Thursday, November 15, 2012

Available for Pre-Order - Poppy's Pleasure

Poppy's Pleasure

( Assassin's Pride #2 )

AVAILABLE: Tuesday, November 24th
Poppy lives in hell. His only bright spot is his friend Marcus. If he can save Marcus, Poppy knows that he will have done one good thing in his life...then he has to go back to hell.
Dean Stone is an assassin without remorse. He's also damn sure that he has stepped into a crazy world. His friend is mated to a shape shifting cat, his other friends are missing, and the agency he works for is a mess.

When Dean goes to get Marcus, he finds Poppy--sweet, innocent, and sexy. Poppy clings to Dean like a second skin. Dean doesn't have the heart to deny him, even when taking care of Poppy turns into a full time, and dangerous, job.'spleasure.htm

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