Monday, November 21, 2011


Collin's Awakening

Phoenix Rising 1

Collin woke to find himself in a morgue. He returns home, shocking his lover beyond belief. When gunmen invade their apartment, Riojos must fight to keep Collin alive and make sense of the life they have been thrown into when a phoenix is born.

Kyle's Return

Phoenix Rising 2

Struggling to make it day to day, Kyle Talon feels all alone in the big city. When his young life is brutally snuffed out in a dark alley, Kyle is surprised to find himself alive. He's even more shocked to discover himself falling in love with the detective that witnessed his return to the land of the living and has sworn to protect him.

Heart Mate

Katzman 4

Fate has a funny way of messing with people's lives. The brüter that Hassan Al'Abdalha goes to claim turns out to be his mate. Rayne is also a man on the run and he runs right into Hassan's arms. If they can keep from fighting their mating, they might actually find out that they want the same things out of life—each other.

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