Sunday, November 19, 2017


There seems to be this misconception that authors are rolling in dough, that they make money left and right, and that one little book put on a free download site won't hurt them. IT'S JUST ONE BOOK...yeah, one book downloaded by hundreds of people.
So, let's look at an example...better yet, let's look at the website I was just on that will show you exactly how much piracy costs authors and why so many of them are quitting and going to get jobs where their hard work is not stolen.
These numbers were taken directly from the site I was just on...the average audio book is $14.95. Now, I don't get that total amount because I have a publisher and only receive a percentage. But, here's the math...
Blaecleah Brothers 1 - downloaded 255 times = $3812.25
Scales and a Tail: Midnight Matings 2 - downloaded 157 times = $2347.15
Inferno: Pacific Cove 1 - downloaded 485 times = $7250.75
Hidden Desires: Tri-Omega Mates 3 - downloaded 306 times = $4574.70
Forbidden Desires: Tri-Omega Mates 2 - downloaded 409 times = $6114.55
Just a Taste of Me: Wolf Creek Pack, Book 2 - downloaded 440 times = $6578.00
Cowboy Keeper: Blaecleah Brothers, Book 2 - downloaded 274 times = $4096.30
Full Moon Mating: Wolf Creek Pack 1 - downloaded 203 times = $3034.85
There were a total of 2529 downloads on this one site. Just ONE website: That's 2529 downloads x $14.95 = $37,808.55
!!! $37,808.55 !!!

Someone wanted a comparison to what I legally here it is. This last quarter (3 months) I sold 112 audio books x $14.95 per audio book = profit of $1674.40 (before my publisher gets their cut).

Illegal Pirated audio books from this one website = $37,808.55
Legally sold books (for 3 months) before publisher's cut = $1674.40
My water got turned off earlier this month because I couldn't pay the bill. Do you think, just maybe, if the people who illegally downloaded these audio books for free had paid for them, I might have been able to pay the bill?
The people who illegally post audio books and ebooks are breaking the law. People who download them when they know they shouldn't are breaking the hearts of writers everywhere. We work just as hard as you do. We have families to care for. We need to put food on the table and pay our bills, just like you do. I don't steal from you. Why must you steal from me?

If you find a Siren-BookStrand e-book or audio book being sold or shared illegally, please let us know at

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