his omega born mate?

"I talked to Sawney today."
Ricardo ‘Ricky’ de Luca stilled, his fingers spreading as soil slid through them. His heart pounded hard causing his chest to ache. It had been so long since he had heard that name or allowed himself to even think of the man that haunted his dreams for so very long.
"He asked about you."
Ricky swallowed roughly. "Yeah?" His voice sounded worn. He was tired. It took too much energy most days to merely function. He didn’t have the strength to do more than that. He certainly didn’t have the strength to give into the desires that constantly ate away at his control.
 Only when he was asleep and his guard was down were his desires strong enough to break through the wall he had frantically built around himself just so that he could survive to breathe another moment.
"He wanted to know how you were."
Ricky turned his head until he could see the vivid pink flowers on his sister’s skirt. She did so love wearing the brightest colors she could find. "What did you tell him?"
Maria shrugged. "What was there to tell him?" Maria’s voice was sour, bitter, yet resigned. "You wake up. You play with your plants. You go to bed. Sometimes in between you eat, but not nearly enough. There wasn’t much else to tell."
"Whatever." Maria turned and started back toward the door of the greenhouse. She paused at the doorway, glancing back over her shoulder, her angelic face lined with worry. "I love you, Ricky. You know that. But I’m tired of watching you fade away to nothing. If you want to continue to kill yourself, you’re on your own. I’m going to go stay with Aunt Clara."
"No, wait, I…Maria, please!" Pure, unadulterated panic shot through Ricky’s system like a run-away freight train heading for broken track. He needed Maria. He couldn’t function without her. She was the only bright spot in his life, the only reason he continued to draw in breath. Without her…"Maria, you can’t—"
Maria’s caramel-colored eyes were suspiciously bright and glossy when she replied, "I can and I am. Call me when you decide to come back to the land of the living."
Maria turned and walked away before Ricky could find the words to reply. When he finally did, they came out in a soft cry that slowly turned to heart wrenching sobs that shook Ricky’s body until his muscles seized and he finally collapsed on the ground.
Hours passed, moments ticking by at a snail’s pace. Time came and went. The sun rose, light filtering through glass panes high up on the roof of the greenhouse. Darkness eventually settled over the valley, blanketing the sky with points of light a million miles away and still Ricky lay on the ground, unmoving.
He had nothing to move for. Maria was gone. Sawney Marshall was beyond his reach. His mother had been gone for more years than he cared to remember. Only his loneliness and despair remained, clinging to Ricky like a second skin. It never left him, always holding on, permeating his every move, his every thought.
He had nothing but the stars in the night sky to keep him company until he faded into nothingness. It shouldn’t take too long. He was practically dead already and had been for months. His body just hadn’t gotten the message yet.
"Come on, baby." Gentle hands reached for Ricky, pulling him off the ground, cradling him close to a wide muscular chest wrapped tightly in a black cotton T-shirt. A loose tendril of hair on Ricky’s cheek was lightly fingered. "Time for you to come home."
Ricky inclined his head in compliance, turning his face until his lips brushed against warm skin that tasted of musk and man and everything right in the world. He inhaled deeply letting Sawney’s strong scent invade his senses and sink into his soul. Sawney’s hands were rough on his sore body yet gave Ricky a sense of protection he hadn’t felt in forever.
He tilted his head back to gaze up into eyes that had the ability to steal every thought from his head. Sawney’s dark smoky blue eyes were startling against his golden skin and thick coal black hair. There were touches of humor lines around his mouth and near his eyes. He was even more stunningly virile than ever.
"Sawney," he whispered on a slip of sound, wanting, needy as he rubbed his face against Sawney’s skin.
"I’m here, baby."
Ricky wiped his tear-stained cheeks with the back of his hand. He wasn’t wiping away the evidence of his breakdown. It was too late for that. Everyone knew he was fragile, on the verge of falling off the edge of reality and never coming back. He was strung too tight, his emotions chaotic and out of control. But his cheeks were cold.
Sawney stood, lifting Ricky’s slight from his arms. There was a disgruntled twist to his lips that spoke of his displeasure in how skinny Ricky had become. Sawney didn’t make a sound, though. He simply headed for the door of the greenhouse, the same door Maria had exited hours earlier.
"Oh, Sawney, I can’t—what if—" God, he was terrified. The thick emotion consumed him.
Sawney’s dark eyebrows slanted into a frown, a muscle flicking angrily in his jaw. "Let me take care of everything, Ricky."
He always had.
Ricky remembered the moment he became Sawney’s obsession. He had been nineteen, a young man just learning about life. Sawney had been a beautiful man from the neighboring pride, meant for things far greater than Ricky.
Sawney had been on a mission for his alpha. Ricky had been working at his part time job at the local general grocers. He had been sweeping the walkway in front of the small brick building when Sawney pulled up on his motorcycle. He had sat there and looked around, the king of all he surveyed.
And then his smoky blue eyes had landed on Ricky, and Ricky’s world changed forever. The heat that had instantly ignited in Sawney’s eyes singed Ricky to the bone. He still had the scars, at least on the inside. They were burned into the very fiber of his being.
"I’m tired, Sawney." He could barely lift his eyelids to look up at Sawney. It took effort, energy, and he had just enough left to cling to Sawney, curling his fingers around the man’s shirt.

"I know, Ricky." Sawney’s chest began to rumble, a deep purr filling the air, cocooning Ricky in its soft welcoming sound. "Close your eyes and rest. I’ll keep you safe."
"No one can keep me safe."
And therein lay his problem.

"You could touch me now…" Ricky stared at Sawney with such longing that it took his breath away. "If you want to, I mean."
"Is that what you want, Ricky?" He would never do anything that would make Ricky uncomfortable.
"I just want to be yours." Ricky’s voice was a mere whisper.
"Hey." Sawney grabbed Ricky’s chin and tilted his mate's head back. "You are mine, Ricky. You’ve always been mine and no power on Earth will ever change that."
Ricky’s eyes dropped, and then darted back up. Every time their eyes met, Sawney’s heart turned over in response. Ricky looked so nervous, the slow lick of his lips giving Sawney sensual fantasies that made his cock hard and aching.
"Does that mean you don’t want to touch me?" The smoldering flame Sawney saw in Ricky’s eyes startled him.
Sawney knew he needed to be careful with Ricky, but at the same time he wanted to devour the man. Ricky was everything Sawney had ever wanted in his life and hadn’t known he wanted until the man stood right in front of him. Since that first day, Sawney had never even envisioned being with anyone else. His world revolved around Ricky and finding a way to bring him home.
"Oh, Ricky, you have no idea how much I want you, but—"
Ricky pressed his fingers against Sawney’s lips. "No buts," he said in a voice that trembled. "Just kiss me."
Sawney groaned as he sank his fingers into Ricky’s honey brown curls and tiled his head up, his tongue tracing the soft fullness of Ricky’s lips.
Sawney slanted his mouth over Ricky’s, trying his best to devour the man. He gently pressed into Ricky, becoming familiar again with the sexy mouth he'd been dreaming about for the last several months.
Ricky’s hard cock pressed against him as he took the man’s lips in a kiss rife with need. His own cock jerked in anticipation. He couldn’t seem to get enough of Ricky. He wanted to consume him. He was delighted with Ricky’s eager response when their tongues slid together and tangled.
Ricky whimpered when Sawney lifted his head. As much as he wanted to go on kissing his mat, he had other plans for the gorgeous little man.
Sawney watched Ricky’s eyes widen and then fill with delight as he lifted his shirt and pulled it over his head. Ricky inhaled a shaky breath, his eyes riveted on Sawney’s chest.
Sawney grinned as he grabbed Ricky’s hand and brought it to his chest, pressing the palm against his hot skin. "You can touch me as well, angel."
The soft stroke of Ricky’s fingers on his flesh sent pleasant jolts through Sawney. He held his breath and stood still as Ricky explored, moving from his collarbone down to the gentle swell of his pectoral muscles, and then to his nipples. The little buds firmed instantly, shivers of delight following Ricky’s touch.
"You’re so strong," Ricky whispered absently as his fingers moved over Sawney’s muscular chest. His eyes dropped to his own thin pale chest. "I’m not—"
"You’re perfect," Sawney argued.
Ricky gasped when Sawney cupped his face, pulling it toward his once again. Sawney’s eyes locked onto Ricky’s luscious lips. They were perfectly made for kissing, they were made for him.
Sawney’s hands slid up Ricky’s sides, and then wrapped around him, pulling his body closer as he pressed their lips together. Ricky opened, allowing Sawney’s tongue to do whatever the hell it wanted.
A moan of ecstasy slipped through his lips as their body rubbed against each other, the friction maddening, and not nearly enough. Sawney’s hands slid down Ricky’s body to the buttons of his pants. The sound of a zippered being lowered ricocheted through the small bathroom like a shot.
Sawney lifted his head and stared down into Ricky’s caramel-colored eyes. What passed between them in that moment was more than desire. Sawney could see his soul reflected in Ricky’s smoldering eyes. There was an awareness there, a deep connection that seared Sawney and inflamed him.
"Love you, Ricardo."
Ricky’s eyes shone bright in the pale bathroom light, slowly beginning to shimmer with unshed tears. "Don’t ever stop," he murmured on a broken breath. "Please don’t ever stop."
Sawney trailed a knuckle over the soft skin along the curve of Ricky’s cheekbone. "Promise."
A weary sob fell from Ricky’s lips as he reached for Sawney. The cold knot that had formed in Sawney’s stomach six years ago when he realized he couldn’t claim his mate, slowly unfurled and faded away as he drew Ricky into his arms.
"I’ll always love you, angel," Sawney whispered against Ricky’s neck. He couldn’t conceive of ever not loving Ricky. The man had held his heart for so long, he couldn’t remember when it didn’t belong to Ricky.
Sawney lifted Ricky then set him on his feet. He unzipped his pants and pushed them down his legs, Ricky stepping out of them. When Ricky covered his groin with his hand, Sawney shook his head, dropping to his knees.
"Nu uh, sweetness, this is mine now."
Ricky’s face flamed red as he slowly dropped his hands back to his side.

Sawney inhaled a shaky breath. "I’ve felt it through your pants, babe, but I never really got a good look at it. That is one damn impressive cock you have there."
Ricky’s thick erection stood proud, jutting out of a nest of honey colored curls like it was waving hello. Just on a hunch, Sawney reached up and encircled the wide girth with his hand.
"Damn, baby." His fingers didn’t touch. Ricky wasn’t terribly long but he more than made up for that in thickness. "I can wait to feel this beautiful thing pound my ass."
Ricky gasped, his eyes growing wide. "You’d let me—"
Sawney cupped the side of Ricky’s face. "You’re my mate. I’d let you do anything." In fact, he looked forward to it. Before he met Ricky, no one had gotten into his ass, but he was starting to believe he had just been saving himself for his mate. "You’ll be my first."
Ricky’s cock jerked.
Sawney grinned. "You like that idea, don’t you?"
The blush in Ricky’s face deepened. "Maybe

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Cade Creek 1


AVAILABLE: Thursday, January 1st

Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA

Happy O’Brian spent the better part of his life isolated from the rest of the world. He was told he was evil down to his soul. It was physically beat into him on a daily basis. He lived with it, believing that his ultra conservative religious grandparents were right until the day his mother was attacked. Seeking help changed Happy’s life in ways he could never imagine and showed him a world he didn’t know existed.

Answering a disturbance call, Deputy Marc Walker meets a man that shocks him with his gentleness. When he discovers Happy’s true nature, Marc wants to know everything about the man. He wants to show him the world.

When the past rears its head, and their lives are put in danger, Happy tries to do the right thing and distance himself from his handsome deputy. But Marc has other plans for his gentle giant and he’s not going to let a little thing like getting shot or having escaped prisoners gunning for them interfere with those plans. Happy will get his happy ever after.

Note: Some graphic depiction of extreme violence against the hero when he was a minor.

AVAILABLE IN PRINT: Forever Mates, Volume 1

Forever Mates: Mikhail & Jace
Mikhail Кугуар knew the sexy little blond was his forever mate the moment he stepped inside the roadside bar with his friends. Convincing the human of that might prove to be harder than leading an entire pride of tiger shifters. Jace is the most stubborn man Mikhail has ever dealt with.
Jace Marrok was one step away from being labeled loose by his friends when he followed a handsome stranger into the utility closet for a little fun. He just can’t seem to resist Mikhail, not even when the man shifts in front of him and Jace learns that he has been mated against his will.
Deciding whether to believe the sexy alpha when he says it was instinctual might be harder than staying alive when others in Mikhail’s pride take exception to him mating a human. When they are attacked, Jace has to choose between staying with a man he is quickly falling for or getting his friends and running for his life.
Zus Кугуар took one look at the brown haired beauty that walked into the bar with his friends and knew that he had found the perfect submissive. He just wasn’t sure the sexy little man was ready for his dominant brand of mating. Being in control was second nature to him and he wasn’t about to change that for Rue, even if the man was his forever mate.
Rue Tasquer had just about given up hope that he would find the perfect man to dominate him until he found a set of deep piercing green eyes staring at him from across a bar. As eager as he is to find someone to accept him—kink and all—Rue quickly gives into the man’s demands and follows him for what turns out to be the beginning of something that will either make Rue the happiest man alive or send him running for his life.

RELEASE DAY: Cowboy Christmas


Blaecleah Brothers 7


Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, with M/M/M, light spanking, HEA

Life has settled down for each of the Blaecleahs. They’ve all found their legends and are living a life filled with love and happiness. But anything worth having is worth fighting for and not even the luck of the Irish can keep the Blaecleahs from having to fight to keep what they have when the past comes back to haunt them all.

In order to save Ma and Da, they may have to decide who they want to keep in their family, and who they don’t before that choice is taken away from them by someone they never expected.

When violence threatens them, aid comes from an unusual source but will it be enough to keep the Blaecleahs in Cade Creek or will the life they have built for themselves disappear before their eyes?

“That’s the last of them.”
Alani Blaecleah turned to see her husband setting another green rubber tub down on the hardwood floor of the living room. She chuckled softly when Da grunted and rubbed his lower back with his hands as he stood.
“You’ll live, old man.”
“Not if I keep lugging your holiday boxes around.”
Miffed, Ma planted her hands on her hips and sent her husband her best don’t make fun of me glare. “Now, you know it wouldn’t be Christmas without all my decorations, Donnell Blaecleah.”
“Woman, I’ve been married to you for almost forty years. You could make Christmas happen with a shoebox and a ball of twine, and have.” Da waved his hands toward the stack of tubs that held all of the Christmas decorations Ma had collected over the years. “You don’t need all this fancy stuff to make a holiday.”
Ma smiled despite Da’s flustering. “They hold our memories.” She reached into the small box in front of her and pulled out a folded piece of faded paper. Ma set it on the table and smoothed it open with care. There was a lace doily that lay snuggled inside. “You gave me this on our first Christmas together,” she said as she held the small piece of lace lovingly in her hands.
It was one of her most prized possessions.
“I remember.” Da’s soft chuckle was as warm and light as summer’s breeze. “We had nothing that year, barely a roof over our heads or potatoes in the root cellar.”
“And yet you found a way to buy this for me.” Ma still remembered how blessed she had felt when Da gave her the small piece of white lace interwoven with intricate purple flowers. “Lachlan was still in diapers and Neason was just a couple of weeks old. We put every spare penny into making their Christmas special and yet you made mine even better.”
Ma felt tears prickle her eyes when weathered but strong hands settled on her shoulders, giving her a gentle squeeze. The warm body of the man that had stood by her side for so many years pressed gently into her back.
“It’s just an old piece of cloth, woman.” There was a suspicious sheen in Da’s pale-green eyes as he turned Ma and wiped his thumbs over her cheeks right under her eyelashes. “Didn’t cost me more than a couple of hours chopping wood for old man Walker.”
“That man had two sons that could have chopped wood for him.” Ma pointed a finger at Da, not in an angry manner, but just to make her point. Her Donnell had a soft spot whether he wanted to admit it or not. “He didn’t need you to do it.”
“No, maybe not.” Da’s smile was a beautiful as a sunrise. His eyes twinkled and were so full of love and affection that Ma felt like she could drown in them. “But he also had a wife. He knew exactly why I needed to earn a little extra money.”
When Donnell looked at her like that, Ma felt like her husband’s universe. He had been looking at her like that for nearly forty years. It had been the main deciding factor in her giving up a life of luxury back in Ireland and coming to the new world with barely a penny to their name.
“No one looks at me the way you do, Donnell Blaecleah.” Ma’s voice hitched, emotion tightening her throat. “No one has ever looked at me the way you do.”
Da let out a bark of rich laughter, a joyous sound that Ma had grown to adore over the years. “I fought the whole of Ireland to have you, Alani, me love. I would be very upset if someone else thought they could take you away from me.”
Ma closed her eyes as she leaned her head back against Da’s solid chest, savoring the moment for what it was—a slice of time when everything in her world was perfect. Her soul mate held her in his arms, her sons were happy with their own partners, and the next generation was alive and well and adored by everyone.
A shiver of awareness slid through Ma when Da’s fingers threaded through her graying hair. She was grateful that Da was one of those men that was not afraid to show his affections. She, as well as all of their sons, knew that Da loved them, in word and in deed.
“Do you miss Ireland, Alani?” The words were whispered almost as if Da was afraid of the answer although he had asked the same question a hundred times over the years. Ma always gave the same answer.
Maybe this time, she should tell him the honest truth.
“I miss my ma, Donnell. I always do around this time of year. Christmas was her favorite holiday. I miss watching her decorate the house, the smells that filled every room, the food, the sense of something bigger than us that seemed to take a hold of everyone.”
Ma leaned her head back so that she could look up into the pale-green eyes she had fallen for as a young girl of barely nineteen. “What I don’t miss is the way my father tried to run my life, to dictate my every move, right down to who I was to marry. I don’t miss feeling like I was a disappointment because I failed at something my father believed I should have mastered just because of the family I was born into. I don’t miss feeling like anything I did was never good enough or that everyone in my family felt they were better than everyone else because we had money and a family name that went back centuries.”
Ma drew in a quick breath so that she could continue before Da said anything. “The Blaecleah name is an old and proud one, just as old and proud as my maiden name. But I’d much rather be a Blaecleah than the name I was born with.”
The beginnings of a small smile curved up one corner of Ma’s lips as she smoothed her hands down Da’s chest.
Billy’s high-pitched laughter filled Rourke’s ears as he carried the man into the bedroom and dropped him unceremoniously in the middle of the bed. Billy bounced a few times then came to a stop with his head almost hanging off the bottom of the bed.
Rourke groaned at the sight of Billy’s swan-like neck arched up as his head tilted back along the edge of the mattress. Feeling suddenly achy and needy, he reached down and opened his jeans, pulling his hard cock out.
“Suck my dick, baby.”
Rourke gasped when Billy leaned up and deep throated him without a word of protest. He caressed Billy’s jaw as the gorgeous man licked and sucked the head, running his tongue along the large vein that snaked the length of Rourke’s hard erection.
Rourke moaned, wiggling his hips until his jeans slid down his legs, pooling at his ankles. He spread his knees further apart for Billy’s assault. His eyes nearly rolled into his head as Billy ran his tongue over the head, slurping up the pre-cum that dripped down the side before swallowing him. He almost stumbled backward, caught off guard by his mate’s ability to even do something like that.
Billy pulled back and licked and sucked with genuine delight, making the sexiest kitten noises imaginable. When Billy looked up at him from under his thick, dark lashes, all Rourke was able to do was stare down at him. The need in Billy’s eyes was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
“That’s it, baby. Suck it.” Rourke’s hands slid through Billy’s shoulder-length black hair and curled, holding on as he shuddered and savored every second of what his mate was doing to his cock. “God…so good.”
Billy opened wider, taking the girth down his throat. Gagging, he pulled back. Rourke knew he was well endowed and that his lover would have trouble taking all of him in. He always did, but Billy was always so eager.
“Take only what you can, baby.”
Rourke wanted to fill Billy’s mouth with his seed, emptying his balls down his throat. He pushed in and out in short bursts, not wanting his mate to choke again. Rourke moaned as Billy concaved his cheeks, pulling Rourke further in, creating a tight vacuum.
Rourke shuddered as Billy suppressed his gag reflex and pushed forward until the head of his cock hit the back of Billy’s throat. Relaxing his muscles, Billy took him down further.
Rourke grabbed Billy’s head, holding it steady as his hips bucked. Billy took it. His mate massaged Rourke’s prick with his tongue, and his lips stretched as he began to bob his head. Rourke was too close with the way his lover was sucking him.
“Shit!” Rourke shouted when Billy began to hum around his dick. The vibrations were felt all the way to his toes. Billy pulled back, sucking on the head, his tongue working magic around the entire width, circling the bundle of nerves.
Rourke led Billy’s hand to his nuts. He groaned when Billy rolled them around and lightly squeezed them. He toyed with Rourke’s perineum, his finger sliding back and forth. Rourke’s thigh muscles quivered, his legs threatening to give out as his balls drew so tight to his body that they actually hurt.
“Gonna…come, baby.” Rourke panted.
Billy murmured Rourke’s name around his cock, sending Rourke into a wild craze. He began to fuck Billy’s mouth in earnest, feeling the head of his prick sliding down his lover’s throat over and over again.
“Shit, baby, coming.” Rourke threw his head back, shouting Billy’s name as he came down his throat, ropes of hot seed spurting continuously. His damn head was throbbing as he settled back into his body and stared down at the only man that had the power to take him to heaven and back.
“Are you going to come for me, baby?” Rourke asked as he watched Billy push his pants down his legs. Billy grabbed his own cock, pumping his hand and pulling at his balls.
Rourke leaned forward, resting on his hand as he hovered over Billy’s body. He licked the finger of his other hand and slid it down between Billy’s ass cheeks and into his tight little hole.


Terra Nova 1
Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/M/M, light spanking, sex toys, HEA
Escaping from a general intent on forcing him into a life he doesn’t want, Cas crash lands on a planet that was supposed to be inhospitable and desolate. It was anything but. Captured and mated before he even understood that the barren planet teamed with life, Cas finds himself living in a compound filled with warriors and families and three brothers who state that he belongs to them. Made a pet, Cas learns what it means to be loved by three warriors blessed by the goddess.
When trouble arrives, Cas has to decide if he will make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the way of life for his mates, or will he allow the general to take everything from him, maybe even his life?



Terra Nova 2

Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, HEA

Major Jacob “Jake” O’Connell is a career soldier. He did as he was ordered. When he was brought in on Project Alliance, he never dreamed it would lead him to another world. But as the mission he’s sent on turns into something he wants more than his next breath, Jake has to decide if turning his back on everything he has ever known is worth accepting the three catmen that want to claim him as their own.

When Terra Nova is threatened, taking him back to Earth, Jake has to fight for his freedom and the freedom of the world he now considers his home. But the betrayal is deep and comes from an unexpected source. Can Jake and his warriors work together to defeat their enemies or will Jake be forced to choose between earthlings and aliens?

AVAILABLE NOW: Forever and a Day


Wolf Creek Pack 11

Samuel Erickson, a human and former blood slave, hates vampires with a vengeance.  He doesn’t trust a single blood sucker, except for maybe Sully, the vampire that saved him. But trusting someone and giving in to the desire that burns within every time he’s around the handsome vampire are two distinctly different things. When their lives are threatened and they have to fight side by side just to stay alive, the hatred Samuel harbors seems less important.

Sully Buckley, a vampire, despises humans just as much as Samuel hates vampires. Nothing good could ever come of their association. Sully has been telling himself this since he first set eyes on the frightened human. To his dismay, he was finding it harder to remember those reasons the more time he spent with Samuel.  

Despite the issues between them, nothing can prevent Sully from running to the rescue when they are attacked by soldiers sent by Samuel’s father. When betrayal comes from within their ranks, Sully knows he has to put aside his hatred and fight for his mate or lose him forever, and he desperately wants forever and a day.
Samuel Erickson glanced up when he heard a soft knock on his bedroom door. He wasn’t surprised when the door opened a moment later, even if he didn’t invite anyone in, and Sully walked inside, shutting the door behind him. Sully looked over at him for a moment then stepped over to the wall next to the door and slid down until he was sitting on the floor.
Samuel could almost predict what the vampire would do. Sullivan Buckley had been coming into his room almost every night for nearly three months. The only time he didn’t show was when he was on a mission for his prince—another vampire.
Sully would search the room until he saw Samuel and then slide down the wall to sit on the floor next to the door. He usually brought a book or something to read, sometimes his iPad.
Sully stopped trying to get Samuel to talk after the first week.
Samuel still couldn’t figure out why the vampire continued to come every night when he knew Samuel hated vampires. He loathed them. Every damn last one of them needed to be staked through the heart, slowly. Several times. Then maybe burned at the stake or drawn and quartered.
Well, maybe not all of them, but most of them. His brother Danny was mated to a vampire. Prince Dominic Xavier Lucian Ruelle seemed somewhat okay. He made Danny happy and kept him safe. Samuel was grateful for that. The danger they were in on a daily basis from their psychotic monster of a father never seemed to lessen.
Maybe that was why Sully visited every night.
“Why are you here?” Samuel needed to know. He was no longer afraid of Sully, for the most part anyway. He still got a little nervous around the vampire. Despite the fact that Sully had rescued him from a life of hell as a blood slave and never made a single threatening move toward him, the man was still a vampire. He still drank blood to survive. Having been a blood slave for several months, Samuel could honestly say that it was something he never wanted to experience again in his life.
Sully’s eyebrows were raised as if the man was shocked to hear Samuel speak. “You sleep better when I’m here.”
Well, that much was true. Samuel woke up screaming in the night if Sully wasn’t there. When Samuel had been a blood slave, the nighttime had been made of nightmares even when he was awake. That was when the vampires would come for him, after the sun set.
Samuel didn’t remember any of his nightmares, and for that he was thankful. But he knew they were bad. He woke screaming, and drenched in a cold sweat. It took hours to calm down and feel like his heart wasn’t going to jump out of his chest.
Sully’s presence made him feel like he could breathe.
“Did you feed today?”
Sully’s dark eyebrow went up, just one of them. “You know I did.”
Samuel reached down and rubbed his stomach when it clenched. He tried to understand that vampires needed blood to survive but he just didn’t understand it. It was gross and terrible and humiliating.
Everyone tried to convince Samuel that it wasn’t a horrible act, that they weren’t forcing some poor soul to bleed for them. Samuel didn’t believe a word of it. He had seen how vampires fed. He had experienced the excruciating pain involved with being a blood slave. No one was going to convince him that it didn’t hurt or make him wish he was dead. Not even the vampire that chased his nightmares away.
“Is he alive?”
Sully’s dark eyes rolled, a smirk twisting his lips. “She is fine.”
Samuels gut tightened as Sully’s words scraped over his skin like a razorblade. He knew enough from eavesdropping on conversations and the things Sully said to know the man was straight as they came. He even preferred his blood donors to be female.
Samuel turned back toward the window. His thoughts were jumbled, sporadic. He was having a hard time pulling one together enough to have a complete thought. It shouldn’t have bothered him that Sully was straight, and yet it did. The man was a vampire. Despite what Danny said, Samuel knew nothing could ever come of the draw he felt toward Sully.
Hell, Samuel didn’t even know what the draw was. Just that it was there. His heart always beat a little faster until he saw Sully, his stomach knotting until the vampire was in the room with him. He felt…something when Sully was around.
Safe, and yet afraid at the very same time.
His feelings toward Sully were confusing. He anticipated the vampire’s arrival in his room like the coming of the sun. And yet, the only way he could truly think of Sully was by not thinking of him as vampire. He didn’t really think of Sully as human, either. It was readily apparent to anyone looking at the physically imposing man that he wasn’t human. There was something feral about him, an uncivilized edge.
It was as attractive as it was terrifying.
Samuel’s entire body seized painfully as a series of loud pops sounded from somewhere outside of his room. The brash bangs were quickly followed by an earsplitting scream and several voices raised in volume.
Sully was on his feet and pulling the door open before Samuel barely got turned around. “Stay here!” Sully ordered as he hurried out of the room, slamming the door closed behind him.
Samuel pulled the edges of his blanket up to his chin. The sounds of violence were growing louder, more dangerous. They were growing closer.
His heart pounded faster with each sound he heard, the fear building inside of him started to make his chest ache. Samuel jumped up and ran across the room, turning the lock on his door. It might not keep anyone out, but it would slow them down some.
He hoped.
Sully tugged hard at the waistband of Samuel’s pants, and the buttons gave way. He pushed them down Samuel’s legs until the man could step out of them. With nothing beneath but skin, it was easy for Sully to cup Samuel’s cock, stroke him, make him want and need.
He slid Samuel’s shirt up farther, pulling it up and over Samuel’s head. Samuel raised his arms and allowed Sully to undress him. He tossed the shirt aside and then he ran his hands down Samuel’s chest, his thumbs playing at Samuel’s beautiful brown-hued nipples.
Sully’s fingers tightened, squeezing the tight little buds, rolling them between his fingertips. Samuel bucked against him, pressing his chest harder into Sully’s hands. It was the most erotic thing Sully had ever seen.
He stood there, swallowing hard.
Samuel might not know he was doing it, but Sully was fully aware of the lust filling Samuel’s eyes. Sully watched them darken as he ran his hands over Samuel’s stomach, and then traveled down to his thighs, his fingers grazing over Samuel’s hypersensitive skin.
“So pretty,” he whispered as Samuel spread his legs apart, giving Sully all the room he needed. Sully leaned forward, inhaling Samuel’s sweet scent from collarbone to ear, taking in the raw aroma of man. The scent rushed into Sully in a wave of intoxication.
He could feel small pants of Samuel’s breath tickling his cheek. It was coming out raggedly, softly though. Then Samuel groaned. Pure raw need slammed into Sully at the needy sound.
Sully tugged at Samuel’s cheek until their mouths were only an inch apart, and then moved in to capture Samuel’s lips. He shuddered and then nipped Samuel on his bottom lip. Sully’s body tightened involuntarily, every bone and muscle in him reaching for the hot draw of Samuel’s lips and the moist wash of his tongue.
Samuel tasted so damn good. Eagerly, Samuel’s tongue mated with his, the spicy taste of man making Sully grow harder. Samuel clung to Sully’s shoulders, leaning up into the kiss.
Sully’s teeth grazed Samuel’s lower lip. Samuel bit back, sharp, almost painful, drawing a few drops of blood. The erotic gesture only aroused Sully more. One moment the kiss was all soft and gentle. The next, it was pure, raw sex.
“Sully, please,” Samuel breathlessly begged against his lips.
Sully leaned back and stared down at Samuel. The man’s mouth was hanging slightly open, soft little moans filling the air. Samuel’s breath was catching, his chest rising and falling rapidly.
Sully quickly grabbed the tube of lube from his pocket and tore it open. He couldn’t explain why he had started carrying it all those months ago when he found Samuel, but he was grateful he had.
He lathered up his fingers before reaching around Samuel and pushing one into the man’s ass up to the knuckle. The only things coming from Samuel were groans and whimpers, his fingers opening and closing as they clenched at Sully’s shoulders.
Two fingers pushed through the tight ring of muscles, eliciting a deep groan from Samuel. After a moment, Sully slid another finger in, driving all three in and out of the gorgeous little human. Sully pulled his fingers free and opened his pants, pushing them down his thighs. He applied a liberal amount of lube to the length of his cock until he reached the head.
“S–Sully,” Samuel stammered when Sully spun him around to face the wall.
Sully pulled Samuel’s ass cheeks apart. His hips involuntarily hitched at the sight of that little puckered hole twinkling up at him. He shuddered and pressed the head of his cock against that sweet hole. Exhaling slowly, Sully pushed forward, breaching Samuel’s tight entrance. He could feel the head of his cock pop past the ring of muscles, squeezing him like a vise grip.
“That’s it, Sammy love,” Sully crooned as he pushed in the rest of the way, inch by slow inch. His head dropped back at the sheer pleasure sizzling through his veins and making them feel as though they were on fire. Sully was lost in the feeling Samuel was drawing out of him.
“You feel so damn good.” He gazed down at Samuel. “Are you ready, Samuel?” Sully asked as he began to move inside Samuel, slowly at first, pulling almost completely out and then pushing back in.
“Harder, Sully. Make me feel you,” Samuel pleaded as he raised his lower body into the thrusts, giving Sully a deeper penetration.
The next time Sully pulled back, he slammed forward. Waves of indescribable ecstasy washed over him as Samuel’s tight ass welcomed him. Sully began to thrust harder, and soon he was ramming his cock hard and deep. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Sully could die that very second and know that he had visited heaven already.