Saturday, November 11, 2017

FINISHED & SUBMITTED: The Stormy Glenn Convention

coming November 29th
What happens when an author loses her muse?
After waiting ages for their stories to be turned into a series, paranormals from the worlds of Stormy Glenn's imagination accept invitations to attend The Stormy Glenn Convention. Between attending classes on interspecies mating and learning how to control their inner growl, they hope to convince the author to write the next story in their saga
When tragedy strikes and Stormy Glenn's muse goes missing, it's up to the characters she created to solve the mystery and bring back the voices in her head. Without her muse, their stories may never be told.
"I'm so excited."
Memphis chuckled as he glanced briefly at his mate. "I can tell. You're about to vibrate right out of your seat."
Eyes as blue as the ocean and rimmed with the darkest kohl blinked up at Memphis with a brilliance that still had the ability to steal his breath. "Don't you understand? Stormy Glenn is going to be there. We finally get to meet her, like in person."
"Honey, there are going to be a lot of people at this convention. She may not have time to meet with everyone." Memphis hated to burst his mate's bubble, but if someone didn't pull Harper's feet back down to the ground, the guy was going to float away.
"She'll want to meet Bristol," Harper said with more confidence than Memphis was feeling. "Stormy loves babies. She had six of her own, you know."
At the mere mention of his infant son, Memphis glanced in the rear view mirror so he could see the baby sleeping peacefully in the backseat of the car. Harper was his mate, his love, his reason for living. Bristol was his pride and joy, his reason for being a strong alpha.
The six month old infant was a chip off the furry old block. Most days, Memphis just sat and stared at his son with a sense of wonder. Having Harper in his life was a gift from the gods. Having Bristol was a freaking miracle, especially considering Harper had given birth to Bristol, and Harper was a man.
After being bitten ten years before and turned into a werewolf, Memphis thought he had experienced all that was paranormal in the world. After accidentally mating Harper and getting him pregnant, Memphis had learned that there was a lot in the world he had no clue about.
But he wasn't sorry, not one damn bit. He loved both Harper and Bristol more than his next breath. They had given meaning to his bleak existence as a werewolf. More than that, they had given him unconditional love and acceptance. They gave him a home.
Memphis smiled as he went back to watching out the front window of the car. He supposed he did have a little to thank Stormy Glenn for. Her muse had created a world where Memphis would go through hell, but discover his own little bit of heaven along the way.
"Oh snap, I broke a nail." Harper dug in his bag and pulled out a nail file. He started buffing one of his manicured fingernails.
Memphis shook his head as a chuckle rumbled through him. Now, if he could just get his little diva to sit still long enough for them to reach the remote resort where the first annual Stormy Glenn Convention was being held.
"Do you think they have a beauty salon at the resort?"
"They do, imp. I already checked."
Memphis smiled when Harper leaned over and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "And that's why I love you."
Memphis snorted. "That is not why you love me."
"True," Harper said as he slid his hand down to Memphis's zipper. "But I didn't want to say that in front of the baby. You know how good his hearing is."
He did. Memphis had been cock blocked by a crying baby more than once in the last six months. "You know, we could have left him with my parents and turned this into a little romantic vacation for two."
He had suggested it.
"The invitation said you, me, and Bristol."
Which was why his suggestion had been vetoed.
Memphis thought Harper was going to lose his mind when the invitation to the convention arrived in the mail. He had talked of nothing else for weeks. He was so excited he looked ready to burst.
Memphis had to admit he was intrigued as well. It wasn't every day you were invited to meet the author that created you and your world, and then told your story. There was a part of him that wanted to know how Ms. Glenn had conceived of the idea to write his tale. His wasn't the usual werewolf shifter story.
He also wanted to ask Ms. Glenn why she had left everything such a mystery. It would have been nice to know he wouldn't attack Harper once he mated him. That thought had terrified him and almost cost him the most precious thing in his life—his family.
He'd also like to know when his pack mates were going to get their story. Jackson and Truman were waiting for their story to be told, and Jackson was growing a bit growlier with each passing day. If words weren't written soon, Memphis feared what the other werewolf would do.
Truman wasn't much better.
If Harper was the queen of divas, then Truman was the princess. Together, the two flighty men kept Memphis and Jackson on their toes. Of course, Memphis wouldn't have it any other way and he doubted Jackson would either.
Still, it would be nice to find out what the future held for Jackson and Truman. The curiosity was killing him.
"Oh my god, would you look at that place." Pure awe laced Harper's voice when they rounded the bend and the exclusive resort came into view.
Memphis had to admit Harper was right in his astonishment. An exclusive and remote resort in the Pacific Northwest gave him visions of a rustic lodge or something. He never dreamed the place would be an actual castle.
Only Stormy Glenn could come up with something like this. She probably dreamed it up in her imagination and plopped it down in the middle of the Cascade Mountains. The sandy colored stone castle looked as if it had been there hundreds of years, which was impossible considering how long the United States had been an actual country.
Memphis pulled the car into the line of vehicle moving toward the entrance. One by one, they were being met by the valets and unloaded. Memphis was actually kind of surprised at how many people had shown up for the convention. He hadn't realized Stormy had that many characters running around in her imagination.
"Deep breath, Imp," Memphis said as he settled his hand on Harper's bouncing leg.
"I gotta pee."
Of course he did.
"There's only two cars ahead of us. We'll be there in a minute."
"Did you get a chance to look at the brochure that came with the invitation?" Harper asked as he went digging into his bag again. "I signed us up for several of the courses they are offering."
Memphis barely suppressed his groan. "What courses?"
"There's a really great one on interspecies mating that I think we should both attend and then there's one on how to control your inner growl." Harper gave him a pointed look. "That one is all for you."
Memphis cocked an eyebrow. "I thought you liked my inner growl."
Harper's eyes shot to the backseat before moving to Memphis. "I do, but sometimes you growl when we're out in public. If anyone heard you..."
Memphis snorted. "You mean if anyone knew how hard your dick gets when I growl..."
Harper grinned. "That too."
"Maybe you should attend the course with me."
Harper shook his head. "It's for growlers only."
Memphis rolled his eyes. Freaking fantastic.

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