Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Amber Kell Birthday Bash~

Cebrus allowed Silvan to take his hand and lead him upstairs. All he wanted was food, a soft bed and Silvan’s hard body beside him. The more he saw the prince the more he liked him. Whether it was stay-with-him forever kind of love was a different thing but he did like the idea of waking up to gorgeous man beside him.
A wave of shyness struck him as they reached the room and Silvan locked the door behind them.
“Shouldn’t we wait for the food?” Cebrus asked. He didn’t dare ask about the luxury of a bath. The odds of them even having a bathtub at the inn were meager.
“Doesn’t mean I can’t warm you up while we wait,” Silvan said. He backed Cebrus up against the wall and slipped off his sopping coat. “Poor little bird you’re probably freezing.”
“Let me get the fire started. Maybe we should’ve eaten downstairs until they prepped the room better. There is always fresh bedding but the room is pretty cold.
Silvan stack the wood in the fireplace careful to put lots of kindling. He pulled out his wand and started the fire with a flick of the wooden stick.
Cebrus moved closer to the fire, his body shaking from the cold and wet.
“Let’s get you out of these clothes. You’ll feel better if we share some body heat,” Silvan coaxed.
“Is that the line you use with all the boys?” It was difficult to sound cynical when your teeth were rattling about in your head.
“Surprisingly enough I don’t usually need a line. They eagerly jump into bed with a prince. You’re the only one I need to find excuses for and I’ve discovered I’m quite bad at it.” The prince’s wry smile melted Cebrus’s heart a little bit. Maybe the cocky prince wasn’t as confident as he pretended.
A knock at he door heralded their dinner.
Silvan let in the serving girl who quickly set up a large tray on the little table.
“Is there anything else I can get for your majesty, or your guest,” she added quickly.
“No that will be all.” Silvan tossed her a coin and locked the door after her. “So my dear food or cuddling first?”
Cebrus’s stomach growled like a wild beast making both men laugh.
“I guess my body votes for food.”
Silvan glared at Cebrus’s stomach. “I see I’ll need to lecture your stomach over its priorities later but for now we’ll obey its dictates.”
Silvan lifted up lid off the enormous tray and picked up a bowl of stew.
Cebrus stripped off his shirt, yanked off his boots then lets his pants and underclothes drop to the floor. Stark naked he climbed onto the bed and tucked himself beneath the sheets.
He tried for an innocent look while Silvan froze in the middle of the room staring at him.
“There’s nothing to say we can’t eat in bed,” Cebrus said innocently.

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