Sunday, September 11, 2016

Waiting On Forever Cover

Okay, folks, I saw these two pics...there was just something about them that grabbed me, so I sent them off to Jess Buffett and asked her to play with them and make me a cover...not pre-conceived ideas/plots/stories...just go with, she did.

 Now I just need to find a story for this cover...what do you think of when you see it?


KO said...

It's what I picture the church in Cade Creek to look like. Or it might be Asa or Haus or Porter from Special Operations who's waiting for his long-lost love. That's what the pictures make me think about. :)

GinaGeorge said...

It conjures up images of someone wasting away, just letting life drift by while they're missing it.
Maybe it's a physical issue and they can't leave or maybe it's mental and they're scared, afraid to move on. The person is stuck in limbo, just waiting for something to happen.