Monday, July 29, 2013

Finished & Submitted: Beloved Fate

Hands of Fate 1

Coming Soon

When lightning strikes the road ahead of his limousine, CEO Nikos Papadakos has no idea that the hands of fate are about to change his life forever. Finding a naked man in the middle of the road was odd enough, but the horns and wings took things to a whole new level of crazy. Before he can discover if he’s lost his mind or not, he’s claimed by a creature that insists they are long lost soul-mates.

Yannis was a guardian gargoyle. It was his duty and honor to guard the Temple of Zeus. It was his heartache that he couldn’t seem to find his Beloved. When he finds Nikos, Yannis gives in to his need to claim the man, not understanding until it’s too late that the man he claimed doesn’t believe in the hands of fate—or soul-mates.

When the sisters of fate discover that sorcery has been used to keep two soul-mates apart, they band together with other Gods of Olympus to bring the two men together, but those that fight to keep them apart won’t stop until one of them is dead.

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