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The Yahoo Group Brainstorm Project... coming soon from Silver Publishing!


Erotic, Werewolf, Sci-Fi, M/M Romance

Rojan Ja'Dar is a rogue, a pirate that buys and sells cargo for a living. He skirts the edge of the law and is his own man, answering to no one. Arriving on particular planet, he goes to drop of cargo and discovers a human being sold at an auction house. Intrigued, Rojan breaks all his rules and buys the human as his pet. It isn't until after he purchases the human that Rojan discovers he just bought his mate.

Claiming Tyion is not as easy as buying him. Tyion fights his situation, not understanding the danger he is in as a human, a highly prized and sought after pet in Rojan's world. Rojan has to convince Tyion that being his mate is not as bad as being a pet, even if they have to pretend to the rest of the world that Tyion is just a possession. That is hard to do when someone is after Tyion, someone not of his world.


"I'll take him."
"Captain, maybe you wish to choose another pet?" the auctioneer said. "This one is not yet properly trained, as you can see."
As Rojan Ja'Dar watched, the young human that caught his interest struggled against two of the guards as they stripped his scant clothing from him. He knew the human would be screaming except for the ball gag in his mouth, helpless desperation clear on the man's face.
The guards fastened the human's hands to chains hanging above his head, a spreader bar between his legs, cuffed at the ankles. The ankle bar was fastened to the floor, immobilizing the man in one place. No matter how much he struggled he couldn't get away.
Rojan saw one of the guards pull a leather flogger from a nearby cabinet. He knew even before the guard turned back to the bound human that he would beat the little man. Rojan growled, the muscles in his arms tensing. He felt an overwhelming need to protect the human. Besides, if anyone was going to mark the little man it would be him.
He reached over and grabbed the auctioneer by the scruff of his collar, lifting the sour smelling man several inches off the floor before leaning in until their faces were only inches apart. "I want him unmarked," he growled, showing a bit of fang.
"Ye -- yes, cap -- captain," the man stammered."
"The only marks he will wear will be mine," Rojan snapped before he released the man and tossed him away. His eyes went back to the man suspended from the chains in the ceiling. He really was a beautiful specimen.
Rojan had seen many humans in his lifetime, most of them slaves but a few men freed by their masters. Humans were considered an inferior race, not good for anything beyond entertainment and servitude.
As small as they were, they couldn't fight and win against those of Rojan's race, the Phangars, or most of the known universe. He had yet to meet a human that reached as high as his shoulders let alone strong enough to best him in a fight, fair or not.
Most believed they didn't have the mental capacity to be an advanced race. Their primitive world of Earth proved that, having only discovered space travel in the last fifty years. The Phangars had been in space for centuries.
As pets however, humans seemed to do extremely well, making them desired throughout the universe. They were easily mastered and just as easily trained. Their bodies, smaller and less muscular than Rojan's people, were desired for their softness and sexual compatibility with the Phangar race.
Rojan hadn't been looking for a pet to warm his bed but he wasn't adverse to the idea. His trips through the universe as a black market courier made for many nights alone in space. He considered finding a lover from his race or another more advanced race but soon decided against it when he realized he had a need to dominate someone.
He liked the power he had as captain of his own flag ship. He had a competent crew, handpicked and personally trained by him. They answered to him and only him. He was the boss. He wanted the same relationship with the creature to warm his sheets.
A human pet might be the answer. They looked pleasing to the eye, soft to hold, and trainable, nearly a perfect match to what Rojan needed in his bed. He realized it would take time to train the human to his wants and needs but soon he could have the pet of his dreams.
"I want to examine him," Rojan stated. "Alone!"
The auctioneer quickly crossed to the glass enclosed room and knocked to gain the attention of the guards. He gestured madly to the human then to Rojan. His arms crossed over his chest, his feet spread slightly apart, Rojan took on his don't fuck with me or I'll rip your head off stance, one that intimidated most people, and waited.
The guards quickly left the enclosure. Rojan walked in. He could hear the harsh breathing from the human. He could smell the man's fear. It surrounded him like a cloak, overwhelming almost every other scent in the room.
But not quite. Rojan could detect a sweet masculine scent underlying all of the human's terror. It reminded him of the massa fruit coveted by many and found only in the farthest reaches of the universe. Rojan smuggled many boxes of the precious cargo through the system. It always garnered him a high price and a pocket full of money.
Rojan walked up behind the man and looked down at his head. He truly was glorious, all sleek lines and lean muscles. Rojan ghosted his hand over the curve of the human's ass with the lightest of touches. The man arched away from him, a cry falling from his lips through the gag.
Rojan stroked a little harder. The man arched again. Rojan wondered why he would move away when he had nowhere to go. He hung suspended from the ceiling, his feet anchored to the floor. He couldn't get away.
He moved his hand down the man's silky white blond hair, shuddering at the soft feel of the silky strands moving through his fingers. He wondered if it would feel as good wrapped around his cock while the human sucked him off. It didn't matter really. He intended to find out later.
Rojan grabbed a handful of the man's hair and pulled his head back. It was only then that he noticed the blindfold covering the human's eyes. Interesting. It was as if the trainers used sensory deprivation in his training. Rojan would have to remember that.
"You're mine, pet," Rojan growled into the human's ear. He felt the man's entire body tremble against him. An increase of fear spiked the air. Rojan reached down and stroked his hand across the man's chest trying to calm him but the man bucked against him, whimpering behind his gag.
Rojan pulled the gag from the man's mouth then removed the blindfold before stepping around in front of him. He watched the man blink several times, licking his lips until his vision cleared. Suddenly, the man's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.
"Shit!" the man gasped. "You're an alien."


"Do you know why you're here, little human?" Rojan asked, watching the man's reaction carefully.
"Little human…" the man hissed."I'm not going to like this, am I?"
Rojan chuckled. "You might," he said as he rubbed his knuckles over the man's nipple, feeling the little nubs harden to beads. He enjoyed the little hiss that escaped the human's mouth. He could tell that the human would be very responsive to touch.
"I think it depends on your ability to accept your training," he continued, watching the human's eyes widen again at his words.
"Training?" the human squeaked.
"I told you that you were mine now, pet."
The human paled, gulping audibly. "Pet?"
Rojan waved his hands around the glass enclosed cage. "You're in an auction house, pet. The highest bidder gets to keep you." Rojan smirked. "I'm the highest bidder."
"An -- and that means what?"
"Accept my rule, obey me in all things, and I will take you out of here," Rojan replied. "Don't and you go up on the auction block for the next highest bidder and I take my money back."
The human's brow scrunched together. "You actually bought me? How can you do that? I'm a free man. I didn't agree to this."
Rojan shrugged. "Obviously someone at some point thought you would make a good pet. Humans usually do once they settle in. You were procured for auction and brought here."
"Procured?" the human snapped. Rojan arched his eyebrow again at the vehemence of the man's words. Seems his new pet had a temper. Rojan would both enjoy that and temper it with his own hand. "I was home sleeping when someone came into my room and took me. I woke up here. This is called kidnapping."
"I'm sure you believe that however, as your race is a primitive one and has not joined the United Planetary Alliance, you have no rights except those given to you by your master and that would be me."
"And you're okay with that?"
Rojan's interest peaked. The human sounded outraged. While he felt sure that he didn't like being kidnapped from his home, Rojan knew the man would learn to appreciate his ownership.
"Humans don't have rights as far as the United Planetary Alliance is concerned. Until a planet joins the planetary government, their citizens have no rights at all. In fact, all citizens from Earth are required to have ownership papers. Any human caught without a sign of ownership or a master could be imprisoned or executed." Rojan leaned down until he was nose to nose with the human. "Is that what you want?"
The human's eyes widened again. "N -- no."
"Then you have two choices, pet," Rojan said. "You can obey my every word and accept me as your master or I can leave you here to be trained by the guards then sold at auction. What's it going to be?"
"Wha -- what does being a pet mean?"
"It means you belong to me and only me." Rojan smirked as he walked around to stand behind the human. He reached down to grasp the human's ass cheeks in his hand, giving them a gentle squeeze. "Obey me and you'll be rewarded."
Rojan let loose with a quick swat across the man's ass. "Disobey me and you will be punished." The man cried out, his body arching away from the smack. Even if his cries denied it, the human's body couldn't hide his response. He enjoyed it.
Rojan's hand roamed around the human's body to grasp his hard cock. He stroked him a few times, the human's little gasps heightening his own arousal. He pictured a future of dominating his little pet and almost came in his pants.
The human's body quaked in his arms. Rojan could feel the drops of pre-cum on his fingers as he stroked them over the mushroomed shaped head of his cock. The human was so damn responsive. Rojan wanted to take him right then but knew he needed to wait until they got back to the ship. Besides, anticipation was half the fun.
"Well, pet?" Rojan whispered into the human's ear. His hand continued to stroke the man's cock. "Do you go home with me or do I turn you over to the guards?"
"Please," the human pleaded. When the human's hips thrust against his hand, Rojan decided to let it go. Normally, he'd deny the human's orgasm until he wanted it but the man had a lot of learning ahead of him.
Letting him come this once was a small price to pay for the human's agreement to be his pet. True, he didn't really have a choice. Rojan owned him fair and square but having the man's acceptance would make their future a lot easier.
"Are you going to come for me, little pet?" Rojan whispered. He knew his larger body hid the human from anyone watching them, which was good because he didn't want anyone else seeing his pet in the throes of passion. He was just too damn beautiful.
Rojan licked his finger, getting it nice and wet, before reaching down and pushing it between the man's ass cheeks. The man struggled, but restrained as he was, not only could he not get away, but his legs were spread just enough that Rojan could push his finger right into the man's tight hole.
The man bucked and cried out. Warm liquid splashed over the hand Rojan had wrapped around his cock. Rojan stroked the human a few more times then dropped his cock and pulled his finger from the man's ass.
The sweet scent of the human's spunk rampaged through his body faster than a firestorm, imprinting the man's scent on Rojan and letting him know he held more than just a pet in his arms. He held his mate.
Rojan growled low in his throat, the need to claim the human almost more powerful than his control. Rojan was stunned. He'd come to the auction house to deliver cargo. He had no idea he would discover his mate.
He grabbed a handful of the man's white blond hair and pulled his head back. Dazed grey blue eyes blinked up at him. Rojan stroked his finger down the man's flushed face. "Mine!"
The human seemed confused. His forehead scrunched, his lips drew into a thin line. He looked like he wanted to say something but he wasn't quite sure what.
"You belong to me. You'll learn to obey my every command, my every wish. You will live for my pleasure. Do you understand?"
The human paled, gulping so loudly that Rojan could hear it in the silence of the room. His lips twisted as he tried to suppress his grin. He liked this human. Besides his sex-on-a-stick good looks, Rojan suspected the human would give him just enough resistance to keep life interesting.
Rojan couldn't wait.



Coming July 5th

The Vampire's Assistant by Stormy Glenn

Jon Brighten had a brand new college degree, a student loan dogging him, and a spot to sleep on his sister's couch. He knew needed to find a job and move out, especially when he heard that his sister and her husband were expecting a baby. It was time to find his own place but first he needed a job.

Applying for the personal assistant position to the reclusive Nikolas Vaile, CEO of Vaile Industries, one of the largest pharmaceutical and research companies in the world, seemed a little too high seeking, but what did Jon have to lose?

His blood?

Pure Hot Sin by H.C. Brown

Could there be a good side to being sucked onto a future realm? Leo Marshal thinks so, he found his dream lover, Ashrin of Ecatnie Pride. The only problem is; Leo is afraid Ashrin will love him . . . to death.

Let Them Try by Jaye Valentine & Reno MacLeod

Twenty-six years of dedicated duty as one of Baltimore's finest should earn a man some reward. One autumn night in a dark cemetery, Officer Rick Baker is forced to reflect on his lonely, closeted life when he meets a strange young man named Diego under peculiar circumstances.

Diego is unlike anyone Rick has ever met, and Rick has to face his own prejudices toward Diego's kind. Couple Rick's deeply rooted need for love and companionship with Diego's remarkable gifts, and even the threat of hell might be too tempting to resist. The police motto "To Serve and Protect" takes on new meaning in "Let Them Try" by authors Reno MacLeod and Jaye Valentine.

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By: G.A. Hauser Other books by G.A. Hauser
Published By: The GA Hauser Collection
ISBN # 9781451599794
Word Count: 42000
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, Epub


About the book
Mark Antonious Richfield has become a name synonymous with both beauty and chaos. Though Mark has accomplished much in his life, despite a rocky start from an abusive childhood and living in denial about his sexuality, he has come only so far. Mark is forever conflicted with his advancing years stealing his beauty away.
Though he perceives himself as shallow and useless, Mark’s circle of lovers know otherwise. Steve Miller, the ex-LAPD cop, and forever guardian angel to Mark, Jack Larsen, Mark’s long-time and closest friend, and Adam Lewis, Jack’s husband, all stand firm to protect Mark from his own demons.
And though Mark’s son Alexander is not a bad boy, he’s a very naughty boy. Mark thought his problems with Alexander were finished when Alex met Angel Loveday’s son, Oliver. But perhaps Mark wishing his nineteen year old son was in a relationship that would last a lifetime was a bit premature.
As Mark’s internal war rages on, he once again learns that age does indeed come before beauty, and his friends are the best weapon he has against his own wounded self-esteem.

Join Mark and his friends on another wild sexual romp and revisit all your old favorite characters from GA Hauser’s Erotic Universe.

An excerpt from the book
Mark tossed on the bed. Sleep? Not likely. What was it about the holidays that brought back nightmarish memories? This was the time for joy and peace, right?
Ha. Hardly. Never for me.
The door to his room began to open. Mark expected Steve. When Jack glanced into the dimness, Mark smiled in delight. “Hi, Jackie-blue.”
“Hey, babe. You feel okay? Steve sent me up to check on you.”
“Better now.” Mark reached out to him.
Jack sat on the bed and caressed Mark’s chest. “He said you were tired. Do you want me to let you nap?”
“I can’t sleep.”
“Want to come down? Adam brought some very expensive cognac to crack open.”
“In a minute. Come here.” Mark coaxed Jack to lie beside him, face to face.
“Talk to me.” Jack caressed Mark’s cheek. “I know the holidays are always hard on you.”
“It’s amazing how well you know me.”
“I know you for twenty years and we lived together for most of that time.” Jack kissed his neck and earlobe.
Mark leaned back see into his blue eyes. No one protected him like this man did. He was his personal pit bull, his security guard, his knight in shining armor.
“Which demon is bugging you?” Jack flicked Mark’s long hair behind his shoulder. “Come on.”
Dropping to his back on the bed, Mark stared at the ceiling. “I have no idea why, but I’m thinking about the time I was working at the architecture firm, before I took the job at Parsons and Company.”
“Why? Why are you torturing yourself?”
“I must like it.”
“I told you then we should have taken them to court. You had so much proof of harassment, you would have gotten a huge settlement.”
Mark laughed in a cough. “Bring all that up? Whilst I was dating Ms. Tice? Surely you jest.”
“Then forget it. You can’t go back and change a thing in your past. Stop trying.”
“Give us a hug.”
Jack snaked his arm around Mark and drew him close. On contact Mark sizzled with excitement.
“Damn, I love that cologne. I’d buy it but if I smell you all day, I won’t get any work done I’d be so horny.”
“Jackie, why do I have so many regrets?” Mark rested his chin on Jack’s shoulder.
“I don’t know. You have so much, it really doesn’t make sense. Most people would be thankful in your position.”
“Yes. Thankful.” Mark pressed his lips against Jack’s cheek.
“You have three devoted men in your life, a great son, two fabulous careers…what more does a man need?”
“Indeed. I am greedy.”
“Do you want more than you have?”
“I want peace in my head. It’s the one thing I can’t get and I don’t know why.” Mark leaned back to catch Jack’s eyes again.
“You dwell on shit. Let it go.”
“It seems it would be easy. But it’s impossible for me to do.”
Jack ran his hand over Mark’s crotch. Mark assumed he was checking for a hard-on.
“Steve said you and Adam will be spending the night.”
“We will. I want to get drunk and not worry about the drive home.”
“Is that all?” Mark wriggled into Jack’s palm.
“Not all. Love our four-ways.”
Mark’s cock pulsated against Jack’s fingers.
It made Jack chuckle. “I’ll take that as an agreement.”
A light knock sounded at the door.
Mark looked over Jack’s shoulder to see Steve.
“Yes!” Steve grinned and rushed over. “Starting early?”
“I’m tempted.” Jack squeezed Mark’s cock firmly. “He couldn’t sleep. He was lying here stewing on ghosts of problems past.”
“Sounds like the ultimate Christmas Carol prank. But you’re not Scrooge by any stretch of the imagination.” Steve found Mark’s hand and used it to rub his own groin hungrily.
“Who’s here, love?” Mark asked, getting aroused now that both his alpha dogs were starting to circle.
“Angel, Billy, Oliver, and of course, Mr. Adam Lewis. He sent me up here to find you. We had a wager Jack would be sucking your big cock.”
“How much did you lose?” Jack smiled.
“Fifty bucks.”
“You bet we would be?” Mark blinked.
“Yeah. Because I would be. I will be.” Steve became more assertive with his friction against Mark’s palm. “Fuck. Now I need to come. Jesus, Richfield.”
“I’m just lying here. What did I do?”
“Jack’s stroking your dick.” Steve pointed. “That’s enough.”
Making a move to get off the bed, Jack said, “Okay. We have all night. We can’t hide up here when the party is down there.”
Steve groaned as if he were in pain.
Mark sat up and kissed Steve’s zipper flap. “Poor baby.” He laughed. “Wow. Full woodie. Steven, you’re insatiable.”
Jack swung Steve into his arms and gave his crotch a hot grope. “Nice, Miller. Can’t wait to get at it.”
“Oh, man!” Steve swooned. “You guys are really killing me here.”

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Stormy Glenn


Jackson Davis is a gay man’s wet dream, but he’s tired of finding lovers who only seemed to want him for his looks, not a real relationship. One night at a bar, Jack discovers a man watching him. The man never approaches him, never speaks to him, but when Jack finally confronts the man, he is astounded by the reaction. Thus begins Jack’s obsession with pleasing Michael.

What follows is a story of frustration and confusion for Jack as Michael commands and dictates, rewarding Jack when he’s good and punishing him when he's bad. Jack is worried that letting Michael dominate him makes him less of a man. Can Jack accept the fact that pleasing Michael makes him happy, or will he lose the best thing that ever happened to him?

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Delta Wolf 1
Stormy Glenn & Joyee Flynn

Zac Sheehan is a Delta wolf, the council enforcer, sent out to eliminate those that broke the rules. It’s a lonely existence, leaving him on the fringes of werewolf society. All Zac wants is to find his mate and live in peace.

While on a mission, Zac finds the one thing he’s been looking for all of his life, his mate. Matt is everything Zac ever wanted in a mate, loving, caring, and drop dead gorgeous. Zac couldn’t be happier, or so he thinks. But as another mission looms, Zac discovers that things could be more dangerous than he thought. The wolf he’s been sent to eliminate is his other mate.

Erotic, Paranormal, Shapeshifter, M/M/M, Romance

Just as he got back to the motel and almost to his room, Zac heard someone shout. “Wait, I’m the Alpha.” That got Zac’s attention. He slowed down and turned around, eyeing the man.
“You’re the Alpha?”
“Yes. I’m going to slowly approach you so you can see I’m not out of my mind with lust, ok?”
“Yeah, ok, come on though, I want to get in my room,” Zac replied. The man seemed fine. When he was a couple of feet away, Zac nodded and led the Alpha towards his room. Letting him in, he locked the door and closed the curtains. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware of a pack in the area. I would have made my presence known to you.”
“I figured as much. I’m Donatello Rain, Alpha of the local pack,” the man said, extending his hand.
“Zac Sheehan, Delta from the Kankakee Pack. I was out this way to handle something for the council. I stopped here tonight before heading home tomorrow.”
“Nice to meet you, Zac,” Donatello said letting go of his hand. “My Beta is keeping the others at bay until they calm down and head home, so you should be good for the night.”
“So… we’re ok then?” Zac asked, knowing that some packs hated Deltas, killing any that are born or they come into contact with. Other packs would capture them for their gifts and the power they bring.
“We’re good, you have nothing to fear from us, Zac. I promise as Alpha. Let me text my Beta so he can head over here when he’s done and give the all clear.”
“Thanks, I appreciate it. There’s no way I could have gotten away from all of them. I can handle several lusting wolves, but no way a whole bar full.” Zac chuckled.
“Boy, would you have been sore! And I would have some dead in the frenzy I’m sure.”
“Yeah, it’s great to be a Delta sometimes,” Zac replied with a frown.
“Hey, I feel the same way about Alpha at times. You do the best you can. That’s all you can do, really.”
“I know, I do, just had a hell of a hunt. I wanted nothing more than to kick back and have a couple beers, maybe get laid. Is that too much to ask?” Zac asked. Before Donatello could answer there was a knock at the door.
“Sam, everything go ok?” Donatello asked after he opened the door. “Matt, what are you doing here?”
“Matt was unaffected by the Delta,” Sam replied, sharing a knowing look with Donatello.
“Really?” Donatello asked with a goofy tone.
“So what? What’s the big deal?” Matt asked and stopped in the doorway, just staring at Zac. “Hi.”
“Hi,” Zac replied stepping closer. He grabbed Matt’s arm and pulled him inside the room and closed the door. “You know who I am?” Zac couldn’t believe this was the man from the bar. He was the best looking male he’d ever seen.
“You’re a Delta. I’m drawn to you. I’m not going crazy like the others, but I want you,” Matt said before he could shut up. “I’m sorry, I… I don’t know why I said that.”
“I do,” Zac whispered before lowering his lips down to Matt’s. It was just a soft brush of the lips, but Zac felt the electricity from that kiss go straight to his dick. He’d never been so hard in his life!
“Wow,” Matt whispered against his mouth. “That’s why everyone wants to have sex with a Delta.”
“It’s not about him being a Delta, Matt,” Donatello said from behind them. “Only Alphas, Betas, and the Delta’s mates aren’t affected by their scent. Matt, you know you aren’t an Alpha or a Beta.”
“You’re—really? Wow, I must have done something right in my life, I mean, you’re hot!” Matt replied beaming at Zac.
“Glad you think so,” Zac chuckled releasing Matt. “How old are you?”
“Twenty-two,” Matt said quietly. “Is that ok?”
“Wow, that’s well, that’s pretty young. Are you ok with being mated that young?” Zac asked, stepping back to look at the younger, much smaller man. He’s got to be only 5’9” and about 150 pounds. But man, he is gorgeous, look at that body! Matt was lean, not skinny by any means, with gorgeous green eyes and angelic blonde hair.
“Yes, of course,” Matt answered going back over to Zac and wrapping his arms around his waist.
Zac gave Donatello and then Sam a panicked look. Twenty-two just seemed so young to his thirty. Plus, Matt was so small he barely came to his chest. Being 6’4”, Zac was used to towering over people. But to be mated to someone so much smaller, wouldn’t he break him?
“Ok, just give me a minute, Matt,” Zac replied separating Matt from him. “Let me talk with your Alpha before we talk about being mates, ok?”
“Don’t you want to be my mate?” Matt asked softly, looking at the floor. He looked like he was trying not to cry.
“Of course I do, I just need to deal with one thing at a time,” Zac whispered in his ear. “Why don’t you go sit down on the bed so I can handle this?” Matt just nodded and walked over to sit on the bed while the other three men talked.
“Be careful with him, I’m pretty sure he’s not experienced,” Donatello told Zac quietly and Sam nodded in agreement.
“Thanks for the heads up,” Zac replied with a heavy sigh. Finding his young, probably virgin mate, was not what he had in mind when he thought about getting laid tonight. “Give me your cell number in case I have any issues tonight with any of your pack, and I’ll be out of here in the morning.”
Donatello gave Zac his number and he put it in his cell before they said their goodbye’s. Closing the door, locking it behind them, Zac headed over to the bed and sat next to Matt.
“What now?” Matt asked, regaining some of his composure.
“Now we talk,” Zac started, “I’m Zac Sheehan. I’m Delta of the Kankakee pack, which is in Central Illinois.”
“I’m Matt Garrett, I don’t have a rank.”
“So, you know if you want to mate with me, you’ll be moving, right?”
“Of course!” Matt replied. He seemed to be surprised Zac asked.
“And you’re ok with that?”
“Yeah, it’ll be a little weird. I’ve only had this as my pack, but I don’t have any family left or rank in my pack. Moving to your pack makes sense.”
“Ok, well that gets one issue out of the way,” Zac said taking a deep breath before he continued. “Do you know a lot about Deltas?”
“The basics… you can change into an invisible wolf, you’re a loaner, and you stay away from the pack mostly.”
“You know I also have two mates, right?”
“Two mates?” Matt asked astounded, “Do you already have your other one?”
“No, I’ve not found my other mate yet.”
“Are they going to be my mate too?”
“I’m not really sure to be honest,” Zac replied scratching his head, thinking. “I guess if you wanted to, and they wanted to. I don’t really know how other Deltas do it. We’ll just have to figure it out, ok?” After Matt nodded, he continued, “So you know I’m a loaner. I mean it’s inflicted on me in a way, but I’ve been one since I was 18 and no longer a cub. Twelve years is a long time to be by myself, so you’re going to have to be patient with me. I’m not that good at interacting with people, so I might screw up a lot.”
“Well, my parents died years ago, so I kind of get that,” Matt said. “And I heard what they said. I’m not a virgin.”
“Ok,” Zac replied, not sure what else to say. Instead he reached over picked Matt up and put him on his lap so he could look into his face. “But we’ll take things slow and you’ll tell me if I do anything you don’t like or that hurts you, promise?”
“I promise,” Matt agreed shyly. “So, what now?”
“I guess if you’re ok with what I said and you don’t have any questions—do you want me to claim you?”
“More than anything,” Matt groaned.
“You’re so adorable, you know that? The sexiest little man I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be your mate.”
“Me? Are you kidding me, you’re gorgeous. I feel bad you got stuck with me.”
“Don’t ever talk about yourself that way,” Zac growled at Matt. “I noticed you in the bar before I could smell you were my mate. I wanted you then, and now you’re mine!”

The excerpt or excerpts below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.
By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.
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Matt’s hands slid around Zac’s neck as he explored the depths of the man’s mouth. Realizing Matt’s canines had already dropped down, Zac ran his tongue slowly across them before diving back into his mouth.
Moving his hands down Matt’s body, he pushed the hem of his shirt up and broke the kiss long enough to remove it. Lowering his head, he once again claimed the swollen lips below him. He felt the smooth muscled skin underneath, but it wasn’t enough.
“Baby, are you sure about this?” Zac asked as he reached for the button of Matt’s jeans.
“Yes, please, make me yours,” Matt moaned against his mouth. That was good enough for Zac.
Zac scraped his teeth gently across a small patch of skin where Matt’s neck met his shoulders. “This is where I’m going to bite you when I claim you, Matt,” he whispered as he freed Matt’s cock from his pants.
Zac rubbed his hand over the hard flesh. His thumb skimmed across the top, smearing pre-cum over the head. He slowly slid Matt to his feet and pulled his jeans and boxers down his legs. He gently pushed Matt back on the bed breaking the kiss to watch Matt scoot back to the pillows. Nearly swallowing his tongue at the bounty before him, Zac quickly whipped off his shirt, shoes, socks and jeans. He was desperate to join his gorgeous, naked mate on the bed.
Crawling up the bed to Matt, Zac let out a soft growl that had Matt widening his eyes in surprise. As he nibbled on Matt’s neck, Zac grabbed his cock again, quickly stroking him as he sank his teeth into his neck.
Zac’s eyes drifted closed as he savored the sweet taste of his mate, thankful he could now do this whenever he wanted. Matt tasted just as he did when Zac first kissed him, like passion fruit and honey. It was a delicious flavor the he knew he would be obsessed with for the rest of his life.
Zac opened his eyes and he lifted his head, looking down in astonishment as Matt cried out. Matt’s hips lifted frantically, pushing against Zac as he came, covering Zac’s hand with shot after shot of white thick seed.
Oh Fuck me! That was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He lifted his hand to his lips, his tongue darting out to lick some of the seed on his hand. Matt tasted like passion fruit, but a little more tangy. Zac was doomed.
“That wasn’t supposed to happen yet, was is?”
Zac’s eyes fell down to Matt’s burning face at his whispered words. Matt avoided Zac’s gaze, his face filled with embarrassment. He was upset he came so quickly, Zac realized. He might not be a virgin, but he wasn’t experienced anywhere near what Zac was.
“There’s no rule to say it wasn’t, but I thought it was hot. I want to see that look on your face over and over again, knowing what I do to you put it there.”
Zac went back to kissing Matt as his hands went down to grab his hips. Matt groaned when Zac pressed their erections together and spread his legs as an invitation to Zac. Pushing Matt’s legs up to his chest, Zac got to his knees to look down at Matt’s tight puckered entrance.
Reaching back to his jeans at the end of the bed, where his lube was, he saw Matt spread his legs even further. Zac quickly moved back between Matt’s legs, popped the bottle open and squirted some lube on his finger.
He squirted a few drops down the crack of Matt’s ass before closing the lid and tossing the bottle on the nightstand. He glanced up at Matt’s flushed face, wanting to be sure he was ready for what Zac was about to do.
“Matt, is this ok?”
“Please, yes, please fuck me,” Matt cried out.
Zac smiled at his mate’s eager response even as he lightly smoothed his fingers over Matt, feeling his body quiver at his delicate touch. Zac groaned at how responsive Matt was.. He wished they could spend a week in bed, not just a night before heading home. If Matt was this sensitive to his finger, Zac couldn’t wait to find out what he did when Zac’s cock pushed deep inside him.
Rubbing his fingers around in a circle, Zack rimmed the edges of Matt’s hole, pushing in little by little until Matt was nearly mindless on the bed. Matt panted, his legs shook, and his head thrashed on the bed from side to side. Matt’s response fascinated Zac.. He’d never seen anyone so responsive to just a touch, and he barely explored the rest of Matt’s body.
Without warning, Zac pushed two fingers into Matt, immediately feeling the muscles around them clench in protest. When Matt cried out, Zac froze, thinking he had been too rough with his little mate.
About to apologize, his eyes widened when he watched Matt’s whole body shake as he moaned in pleasure. Zac watched Matt’s face as he moved his fingers in and out of the man. He moved slowly at first but as Matt’s moans turned into whimpers, Zack sped up his movements and added a third finger.
“Please don’t tease me—I need—I need,” Matt began to beg.
“I know what you need, Matt,” Zac hissed trying to keep control so he didn’t attack his mate and go feral on him. Zac pulled his fingers free and replaced them with his hard, aching cock.
He held Matt’s thighs up to his chest and watched as he slowly pushed himself into his mate. Inch by slow inch, his cock disappeared deep within Matt’s tight grasp. As Zac pushed all the way in, then slowly pulled out, Matt cried out.
Bingo! Sweet spot found and stroked.
Zac kept his eyes on Matt’s face as he thrust himself in and out of the man. His movements became faster and more erratic as Matt’s muscles tightened around him with each thrust.
Matt’s whimpers and cries of pleasure were driving him towards an orgasm faster than anything he had ever experienced before. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. Zac grabbed Matt’s leaking cock and stroked him in time with his thrusts.
Zac heard Matt cry out his name as hot liquid filled the space between them, covering his hand. Zac stroked Matt a few times more before moving his hands to Matt’s hips in a tight grasp. Matt’s inner muscles clamped down on his cock, squeezing him. Yelling louder than he ever remembered during sex, Zac came, filling his mate with his hot seed, claiming him.
Zac collapsed on Matt as the knot at the end of his cock extended, locking him into place within his mate. Matt started moaning again. For what seemed like hours, Zac’s cock continued to pulse, sending spurt after spurt of seed into his little mate, extending his pleasure.
Zack’s orgasm finally subsided, and the knot keeping him locked inside Matt finally receded. He licked the mating bite closed then lifted his head to look at his mate. Realizing Matt was already asleep, Zac pulled the covers down from under Matt.
Pulling Matt close to his chest and the covers over both of them, he took a deep inhale of his mate’s wonderful scent. “I’m going to fall for you hard,” Zac whispered against Matt’s hair. “Please love me back,”

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